Mar 31, 2009

Tough Love and MTV

I was reading the other day about how MTV is "bringing music videos back" to the station.  It is Music Television, isn't it?  It seems these days MTV is more focused on reality trash than actual television.  A "scripted-life network" if you will.   When I read this, I felt good about the fact that music videos will be displayed not just during 30-second commercial break or only to be publicized via YouTube.  But then I kept reading.  They're bringing music videos back alright, but during the hours of something like 2 am - 6 am.

I'm pretty confused by this.  Artists make music videos so that they can be seen.  Videos are meant to be outlets of creativity; used to provoke thought or just make the user feel a connection with the videos.  Thousands of dollars are thrown into the production of these vids, yet MTV can't give them enough respect to play them during the daytime hours, when people are actually awake?!  It's bad enough that they cancelled TRL - which, by the way, I am convinced started to slow in ratings because they started cutting down the videos so much that viewers saw only just a snippet of it before they cut back to Damien Fehey or Vanessa Minillo to chat with John Norris about the latest Britney Spears fiasco.  But if you think about it, TRL was one of the only music-related shows still on MTV to showcase their videos.  Now it's gone.

I think everyone could do without A Shot at Love with Cherry Vodka Sour and The ump-teenth unsuccessful season of Diddy's Making the Band.  Take an hour or two during the afternoon of evening time to actually showcase some videos!  If anything, do it during the nightly news around 5:00 or 6:00 so that if they don't want to watch it they can at least be tempted to tune in to the current events of the world.

Enough of that.  Now onto VH1 reality show Tough Love.  I'm constantly caught up watching this show late at night.  I still cannot remember the guy's name, but he's a matchmaker and apparently is the end-all of dating.  He takes a gaggle of chicks with "issues" and then turns them into dating phenomena... the weird part is these girls don't seem to have severe issues.  They're all pretty outgoing. A few are bat-shiz crazy, some too caught up on marriage, others too picky, while others might be alcoholics, but they don't have problems in social settings.  They might shoot themselves in the foot a few times, but seriously, they don't need counseling.  What drives me nuts about this show is the "matchmaker" (host) keeps throwing out rules.  "Rule #14:  Never talk about past relationships."  "Rule #89: Cupcakes and tiaras are not sexy!"  "Rule number 31:  Keep your pants on during dinner." 

I don't think that dating needs to be defined and bound by "rules."  If you need this type of help, go to a therapist, not a matchmaker.  Only you know who you are compatible with.  Others may help to lead you there, and some might help to tell you who you shouldn't be dating, but ultimately you can't depend on someone else to tell you how to date and who to date.  

Not like you need an explanation for that.  But still, why are we consistently being berated with mindless TV?  I have to admit, I dabble into Bret Michael's Rock of Love (it's like watching a train wreck), but sometimes it makes me wonder if all television marketed towards twenty-somethings are all focused on sex, trash, and celebrities.  Shouldn't we be engaging ourselves in something more informative and stimulating?

Until later...

Mar 27, 2009

Diaries of Ye Old D-Bags: Episode 1

In high school, we dealt with guys that were nuisances and would later find out the reason for all of our torture was actually that the boy had a secret crush on us. This story is not on the high school level.

I'm sure many college women around America have the same issue at their school. Unless they've found a good (not just "decent") guy to date in their glorious undergrad years, most 20-somethings have probably thought, "Man. Are all guys complete (insert derogatory term here)? Or is it just this university!?"

I don't know the answer to this question. I might have wit and charisma, but I'm not a friggen mind reader. I don't know everything people. So I can only assume for the rest of this entry that maybe it's just the TCU population that has an over-abundance of unevolved chimpanzees acting as males (if you believe in evolution. I don't. Go with it.).

There have been many cases over the past four years I could dabble into. Man, they're good. But that is neither here nor there. I'll start with two instances that occurred just last night and reaffirmed the my previous thought of TCU boys.

