May 31, 2009

Love the One Your With

Okay.  I don't like to admit when I'm feeling down, but today I have.  I have been perpetually sick for the past five weeks.  It started as a cough and then it became what I like to refer to as "The Bailey," a cough only to be distinguished by the fact that my friend Bailey had one similar sounding and now every time I hack away I am reminded of her (love you, Bails).  Now I have the worst sore throat of my life.  It's only comparable to the time my freshman year of college that I made the same Bailey rush me to the hospital at midnight after I went to the health clinic at TCU only to be given PLACEBOS instead of antibiotics.  

I hate going to the doctor, mostly because I'm impatient and hate waiting.  But enough is enough and I booked myself an appointment for Thursday in hopes I can get some kind of closure with this long-term death wish type of relationship I have with my body.  I can't handle it anymore and I'm getting really cranky about it.  I'm constantly fatigued and my head is pounding so much so that I pop ibuprofen like it's my job, which is also odd because I never used to take it before.  Ever.  

I was kind of wondering what could be the issue, so of course I text Lindsey, my body's resident nurse and diagnosis person.  She told me it was probably a virus and to drink a lot of OJ, or that I was pregnant and that I should know my options regarding that situation.  Thanks Linds, always looking out for me.

I'm also extremely stressed at the moment.  I've only been here two weeks, but I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to live once my time with Val & Ali ends, as well as how I might support myself when that happens.  I'm going to need a full-time job so I'm going to place all of that in God's hands because I know he'll take care of it.  I have my internship two days a week, and as much as some people would recommend I quit to find full-time work, I wouldn't dream of doing that because I truly feel I'm assisting at Chic for a reason.  All I can do is actively explore my options and see what happens after my assistantship ends.  It's hard not to fret about that stuff though.  

I am starting to miss my family, friends and Stewart a whole lot more than I suspected.  I knew it would be hard at first, but I didn't think too much about it.  Living out here is a dream come true for me, but it's also hard moving out here away from a majority of my close friends, my boyfriend, and my entire family.  I didn't expect life to be a piece of cake out here, but I also didn't think about my relationships as much as surviving and living on my own.  Things will get better after I start my internship and get more into a routine - right now more of me is wanting to start becoming busy 24/7 instead of having a ton of spare time on my hands.  Most of you know that during school I did the class thing but also was actively involved in several clubs as well as held a full-time job... so between all that, working out and seeing my friends and boyfriend, there wasn't much time to do things like nap or lollygag around.

I am excited for this week.   Monday I intern, Tuesday I work, Wednesday intern AND I'm going to TCU alumni event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Thursday I work, Friday I work my first event and then I plan on seeing The Hangover because The Hollywood Reporter is giving it rave reviews.   I'm hoping at some point I can get out to Lancaster to see Koby play ball.  Also, tomorrow I decided I'm going to the MTV Movie Awards.  I don't know if I'll get in but half the fun is standing outside with the crazies anyway.  Why not live a little?

Speaking of crazies, Michelle, Lauren and I traveled to Venice Beach today!  It was really fun.  We didn't actually hit up the beach but just traveled the vendors area and it was just as expected: weird.  Tons of homeless people playing music and others selling "medical marijuana."  We must have had eight people tell us "The Doctor was in" and pointed us to a place that literally was a door with the hand-painted words "Doctor's Office" on it.  After that we went shopping on Hollywood Blvd. when we noticed there was a movie premiere going on.  It was for Land of the Lost and we got there just in time to see Will Ferrell and Randy Jackson walk the red carpet.  It was weird to see them... Randy is significantly shorter than expected and Will isn't as tall as one may think.  He had an afro going on and was friendly with the fans and was acting like a major goofball.  This got me all excited because I always wanted to be able to see things like this go on and I finally had my first experience with one!  Now I just need to get IN to a premiere... we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, I need to get some sleep!  Night everyone.

May 29, 2009

Taylor Swift and personal philosophies

Taylor Swift's album make a girl want to go through the heartbreak and torture of a break up just so you can listen to her songs and fully, entirely, completely relate to the lyrics.  I can't stop listening and it's weird because the writing is so true yet so unrelateable (word? not a word? who cares) for me at this point in my life.  Basically I love her?   Yeah.  That's what I want to say.

