Jul 31, 2009

Committed beauty finds and a few lusts

I can't get enough and I'm sure you can't either! Here are some products I am lusting over and am already head over heels in l-o-v-e with!

Concealer, $42
I've had this concealer for over a year and a half and about 3/4s of it is still left! It doesn't take much at all to help conceal the tiniest bump to the largest of blemishes. I'd recommend it for a night out or for an upcoming photo shoot! It's definitely worth the price because it lasts so long.
AIRbrush makeup system, $225
So obviously this is a LUST for me! I was online shopping (just looking...) tonight when I saw this product. I love how an airbrush tan looks, so I can only imagine how flawless airbrush foundation must be! I'm not a huge foundation fan but apparently the Temptu product is fine and not very heavy at all, which is what gives it's appeal. I imagine this would be ideal for a night when a ton of pictures are to be taken. It even comes with a "How to Airbrush" DVD for those of us who don't know where the heck to start.

Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask, $52
I'm in love with Bliss, so it's no surprise that I purchased this product. You use it once or twice a week to rejuvenate your skin! Ever heard of an oxygen facial? Well consider this the at-home version! It really does brighten up your complexion. I always did it in the shower to get the steam to open my pores and then applied the mask. It turns from a gel to a foam and feels fabulous! You only need to leave it on about a minute and a half to see results (any longer and it's worthless). I ran out so I'll be getting some soon - this product lasted me awhile because you don't need a lot of it for an application.

Lid+Lash Wash Makeup Remover, $14
See? I told you I loved Bliss. I have my wonderful synthetic lashes now (still going strong - they have saved me so much time and look flawless), so I have to be careful when I apply eyeliner... anything I use to remove it has to be water based and oil free. Voila! I bought this remover in April before my lashes because I loved to wear L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof mascara and it was great for easy and painless removal.

T-Zone Travel, $32
When I had my photo shoot, I wanted to look flawless! I read up on the do's and don'ts of shoots and it said that I needed a good powder on hand. So I ran over to Sephora and found this little baby - it's compact so I could easily fit it in a clutch and it not only comes with a white powder (it looks invisible) but also little blotting sheets! Two great products in one?! Perf! It also comes with a handy mirror.

Instant Mineral SPF 30, $30
In my opinion, you can never have enough SPF. Besides applying it before my moisturizer, using a moisturizer with SPF already in it and using make-up to protect my skin, I love this little brush! It keeps a powder SPF within it and with a simple twist it is released into the brush and ready to apply. Use it outdoors during a day at the ballpark or even at the pool to keep skin protected.

Star Powder, Bronze Brown, $19
The best thing about pots of loose eye powder is that they last for-ev-er! Or maybe it's just the Make Up For Ever brand - regardless, I've had my bronze brown pot for about two years now and it's still going strong. I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon! Browns look good because my eyes are a darker green, so I love to make them pop at night with this shimmer.

Instant Light Complexion Perfector in Rose Shimmer, $30
A few years ago I was reading some gossip mags and saw that a lot of the celebrities have really dewy, glowing skin on the red carpet. I wanted to emmulate that look, so I did some research and saw the new "rage" at the time was to use a product that creates an artificial lighting technique. I, of course, go to Sephora and asked a beauty expert what product would work for me and she suggested Clarin's Complexion Perfector. I'm so glad she did because this stuff does wonders! It's great during the day because it lights up your face (even during the worst of hangovers) and it has endured many years in my makeup box.

Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Gold, $22
A common theme with the products in this post is that they last a LONG time. This eye creme is no different. It goes on evenly, doesn't crease and the color is light enough to work during the day or night. I apply it with my pinky finger and it looks natural - a little darkening of the eyelids can give a sultry look. Just don't overdo it or you'll end up looking like a crackhead.

Kohl Expert Eyeliner, $8
There is no need to spend $20 on eyeliner because Sephora's line is just as great and has a lower price tag. I use their Kohl eyeliner for a night out; sometimes I'll switch it up to their liquid liner in black. During the day I use a light brown and it lasts hours without smudging! If you do want to spend a little extra, I'd recommend Make Up For Ever's eyeliner - if you can get past shilling out the dough for a pencil, you'll love the results.

Tarte Cheek Stain in Blissful, $30
Want a fresh flush but not a ton of heavy powder? Go for this cheek stain. It's especially great for a no-nonsense summer look, but looks great in the winter as well. Somedays I'll wear bronzer, a powder, and I don't like to go overboard with powders on my face to avoid looking cakey or too made up. This is a great alternative and won't melt off your face like most liquid blushes.

Soy Face Cleanser, $38
Fresh is a decadent line of light and fluffy washes to delightful and rich scrubs. When I get a few extra bucks, I love to buy this wash because it smells delicious and it keeps my face feeling soft and moisturized - never dried out. Since I do a lot of my exfoliating products at night, I like to use this in the morning to wake up my skin. They also make a cute travel size version for $9.

Sephora is wonderful and has a gift registry! So if you have a birthday coming up, or just want a "surprise me!" gift, go here to sign yourself up and start selecting your products! Then send your list to whoever you want so they can keep tabs on what you're lusting over. Also, if you ever want to try out a product before you buy, go in and ask for some help - the beauty consultants will make you a sample size of anything you want (anything - including eyeliner)!