Just to get this out there, there is a select group of guys on campus who are actually legit. Nice guys, fun to talk to. Chances are if I have spoken to you on more than one occasion that you are not a part of this "chimpanzee" category. So don't get your panties in a wad just yet. :)

Let's back track to Thursday, when I ventured to Yucatan Taco Stand. Love this place. Boys, it's a cheap date fo' sho'; the margs are so strong that I can only stand to have about one. Any more than that is overall just a really terrible choice. They have excellent fish tacos by the way. BACK TO THE POINT. We had a large group of girls, mostly of my pledge class, and we found a big enough table for all 10 of us. As we were sitting, a male in a polo and tight jeans came up (shocked? I'm not), took the chair and pulled it up to a table with his friends. Now, this isn't a huge deal. He needed a chair. Okay, that's fine. Except we needed the chair too. Hence why we had the chair at our table in the first place.

I let it go until the rest of our party got there and, lo and behold, we were shy one chair. I looked at Grace as she tried to locate a seat and said, "Hey, that guy behind you took one of ours, just ask for it back. I'm sure he will." So she does. And then this happened:

(Grace) "Excuse me, but I think this chair was at our table and we need it. Is it okay if I grab it from you?"
(Dumb guy in Polo) Silence. Blank stares.
"It's just we had just enough chairs for all ten of us and now I don't have a chair."
"Oh. Well, it's my birthday."
"Yeah. It's my birthday. What I really want for my birthday is to sit."
Awkward silence.

Around this point steam was coming out of my ears. I was hoping she would just slap the hell out of him and take the chair. Instead she wished him a Happy Birthday and ran around the bar trying to find a chair.

Like I told a friend of mine sitting next to me, had this been me in this situation, a whole different slew of events would have taken place. Much like this:

"Hi! You took our chair earlier, and we kind of need it because we have a group of lovely ladies sitting over here and now we're short one chair."
"Thanks for understanding! Now get up so I can get the chair."
"Actually, it's my birthday. And I really want to sit on my birthday."
"That's great! Happy Birthday! How old are you? 25? Well, you can't be 25, because if you were you would have learned a long time ago how a gentleman should act. By the way, I could care less if you want to sit. If that's the case, sit on the floor where you belong. Furthermore, you could be on fire, and this one chair could be the only way to put you out of your misery, but I still wouldn't care because I'm a lady and I should be sitting in a chair and not on a friend's lap."

Would I have said all of that? Maybe with a few drinks in me. I know when it's right to be difficult and when it's not. But seriously, the guy did say he was turning 25. I am a little frightened that men that old would actually have the audacity to make a woman go find a chair and not offer his own! It's called chivalry, and apparently it's dead.

Second event: We hit up The Cellar for some karaoke fun. I'm working on a new rap song (hahaha) so I didn't participate, I just sat and hung out on the couch because I was getting tired and had to go into work the next morning to airbrush some people. So as I'm sitting on the couch watching my friends sing and dance to "Friends in Low Places," I notice some guy coming up to me. He approaches me, looks nice enough, but then this happened:

"Hey, so, is your boyfriend around here or are you all alone tonight?"

Pause. This is NOT the way to get my attention. That is how you talk to girls who want to roughhouse. I do not. Therefore, I immediately got my fighting gloves out.

"My boyfriend is in Dallas, thanks."
(Figured this would at least get him out of my way)

"Great!" He takes a seat next to me and proceeds to wrap his arm around my shoulders and starts talking in my ear with really, really foul breath. I can't remember what he was babbling about because about 2.5 seconds later I told him that just because my boyfriend wasn't there doesn't mean I wanted to small talk (or whatever he was thinking). I mean, if he had a girlfriend and some guy did that to her, he probably would have knocked his block off. It was blatant disrespect for the fact that I have a boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, I have guy friends and I love meeting new people, but not guys who think they're mightier than thou and can wrap your arms around me like it's no big deal. Ew.

Anyway, his response to my dismissal was "But I really want to get to know you" and my response was along the lines of "that's great, but I don't want to do this. Thanks and have a great night."

Then what happened next was pretty comical. He got up, called me a few vulgar words and told me I was so ugly that I shouldn't have a boyfriend. Is that all ya got, low shooter? Man, I really care about what you think. It's crushing my heart! I got a confirmation that he didn't go to TCU - he graduated two years before - and I congratulated him and bid him farewell.

You would think that would be it. He'd move on, we'd never have to speak to each other, and my life would be rainbows and lollypops. Until I feel something fly by my head. What's this? A dollar bill? Haha, that's clever! You must be insinuating I'm worth a dollar by throwing one at me. So original! I went ahead and turned around, flashed them a smile and threw the dollar bill in my purse. Everyone can use a dollar. It can buy you chapstick, a candy bar, a Dr. Pepper, tacos from Taco Bell - the list goes on. No offense taken.