I was looking up quotes online - quite a passion of mine, actually - and I read one about love.  It said "Love someone and be loved in return."  I started to think about how true that one simple quote is.  In high school, I remember performing in a play and the director (Mr. KARASEK for anyone remembers him!!!) was like "I need you all to feel the pain of being in love with someone who isn't in love with you."  And I was like um, what?  I was 16 for crying out loud.  I hadn't even had my first boyfriend yet.  The only response he could solicit was from me, saying, "But why love someone if they don't love you back?" And he just gave me this weird smile and responded with "because you can't help to love someone even if they don't return the love back."  It was weird.  And for awhile I didn't understand it, I thought frankly he was stupid for saying that and even a tad bit pathetic because why love someone who doesn't feel the same way?  I feel there has to be a reason to feel love for someone, and one of them for me personally it to feel loved in return.  
 I grew up and I started to think maybe you could love someone but not be loved back.  And that kind of freaked me out too.  But then I read that quote and it all made sense - perhaps the people I thought I loved, I didn't.  I can say honestly to all of you internets people that I have only told three out of the four serious boyfriends I have had that loved them.  With one it was pretty damn clear that love was not a part of the relationship (clear as day, yet still blinded while in the relationship).  And out of the three boyfriends,  it is clear who truly cared for me and who didn't.  I think love really is something that can only be felt if reciprocated by the other party.  I don't love Justin Timberlake because let's be honest, he wouldn't remember me if I approached him today (not to mention he does have that woman who is constantly with him).  And I didn't love some guys in my life because clearly they weren't loving me back.  And by love I mean complete an total respect, consideration and appreciation for the other person.  The object of dating someone is not to tear them down but to build them up.  If it works out, great!  If not, oh well.  I'm not a dating doctor nor to I claim to be perfect or all-knowing on the subject but really, you can care for someone - you can hope they are okay, happy, healthy, safe, etc. - but it doesn't necessarily mean it's love.  

Then what about "love heard around the world?"  and what about God loving people who don't love him?  Well a) love for others is called compassion.  duh.  b) God is God.  Hello! He's the man.  He breaks all barriers, he is almighty, he is not even comparable to this human situation right now.  He is a major component of love, but he loves everyone even though some refuse to accept it.  

I wouldn't day I am in denial either.  Before, when I would break up with boyfriends (and it wasn't necessarily me doing the breaking-up), I was consider myself starting from a clean slate.  That meaning that if I loved the next guy I was with, I was never was truly in love in the first place.  I felt you could only love one person, that person being the one who you end up with forever.  Now I feel differently - that you are only in love once, in love meaning the greatest love of your life, but the act of loving someone is repetitive.  Maybe I'll change my mind again once I grow up some more.

Anyway, funny how a Taylor Swift song and a quote can get me going on a tangent like this.  I'd love to hear other's opinions but thought I'd share my view.  It is my blog after all!

Off to play on Garage Band.  

May 27, 2009

Work? What work?

You know those "Come to California" commercials?  You know the ones.  "We work with real characters.  TONS of board meetings..." blah blah blah.  Those could not be closer to the truth out here!  My internship is fabulous and work is phenomenal.  

I went into Chic yesterday before my actual start date.  Erika wanted me to come in because they were being filmed and wanted me to be in the office that day!  So I went in not expecting much but ended up having a blast!  I got there and Erika had me go get Starbucks.  Rachel notified me that I am not an "intern" but an "assistant" because that way I get more responsibility without being questioned.  Before I knew it, the camera crew was there and the host was ready to get started.  I thought I was going to be in the background but they actually interviewed both myself and the other assistant as well which made me feel like a true part of the Chic Events family :)  After the filming, Erika, Jasmine & I grabbed lunch down the street.  Erika is one I can only describe as basically being Cameron Diaz.  She looks like her (jealous!!!), she has a great sense of style, and she also has a fun sense of humor and seems like a girls' girl and a guys' gal.  It might sound like I'm in love with her... but really, she's fabulous ands I can't wait to get to work with her!  Rachel is equally as awesome - bubbly, a little intimidating when you first meet her (she IS the head honcho, after all), great fashion sense as well.  Her personality is illuminating and she appears to be pretty hilarious.  Overall I'm feeling pretty lucky.