Jul 30, 2009

Tanners Beware

The only "safe" tan is an airbrush tan. End of story. With everyone going apeshit about the newest skin health care - tanning beds apparently increase your melanoma risk (duh) - I feel inclined to let everyone in on the best self tanners and airbrush studios. Let me add that you should feel lucky to read this post as I am restraining myself from gagging as we speak - my pain relievers are pretty heavy duty and I can barely eat (bad mix). Update: I just did. No more chocolate ice cream for me... ever.

Please refer to my post regarding airbrush tanning prep from June. It's either on here or @ mychiclife.com, but it has a lot of useful tips from moi after my many years of perfecting the sunless method.

Don't want to get nude in front of a local stranger? Self tanning is your best bet. However, I'd recommend doing this with a friend (odd?) or investing in a back sponge to ensure even application.

Like airbrush tanning, shave or wax a day before. This will make sure the bronzer stays on the skin. As a rule of thumb, do NOT go more than one shade darker than you usually get in the sun. You will turn out orange. You can also turn orange as a result of a bad solution and I recommend the following:

- Jergens Natural Glow Express
Helps to moisturize AND gradually add color, so you don't freak people out by starting out as a Pale Polly and then to a Tan Tammy. It's also great to use this after an airbrush application because everyone knows the key to a long lasting airbrush sesh is moisturization.

- Sublime Bronze by L'Oreal
This gives you instant color and looks natural, not abnormal. You can purchase it also as a "gradual" formula, which is essentially a lotion with tanner in it and not strictly a tanning agent.

- SevenNyne
Lindsay Lohan brings us SevenNyne, a great concoction of antioxidants, hydrators and self tanner. She might not have the best rep, but remember this: she does have access to all of the best make-up artists and beauty consultants any woman could want. Not to mention Linds falls into the "freckled, Irish" skin complexion, noted as a Level 1, meaning she can't tan in the sun and burns easily... which makes her the perfect client for airbrush tanning. And hey, if Linds can't sell ya on it, Sephora is selling her products, which isn't to be taken lightly.

- Clinique Self Sun Tinted Face Lotion + Self Sun Body Airbrush Spray
Clinique is a great line no matter what you purchase from them. The lotion is specifically formulated for the face, so you're not to worry about looking too dark or oddly complected. The airbrush spray is great because you get the "luxury" experience in your own home. The airbrush doesn't run and develops in about an hour, with full results after a day.

I will also say that Kate Somerville has a great line of products, but they're more on the expensive side.

I'm going to suggest some airbrush locations in Cali and DFW because those are places I am most familiar with:

- Sunless Studio, The Beverly Hills Tan
Sunless Studio is where I currently work and I don't pride myself on working there for nothing. The tan really is magic. It goes on evenly and you look shades darker instantly - except not with the faux "orange" glow that comes from a Mystic Booth. It really is remarkable. The story is this: the owner of the company wanted to find the best airbrush tan possible, so she researched for about a year and a half to test out everything - what airbrushes work best, how different solutions look, what the client enjoys and dislikes. The rest is history! We can honestly say that nobody else in California has our solution because it's unique to our studio. Come try it out! At $45, this is an unbeatable value.

- Perfect Glow, Fort Worth Texas
I managed Perfect Glow for several months before I moved to Cali. We were one of the only places in Fort Worth to offer airbrush tanning. I will say that although PG is not as up-to-date as the salons in California, the employees do an excellent job of ensuring the customer leaves happy and is well-informed prior to their first visit. By up-to-date, I mean that the brush they use is typical of Texas airbrush standards. At Sunless Studio, we use a small airbrush for the face, feet and hands so that they are not overly saturated and then a larger airbrush - not a gun - to do the body. At Perfect Glow, the gun they used is not an actual airbrush (which is rarely used at salons, btw) but the employees are trained on how to effectively use it on all different parts of the body so that each customer feels comfortable and beautiful when leaving the salon.

- Nordstrom Spa @ NorthPark, Dallas, Texas
I haven't been here personally, but everyone that came to Perfect Glow was a resident of Fort Worth that would travel to Dallas specifically to get airbrushed at NorthPark's Nordstrom Spa. They were lucky to find us and most said our tans were identical. They use a solution called Brazil Bronze (http://www.brazilbronze.com) and it has been recommended by magazines such as Allure and Vogue.

Hope this helps ladies (and gents).


"What happened?"

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! I've been on vacation the past week with my wonderful boyfriend. I have to give him some credit right now because the man has been supporting the both of us this entire week - he bought my ticket out here and he refuses to let me pay for anything, but luckily I let him let me buy dinner one night and some frequent fro-yo runs. I don't know a lot of other 24-year-olds willing to do that. I'm just that lucky :) I am totally in love with the watch he bought me... I mean I have never received a gift like this from a boyfriend before.

Anyway, "what happened" is not necessarily something a patient wants to hear during her wisdom tooth removal. I say "tooth" because all three were supposed to be removed this time (I had one out four years ago), but you'll see what happened to that idea later.

Yesterday I had to leave lovely Dallas and return to my hometown of Georgetown to get my wisdom teeth removed. It's always bittersweet leaving Dallas because I have really grown to love it over the past year. Everyone always asks me "Don't you think Austin trumps Dallas?" Sure, there are wonderful aspects of Austin that can't be denied, but growing up just a few minutes away from our capital makes it less appealing over the years. Regardless, it is essentially home and I love it.

