Jul 2, 2009


Just kidding people. But if I was, you know this would be incorporated into the wedding. As I have mentioned before, choreographed dance moves are something included in my everyday life. You can't expect a person who studied *NSYNC music videos relentlessly to NOT dance around at least once a day. So tonight I got bored and looked up "funny wedding videos" on Youtube and found these little gems.

Baby girl.

Go head be gone with it

Thrilla, hooo hooo

10 points for a costume change

Saved the best for last

Mom and Dad, don't fret. I'm not going to ask you to shill out more dinero for a professional choreographer. I'm pretty sure Justin and I will have that covered ourselves. However, I don't expect that he'll want to dance to one of his or Britney's songs so it's going to take some persuasion.


Cinderelly25 said...

Okay, so that was fun! When does the party start??? I cannot wait to get my groove on at your wedding!

Those videos made me get up and dance in front of my computer! Good thing the webcam wasn't running! LOL!

kgiangreco said...

the men definitely out-dance the women in the first video and the last one is AMAZING! I've watched it three times. The third was to show my roommate who's in the midst of planning her wedding--I told her she NEEDS a dance like the last one.r

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