It was around the point when they threw a quarter at by head that I decided to do something. I won't get into details, but it ended with the two "men" being "excused" from the bar.

Seriously, I hope these people are a rare breed. I really do. I honestly have faith in mankind that they are exceptions and not the rule, because if they are we're all sc-rewed.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, besos!

Mar 26, 2009

Rant time!

The other day I was talking to someone from OU and they were describing to me their public relations program.  Dang, it sounded AWESOME.  Classes specifically tailored to PR.  Not AD/PR, just PR.  

I am begging you, College of Communication/Schieffer School:  Release the advertising from the public relations.  I beg of you.  There are some better things that could be done to enhance our degrees.  When I started here, I wanted my emphasis to be in PR; now I feel I've been subconsciously berated to engage myself in advertising.  Hence the various advertising internships I've taken.  Plus, I hate to say this... but where will advertising be in 10 years?  It might be extinct for all we know.  Design will be around.  Branding will be around.  Account service will be around.  Actual media placement?  I don't see it going very strong (sorry!).  

Advertising and PR are separate entities.  Though they work hand in hand, these concentrations need to be separate in order to get the detailed and specific education we're paying for.  Which, how much is it now?  (Don't get me started on my thoughts about instating a Grandfather clause).  

PR can be a part of journalism, but incorporate some additional classes!  Like Sports PR, Entertainment PR, Damage Control, etc.  Break down advertising into two sectors: design and account service.  The account service side should be a part of a marketing program that incorporates general advertising principles.  Design should be featured in the GRAPHIC DESIGN program (hello!!!) because duh, you're not going to become an art director or designer just by taking Information Graphics.  There are actual design students in Moudy North that work their butts off to a) stay a part of the program - it's very selective, and b) specialize in design!  They learn everything: how to create product packaging, effective design and typography, etc.  

Seriously, I am considering writing a proposal for this.  It's ridiculous.  Keeping advertising and public relations as the same major is like saying broadcast journalism and public relations are interchangeable.  Point being? They're not! Duh!

I know I could get some backing on this from my advisor(s).  If SMU can evolve (see their Temerlin Advertising Institute), we can too!

If you've read all of my blogs, you might think I have a bitter hatred towards advertising.  True, I kind of admonish it.  But that's where my education lies.  I have a very broad spectrum of knowledge, which I feel will help me in the future, but if I could go back in time, I wish I had a specialization I was focused on 24/7.  Maybe that way I wouldn't feel so lost as to what jobs I should be applying for.  

I'm out!

Mar 24, 2009

Valentina Mitzkat

I had this friend in middle school through high school. We'd perform in musicals together, act together, psychotically and obsessively swoon over Josh Hartnett together. We both had mutual enemies, most of them being dumb boys who felt the need to antagonize us through our lives.
Valentina was different then most others. While other people acted, performed, sang, wrote, she did these things, but she did them well. If fact, she did them better than everyone else.

So junior year, she bid us all adieu and peaced the eff out. Where to? I honestly could not tell you. I think it's a performance school in the Northeast. But somehow, someway, little old Valentina, who's mom used to host our purity retreats, who always caught the lead in the school plays, who even made me feel like I had a good singing voice (that's a true actress right there), is now on her way to being a super star! She is no longer the same "Valen." Singing "intelli-pop" songs with the help of producers such as The Matrix and Tony from No Doubt, she beats out most of your friends who have great voices and like to sing. I promise. She's better.

I love music, and I'm not just saying this because I know her: this girl rocks. I finally got a copy of one of her songs, "Like I'm Losing," and it's THE JAM. Follow her on Twitter (mitzkat) or go to her tumblr @ She's witty and funny, so it's a good read. She also has a myspace page too - look her up!

I like to support people with talent... so get your friends to follow me so I can get a good following and then we can all help each other out! I'm currently following a friend's friend, Cole. He's out in Cali for acting and I think he's going to hit it big!


Mar 23, 2009

Jeff Pearlman.

Jeff Pearlman.  Real classy guy.  I wonder if he's related to Lou Pearlman.  I wouldn't be surprised.

Advertising is obsolete.

My major is advertising.  So it might come as a surprise (or not) that I'm saying this.  But advertising is about to all go straight down the crapper.  Why?  Because advertising is that annoying little wasp that is flying around your head, waiting to get a sting.  Does it actually get people to go out and buy?

