Apr 28, 2009

Take the hint?

I recently told my boss here at the salon that I'm moving. He's thrilled, but the thought of having to hire another person is somewhat nauseating. We had just gotten settled with a great team after a few months of harsh turn-around, and let me tell you, when I say harsh, I mean harsh.

This one woman has applied, oh, I don't know, let's say 16 times. She came in when I first started here for an airbrush tan and I did a great job on her. She was very satisfied with the results and gave us a glowing recommendation - she even bought two airbrushes for $45 during a promotion we had because she enjoyed it so much. So it was much to our surprise when she gave me a phone call a month later complaining that she had an allegic reaction to the solution and wanted a refund on her money.

As company policy, we don't give refunds. Store credit? Yes. Refund? No. She wasn't having it, so after insulting and berating me with foul language, she asked to speak to the manager.

"I am the manager, mam."
"No you're not, you stupid ____."
"Mam, I'm not sure what else you'd like me to say. I am suggesting to you all we have to offer."
"I want to talk to the MANAGER!!!"
"Mam, if you'd like to talk to someone other than myself, that would be the owner. He is not in the office today, and I can send you to his voicemail if you'd prefer."
"See. I told you you weren't the manager. I'll take his voicemail."

After a few more harassing phone calls, we ended up just giving her the $10 to shut her up. Because honestly, you need to learn what battles to fight in and which ones to surrender.

Fast forward: we're in need of more people on staff now and she's applied yet again. As you can see, I am *rushing* to hire her, because I love having maniacs on staff. Look, you can act like a ravaging animal and I'll probably give you a second chance, given the circumstance. But something I'm a stickler for is business ettiquette. First of all, you don't disclose why you left a business unless asked, and putting it on your resume is not fundamental (some might even say it's detrimental...). It's just not appropriate. Furthermore, don't tell us you were pissed off at your boss and mad about the paycheck you were receiving as one of your reasons. Second, last time I checked, the objective should not be more than a sentence. Citing a full paragraph of your dreams and aspirations is not effective when you can concisely say it in one grammatically correct sentence. Not to mention a resume needs to be limited to one page. I don't want to read five pages of B.S.

And lastly, if the ad says "No phone calls," DON'T CALL. I will literally ask for the name of the person calling and throw out the resume. If you can't follow directions when applying, how am I to expect that you'll follow directions on the job? It's common sense.

I know this might seem a little like I need to pop a Xanex and calm down. But I get really irritated when people shoot themselves in the foot due to a bad cover letter or resume. I mean, if you're going to an interview, you wouldn't walk in with a stain on your shirt or curse in front of the interviewer because that's just inappropriate, so how is a typo in a cover letter or a six-page-long resume any different? Both aren't appropriate and show you have little discretion for what you're doing.

I hope this manages to help someone out. Expect another post soon -- I promise it won't be a lecture of any kind :)


Apr 27, 2009


This had me laughing for hours on end.  You're welcome.


Whore Yourself Out Monday

Hola, loyal followers. There are only five of you, but I am still happy people are reading this!!! And if you are reading but not following... shame on you. If you help me out, I'll help you :)

If you haven't yet, take a look at this Star-Telegram article. I'm featured! This is my second story this year. Perfect Glow was featured in the upscale publication Panache in March and it has done wonders for the business here. The story here.

Some people I'd recommend following on twitter:
SvyGrl (Tara Wilson Events)
ChicEvents (the agency I'm interning for)
ThePartyGoddess (event planning extroidinaire)
Mitzkat (she is going to be famous. and I'm not partial just because she's my soon-to-be roomate)
NicoleRichie (always keeps the LOLs)
TheRealSuri (this concept is just hysterical)
LeesyMarie (one of my bests... she needs more followers. Help her.)