Also, I need to mention I am hopped up on some high duty pain meds right now, so I apologize if some of this is jumbled together or makes no sense.

My cousin Ashley loves me because she woke up at 7:00 to drive to big D, picked me up and turned right around to drive me to Round Rock. I was told to only eat half of whatever I usually eat for lunch. That idea was thrown right out the window because I had breakfast at 7:00 with Stu before he left for work so I was pretty hungry (grapefruits don't make the best snacks), so I ate my entire Schlotzky's sandwich. Anyway, it pays to be a rule breaker because once I got to the dentist they took a look at my teeth and let me know it was going to have to be surgery and not a routine wisdom removal procedure. I mean, I'm not easily scared and I have a very high pain tolerance, but throw the word surgery at me and I get a little antsy. They asked me if I had a big lunch. "...Yes?" "Great. Give her four antibiotics." Okay, this was getting serious - the pills were the size of dimes practically - so I took them and turned the TV onto SoapNet. Luckily The OC was on.

The thing about the Dentist is they never fully "prepare" you. They're not like, "Can I take your things?" such as my purse, sunglasses, phone, etc. They just let it chill, so you're constantly waiting on them to finally "start" by taking those things. Yet it never happens. I remember being laid down in the chair and they placed a mask over my face. I started to inhale and it smelled like strawberry bubble gum. Then my whole body went numb. I had one wisdom tooth removed four years ago and when this part of the procedure happened I got terrified I was going to die so I refused to let my eyes shut.

So I'm laying in the chair and inhaling the wonderful nitrous oxide when sounds start to repeat and it sounds like a DJ is scratching a record. I fall asleep right as my dentist comes in the room and I remember thinking, "Oh crap, they're starting and I'm not asleep!" but then went on a really trippy dream sequence. At the end, I was dreaming that they were talking about me waking up - and then I DID!!!!

"What happened?" Dr. Roland asked me.
He looks at his assistants. "What happened?!"
"I dreamed I woke up." I sounded like a kid with a lisp because my tongue was expanding.

The Dr. leaves and they keep asking me if my lip feels fat. Nope. "Really?!" Um, no... it doesn't. That response wasn't the best one to receive, especially since they're telling me beforehand that they have to cut open the gum and break the bone and all this other crap. So they let me sit and tell me to keep inhaling the gas. It must have been turned up because I started to grin thinking about the mask on my face. To me, it looks like a red, round ball, so I envisioned looking at myself from above and seeing something similar to Bozo the Clown.

Anyway, they start working on me again except I can feel everything that is going on. So I'm groaning and making "ow" noises which normally I'd just shut up and take, but this time it was like they were ripping my tooth out of it's socket. Oh wait, THEY WERE. So I start to cry like any normal person high on drugs would. They stop and are like alright, we're going to give you this little blue pill. It will knock you out in about 15 minutes. Sounds great, sign me up. So I take it and swallow it down with water, choke for about a minute, and lay back down. They put the gas back on me. Fifteen minutes pass (I'm keeping track via The OC episode playing on SoapNet) and I'm still wide awake. The Dr. returns and they get back to work.

OW. Crap. This hurt. Like BAD. The assistant is holding my hand and telling me to relax except try to relax when someone is drilling away at your mouth. I cry again. The Doctor stops. "I can't do this, she'll need to see an oral surgeon." Apparently every anesthetic they gave me wasn't working at all. They called my Dad and he convinced me to relax and let them remove this one and we'd worry about the other two later on. It makes sense, I mean.... the thing was almost out of my mouth, so leaving it in would have been ridiculous. Then I started crying because I felt like I was being a difficult patient and for making my parents worry and for making my cousin wait on me. Everything is so much more dramatic when you're on drugs.

They had me inhale some more nitrous oxide and within five seconds he had ripped the thing out. It hurt but I wasn't inclined to make noise or cry that time so I suppose it was a good situation.

So I have half of a swollen face, a blood-drool filled towel on my pillow and no pants on (the last part shouldn't be a shock). I just barfed up chocolate ice cream and I'm about to eat a mashed yam. And we're trying to figure out if I should even bother getting my top two teeth out or if I can stand to keep them. God knows I'll be going under if I have to get them removed.

Oh, BTW, here's my tooth.

Jul 27, 2009

Texas > Cali

I have been loving Cali, but I guess growing up in the great state of Texas has me partial to the Lone Star State. Don't get me wrong, I'm not moving back any time soon (I have my eye on the prize... sorry Stu!), but Texas has the charm and charisma that is lacking from Cali... among other things. Here's my list:

Texas v. Cali
Free parking v. taking out my life's savings to pay for parking every month
Clean air v. smog
Nice townhomes for $1800 total v. $625 for half a of a room
Night out tab = $30 including dinner v. $32 for four drinks, not including tip
Gym membership $29.99/month, with amenities like pool, basketball court & abundant cardio machines v. $64/month for small, overcrowded gym with the heater turned on and not enough machines (I need a new gym, BTW!!!!)
Parking lots v. vicious parking garages
$5 valet & tip v. $10 valet + tip
Easy access to clubs and bars v. long lines and VIP guests only (haven't run into this problem yet)
Only celebrities include Mark Cuban, Lance Armstrong & the Dallas Cowboys v. partying with Sean Penn and Lindsay Lohan at Bar Marmont
Flat land v. Beautiful mountains and hills to hike
103 degree weather v. Warm days and cool nights
Brown lakes v. Blue oceans
Cacti v. Palm trees
History includes the Alamo and the Capitol (yahoo) v. Hollywood Forever Cemetery movie screenings, Mann's Chinese Theater, Rodeo Drive, Walk of Fame and so on

Cali has it's fair share of fun; easy access to movie studios and the history of filmmaking (a dream come true for someone like me), a beach always a few minutes away and the best shopping anyone could ask for. If Texas and Cali were one state, it'd probably be the best in the nation (minus Cali's financial issues)!!!!!