I don't think so.  For me, unless there is a) a good sale going on and b) I have some extra cash to facilitate a shopping trip, I'm not going to the mall.  With newspapers and magazines around the country suspending publications and businesses significantly reducing their advertising budgets, where does that leave advertising agencies?

The Marketing Arm, headquartered in Dallas, has taken an interesting yet effective approach to advertising.  Big name clients such as Doritos count on TMA to not only advertise their company, but to do so from a promotional standpoint.  Remember hearing about the Doritos campaign during the Superbowl?  People submitted home-grown commercial ideas, and the winner  was played during The Superbowl.  If the winning submission was rated #1 out of all the other ads, the creators were awarded a million bucks.  

That's exactly what happened.  I'm not sure on the accuracy of this, but it was something like 10 years that Anheuser-Busch had lead the top of the advertising pack (think the Budweiser Clydesdales).  Two random dudes from who-knows-were (look it up) submit a few ads, one gets selected, and it ends up trumping all of the competition.  Crazy, right?  The ad was the infamous "snow globe" ad by Doritos.  And TMA helped to come up with the concept for the contest and get everything in order.  Check them out at to see all of their innovative work.

Speaking of, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Erschen, the CCO of the company.  Very witty and quick on her feet, Amy answered about a million questions I had for her.  She was blunt, to say the least, yet positive, and she gave me some valuable info, although it wasn't what I really wanted to hear.

- Jobs in entertainment: not going to be so hot this year, because nobody wants to expenditure millions of dollars to promote glitz and glam while we're in a recession
- Don't be above taking an internship.  It's your foot in the door for a job.  
This for me was a little disappointing because hello, I am graduating from college and have had my fair share of internships.  But this wasn't the first time I've heard it. Maybe it will stick this time...
- Contract work will be on the rise. 
Great.  Get a job, a stable income for a few months, then what?

Anyway, all of this keeps reminding me that I have no post-graduation plans besides living in Fort Worth until 5/31 when my lease is up.  Then what?  Freaking out here!

Mar 22, 2009

Baby can you blow my heart up

Long time no chat.  How are you?  This past week was "spring break," but given none of my friends wanted to head over to Cali or Vegas, opted to stay and work.  Gotta make some scrillaaaa!

This week has been chaotic.  It started of horribly, but it helped me to learn that I can find comfort in a few good friends.  You know when you meet someone and you're like, "that is exactly how I feel!"?  My friend Blaine did just that for me.  She sat, listened, and then chimed in later after I had spoken my mind.  The best part is that she wasn't shoving sunshine up my butt either - she was just telling me like it is.  Thank you Blaine.

I was determined not to spend every night home alone, so I shacked at Blaine's for a few nights and slept in Haley's bed with Rocko (the dog).  Thanks Hale! :)  It was fun having close friends around to dance with and chat about random things with, like how one of my friends owns an airbrush tanning machine and used to spray herself.  Or about my adventures at the spa/tanning salon.

For all who don't know, I just started a new job in January at a spa.  Within two weeks of working, they asked me to manage the tanning salon to bring in more clients and get that really up and running.  It's gone great so far!  I got certified to be an "airbrush tan artist" and nothing phases me at this point.  I've seen everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  I'm also convinced that half of the population has nipple rings, or at least half of the tanning population, because about 5 out of every 10 airbrush clients have them!  Anyway, if I can a) sell products and tanning memberships, b) airbrush people with them not feeling awkward (and me not feeling awkward) and c) get tips for doing so that I can rule the world.  Getting through awkward situations is a complete success in my book.  And dangit, I've nailed the art of airbrush tanning. :)

Anyway, today was an exciting day!  But let's backtrack to yesterday.  I worked from 10-6, but not without some chaos involved.  Upon arriving at work, things were pretty slow so I was just working on some management stuff for the salon.  Around 1:15, I got a break to go get lunch so I got in my car - which, by the way, has bird crap ALL OVER IT because apparently the birds felt that crapping all over my car was a spectacular idea - and I starting driving to Central Market.  Of course I get on my phone to check my e-mail and I see this:

Perez Hilton threw this huge concert on Saturday night.  It had a 10 woman line-up with some great acts, but the issue was that a) it was in Austin and b) you had to be invited to get in.  Therefore, readers of could sign up for a credential to get on the guest list.  If you know me, you know I'll do just about everything to get involved in the entertainment business, so I knew this concert would be an AWESOME networking experience as well as just a bad-a time.  So I apply for a credential because I am a also a junior writer for  Nevermind the fact I hadn't written for them in, oh, eight months, but I figured that I needed a legit title to receive admittance and I could easily get a huge review out of the concert.  So it was a win-win situation.  Therefore, the application was sent in and I washed my hands of it.