Also, I'm going to use this part of my blog to whore out my boyfriend. He is spectacular, and I don't think I could be any more lucky to have him. Not to get all mushy... I hate that... but he really is a good person and my best friend. Last Thursday, after four hours of arranging my new life in LA, I called and dropped a bomb on him: I was moving sooner than we thought. Three weeks to be exact. I don't know how he is staying so composed. I know he has to be sad because I'm sad too - there are days I'll cry and get emotional because I know I'm going to miss him soooooooooooooo much (I can't emphasize that enough) - but he's been 100% supportive about me doing this. "It's the right decision" is all he has said from the get-go. I don't know how I'd handle this... I mean, I was like "Oh hey and guess what, I got a great opportunity that I can't pass up, so I'm moving in less than a month." I would be freaking out right now if the roles were reversed. But he is amazing and has contained himself... which is good because I have a feeling if he outwardly started showing his emotions about this I'd probably be a complete basketcase. As if I'm not already - I'm so excited to do this but I'm sad that college is ending and I'm leaving my comfort zone. I love change but sometimes uncertainty is terrifying! But it's not like "I shouldn't go feeling," it's just a "I hate to have to leave him" feeling.

Anyway, thank you puffy ("Puffy? As in baby puffin?!") for being so good to me and for showing your support. It really means a lot.

I'm out... it's terrible weather and all I want to do it sleep.

Apr 26, 2009

Any way you want it

Right now I'm home in my bed.   Home being my parent's house.  I love coming back and sleeping in my comfy bed, even though it's smaller than the one I have at my house in Fort Worth.  I guess it's something about the smell and the feel of being around your family and feeling like a kid again.  Anyway, I figured I'd take the time to explain the goings on of my life.  It has been insane!

Firstly, I need to preface this by saying that everything happens for a reason.  Even if you are at your lowest point, if you're confused, if you have no idea why things are happening the way they are... don't worry, because there is something (someone, rather) bigger than us taking care of everything upstairs.  It really is just amazing how things turn out.  I feel not only lucky but justified in why I do the things I do because I know there are reasons we all do what we do.  

So... after Thursday's craziness, I guess I should explain.  I not only got an offer for a full-time position in Dallas, but I also got offered an internship with Chic Events in Cali.  I also had an interview set up for another internship for a great company in Dallas (not necessarily in that order).  Not not to mention I had interviewed with Tara the day before.   I'm sure everyone is thinking "What decision needs to be made? Choose the full-time job.  Especially in this economy!"  Oh no, my friends.  That is not how I roll.  Actually, this is how I roll. I'm a very planned, straight-and-narrow type when it comes to jobs.  I like to know what I'm doing and to feel secure.  Well, I do know that after being offered the full-time gig, I didn't feel secure.  It was like "Oh.  I have a job now."  and not a resounding "YES!!! I have to tell everyone!"  I didn't feel secure or excited, regardless of the abundance of job security that job holds.  

The one thing keeping me from taking the internship in Cali was logistics:  where would I live? With who? How would I survive?  So I do what I do: I plan.  A few phone calls and e-mails later, the details had been settled.  Living arrangement: West Hollywood with Aly and Valentina.  Money-maker: Rachel and Erika would help set me up with a job to get by with while at the internship.  

I have told myself so many times that if the opportunity presented itself, I couldn't pass it up.  It's what I've wanted my WHOLE life!!! So why not.  It is a fantastic opportunity by the way, with great people and a lot of ways to network and get my foot in the door.  The people that have offered to help me before will now be willing to because I'll be out there.  So, as simple as that, I decided to move to California.  All in a matter of four hours. 

This is not like me at all.  I love change and being spontaneous, but I mean HELLO.  This is my life!  I haven't done anything like this before.  Am I crazy?  Possibly. But you know, the most crazy, hungry, success-driven people actually make it.  So that's what I'm going to do... make it.  Someday. 

The best thing about moving?  Realizing who your friends are and who really cares about you.  I can't tell you how many friends messaged or called me to congratulate me on doing what I've always wanted to do.  Sometimes you forget yourself, but your friends don't.  And my bests have known that I've wanted to do this since forever.  

Anyway, I'm so thrilled and leave in three weeks.  If you all have any suggestions on things I should do, places I should avoid, friends I should meet... send me a message!  I'm so thrilled and oddly calm and at peace about everything.  Maybe the freak-out will happen later...

Until then.  XO.

Apr 23, 2009

Quarter-Life Crisis?

This has been the weirdest, craziest, luckiest, phenomenal, fabulous week ever!!! Sure, there have been a few downers, but those will work themselves out. Not to fret. I guess I should explain myself.