After that I went home, took a nap (I'm still somewhat sick) and then Val convinced Ali and myself to go out.  We walked up to Bar Marmont which wasn't too spectacular - maybe it was because it was Tuesday - but we did have a run in with Holly Montag, Heidi's sister!  Val encountered her in the bathroom when comedy ensued.  Some Australian girl was talking about how she works for some "really big hair company" that she couldn't actually disclose the name of to Holly.  PS - I HATE it when people are like "Oh, I know so-and-so" or "I hung out with ______" last night or anything boastful like that because if you really were friends with those people you wouldn't be using their fame to make yourself feel/look better. Off of that soapbox.  But anyway, the Aussie girl was acting all high and mighty and asked Holly what she did for living and she mentioned she was on some series with her sister.  The Australian clearly did not know what The Hills was.  Finally Holly gave up and realized she wasn't going to get anywhere, which good for her for not name dropping.  Clearly I knew her because duh, while I was maintaining my cool here I also keep my eyes peeled for celebrity eye candy.  I'm completely emersed in pop culture and although I'd love to some celebs I wouldn't ever approach them because a) that's weird and b) it's inappropriate.  If you wouldn't go up to a normal person in a bar and start asking to take a picture with them, then why would you do that to Zac Efron or Jessica Biel?  Not okay.  There's a time and a place for that.  

Off of that soapbox now...

Today at work was awesome!  I love the girls I work with and we actually got airbrushed today.  We pretty much learned most of what we need to know, got airbrushed, sat in on a few sessions, went out for coffee and lunch and then lounged some more until we got to leave.  Life is so easy-breezy here, I love it!  I do think my determination and work ethic will give me an edge here though, so I don't plan on losing that anytime soon.  (Not to say that the people here lack a work ethic - it's just a LOT more laid back than Texas or New York).  

Anyway, next week Aunt Deb comes into town so I hope I get to see her.  I'm planning a trip home so hopefully that works out for the end of July.  The first event I get to work is next Friday, which will be a fashion show!  Apparently we're down a few dressers so I get to dress the models.  Boys, I know you're jealous. 



May 24, 2009

Brill-i-ant with my mill-i-ons

Yesterday was pretty chill.  Val and I woke up, made breakfast and went to the gym.  My new favorite breakfast meal is making egg whites with baby spinach mixed in and then putting a little bit of Salsa Verde on top.  It reminds me of Tex-Mex and is a great meal before a workout.  Before we left I got a little sassy with my Mom and one of my Aunts so I had to call to apologize because I always feel like crap when I get mad at my family.  I shouldn't feel guilty but for some reason I always do!  So before we went to the gym I sat at Starbucks and chatted with my Aunt.  We just talked about life out here, how I'm feeling, if it's questioned any of my integrity yet.  It's weird out here because I'm so used to everyone in Texas being Christian - that's the standard - but out here it's almost a like "Oh, you're a Christian?! Me too!"  That's literally what one of the girls I worked with said to me on Friday after I mentioned I went to TCU.  It was so bizarre to me!  So many weird things here. 

As much as this place is pretentious, it's also extremely laid back and the people are extra-friendly, something I was concerned about before.  It's also beautiful.  I love looking up the hill and seeing the mansions Hollywood.  At night they glow and it's amazing to me because I'm not used to that coming from the Texas flatlands.  :)  Maybe one day I'll own one!  Still haven't been to the beach yet - I'm waiting for it to be at least 80 degrees so I can get my tan on.  

After our workout I showered because I was going into work at 4:00 until I got a call that my training has been moved because they got overloaded with spraytans!  So Val and I hung out and have been addicted to this Jon and Kate + Eight marathon on TLC.  It's amusing in light of recent allegations that there has been infidelity in their relationship because Kate is totally OCD and if I was married to her I probably would have hauled butt a looong time ago.  Around 9:00 we decided to bake cookies so we scoured Sunset and Beverly Hills for a Ralph's to get groceries.  We found one and it was a great way to explore the area too.  

As much as I miss Stu, it hasn't been too devastating to our relationship thus far.  Granted I haven't seen him for only a week but we do a good job of keeping the communication alive and I think Skype will help us tremendously.  He's so presh... today he's in OKC for Memorial Day and him and his friends are acting like a revived frat party (as usual).  We were on the phone earlier and someone was like "Stewart get off the phone!!!" and he's like "Wait a minute, I'm talking to my BABIS!!!"  hahaha.  Funny how my language has infiltrated other people's vocabulary.  