Now, the whole week I'm waiting to hear if I get in and I don't get anything so I don't think twice about it, until I receive this e-mail on Saturday.  Note the time: 1:17 p.m.  I GOT A CREDENTIAL!!!  Immedes I call my Mom and she tells me that I have to get off work to come home.  I turn around, talk to my boss, and he says I can go but he needs to go home for a few so I could leave at 3:00.  

Okay, fine.  If I leave at 3:00, I can drive home and get to Austin around 6:30, just in time to get in line to make it to the concert.  Great.  Except for the fact I wasn't wearing any make-up, my hair looked terrible, I was wearing work clothes - not exactly the look I was going for when wanting to make a first impression.  Getting there at 6:30 basically means there was no time to prep.  Not to mention all of my stuff was still at the BF's apartment in Dallas, roughly an hour the other direction from Austin.  
I still get off at 3:00 and rush home to grab clothes because I wasn't about to show up in a pants suit to the concert.  Then, right before I turn onto I-35, I call my Mom.

"Yes babis?"
"Should I even come?"
"YES!  This is a great opportunity.  Come."
"Okay, I know.  But the invite says I have a credential to get in, and it says entry is based on capacity.  What if I can't get in at all?  It says to get there early and I'm barely making it."

I ultimately decided it wasn't a good idea to go.  I turned around and drove back to work and that was the end of it.

Until I realized it was the worst decision EVER, because not only was it the biggest SXSW concert of the entire week, there was a huge surprise performer at the concert which just so happened to be KANYE WEST.  

Anyway,  I can't stop kicking myself about this.  But just knowing I was able to get a credential at all makes me feel ... nice.  Still stupid, but nice.

Now on to today, Sunday.  I'm in Addison with Stu because tonight was my shoot with Dixie!!! It was so fun.  And I was really nervous.  People are always like "Do you get nervous?" And I'd say I'm nervous a lot more than I put off.  I guess if I can exude confidence that's great, right? But Dixie was awesome and made me feel relaxed and really pretty.  Need a confidence boost? Go get professional photos taken with Dixie. ;)
We did a few different looks which were all my style so I hope the results turn out great!  I'm sure they will because she is an awesome photog!

Off to work tomorrow... and then back to reality.  Countdown to B.Spears: EIGHT DAYS!

Love ya!

Mar 14, 2009

The movies

Whenever I see a movie in the theater, I get really anxious.  My stomach feels sick and the hairs raise on my arms.  In a good way though.  It might sound completely ridiculous, but when I watch amazing movies with great talent, or even when I'm watching a movie that takes me away just for a minute, it makes me want to be a part of something like that.  The big picture.  

When I hear the jingle for Walt Disney Pictures, or Dreamworks, or Miramax, or any film production company, it gets me really excited.  

That's how I've always known I need to get into the entertainment business.  When I hear a song that seems as if it has read my mind and displayed my thoughts to the world, or when I watch a TV show that has me laughing out loud, I can't help to want to be involved in that somehow.

I know I need to get in the entertainment business.  But I need to figure out where to start!  I'm really just lost.  I'm not afraid to start out low on the totem pole... but with the scary economy and money such a huge issue right now I'm not sure what I should do.  

This blog is basically my outlet for my ideas, thoughts and opinions, and I'm hoping that through writing on here that it will catch the eye of someone in the biz and will get them to hand over some well-deserved advice.  This is the first time in my life that I have no idea what I'll be doing come May '09 so I'm a little scared, but I know it's better to take my time than to rush into anything I'm not truly passionate about.

So: please! Get your friends to follow me; get your friends' friends to follow me.  It's all about networking and connecting with one another.  Who knows, maybe I can help you in the future :)


Mar 12, 2009

I can sleep when I'm dead

I have gotten various responses on Twitter about how people will appear to you after you die and go to Heaven.  Here's a sample of what I've been getting:

"The people you meet in heaven will (look) the way YOU remember them.  They will look different to everyone they know."