First of all, I had the SCARIEST DREAM last Thursday night. It was so bizarre. A synopsis: I was at the tanning salon (my current place of employment) and I realized I was pregnant - nine months to be exact. I wasn't showing or anything so I was a tad confused. My mom and aunt were with me and I kept thinking there was no way I could be pregant, until I heard something come from my stomach. Turns out, it was the baby. "MOM! HELP! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" It (girl? boy? I couldn't tell at this point) was yelling through my womb for help. Oh my God. This is about the time I started crying and telling my mom that I didn't want to have a kid because it was going to hurt. Her response? "Ya, it's terrible." Great. So I'm not only popping out a kid in a TANNING SALON who happens to be able to speak in coherent, full sentences, but my mother isn't even giving me some BS response to help ease my nerves.

Luckily I woke up.

Crazy stuff started going on last Thursday though. I met (via a phone call) Tara, who is a) a gem and b) my new official mentor. I realized how lucky and blessed I am to have professionals with real experience put so much faith in me. I met her yesterday in person and she even went through my portfolio and gave me real feedback! It was amazing. Please check her out - Tara Wilson Events - she's FABULOUS. She's also on twitter so be sure to follow her SvyGrl. Check out her blog Tara's tips.

Which leads me toooo Chic Events. Tara referred me to them and they are just as fabulous and she is! I have chatted with both Rachel and Erika and we found that we have a lot of common, as well as a fascination for "Would you rather" questions. For example, would you rather be a man with huge, perky breasts? Or a woman with a stubbly, thick black mustache?! I really don't know. I think you could get a breast reduction, but a man who isn't overweight but has huge boobs is just odd. And laser hair removal doesn't cure everything! Anyway, both Rachel and Erika were awesome and I instantly felt a fun, friendly connection with them over the phone. We will see what happens, as I'm currently having a quarter-life crisis (thank you John Mayer lyrics) and all my plans have taken a completely different direction starting yesterday. I guess it's better to be confused out of your mind instead of bored... but seriously God, if you're listening, I need an intervention to help me figure out what I'm doing here. It's getting ridic. Check Rachel and Erika out at www.mychiclife.com! And of course on twitter.

I can't type anymore. I'm out. Have a great Thursday.

Apr 21, 2009

Food for Thought

As you can tell by watching any media outlet lately, Perez Hilton has taken his fury from the Miss USA pageant on Sunday and has turned his tirades into a full out media blitz. In case you haven't turned on the TV lately, Hilton was outraged by Miss California answer to his question regarding Vermont's passing of same-sex marriage and her thoughts on the issue. Miss CA answered truthfully and respectfully, saying that she felt it was great for people to be able to explore those options, just that she didn't feel a marriage is between people of the same sex.

Look, Perez has a right to be upset. He is a homosexual male, and he is denied the rights and benefits of a marriage. At the same time, I have to say that I do feel a marriage is between a man and a woman, HOWEVER, the GLBT community deserves equal rights as any other citizen. Therefore, why not allow them to form a union, not necessarily call it a marriage, yet give them all of the rights and benefits that men and women have within a marriage? I would be interested to know if homosexuals are more mad that they can't be "married," i.e. a semantics issue, or if they're more upset about not being able to recognize that they have a life partner and don't reap the benefits of that union. I imagine it's probably both, not to mention the aforementioned equality factor. Anyway, I feel everyone should deserve the same respect and rights, but at the same time Perez should show some respect for Miss CA's opinion, regardless of if it's different than his.

His response to this? "Miss CA is representing the state, not herself." I imagine that is true, but personally if my representative got as far as the Miss USA pageant, she should be entitled to speak truthfully and from the heart and not on behalf of everyone else in the state. It's not as if she's the Senator of the state - furthermore, people might disagree with their senator's point-of-view and the Senators have had less impact than Miss CA. This debate will never cease because this issue is SO not black and white. It's gray. And I just have to add that just because people include religion in their reason for being against gay marriage does not mean they are hateful. I feel as if I'm a very accepting, almost liberal thinker yet I still have my point of view on the issue - they should be allowed the same rights, I'm just not sure if a holy matrimony is going to fly. Everyone wants church and state to be separated; if that's the case, then do it! Leave church issues (marriage) alone and create something within the state that is formulated to give the homosexual community rights and privileges of a marriage, just without the church.

