Aug 31, 2009


What I'm listening to right now:

"Fireflies" by Owl City
Val has Shazzam on her phone, so she decided to download a bunch of songs she had stored. One was this song and I heard it while she was showering (she was playing it on the Bose speaker in the bathroom). I asked her who it was and realized Tamara had quoted it on Twitter earlier that day... so I downloaded it and then began incessantly playing it over and over and OVER and over. I have an obsessive personality, you could say... I feel a testament to finding a truly good song is being able to play it 1,000 times in a row and still being able to listen to it throughout the week without getting sick of it. Therefore this song is AMAZING so download it stat. Owl City is coming to the Troubadour on 10/20 and it's sold out, however if there is a will there is a way and I plan on going. Hearing this song is person would personify euphoria for me.

"Gold Digger" by the Glee Cast
SOME people (Val) dislike Glee, having not watched it at all. However it's going to take the world by storm soon and those people we be upset that they did not appreciate all of it's glory. They just did their own gleed-up version of Kanye's "Gold Digger" and I'm LOVING IT! Get ready for the show to premiere on Wednesday, September 9th.

"Whatcha Say" by Jason DeRulo
Okay. I admit, I was slightly peeved that this Jason DeRulo character decided to turn this song, originally by Imogen Heap, into some hoed up R&B spectacle. However it's kind of grown on me because I love anything Imogen Heap does, even if it means being turned into a chorus for some kind of rap diddy. Plus the SNL Digital Short version of this song (look up "Dear Sister") keeps me laughing for hours.

The 10,000 views challenge

Alright people, we made it! We made it! WE MADE IT!

I'm saying "we" collectively because you all helped me to get 5,000 views! Thank you so much! That's huge for me!!! The run down is as follows:

I started blogging in March
I currently have 5,177 views
2,228 of those views were in the month of August

That's nuts! I average around 72 visitors per day; and on average 39 of them at new visitors. Crazy!

I have some new goals in mind. I'd love to get 10,000 views by the end of September and at least 50 followers! If you all want to help me great, if not, no biggie. But I think I have some great stories to share this month - a LOT is going on.

Also, I'd like to get 500 followers on Twitter by the end of this month. Follow me or sign-up if you haven't already!

Thanks again!!!

Aug 30, 2009

Part II

Writing this post will be a struggle. It's taking every inch of me to keep my eyes open and not crawl in bed by 8:00 p.m. However, I have a story to tell and it shall be told.

Last night I broke just about every rule I was taught by my parents as a child: Stay with the group, don't talk to strangers, and don't get in cars with them either. I guess the strangers bit has gone out the window - I mean, how else am I supposed to network in this town - but the other "rules" should probably be abided by.

After the concert, Mich and I met up with her sister, her fiance and some friends of theirs. Turns out they know a guy named Todd who used to work at MySpace (or something) and knows Katy. He had six passes, yet they all served different functions: meet and greet, all access, backstage, after party. There were seven of us, so Mich and some others went backstage to meet her while her sister and I waited patiently. Here's my thing, I'm a fan of meeting people when I'm with someone they know. It makes it less awkward and I don't feel weird when they're friend is like, "Hey, this is my friend Kirbie" instead of "Hey! I'm just a fan!" So I wasn't upset that I didn't get to go.

Five minutes later, they were all back and they didn't get to meet her. However, we were going upstairs to VIP for the meet and greet - all of us. Okay, cool. I still didn't have a pass at this point but apparently that didn't matter because we all got up there safe and sound. At this point I texted her agent to see if he was there so I could say hi - he was not - so we waited. And waited. And about 11:30 rolls around and we decide Katy is probably not going to show, so let's leave.

We went to a small hole-in-the-wall bar off La Cienega. I'd never heard of it and it was completely invisible, meaning you wouldn't know there was a bar behind that door if you were passing it by. Little did I know that by walking in that door and whole new world was about to come to life.

As I walk in, I notice it's crowded. VERY crowded. So we're walking along the bar, trying to bypass many patrons when I look in front of me to see none other than Jason Segel. Seriously?! Again!!! This is ridiculous. I was so weirded out by this that I barely noticed that John Mayer was standing right next to me. The irony in all of this is that John's agent is also Katy's agent, so it was a weird connection. I couldn't believe they were both there! Jason is handsome and so is John, however John is a lot shorter than what I remember from his concerts. He's not short, but he's definitely not massive. I guess anyone would look short next to Jason though because he's a giant!

Anyway, after waiting around for a booth, we took seats next to a group of people whom I didn't know (talking to strangers). Michelle knew one of the guys, Carl, because they both went to ASU. Turns out that Carl's friend went to TCU and both of them were from Westlake (in Texas). So we had some common ground to start on. They were sitting with two stylists - one apparently styled J. Simp while the other styles Perez Hilton. He was extremely nice and fun; she on the other hand ... well, I'll just keep my comments to myself. She wasn't very friendly to say the least. She made some VERY, very strong accusations against John Mayer. Very foul ones at that. Being a fan of his and knowing people like to say crap because it makes them feel important, I decide to not believe a lot of what she was saying.