Work I feel is going to be great.  I can't wait to officially be on the floor to get started!  I also am excited to start my internship.  On Friday, I got an e-mail from Erika (my coordinator) saying that Chic was filming for a reality TV segment and wanted me to be a part of the experience!  So I'm going in on Tuesday to get acquainted with everyone and see what the business has in store for me in the next few weeks!

Alright.  Off to enjoy the day.  

Hasta pasta,
Download Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas and Don't Stop Believing by the Glee cast!  They're currently jams I'm going to be working out to.  

May 22, 2009


Man, it's been a crazy few days!  Since my last post, we drove through Arizona and finally arrived in CALIFORNIA!  Right around the time we were approaching LA there was an Earthquake but thank the Lord we didn't get to experience that chaos.

So if any of you know my parents, you know they're REALLY conservative.  Before I went to college I considered myself conservative, but now I'm more on a moderate stance.  My view has changed and doesn't side completely with one side or the other.  Anyway, back to the point: my apartment is in the epitome of what one would consider West Hollywood - literally down the street from Chateau Marmount and right in between Santa Monica Blvd & Sunset (really, it's a dream come true).  La Lohan was spotted wondering around yesterday so I am in desperate need of finding her because I'm convinced we could be friends (Cancers and Capricorns go well together... sometimes?) and I could make her hop off the crazy train.  Really though, back to the point - the book I'm reading about agency life describes West Hollywood as "the mecca for gays" and it couldn't be closer to the truth.  They're everywhere!  I say that with the most respect because coming from Texas it's very rare you see a gay couple on any given day, let alone a ton of them.  The screen shot above is of the networks in my apartment and I found it hysterical someone bluntly named theirs "homosexual."  

Wednesday Dad and I explored Burbank and the studio lots like Warner Bros. and I just giggled with glee.  I plan on going sometime soon to catch a taping of a show or at least take a tour.  It's about a 15 minute drive (when traffic isn't terrible) and everything here is so close!  It's weird being somewhere that I've always wanted to be.  It has met every expectation I ever had so I couldn't be more pleased.

My first celebrity sighting was yesterday at PinkBerry - Monique Coleman of High School Musical fame was grabbing some yogurt with a friend.  Is it fate or irony that she is my first celeb to see?  Everyone knows I'm obsessed with HSM.   I didn't say hi anything because duh, that's annoying.  

Valentina has been letting me listen to a ton of songs she has written and they are AMAZING.  I say that all the time but seriously, they are.  She even wrote one with Tony from No Doubt and they got Gwen Stefani to sing a revised version for Val to hear overseas!!!  It was fun listening to Val sing it and then hear how Gwen did it.  

Val has also given me a lot of insight to different things in the industry.  She told me a lot of secrets about American Idol that I didn't know - a lot of stuff that frankly pissed me off and it reaffirms that it doesn't just take talent to get in but a ton of LUCK as well.  

I got a job!  Doing none other than airbrush tanning! haha.  Oh man.  I thought I'd never hold an airbrush again until I found the posting online.  It's called Sunless Studios, located in Beverly Hills.  The demise of me is going to be that Sprinkles cupcakes are right across the street and heaven knows I love me some Sprinkles.  I am planning on losing 10 pounds though so resistance is going to be key.  So I don't need to worry about tanning anymore because I get free airbrushes now woooo!!! The girls I'm working with are awesome and I feel really comfortable already.

On Wednesday I met up with a college friend, Lauren, who was with her roomie Michelle.  I brought Val and we had a BLAST at this little dive bar called "Big Wangs."  For all your pervs, it serves chicken wings and good southern food but also has karaoke on Wednesday nights!  We managed not only to make friends with the help there but I got some random to sing "Forgot About Dre" with me and Val sang "I Will Always Love You."  Not to toot my own horn but we are AWESOME and got a standing ovation.  It's nice to know that people other than Texas think it's fun to watch me rap.  :)  

And by the way, I mentioned PinkBerry before and I have to say it is AWESOME.  Like I didn't understand the hype but now I do.  It's delish and it's going to be my addiction, much like FrogBerry in Fort Worth or Berry Berry in Addison.  I told Stu I have a new place for us to try!