Music Monday

Songs I have on repeat:

- Knocks You Down, Keri Hilson/Kanye West/Ne-Yo
You know what I'd love to see? How awesome would it be if these three got nominated for a Grammy and performed this on the telecast? Better yet, what if the performances on the show weren't the actual people who sang the songs, but their potential proteges? I could totally see Jesse McCartney as Ne-Yo (think about it before you start hating), Drake stepping in as Kanye and I'm not sure about who would be Keri Hilson - she's actually pretty young and a newcomer herself, so maybe she'd sing it herself. I doubt she's nominated for a Grammy this year. That would be really cool to see and I'm sure flattering to the performers being imitated.

- Eh Eh (There's nothing else I can say), Lady Gaga
Oh Gaga. I'm convinced she could make a song discuss how she eats poop and rolls around in her own feces and people would be in the club dancing around to "doody doody pooh pooh." I'm serious. She can turn odd phrases into something cool. For instance, "Got my a$$ squeezed by sexy cupid" from LoveGame... I mean, who says that? Nobody. Anyway, Eh Eh is awesome and has a nice beat. The video is fun and she's not wearing any pants as usual...

- Good Girls Go Bad, Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester
When I saw the title of this on iTunes, I immediately dismissed it. I don't want any part of girls going bad, wild, etc. When I saw Leighton Meester's name, I laughed out loud. But then I heard the song on the radio and it was really catchy. I tuned in right during Leighton's part and I thought, "I really like this girl's voice... it's sassy." Turns out it's Miss Leighton and she does an awesome job! I'm impressed. However, there is a part of the song that doesn't flow well, specifically during when the guys and girls are both chanting. It gets jumbled and makes it sound like they aren't in sync with the music.

- Track #7, Valentina MitZkat (sorry Val, I can't figure out the title)
My roommate Val has a demo tape and it's really all around awesome. I have so much to share with her when she gets back from NYC because although it's only a demo, it takes you on a musical adventure with highs and lows. The songs are placed perfectly, which got me thinking about how she's perform them in concert and what all we could produce from it. I loooooove song #7, which is what I will call it because the demo I have doesn't have track titles and I can't find a resonating word to name it. Plus I don't want to offend if I name it wrongly :) I wish there was an online link to it, but it's not on her myspace. I will happily mail you a CD for $7.00 if you're interested. We have a paypal account and all of the money will go straight to Val so she can keep producing more wonderful tunes and we can get her legit website up and running!!!

Jul 24, 2009

The Ish List

I'm creating an "ish" list, and trust me. You don't want to be on it. These places, things or people have landed themselves on here because, well, they're not the ish.

- ABC Family
Dear ABC Family: I think you need to reconsider who you have writing and creating your new shows. Sure, you may have a hit with "Real Life of the American Teenager" or whatever it's called, but making a tv series out of the beloved "10 Things I Hate About You?" Wrong. SO wrong. It's so wrong that it's actually offensive. You can't remake such extraordinary creations of teeny bop deliciousness!!!! I know you think you're appealing to a younger crowd by introducing them (in segments) to 90s movies, but I am putting my foot down. This is a terrible idea. As is "Legally Blondes."

I swear, I go here at least twice a month and they can't ever seem to find me in their system. Hello? Something is wrong with this. I've signed up four bloody times! But now that I think about it, what benefits do you get by being an Ulta club member? Free catalogs? Lame.

I love you, but it feels like a sauna outside. One thing I don't miss.

Hey, thanks for all of the unnecessary charges on my phone bill. I shouldn't be required to pay a $105 phone bill after shilling out $135 for a new iPhone. I understand and upgrade to my plan but I have unlimited everything. Additional charges should not be existent, especially since I've been a loyal customer for seven years!!!!!

That's my ish list for today. People not on my ish list include:

MY BOYFRIEND!!! He bought me a super fabulous watch for our anniversary (I feel bad because I made him something. But he told me he bought me something because he can't make anything). Anyway, it's just what I like because I'm not into gaudy pieces of jewelry and this is perfect to wear everyday - going out, at work, with a nice dress, to a party, etc. A classic! Plus it has BLING in it and just like any other girl I love diamonds :) mostly I Love my babis -- Happy Anniversary!

The Thetas (+Blaine and Haley)
We're all going out to dinner tonight and I cannot wait to see everyone! It should be a good time as I haven't seen these girls since graduation.

Have a great weekend! Off to the lake we go tomorrow.

Jul 22, 2009

Writers block cured

Remember that post about my phobia for anything involving Alice in Wonderland? Just another reason why I'm scared sh*tless:


Yes, this is the new Alice in Wonderland trailer. As you can tell, I'm thrilled. I was trying to not watch it but I'm so intrigued by Johnny Depp that I had to see what was in store for us next March. Yes, I'm going to go see it. Why? Well, I feel like you need to do something that absolutely terrifies you every once and awhile (like my explosive love-hate relationship with haunted houses), so why the heck not?

