Jun 28, 2009

Tribute to MJ

Val threatened to post this if I didn't stop talking about my eyebrows. Clearly I haven't. However, I am not ashamed because this video depicts two central aspects of me: combining choreographed dances moves into everyday life and strict skin care regimens.


Hope everyone takes the time to have a few dance offs to MJ in the next few days.


Cinderelly25 said...

YOU might possibly be the perfect young woman! You have so much fun and enjoy your life...make fun of yourself...but secure and self assured in what you want from life! Go get em baby girl!!! :)))

Unknown said...

Skirbles! I was watching your dance video and laughed so hard! I miss you so much! I want to see some of your Britney moves! Love you! Oh and Wilson and I are requesting for you to bust your moves at the wedding. I'm thinking maybe an "Always be my baby" performance!

Tim Scammell, PTech said...

That was good! :D:D
Myself? Before I enter a room dancing I ask myself "self, when I am famous in 10 years is this video something that I want the world to see?"
You did well, I would not.
Great dancing. :)

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