It's funny how different things are here.  People are a lot more relaxed and chill, which is not what I was expecting.  I can't wait for it to get a little warmer so we can make our way to the beach.  Next week I plan on going out to Lancaster to see my cousin Koby play ball (he's legit) and then the next week my Aunt Deb comes in town and I'll be soooo excited to see her!  All my aunts are so fun and they all contribute something different: Aunt Brenda takes care of me and my gadgets/technology, Aunt Bonnie just makes sure I'm mentally and physically healthy, Aunt Carole writes me letters and let's me explore my creative and literary side, and Aunt Deb loves to SHOP.  She also has great workout and eating tips.  Soooo them combined with my Mom makes me a very loved girl.  I can't forget my Dad and Uncles who are so supportive also!!! Love yall little babis'.  

By the way, Nick, if you're reading this, I loooooooooove you and miss you already.   Please be good for Mom and Dad and take good care of Harley and Tobinator.  Also, I'm sending you an ACT book soon so you can get on it.

That's all for now... the girls want me to come in today to try out the tan so I can start promoting it to everyone! :)

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams,

May 18, 2009

Tiny and Bold

I'm on my way to Cali!  It's weird that this is actually happening.  I still feel a little in denial... as I have been explaining to my family, just think of it as summer camp!  And then once summer is over fall camp! Winter Camp! Spring Camp!  

My dad is a trooper.  He tells me he loves to drive, so I let him the whole way.  I'd guess I slept about six of the 12 hours on the road.  Someone told me once that Texas is a crappy state with a bunch of nothing and only four major cities.  I was offended when he said it - he's not a native Texan, clearly - but I guess you could say that's pretty on point because we were driving through a whoooooole lot of nothing for awhile.  I woke up toward the end of our trip to El Paso, which was actually quite pretty with mountains in the background.  It made the area seem more confined, yet at the same time very open and spread out.  Not like I'd ever want to live in El Paso (it smells), but maybe somewhere with mountains someday.  

Notable things about the road trip thus far:
- At the first rest stop around Kerrville, I used the ladies room.  Two little girls under the age of six where in there and one was trying to open my stall.  
"Someone's in here!"  
She scampered to a different one.  Once I was washing my hands, I turned off the water and start to dry when I hear "Mom! MOOOOOM! Come wipe my BUTT!"  
I couldn't help but laugh.  I walked out of the bathroom and her dad was yelling back "Hold your horses, she's coming!" And the mom was yelling "Darlin', I'm coming!  Just wait a minute!"  Ohhhhh children.  I don't want any for a long time.
- We saw a dust storm.  Never seen one of those before!
- Border Control is real extensive. 
"You two U.S. citizens?" 

We got into New Mexico around 8:00 (Mountain time) after leaving the house around 10:00 (Central time).  The sun had gone down and the sky was a pinkish-purple.  Very beautiful.  I immediately called Stewart because he's all about New Mexico and talking about how ghetto his childhood was (which, frankly, I think is BS - he's given me two separate accounts about how hard-knock his life was compared to how he was one of the more fortunate ones) and let him know we got into his territory.  I also immediately let him know it smelled like poop, because it did.  He didn't like that so much :)  By the way: babis, if you're reading this I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU already!

Before we arrived in New Mexico, Val called me. 
"Hey... how's the trip?"
"Oh ya know.  What's up?"
Here's the deal: I'm sharing a room with V in our two bedroom apartment.  Aly (Ali? Ally? I'll get this down soon) has her own room and V and I are sharing to cut expenses while I'm getting on my feet.  Works out great except I'm not exactly "legal" in the complex. 
"So if anyone asks you what you're moving, it's my stuff, and then if anyone asks anymore questions about why you're over so much, tell them you're my girlfriend."

That'll keep their mouths shut.  So heeeeello California, I'm a lesbian!  Just kidding.  Things got resolved though later- they're letting me sign a three-month lease instead of a year so I can actually be a legit tenant and not the lesbian who spends the night all the time.   I mean I'm sure Val and I would make a beautiful pair but I think Stu would prefer otherwise.

Tomorrow we'll go through New Mexico and Arizona into SoCal.  I'm so excited, I just want to be there!!!  Dad doesn't leave until Wednesday afternoon so I think we'll do some exploring before he leaves.  

More tomorrow!

- K

May 17, 2009

We're going on a "break."