Anyway, have you watched it yet? First of all, the commentary says,

"It's a place unlike any other in the world... some say to survive it, you must be as mad as a hatter."

SURVIVE?! That is issue number one with this friggen book/movie/drug trip. Young children should not be forced to survive. #2? Did you SEE the cheshire cat? Seriously. I think that is why I was so terrified of cats as a child (besides their claws).

However, I think it looks very interesting and cool. I mean, there are only so many interpretations of this movie that can actually be stimulating and it appears as if Tim Burton has found an interesting way to look through the looking glass. It's also going to be in IMAX 3D and since I haven't ever actually seen a movie at an IMAX before I figure I'll go ahead and bring my worst nightmares closer to reality.

Jul 21, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane

I'm having some severe writers block, and I think you all can thank my boyfriend for that because he's flying my home TOMORROW!!!! I'm so excited I can't stand it.

Today I got lashes at Lux Lash in Beverly Hills. The service was complementary and I am AMAZED!!! My lashes look as long as they usually do with my mascara on, except I don't have to wear any now!!! Overall the service was an hour and it would usually come with a touch-up in seven days, but since I'll be gone for three weeks I'm getting my fill when I get back. They last around two months with proper care. My lovely lady lumps in Dallas, you'll get an up-close and personal preview on Friday.

So here's my flight status: LAX to Vegas, Vegas to DFW. I have a good amount of time at the Vegas airport so maybe I'll throw a few back. Stu would just love it if I walked off the plane drunk, I'm sure. Thanks to the lovely Michelle for driving me to the airport in advance!

What should I write about? I have a few things in mind...


Jul 20, 2009

#music monday

Here are my most recent downloads. I literally just took the past five songs I've purchased and slapped them into the post:

Sweet Dreams, Beyonce
A perfect beat for working out and great for a club mix too. Makes me want to get my diva dance on! Her voice is spot-on. The video for this at the concert was nuts... not the same as the released video, but pretty cool - robot Beyonce takes on a leopard. Use your imagination.

21 Guns, Green Day
I can't seem to shake the chorus once I listen to it once or twice.

You Are the Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne
Such a cutesy little song. Reminds me of a slower, happier pace of life. Great for Sundays when you're driving around the the windows rolled down.

Nasty, Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty
I used to love this song as a small child. There was this Disney type video that combined a bunch of popular songs and this song was one of them. I had to download it because my boss Kristen and I and like to talk about my mom. When Kristen asked me her name, I go, "Janet, Miss Johnson if you're NASTY!" Of course we got a good laugh and vowed, one day, to a print a bunch of shirts that say "We heart Janet" and on the back ... you know the rest.

Human Nature, Michael Jackson
John Mayer inspired me to download this one. It's such a great song that I forgot about! J.May did a wonderful acoustic version of this at MJ's memorial.

Jul 19, 2009

Kiss and Make-up

I did the skincare essentials, now time for beauty!!!!

Vaseline, $1
I know it sounds way too easy, but Vaseline is a miracle worker. Use a dab to relieve yourself of fussy baby hairs, swipe some under your eyes and use it as a lip balm when you what kissably-soft lips. You can find it at your local drugstore.

Laura Mercier SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer, $42
My old roommate Liz helped again with this one! I saw how wonderful it made her skin look so I decided to give it a whirl and man, am I glad I did! It gives your skin a flawless appearance that brightens you up, adds a dash of color and protects with the SPF. You only need a tiny bit to get the job done. However, I must add that if you have fine lines and wrinkles that you should prep your skin with a primer, like one from Smashbox. This moisturizer does seep into creases which can create the allusion that you're older than you are. You can purchase this online or at Sephora.

NARS Orgasm/Laguna blush & bronzer duo, $45
I know I mentioned in a previous post to avoid powder bronzers, but I can't help myself with this one. The colors really pop and it's like I've just laid out at the pool every time I swipe on some. I think that duo doesn't come with Laguna anymore, it's now South Beach. You can purchase this online or at Sephora.

Loreal Voluminous Mascara (waterproof) $7.49
Best mascara, hands-down. I love the waterproof version because it's long lasting and doesn't flake as much. My lashes look fake when I put this on and I always get compliments! However, if you don't normally have thick and abundant lashes, consider using this product along with another mascara - the waterproof version tends to separate lashes very finely. (Local drug stores)

Bobby Brown Long-wear gel eyeliner $21
Liz to the rescue again. I have a hard time with eyeliner because of the eye surgeries I have had. But this little pot o' gold makes my eyeliner sorrows non-existent. You apply it with a fine, angled eyeliner brush and voila! Beautiful eyes in no time. (online, Nordstrom)

Philosophy Big Lips, $22
I love love LOVE Philosophy, from their delightful body washes, decadent moisturizers and face washes (try Purity or Hope in a Jar). I knew I had to try their lip plumper! I ended up buying both colors because this stuff doesn't hurt like other plumpers. Seriously, looking good shouldn't BURN, unless you're burning cash on a perfect pair of jeans. It gives me a perfectly kissable pout and looks natural which I'm all for. (Sephora)