"When you 'see' people in heaven you have to remember you're not in our three dimension realm anymore, so things like looks won't be anything you'll be interested in... everyone will just 'be' who they 'are'... spiritually...nothing in our world or what we did (or what anyone else did) in our world will matter.  We will have MUCH bigger things to look forward to."  

Interesting approaches!  What do you think?  And if you're reading this, follow me.  I am basically writing to myself right now.


Mar 10, 2009

Earth to Rihanna

News Flash: If your boyfriend hits you, let alone cheats on you, I'm pretty sure that's a RED FLAG to get out.  I mean, what other proof do you need of divine intervention?  I know God doesn't project violence on to anyone but seriously, this is getting ridic.

If Oprah starts to intervene, it must be serious.  Not like the photos from the scene of the crime were bad enough.  Is Rihanna sick in the head?  Where are her parents?  Oh wait, they can't get ahold of her.  Something is wrong with this situation.  

Another thing - where are her manager and publicist?  If anything, she should know that rekindling the flame with CB might be the worst thing possible for her career.  Nobody wants to buy music from a woman-beater, but nobody wants to buy music from an insecure coward either.  I used to LOVE Chris Brown, but now I can't even listen to his music without feeling guilty.  It's really put a dent in my fitness routine because my workout playlist alternated between CB, JT and Rihanna.  Talk about ironic.

I pray that the reports of them possibly being engaged aren't true, and I pray they don't try to write some kind of domestic violence self-help book.  There is nothing about the two of them together that is appealing to anyone.  Nobody wants Rihanna to get hurt again, and nobody thinks Chris deserves her!

I do need to make a point though.  It is clear and obvious that Chris beat Rihanna on February 8, 2009.  I don't think there needs to be any clearer proof than the photos and the statements made by both parties involved.  But I will say that the man is entitled to a fair trial, and that media outlets such as Nickolodeon and radio stations around the country need to strongly think about pulling his music and/or appearances from their stations before actually taking action.  He has not been convicted yet.  He must still maintain innocent before proven guilty (although there is plenty of evidence to prove that).  And if he doesn't get convicted, it will be the biggest upset since OJ Simpson.  Because let's face it, the man got away with murder.

I also have to say that verbal abuse is abuse as well. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, calls you names, and plays head games with you, get out now!  I beg you.  You're alive to be happy.  God does not project grievance or harm on anyone.  So set yourself free and be happy alone.  And that is my Oprah moment for the day.


Mar 9, 2009

Hello, God? It's Me...


Why do I still care about school?  Nine hours of class and 40+ hours of work and I forget I even attend a university at all.  Is Organized Crime really going to help me in the entertainment industry? Better yet, don't answer that.  I don't want to know.  Honestly though, why do I still care that about getting A's in my courses?  Does it really matter?  Will it really make a difference?  

The procrastination is catching up with me, and the wrath of waiting too long has hit me pretty hard.  A paper on two books I've never read?  Check.  A paper over Pablo Escobar in a course that I could give two craps about?  Check.  Not to mention I lost that course's binder this week, and I swear it had to be by osmosis.  I never lose school necessities.  

Until now... 

Two books I am starting... now.

I'm starting to think my studious ways are going to prepare me for my future endeavors.  Maybe by getting A's in these "just need 'em to graduate" courses I am proving that I want to be successful even at things I'm not too thrilled about.  I can only hope so. However, I know I'm not the only senior experiencing the Senior Semester of Slackage, so I don't feel too bad.  At least I'm not slacking in the job hunt department - which, by the way, throw me a bone here!!!  I could use a boost in my confidence considering we're halfway through the semester and there hasn't been one bite on the career line.  

Thanks for the help lately, it's greatly appreciated.
Love and Amen.  

Mar 8, 2009

Screenplay concept of the day (week? month? year?)

Potential movie concept:

I'm not a screenwriter.  I don't claim to be.  I actually don't know jack crap about writing a screenplay.  But this idea keeps coming to me ever single day, so in the great words of John Mayer, if it's the idea is persistent, "it's good enough to write."

The whole concept revolves around the afterlife.  Morbid?  Maybe.  But I think it will have a good theme and will be quite interesting as well.  There are a few kinks that need to be worked out, and a ton of interpersonal dialogue and discussion to be inserted.  After all, this is just a first draft.  A business memo, if you will.