Dear Texas,

We can call this whatever you would like.  A "break."  An "open relationship." Whatever you call it, be sure that I still love you and you'll always hold a special place in my heart.  It's just that after being in a relationship for 22 years, I feel an itch to break free and see other... states.  I mean, I would never cheat on you.  You're my heart and soul.  I have made many memories with you, lived in some of the best cities you have to offer.  You're all I've ever known.  But the time has come to say "farewell!" for awhile so that I can explore those other options.
Don't get me wrong, by "other" I don't mean "better."  I just need to see what else is out there, ya know?  And California has been wining and dining me for awhile.  It's pretty stimulating and enticing, given it's the only place that offers the opportunities I've been working so hard to reach. California is big!  It's glitzy!  It's diverse and it even has beach houses.  It also has a good friend named Vegas that is only a road trip away.
California likes to "shake" things up (on the richter scale, rather).  It's fiery love is never to be denied.  It's smoking hot (literally).  It allows me to use puns frequently and abundantly!  And I loooove puns!
But seriously, Texas, you have given me so much: a home, a family, wonderful friends (and a tres manificient bf, of course).  It will be hard to be away from these people, but I know they're only plane ride away which is what keeps me so strong throughout all of this.  You have helped me to build a stable foundation and to dream, which I intend to share with those "crazy California people," who lately seem to be people such as myself.  

I have free nights and weekends.  Call me.

Farewell and not good-bye,

May 11, 2009

Adios Fort Weezy...

Wow. What a week! It was tres stressful at the beginning, but then managed to turn into a non-stop party, and I ended up paying for it (big time). This is long... so let's start with Monday two weeks ago:

I mentioned how my pupils were so enlarged it looked as if my eyeballs had permanent red-eye reduction. That was thanks for my lovely organized crime class. I studied all day and all night (and then another all day and all night) to end up spending three hours on the final. I didn't intend it to be that way - another student and I actually waited around 45 minutes for the professor to stop yacking with some whack-job who was complaining about his grade. During my eaves-dropping on this convo, I got a little insight on what the class was really about:
- Not so much learning the material as memorizing it and regurgitating it all on the test
- You might write down verbatim what he says in class, but the professor can change his mind at any time to decide what is actually correct and what is not, regardless of if he said it or not, and regardless of the fact that he told us at the beginning of the semester that his lectures might as well be considered biblical text.
- Furthermore, I learned by reading the actual book that my professor actually doesn't know a lot about organized crime; he misspells a lot of words and even uses them out of context.
Anyway, it was quite intriguing to learn all of this on the last day of class during a time I was supposed to be writing my final, when I ran out of paper and needed to get some. I was worried about my grade so after the final I had him sit down with me and go over why I did not so hot on the last test just for my own "personal benefit" (aka give me more points), where he not only ran rampant with red marker all over my exam but then proceeded to laugh at me and tell me what I wrote was "mistake of fact," when the real fact of the matter was that everything I had written down was verbatim from my notes. He didn't have a response except that I was still wrong (thus meaning he was wrong?).

So I ended up crying like an idiot (stressed much?) and I think he might of given me some sympathy because when my grade was posted he not only gave me the grade I needed, but in fact two letter grades higher than necessary. Thank you very much. I'm not an advocate of crying to professors because I think that is quite foolish, but sometimes you're desperate and you'll need to what's necessary.

After that I spent a whopping three hours studying for my American Lit test. I got an A in the course which truly is a miracle because I didn't manage to read the last two books and I feel as if I wrote the crappiest of craptastic essays for my final. Maybe my crappiest work happens to not be that crappy at all.

Then it was PARTY TIME! Tuesday night was Cinco de Drinko, and although I did have a few bevs it wasn't anything for the record books. Me and some gal pals had a marg and then went to Boomerjacks where I decided we needed to leave stat. That ended up not happening but we did make our way to The Moon, a place I loathe with all my heart and soul, yet managed to have a good time debating about which chicken nuggets are better: Wendy's, McDonald's or Chick-fil-a (I grew up on Wendy's so they are my top choice, duh).

Wednesday was Senior Toast. As a class, we got a parting gift of a free fajita dinner and margs and then a ton of door prizes. I won the oh-so-classy purple collegiate shades, when I should have won the Southwest gift certificate because I could use a free trip at some point. After that I headed to Snookies for the 2nd time in my college life and proceeded to be what some could consider sexually harassed by a man on the dance floor. I will admit he had great dance moves but I'm not really down for grinding, especially when I don't know the person (unless it's Justin Timberlake or the hottie from Star Trek). There are some pretty priceless photos of me standing like a dead fish while the guy gets his freak on.