L'Oreal True Match Concealer, $8.95
I don't like feeling like I'm wearing a TON of makeup! Just make it quick and simple. That's why I love this concealer. It does a great job at coverage, is light, and it blends perfectly with your skin tone so you don't have to apply it everywhere to look even - just on the spots you need it! I'd recommend it for any blemish or if you plan on taking a lot of photos dab a tiny bit underneath your eyes to brighten up any circles you may have.
Ardell Duralash Individual Eyelashes, $3.49
I was never a fan of fake lashes because I personally didn't think they'd do me any benefit. Then last year I went a little haywire with the eyelash curler and plucked out a few hundred of my eyelashes, which obviously called for an intervention. You can pick these babies up at any local drugstore and even Ulta! They're great because you only need a few to sprucen up what God already gave you (and in my case, hath taken away). They help me on my road to recovery and although my lashes are back in full force, I still use them when I'm going out for a big event to bring the "wow!" factor. My advice? Buy the short length - not medium... they're too long.

MAKE UP FOR EVER eyelashes, $15
If you prefer full strip lashes, you can do no wrong with these little guys! They're just as good as Shu Umera's lashes (trust me, I tried them) but without the high price tag. $50 for lashes you'll use once? No. They also have the widest selection to choose from.

DIY: Apply false lashes

Many of you may want to try the fakies but are worried about not knowing how to do it. I am here to help. First of all, you'll need the three essential things:

a) Eyelashes (choose from above)

b) tweezers and/or a eyelash holder
You can buy the holder at Sephora, Ulta, whatever. They easy hang on to your lash strip to ensure an easy application. However, these are only ideal for the strips. If you're using individual lashes, you need tweezers.

c) A great lash glue

Most lashes will come with a lash glue. However, some don't, and some glues suck. Do yourself a huge favor and purchase Shu Umera's lash glue at Sephora ($8.5o).

Step One: Wash your face, do your make-up all the way until your eyes. At that point, decide what you're using - strips or individuals.

Step Two: Do not apply the mascara yet. Go ahead and grab whatever lashes you're using, either with a tweezer or lash applier, and apply the glue to the end.

Step Three: Go for it! Don't hold back. Just apply the friggen eyelash(es). Practice makes perfect, so don't try this for the first time right before an event. If using a strip, help adjust the height and location of your lashes with your tweezers. With individuals, apply them to places where your lashes typically "break" or leave holes. You can use up to seven on each eye or a little and three to four.

Step Four: Let sit. It doesn't take long. Just long enough so that they feel sturdy. They grab your mascara and starting at the base of your lashes work your way up, making sure to coat your own lashes and the false ones.

Business in the front, party in the back

I'm always looking for ways to update my resume and enhance my business cards. I stumbled upon this site while trying to look for different ways to market and present myself. They're really, really cool! Check 'em out.


Just Sayin'...

You know what's rude? When I tell you my name and then you compare me to a pink, fluffy marshmallow Nintendo character. That is offensive. Not to mention lame, because I've heard it A MILLION BLOODY TIMES. Also, it's a terrible way to start small talk. You know. By pissing me off.

Furthermore, acting like it's weird that my name is Kirbie isn't going to win you any bonus points. "Oh, I am surprised your name is Kirbie," does not make me find you or your comments interesting. You don't know me, so how could you be surprised in the first place? Are you surprised my name isn't Jessica like every other girl born in 1986? (BTW: I have ground to lay on for this one - look it up)

I know this is something I will need to get over. I've already gotten past telling people my name in bars. They always think I'm saying "Herby" or "Kirsten" so I just let them think whatever they want. I also bypassed being concerned about how Starbucks spells my name on their cup. I know it will inevitably come out "Kerby."

Jul 17, 2009

Oh oh, it's magic

I am obsessed with all things skincare and beauty associated, so I have decided to share some items that I absolutely loves in hopes I can spread the wealth. Now, a lot of these products are exfoliating, but exfoliating your skin every day is not necessary or helpful, so I'd advise using (some of ) these products separately and sparingly throughout the week!

Clarisonic Skincare Brush, $195
I was gifted by the Grace of God with this brush. My Aunt Brenda thought I might like it and apparently she is a mind reader because I had been dying to have one! She was like "Oh yeah, Oprah recommended it so I thought you'd want one too!" Um duh!!!! So thank you for that, Aunt Bienda. :) This brush is the gift that keeps on giving - it makes your skin feel and look absolutely radiant. The cool thing is that it beeps to let you know when you should move on to the next portion of your face. You start with the forehead, then nose and chin, then both cheeks. In about two minutes you look fantastic!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick $3
This stick is more powerful than Harry Potter's wand (not like I've actually read any of the books). It's great if you have a blemish, relieves dry skin and helps with chapped lips!!! I can't be the one in charge of finding this - my old roommate Liz bought these consistently because she would inevitably lose one under the coach and go buy new ones.

Bliss Labs Fabulous Foaming Face Wash $9 (big bottle - $22)
This line is carried in Sephora and Ulta, so there is no excuse not to buy this! I get the travel size because I love to take it around with me and plus tiny things amuse me. Anyway, you only need a teeny, tiny bit to get the job done. I use it in the morning to refresh and invigorate my morning wash. It doesn't dry your skin out either!

