Jul 14, 2009

Twitter Backgrounds

You asked. Now receive!

I'd be happy to make twitter backgrounds exclusively for my followers. If you like mine, I can make something for you! All you need to do is e-mail me the following:

- Your color choice(s)
- Any fonts or artwork you want to incorporate
- Any details or additions you'd like to add.

Then I can work with you and we can get started on marketing yourself! :) I'm thinking about starting a website with my creations and we'll see how far I get.

My e-mail is kirbie.johnson@gmail.com

Also, if you read this and have connections in California (LA-area) or in entertainment, please do me a favor and send them to me!!! The job market is tough and I am going to need a full-time gig come late August. If you're not using the connections then pass them on to me for some help. I'm interested in all of the following:

- writing (doy)
- management, talent or corporate
- trends and research
- publicity and media
- marketing
- fashion
- TV, film and music
- health and beauty

So if any of these jump out and you feel you could help me you know I'd greatly appreciate it. And it can be a mixture of any of these things (for instance, you know a talent manager for a fashion designer; you know the editor of the leading beauty blog, etc.)

Thanks as always. xo.

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