Jun 22, 2009

So here's where you come in

For the love, respond to my blog.  I can see that people are viewing it, but nobody is responding!  It gets dull not getting feedback (Mom, you respond so exclude yourself from this).  Like if I became a producer of sitcom, I'd definitely be someone who needed an in-studio audience.  I know they're cued to laugh, but go with it.  What I'm trying to say is that I need some verification that people actually metaphorically "laughing," moreso reading and thus responding.

Don't like something?  Tell me!  Do like something?  Write me!  Have a suggestion about something I should blog about?  Have any tips or advice about blogging, my website, the entertainment industry, management, producing, agents, movie studios (you get the the point)?  Let me know!  My blog is sadly a way I get to express myself out in a place where friends are minimal right now, although my friend-base has expanded and grown within the past few days!  

Gotta go to bed before I have a case of the Mondays tomorrow.


1 comment:

Mary Frances said...

hi - i love you. i have no advice, sorry friend. comment: check.

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