Dermalogica SPF 30 Solar Defense Booster $33
I have learned over my years of beauty indulgence that the NUMBER ONE thing you can purchase for yourself is SPF 30 in any shape or form. The spa I used to work at got a million sample sizes of the SPF and for some reason nobody used them which resulted in a bonus for me! My dermatologist told me that SPF 30 is the highest SPF you can get with actual results and that anything higher is not that useful; instead of worrying about the number, worry about how much you're apply and how often. I use this booster in my moisturizer every morning.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel treatment $45
I'm a sucker for a good mask and this one is great if you want a good exfoliation. Use it once a week all over your face for 15 minutes. It increases sun sensitivity, so use your SPF in full force after you've applied it. The mask is long lasting (I've had my tiny jar for over a year) and comes in full strength or for sensitive skin. It has a chemical smell so beware.

Clear and Clear Soft In Shower Daily Facial & Nightly Moisturizer $6.99 & $8.49
If you want soft skin, I highly recommend this product. It's great and only takes a minute! Plus it's cheaper than running to a spa to get an hour long facial. The moisturizer feels amazing and instantly provides a soft feel before bed.

Proactiv Solution $39.99 (kit)
I should be a spokesperson for Proactiv because I've been using this stuff since I was in 9th grade. I will try to venture out and use different products but I always come back. However, I don't use it all together. Some nights I'll wash my face with the cleanser and then use a different toner and moisturizer, etc. I will say that it does dry out your face if used too much, so make sure to use it once a day if you have sensitive skin or break up the products like I do. Most kits come with a mask that you can use weekly or as an overnight drying cream for blemishes.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $17
If I were made of money, I'd buy every product in this line because I love them all! One day I went to Nordy's to buy some skin essentials and the saleswoman and I really hit it off. I was buying the infamous drying lotion when she suggested I try a bunch of other products - thus showering me with a ton of samples! It made me a lifelong customer. The drying lotion is ah-maz-ing! Have a blemish? Grab a q-tip, dip it in the bottle and make sure you get the pink sediment onto it. Dab on the blemish and let dry. Voila! It prevents spreading and shrinks the problem overnight. Also, use it to soothe mosquito bites and ingrown hairs!

Go out, try a few and let me know if they work as well for you as they have for me! What are your favorite beauty products?

senseless joke of the day

I read this and couldn't stop laughing:

Two muffins walk into an oven.
One muffin looks at the other and says, "Hey, does it seem to be getting hot in here to you?"
The other one looks at him and goes, "Holy shit! I'm a talking muffin!"

Jul 16, 2009

Ties that Bind, Episode 1: Barfing wasn't a part of the deal

I am going to start reminiscing about funny stories from my past, whether it be about family or friends. Today's episode? Kirbie's fourth grade adventure in Canada.

I wouldn't normally consider a trip to Canada a vacation, but the entire family was going to support my uncle while he was playing for the Blue Jays. It was around Easter and I distinctly remember every woman in my family complaining about the lack of vegetables in the country... or lack thereof in the restaurants, rather. We stayed in the Skydome which is also a sports facility and during our stay we got to watch a few Raptors games from the comfort of our hotel room. I was like 10 at that point so basketball was not on my agenda in the slightest. However The Limited Too and shopping 'til you drop is athleticism I can support.

I also need to preface these next few paragraphs with this: there was a TERRIBLE bug going around the hotel. Like, miserable. People were barfing left and right (and then some) and it overall was just a terrible virus hitting people like a ton of bricks. I think almost everyone in my family got it except me and my Dad.

One night the women of my family decide to do something together and alone without the children. I have no idea where my Dad or other uncles were (maybe with the wives?) but Uncle Rog gets deemed in charge of all of the kids. So, let's count it out: there's my older cousin Michael who was a teen, Ashley (11), Me & Koby (10), Chase & Kory (9), my brother Nick (4), Kacy (2) and I don't think Kody was with us because he was a teeny tiny babis at that point. I remember getting ready for a fun night because nights with Uncle Rog = fun to had. A lot of it. I got a knock on my door and he was telling me to get ready and then to meet up at his room because we were all going to a movie. Yes!

The thing about this story that cracks me up is that if any of you know my mom then you know she is neurotic about knowing where I am and making sure I'm safe. But Uncle Rog let us do our thing, almost like adults, except supervised and controlled (if that makes any sense). Like walking up to his room alone as a fourth grader would result in my mom having an aneurism because Lord knows her first thought would be that I could be abducted.

So Ash and I make our way up to his hotel room to find him and my other cousins getting ready. "Alright, let's roll!" he says in his usual upbeat tone. I was looking totally phat in my bell bottom jeans and new sweater.

We arrive downstairs and needed to take a cab (for what reason I have no idea. I'm pretty sure we had vans carting us around that whole trip), but there was not enough room for all of us in one and they wanted us to split into two. Hells no would be the answer to that suggestion - like 90% of us were under the age of 12!!! The only resolution was to pile in the cab.

Breakdown as follows:
- Mike and Chase in the front
- Uncle Rog in back with Ashley and Kacy on his lap
- Kory next to him
- Koby next to him
- Nick... where were you? Up front? I think that might be right
- Me, well, I thought I was next to the door but now that I think of it my cousin Ash might have been next to me and Nick and Kacy were sitting on Rog.