Thursday was my last day of work. It was a little bittersweet - I'm so excited to just relax and do a lot of nothing until I move, but I will miss the people I worked with. Laura, one of the massage therapists, gave me a card which everyone signed and they all chipped in to get my a Starbucks gift card, my fav! It's nice to know I made some kind of impact on their lives, enough so that they would even think of doing something like that for me. I love you ladies!

Friday was absolutely insane. I got up and went to my nail appointment while my mom traveled into town. I had a few other appointments to tend to, and when I arrived back home she was there. She told me she had a surprise, which just so happened to be our good friend Hope!!! She traveled all the way from NYC for my graduation. I was stunned because she had told me a few months ago she had a huge work thing to be at this past weekend so she wouldn't be able to make it. It was an awesome surprise and since surprises are my favorite it made it even better! The only problem was that I was surprising my mom with a massage for Mother's Day and had booked us appointments but wasn't aware Hope would be in town. She was a trooper though and waited while Mom and I got massages - much needed, by the way. Somehow in the mix we managed to go take pics with my pledge class in front of the Theta house which was sad because that will be the last time in awhile I'll step foot in the Thouse. :( So many memories there. However, during our photo shoot I got a in my foot, so when we arrived to Mom's and Hope's hotel I was limping around like an idiot. Mom kept trying to get me to go with her to Hope's room and the whole time I was telling her I wasn't going up the stairs because of my foot. She was getting real pissy with me and told me I had to go upstairs so I was basically griping my way up when we got to "Hope's" room. Turns out we weren't at Hope's room, but our other friend from NYC, JP's room!!!! Mom got me again! JP told me he couldn't come because Ally, his wife had finals and they couldn't get away. I was so sad but he came even though Ally had to stay (we missed you Ally!). It humbled me knowing that I have such loving people around me who love me enough to travel down to Texas for two days just to see me graduate.
Anyway graduation was as expected: boring and long. I even forgot the one things that we absolutely had to have before we could walk - our graduation number - on my chair but obviously that didn't affect me graduating. Of course my family was screaming like maniacs (there were about 20 of them), so much so that the Chancellor even commented on it. "Must have a large fan base, huh?" Yes sir, indeed.
Now it's a day before I go back to Georgetown to get settled and say goodbye to the family before Dad and I drive out. I'm at Stu's and although I'm enjoying our time together I'm absolutely dreading tomorrow at noon when I have to say goodbye. I think he might have planned a little romantical night for us as a goodbye gift so I'll be sure to let you all know. :)
Love ya Fort Worth, I'm out!!!

May 4, 2009

How do you get into picking music for movies?

Let me apologize to anyone who has bothered to look at my decrepit face in the past 36 hours. I look terrible. The circles cannot be salvaged with any amount of concealer. And the immense amount of caffeine I consumed yesterday to study lead me to look like this guy:

Yes, some kind of freakish mix between a spider monkey and an punk rocker. But seriously, anyone who approached me in the library - I swear I wasn't on crack, as I'm sure you all thought because my pupils refused to dilate and appeared to be the size of my head. The only thing getting me through my marathon study sesh was this video because honestly, who doesn't love a bunch of chipmunks singing about tiny and bold cowboys, wranglin' cattle the size of schnauzers?! If you want a real treat, youtube the spanish version because the emphasis they put on "mini vacas!" is hysterical.

Anyway, about the post title.

The thing about me is that I have a ton of different ideas going on in my head at any given moment. I have ideas about sequences in films, casts I would put together, songs lyrics to compose, step class routines to choreograph; paintings to create, books I want to write, productions I want to assemble and manage. I'll have these creative visions and I'm like "YEAH! THAT'S AWESOME!" and by the time I get to remembering it later I've lost the creative flow and it doesn't seem great enough to write down, which makes me wish I had some kind of virtual notebook that could read my mind so I could have everything stored.

So I have all of these things I want to get involved in, but how does one get involved in picking music for a movie? I mean, do you just apply for those jobs? I don't think so. I'd like to cut the trailers too, much like Cameron Diaz a la The Holiday. If anyone wants to give me some direction on that, that would be awesome.