I also have to include that God is not absent from gay/lesbian relationships. I am so tired of people saying that gay people are not loved by God. Because God is so great that he sees us as his children, who his only son died for, born again and perfect which is the great thing considering none of us are even remotely close to achieving perfection. His love is eternal if you believe, so don't try to tell me why God hates the gays because a) including "God" and "hate" in the same thought it just wrong in the first place, b) It's as ignorant as someone during the civil rights movement in the 50s saying "God hates blacks," and c) I might give you the infamous "Kirbie eyeroll," which honestly I can't control... I'm an open book - my facial expressions are hard to hide.

To conclude my rant, I want to add that I feel it was unfair that Perez was asking that question. I mean, what if they had Miss USA back in the day of slavery, and they had a black person asking about that? Or if a woman was asking a man about women's right during that period in time? I know it's a crucial issue, but it should not have been asked by someone who you KNOW what answer they're expecting. They won't be happy unless you answer how they want you to answer. That one question probably cost her the crown.

That's my soapbox on that. Although I had a thought come into my head yesterday: are there any gay or lesbian couples that actually agree that marriages should remain between a man and woman? Wouldn't that be interesting to discover. I'd love to find someone like that and pick their brain on why they feel that way.

Anyway, can't we all love each other? Maybe that would be too much to ask. But I guess that's the beauty of our differences.

Apr 17, 2009

I've got to admit it's getting better

Hey everyone! Wow. This has been a CRAZY week! A test, two papers and a few late nights later, I'm finally finding some time to write.

One thing I have been learning lately is the importance of taking things slow. Don't rush. Things will come naturally. My mom is very supportive of me and always tells me to take things down a notch because if I rush into something I'm not 100% in love with, I could end up settling and missing a great opportunity. Good thing I listen to her because she's awesome and is soooo right.

This week has been amazing. Seriously. I was super stressed about the job thing; I still don't know where I'm living, but at least I got some leads now! I interviewed yesterday for an internship with an event planner here in Fort Worth. Check her out at www.tarawilson.com. I found her in a magazine and decided to send her my resume which lead her back to me when thinking about interns. It just so happens that God works in mysterious ways... because after my interview with her she gave me some personal advice - stuff I have been dying to hear for awhile - and she let me know she was going to help me out by getting me some connections. It was a little odd at first that I was talking to a potential employer about working elsewhere, but she was so cool that I felt like I was talking to a long-time mentor and not someone I'd only been speaking 10 minutes to.

Anyway, with her help, I have some connections in Dallas now and we're working on getting an interview for a contract position. The great thing is this company is amazing and a place I have been heavily seeking out so it's ironic how things come full circle! Tara also gave me the motivation to just move to Los Angeles. I want to save up a few months worth of money for the trek out there, so I hope to be out there soon! She told me something that made me content in my decision: "If you want to live out there, you'll find a way to survive." So true. She also told me that I should choose where I want to live and then find a job, not let the job pick where I live. That was inspirational as well.

I'll know sometime next week if I get a call-back for the internship, so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed - if I end up staying in Fort Worth, I'd work at the salon full-time and intern as well. Hey, it's the experience, right?

Also, check out www.chicevents.com. I was referred there by Tara and it's just as amazing as her site!

In addition to the contract position, I have an interview for a different job in a different field on Tuesday, just in case. Gotta keep some options alive! After all of the stress about job interviews, it's nice to see some of my hard work has been paying off. I think I'll be happy wherever I end up so I'm not too worried about it anymore.

Everything happens for a reason. Just keep hope abundant and stay positive because negativity won't get you anywhere and if you don't have hope, what else do you have?

Off to address my grad announcements... it's getting so close!


Apr 14, 2009

Spa and Salon Diaries

Today was one of those "weird" days at the spa/salon. When I came in, one of my co-workers gave me the lowdown on what had happened just before I arrived.