By the way, Kacy has been saying he doesn't feel well but still wants to go to the movie. We get to driving and I'm just minding my fourth grade business when I look over at Kacy and literally watch him projectile vomit. And one would think perhaps it would go all over the person next to him, however this was the most violent projectile vomit in human history and it happened to bypass Koby just enough to land all over the thighs of my new bell bottoms. Kobes has a little bit on him but wouldn't it be his luck that he had on a windsuit so the vom just sat on top and didn't soak in. I on the other had was a complete and utter mess. I believe some laughter ensued at this point and I remember just helplessly looking at Kacy and feeling bad for him and then getting entirely grossed out. I don't remember saying anything, probably because I was trying not to projectile vomit myself.

The best part is that we went to see LIAR, LIAR of all things and we were running late so I had about two seconds to run into the bathroom with Ashley to wipe myself off. Uncle Rog was trying to take care of the little boys (Kacy felt better after vomming) so it was up to me and Ash to do damage control. At this point I smelled like a rotten egg so there wasn't much we could do. I remember giggling with Ashley and then running down the theater hall like a had a stick up my butt because I was trying not to rub the vomit-soaked jeans against my skin anymore then they already were.

All in all? We watched a funny movie and although people might have looked at me like I smelled like a trash can (I did) we had a good time. Probably one of the most endearing memories I have of my family.

ESPYs, schmESPYs

Last night the ESPYs were being taped in Los Angeles and my two friends Nick and Charlie flew in for the big event. I knew if they were in town that we couldn't not meet up! So I started my heavy duty planning, which involved calling several promoters to see about the parties going on. Turns out everything is for these people who are "VIPS" or something special like that so we had to figure something else out.

So Nick calls Jonathan, a friend of his from college and also a fellow TCU alum, who happens to know Jessica Biel's ex-assistant. She, having planned outings for JB, knows a ton of doormen. Jonathan directs us as follows: "Walk up to the doorman, tell him you come on Thursdays with Danny. Act like you own the place." Well first of all when we walked in we walked in the wrong direction, strike one. We get up to the bouncer and stare at him. "Hi, are you guys staying at the hotel tonight?" "No." A huge crowd passes through so we get disconnected from the convo, which was really awkward. The guy kind of looks us up and down and I guess he thought we were important enough because Nick and Charlie were in nice suits and I in a cute dress. "You're not on the guest list?" "Nope." Okay. He stamps all of our hands... and in we go.

Okay. That was pretty flawless. Let's see what's going on around here...

So the first person we run into is Ryan Sheckler, the skateboarder (who also is pretty easy on the eyes, ladies). I figure he is too young to be here and upon further research my suspicions are confirmed because he's not even 20. Nick, Charlie and I are all kind of chatting and waiting around when Jonathan shows up. He is really funny and has an interesting life (last minute trips to Cairo to climb the pyramids? What!?).

We're all standing around just talking and laughing when I kid-you-not that about 45 people walk in and a very tall black man walks in. He is wearing shades but based on his height I knew he had to be a basketball player. Upon further inspection we all look at each other and go, "So that was Carmelo Anthony, right?" Yes sir it was. He's a giant, first of all, and second, you couldn't NOT notice him - the man was wearing a bright baby blue suit with a pink tie. So yeah, Melo was there and I kept thinking of all of my guy friends who would have loved to have been within three inches of him like I was. :)

We left that locale and then headed to The Bev for a hotel party. We got there and it was on the rooftop which provided a beautiful view. Charlie let me borrow his suit coat so I looked like a linebacker most of the night. We headed to the bar to order some drinks - which, I have to add, I did NOT drink last night... I know, stop the presses - and while we were talking Sean Penn was leaving to get in the elevator! He's short. But it was definitely him. That is definitely my first "movie star" encounter here!

Anyway we ended the night with a Pink's hotdog, which was good but not as wonderful as everyone raves about. Luckily we only waited 15 minutes and not a solid three hours for a dog like some tourists.

Lesson of this post? Don't say you can't do something but inevitably you'll know someone who knows someone and then you get to sight-see the celebs ;)

Jul 15, 2009


Head on over to www.mychiclife.com to see my review of the newest "it" drink, Neuro!!!

Workin' on my Fitness

I'm about to go get my Fergie on and work on my fitness, so I thought I'd write a quick blog about some fun fitness accessories!

Want to put a little "pep" in your step? Reebok has taken this saying to literal terms with their new EasyTone shoes for women. They are like any other pair of tennis shoes except EasyTone comes with balancing pads on the bottom, which they say creates a "natural instability" thus makes you have to adjust, working various parts of your legs to tone them while you're shopping, walking to class, taking the dog out for a run, etc. They come in a variety of colors and let me correct myself - they're not just tennis shoes, they come in athletic flip flops as well!

Order them here!

I can't work out unless I have some comfy clothes to wear, which is why I LOVE lululemon athletica. I stumbled upon this place two years ago when my fabulous Aunt Deb took my shopping and although it was a complete accident I bought a wonderful staple item for my wardrobe: the workout hoodie. This thing feels like it was made by God himself because I can wash it a million times and it still remains soft and comfy. After that one trip I became obsessed and love their yoga pants and shorts.

If you're wanting to eat healthy but you're on the go, visit Moveable Tweets on Twitter to find a healthy lunch truck near you. It will take a little preparation but should pay off during lunchtime. Here's a link for a small list of usernames on twitter to follow (including LA! For you Texas readers, you'll have to search).
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