This is all coming about because today on iTunes radio, George Harrison's "I Got My Mind Set on You" came on. Lordy, what a gem. It's like discovering $20 in your old jeans. It reminds me of Look Who's Talking Too but instead of diving into the scene in the movie when that song is played, I started conjuring up a new movie concept, complete with main characters and then started formulating a scene out of that. Is that weird? I mean I know I'm a little on the weirdo side (I'm still in love with Justin Timberlake. It's the longest relationship I've ever had - 10 years), but that cannot be out of the ordinary. I'm kind of hoping some kind of visionary of our time like Ron Howard or Ben Silverman or Steven Speilberg or Oprah has done that very same thing. Anyway, my scene was pretty kickass and it would be a perfect component to a cult-classic teen movie, much like a "10 Things I Hate About You" or something.

I also really want to help produce a real-life version of Bergdorf Blondes. This book is absolutely hysterical and I have a perfect cast laid out for Plum Sykes to choose from. I even have locations picked out, clothes for specific scenes, and in true cinematic form, I'd added some additional scenes not included in the book for some comedic effect. Too far? I feel like I'm prepared. In case I ever bump into someone who knows someone who is going to try to pitch a B.B. movie.

Well I can't think straight right now... I'm off to my last final in seven hours and then it's clean up time (as in my room). I've had enough clothes to last me TWO MONTHS without doing laundry. Needless to say, it's become more an of issue concealing all of the dirty ones in hampers (three apparently isn't enough) then finding new ones to wear. My roommate came into my room on Sunday, dumbfounded, and said "Kirbie, it truly is amazing how many clothes you have." I'm not saying that to brag, I'm saying that to express how GOD AWFUL it's going to be when I have to decide what to take to Cali and what not. I have my work cut out for me, but lucky for my baby cousin Olivia because she gets everything I can't take! :)

Night. xo

May 1, 2009

My Own "Don't Do That."

So check this video out.  It's from my future superiors, Rachel and Erika @ Chic Events.  (BTW:  Do you call a business an "employer" even when you're an intern and not an employee?  That always gets me.)  It's so weird how technology works these days because I haven't even met them but I have a sense of how they work just based on their youtube vids.  So watch this and then read on.

Did you watch it?  Okay good.  Now you'll understand what I'm about to do!  Kirbie's very own "Don't Do That."  I've had a few posts that I could consider "don't do thats," such as don't act like a douche and don't get on my last nerve.  But now I think I'll go more in depth because several things in the past week that have happened are deserving of a "don't do that."

  • Hey, creepy guy that won't leave me and my friends alone at the bar last night: I don't know you and harassing me for a ride after 10 awkward minutes of conversation is weird. Don't do that.  I don't care if I live next door to you.  If I say I'm not taking you home, I'm not going to, and furthermore when you start to beg it makes me think you're a freak and frankly has me considering kicking you in the face (trust me.  I can do it.  I have an amazing high-kick).  Did it ever cross your mind that, um, hello?  It's not safe for women such as myself to offer rides to STRANGERS.  You're lucky I don't post your name on here because you would very well kiss any chance of having a date good-bye.  So you're welcome for the anonymity.  
  • Man with the bandana and really bad perm at my favorite spot, The Cellar:  A) Throwing ice at the bartender because he is taking too long is not okay.  Don't do that.  You won't get any drinks out of it, and you might just get your butt kicked, which is exactly what happened to you.  B) When I'm rapping to Eminem and people start cheering me on, that is not an invitation to start a duet.  Don't do that.  I am singing solo for a reason, and it is because people enjoy my rapping by itself.  
  • Hey, friend.  When I tell you my dreams are coming true and I'm moving to LA, and I might be dirt poor but I'm just excited to get out there because it something I've wanted my whole life, and every other bloody person that has talked to me for five minutes knows I've always wanted to move out there, and then you respond  in monotone with "That's cool,"  it's rude and it hurts my feelings.  Don't do that.  It makes me think you're a witch, except with a "b." 
  • Lastly, most of you know that one of my family members has been getting a lot of media scrutiny lately, so I don't feel weird mentioning this.  Although things that have been said are not true and it would assumingly bring my family down, we have remained positive and upbeat to push on.  But, if I don't know you very well and one of the first things you ask me about is the issues and consequences of those issues, it really is offensive.   DON'T DO THAT.  You don't know me and you have no right to ask me about that.  If he was a normal citizen, the issue would be the big, fat elephant in the room, but nobody would comment or ask about it - because that's rude.  Don't do it! Don't.  
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