"Some weirdo called today!"
She explained the scenario: a guy calls to set up a couples massage for him and his girlfriend. Nice enough right? Then he got a little too frisky. "So, uh, my girlfriend has never gotten a massage. Would she be able to get up and massage me for awhile? How close are the tables to each other?" Um... there are so many comments I have about that but I'll keep quiet for now. The man got disconnected somehow and then called back. "Okay, so, I want to book this appointment, but like are we naked in the room together?" "We drape you with sheets, so you don't need to worry about being exposed sir," replies my co-worker. "Oh, I mean, I want to be naked. You know how sometimes you want to be just NAKED in a room with your girlfriend?"

Ya, because exhibition is one of my fortes. Seriously, where do people come up with this? Fortunately the owner took the call the next time he contacted us and told him he'd call the cops if he tried to call again.

Fast forward to 5:00 at the tanning salon. I'm busy putting people in and out of the beds and airbrushing. This kid and his mom come in and the Mom is waiting to tan. The boy has to be about 15 and seems like a blockhead - he was talking back to his mom and blasting his music SO LOUD that I could hear it behind the counter with our own music playing over the loadspeakers. It was also that screamo crap that nobody should ever have to be subjected to. Anyway, his Mom asked him politely to turn it down and he said no. Then she asked him again and he said no. The third time he turned it down a little but it was still loud enough to pierce the ears of anyone in the waiting area. So as his mom got into her bed for her tanning session, I sat at the computer and contemplated saying something. Not one to be confrontational, I decided for the sanity of myself and the other people waiting to ask him to turn in down.

No response. The sceamo was getting rather intense... no surprise there.
Finally someone in the waiting area tapped him. He took off his earphones.
"You can either turn down your music or leave the salon."
He gave me the typical "go to hell look" that most 15-year-old degenerate boys tend to give.

I say degenerate because a) he was one, and b) my brother is 16 and he has never, EVER, treated my mother than way in public. I think he knows if he did, his block would be knocked into next week. (A frequent mantra at our household growing up: "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out!" Although it wasn't used frequently, it definitely got the point across. Maybe that's why me and my brother are Saint children.)

Anyway, after that escapade he turned his music down, but not until he tried to test me by keeping it loud. I gave him a quick stare and he got the point.

This next story is still boggling my mind but whatever. A man called. Seemed harmless enough. He was calling inquire about our laser hair removal services.

"So what areas do you remove the hair from?"
"Legs, underarms, stomach, chest, arms, face... really anything."
I said that before thinking. We perform brazilian waxes and laser hair removal on women, not men. I think the reason is clear as day.
"GREAT! I've been looking for a place. I just moved here from Arizona..."
He kept chatting so I decided to ask someone to make sure. Then I remembered an incident where a man came in to get his brazilian lasered, except the man called inpersonating a woman, and it turns out he was a tranny. So he walks in and everyone thinks he's a woman until the esthetican who was performing the service lifted up his covering and realized he had an extra part that women don't have.
I had to break the news.
"Sir, I'm sorry, we don't perform brazilian services on males."
"Ugh. Great. I swear, Arizona, California and New York all do it. Texas is just living in the past, and it really affects people like me who need this done."

Why would he need it? He is a male. Aren't males supposed to be hairy? Some things should remain unanswered, and I supposed this is one of them. Working here has made me realize what sick freaks there are in the world. Seriously people, stop be neutrotic and act normal! It's not that hard.

Off to give an airbrush. See ya on the flip side.

Apr 5, 2009

Gardasil Shot

This might only be pertinent to the women, but I've had some interesting events happen in my life regarding the Gardasil shot.  For those who aren't aware, Gardasil shots are are a preventative vaccine used to stop the human papillomavirus - basically, it prevents forms of cervical cancer and genital warts.

All women, young and old, are advised to get it.  I was going to get one last year but my mom instructed me not to because she was worried of the side effects since it hasn't been around for awhile.  So, being an obedient child (and having learned my mom might know a thing or two) I decided to hold off.

