Jun 27, 2009

Eyebrows: The Evolution

Now that I've gotten more psychotic about the eyebrow issue, I've decided to chronicle my brows over the years. I apologize to Val and Stu for having to endure me during these trying times because I really am a baby about it. Case and point? Easter weekend, I had lightened my brows. Stu tells me they're too light. Great. So I go buy dye to make them darker and it literally couldn't have gone any more wrong. I looked like Groucho Marx (shown above). Luckily that was fixed.

So here's my eyebrow evolution. We've come a long way, friends.
junior year of high school

senior year of high school

freshman year of college!!! oh my sweet baby Jesus. I cannot BELIEVE I let myself look like that!!!!!

sophomore year

junior year debauchery in the bathroom. Note: wearing body suits can result in difficult bathroom trips

senior year

right now

So yeah. I'm having issues with the brows. But one day (more like 30 days) I'll be back to normal.


kgiangreco said...

your brows look good now!!

you're very brave to be posting pictures of your brow evolution---mine is so embarrassing that I could never imagine posting it for the world (or my 10 friends who read my blog) to see! so good for you!

Tim Scammell, PTech said...

LOL Kirbie! It's eyebrows for Pete's sake! You're still pretty even if Groucho looks over and says "Damnnn girl, those are baaaaddd eyebrows!"

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