A 26-year-old woman - we'll call her Zoe - suddenly passes away via a tragic accident (those details TBD).  When in Heaven, she encounters her previously deceased mother, Hope, who passed at the age of 56, her grandparents, who both passed away at the age of 72, and her younger brother, Dorian, who died at birth.  
The concept revolves around how these people appear when she meets them again, and what they know about her when she gets to Heaven.  

Zoe: arrives in Heaven as the 26-year-old self she was when she passed.
Hope: In real-time would be the age of 62, but appears to her daughter as she remembers her - 56.  To her parents (the grandparents), she is 44 (the age she was when they left her).  To her, her daughter is 20.
Grandparents: See Zoe as eight.  They remember each other as in their 30s, when they were at the pentacle of their lives, before their health started to deteriorate.
Dorian:  Is eight years younger than his Zoe, so technically he would be 18.  To his Mom, he's six (the amount of time she has known him in Heaven, since remembering him as a baby).  His grandparents did not know him when he was born, therefore they see him as old as his mother does.  To his sister, he is still a newborn infant.

Confused yet?  I'm working on it, throw me a bone here!

Maybe there is a movie like this out there already.  If not, I think it would be an intriguing look at how the afterlife affects our perceptions of the people we once loved.  For instance, Zoe falls in love and marries soon after her Mother's death.  Hope, having not experienced this part of Zoe's life, only remembers her the way she left her - single and unattached. 

How will it be when you get to Heaven?  Nobody truly knows, but this insight will help to bring a different perspective, especially since there are so many views.  Many think angels are our relatives or friends who have passed, who constantly watch and oversee us at all times.  Others believe that once you're in Heaven, you have no worries - you're rejoicing with the Lord, unable to see the tragic world below.  But how would you feel if you passed away and knew you were leaving people behind?  

What if when you walk through the gates of Heaven and meet the good Lord and he speaks of all your sins, you are then assigned a specific person to guard or watch over, the catch being it's not somebody you know and you have no connection with that person (not even through six degrees...).  What if someone else in Heaven was guarding someone you knew back on Earth? What if you could barter and trade to help protect the ones you cared about?... Ooh, like an intense and dramatic yet spiritual family movie!

More to come.  Thanks for reading. :)

Mar 6, 2009

Just FYI.

Here's the deal with my job hunt.  I've sent my resume to a few of my contacts.  The others I have to wait on because they require me to send my resume at least six weeks before I can work full-time.  I'll start sending those in late March/early April.  

The most frustrating thing about all of this is that I'm a hard worker and I know if I actually got a job I'd be able to excel.  It's the lull time that is making me nervous.  I guess for the first time in my life I don't actually have a "plan" to follow, which weirds me out but is kind of relieving all at the same time.  

Just for anyone who's reading this, I'm looking for a job in the entertainment field ("Just like everyone else...").  I'm not doing anything for fame or glory, just to tell people I work in "entertainment" with "celebrities."  I have always wanted to do something in this field - as a small child, I wanted to be a "Julia Roberts", which in my head meant a movie star.  Growing up, I wanted to be an MTV VJ and I participated in plays and musicals, and although being in the spotlight appeals to me, I feel my true calling is behind the scenes so that I can impact others in the industry positively.  

I am so ready to explore that side of the business and am really passionate about getting into film, TV or music, either in management or producing.  Actually,  I'm really interested in all aspects of the business.  I have applied for many jobs - personal assistant, executive assistant, publicist, event planner, etc.  I consider myself a visionary; someone who can see the big picture and takes the appropriate steps to create and fulfill a concept.  I like to write as well.
I don't have a degree in RTVF (radio/television/film), but if I read Ben Silverman's bio correctly, you don't necessarily need that type of degree to be a bad-a producer or division-head.  

My background is in advertising, public relations and business;  I have the standards and basics of business down (finance, management, marketing, law) and an extensive knowledge in advertising and PR.  I have heavy design experience and have created many advertisements, marketing campaigns for class and work. I also have a background in events, from creation, planning and execution.  Currently, I work as a manager at a local tanning salon and have increased sales by 60% compared to this time last year.  

Okay.  Enough of that.  I might as well considering posting my resume... Powered by Blogger.
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