Jul 20, 2009

#music monday

Here are my most recent downloads. I literally just took the past five songs I've purchased and slapped them into the post:

Sweet Dreams, Beyonce
A perfect beat for working out and great for a club mix too. Makes me want to get my diva dance on! Her voice is spot-on. The video for this at the concert was nuts... not the same as the released video, but pretty cool - robot Beyonce takes on a leopard. Use your imagination.

21 Guns, Green Day
I can't seem to shake the chorus once I listen to it once or twice.

You Are the Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne
Such a cutesy little song. Reminds me of a slower, happier pace of life. Great for Sundays when you're driving around the the windows rolled down.

Nasty, Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty
I used to love this song as a small child. There was this Disney type video that combined a bunch of popular songs and this song was one of them. I had to download it because my boss Kristen and I and like to talk about my mom. When Kristen asked me her name, I go, "Janet, Miss Johnson if you're NASTY!" Of course we got a good laugh and vowed, one day, to a print a bunch of shirts that say "We heart Janet" and on the back ... you know the rest.

Human Nature, Michael Jackson
John Mayer inspired me to download this one. It's such a great song that I forgot about! J.May did a wonderful acoustic version of this at MJ's memorial.

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Mary Frances said...

um hi - you are the best thing is my all time favorite. I MISS YOU

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