Now, some women swear by this shot.  Others don't. My friend Haley happens to be a supporter, and she also happens to tell people who haven't had the shot that they're probably going to get genital warts.  But let me explain why my mother's discretion make me happy I haven't gotten it yet:

One of my youngest third cousins got the shot.  She was 16 at the time.  When I say third cousin, I'm saying my mother's cousin's daughter - we're all pretty tight knit - is the one who got the shot.  My Mom gave the same discretion to her cousin as she did myself but she didn't think anything of it and got my cousin the shot anyway.

Then a bunch of weird events started.  For instance, she was having these intense fainting spells where she would pass out when excited, stressed, anxious, whatever.  This tended to be an issue because one day at school she was walking and happened to pass out mid-stance, which caused her to fall down two entire flights of stairs, blacking out both of her eyes.  The poor thing looked like Chris Brown had gotten a hold of her.  

Another important instance when she passed out was when her house caught on fire.  It happened to save her life.  She was home alone from school because she was sick, went to light a candle, threw the match in the trash, which happened to catch fire and set her room ablaze.  Getting nervous, she passed out.  The good Lord was definitely looking out for my precious cousin because she made it out alive; no burns and no smoke inhilation.  All she remembers from the instance is a man throwing her over his shoulders and yelling "Don't breathe!" and he hauled down the stairs.  That man happened to be a firefighter, and he gave some pretty interesting insight.  My cousin's door was closed when the fire started.  Her room, being small, could have immediately been engulfed in flames but wasn't.  The neighbors called the fire department after noticing the house smoking, and when the fire department showed up they didn't think anyone was inside except for the dog who kept barking.  So they go in and run upstairs to grab the dog, who was outside of my cousin's room barking.  He wouldn't move.  He just kept barking.  So finally the fireman busts opens the door and finds my cousin laying there and that is how she got saved.

The doctors say that she was actually lucky that she fainted - it slowed her breathing, therefore preventing for severe smoke inhalation.  But what if fainting prevented her from escaping the house and saving her life?  My mom asked her cousin about the Gardasil shot again and ironically all of the fainting started the very same day she was administered the shot.  

After looking into it, many other women experience issues with this shot. Check this out.  And this.

With all of that being taken into account, it's important to realize this doesn't happen to everyone, but that you should take extra precautions before seizing a "miracle vaccine."

Apr 3, 2009

I had another panic attack yesterday.  I'm roughly a month from graduation and I have no prospects of a "real job."  I don't even know where I'm going to live come June 1st. Fort Worth?  Dallas?  LA?  I was talking to my Mom about everything last night and she affirmed what I've been feeling:  I'm probably going to be moving to California soon, but it's hard to pack up everything right now and go since I don't have any money to live off out there.  

I can't see myself being genuinely happy here in Texas.  I love it, but I want to try other things and I've always wanted to work in entertainment.  I'm glad my mind keeps reminding me of that because sometimes it just seems easier to stay here, but I know I would constantly be wondering "what if" if I didn't leave at some point.  I'm kind of screwed no matter what I do - I don't have prospects here in Texas or anywhere else.

It's ironic because I feel I have expanded my network drastically the past two years and not even they can help me find a job in this economy!  I got five e-mails this week saying "Sorry, there are no openings, but I 'll keep trying for ya!"  I appreciate that, but bllllaaaah.

I pray about it every night.  Not that I find a job, just that my heart's desires will be fulfilled and that my worries can be lifted off my shoulders.  I was telling a friend today that I can't believe I'm on of those people who doesn't have a plan.  I used to frown upon people who hadn't secured a job by at least March of their senior year and look at me now!  I will never think that way about anyone ever again because I've learned that you never know the circumstance anyone else is in.

Enough about that.  Britney Spears was Tuesday and AHHHH!!! It was awesome.  It was so weird to see her in person after watching her life throughout the past few years.  I've known her (through the media...) since I was 13, almost ten years!, so it was a great night for me to get to experience that.  I'm one of those "Britney defenders"; I get upset when people mock her because who are they to talk?  They don't know her.  She doesn't deserve a lot of the scrutiny she's under, and I've learned heavily within the past year and a half that you never know all sides of the story and that the biggest liars out there are the writers.  Sorry but it's true.
Here is a photo of the pop princess herself:

I'd add more but for some reason it's taking forever and they never paste in the place I want them to.

Just finished editing this post, now I'm thinking of my next one. xo.
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