So the night lingers on and they say we're going to a party - Mich and I thought it was at a bar, turns out it's at a house in Bel Air. The house is beautiful and apparently belongs to the heir to the Dole (as in fruit and juice) fortune. The drive there was terrifying and I was pretty sure we were going to die, but hoping we wouldn't because my Mom would have killed me if I died in a car with complete strangers.

Upon arriving, we waited outside a gate and eventually parked outside because the driveway was full. We went in a side gate and walked up a very steep driveway when a woman was walking down towards us. As we approached her, I stuck out my hand. "Hi, I'm Kirbie."

She took my hand and shook it and pronounced, "Hi. I'm Eve." Once we got into the light, I was surprised to see that not only was Eve very pretty, but she wasn't just a regular Eve... she was the Eve, the rapper.

Needless to say it was a very bizarre night. Mich and I were so freaked out that we called a cab, found out everyone was leaving so got a ride with them, them realized Michelle left her purse at the house so got out of the car and walked back to the home, only to have Eve make a U-turn to turn around and get us because she "wasn't going to let us walk back in the dark." After getting Mich's purse the cab we had originally called showed up and made our way back home. Do I think I learned anything from this experience? Sure, however I doubt I won't be talking to strangers anytime soon.


This is the first part of a two-part blog post. There is too much to be told!

So, let's start off the night. Michelle and I headed down Sunset and arrived at The Palladium halfway through The Bird and The Bee's set. The lead singer sounded perfect live and their band overall was adorable. Coke was sponsoring Katy's concert, so there were free cokes for all and a bunch of chocolate being handed out, which meant I had a sugar high before their set had ended. Let's note that the night before I had a little too much fun and had to wake up early for work, leaving me a little tired and sluggish.

We had general admission tickets which were great because The Palladium is a great venue. Michelle got the tickets for free since her co-worker's ex-boyfriend is the stylist for Katy. Anyway, she opened the show with "California Girls" by The Beach Boys to really set the mood. The stage was vibrant - tons of pink, blow up flamingos, a huge Katy Perry logo and a light-up heart; a band decked out in white suits and a catwalk. By the time she finally came out I was giddy with joy! She did not fail to impress.

Most of my friends know that a) I think clothing is restricting and should only be worn to accentuate, and b) I really hate pants. You could catch me running around the Theta house with an oversized tee shirt (or wifebeater) with no pants. It's just how I roll. And nothing has changed... just ask Ali and Val. You can blame my mother. When I was little, she let me run around in my swimsuit 99% of the time. :) So imagine my excitement when Katy came out in romper that was glittered to the max. She looked like a BABE. She deserves some credit.

Her performance was fantastic. Minus the mic not working for the first verse of her opening song, she handled it like a pro and continued to sing regardless of the lack of sound. By the time the mic was on she was full throttle jumping around. She might have been reading my mind because three songs in she selected a fan from the audience, pulled her on stage and had her dance around to "Hot 'N Cold" before awarding her with a Hello Kitty guitar.

Her voice was flawless and she sounded just like the record. No autotuning at all. She plays the guitar which was awesome and her enthusiasm and energy had the crowd just as excited as she was. She also doesn't play by the rules acting a quirky by smelling her armpits and calling people bitches.

My favorite part had to be when she came out in a catsuit, but really, a catsuit. As in pink leopard print with a tail and a pink cat mask. It was perfection.

She sang all of the favs and then some and the concert was over by 10:30. Needless to say I'm excited for the next album and tour!

Aug 29, 2009

Don't call your muh-thu-er er

People. Dreams come true. If you visualize it, you can do it! I feel this always seems to happen with me and concerts. For instance, I visualized being on stage with *NSYNC. Voila, my 13-year-old self was on stage being serenaded by the best boy band in the history of boy bands. I was dying to go to a Beyonce show and saw myself at the concert - six months later, my friend Lauren invited me to see B live with the luxuries of seeing it in the box at Staples. And when I found out Katy Perry was going to be in LA, I knew I had to be there.

I had dreams that maybe I'd bump into her on the street and she'd say something like, "LOVE your outfit" or something to that effect and I'd be like, "Girl, please. If I could wear a romper, I would wear one all the time like you!" And she'd look at me and say, "Actually, I have an extra in your size at The Palladium and I think it's necessary that you hang out backstage and wear it." So we head over to The Palladium - seriously, I have very intricate day dreams - and she gives me a really cute romper to wear and all the while she's singing "Hot 'N Cold" and "Waking Up in Vegas" and I'm backstage with her precious cat, Kitty Purry. And we lived happily ever after.

Weird? Maybe. I'm a TAD unrealistic when it comes to life, I suppose... however I feel that there is no such thing as a "real world' and life should be whimsical and fun. So that's where my day dreams have gotten me I guess. Anyway, I'm so friggen excited to go to this concert I could yell right now, but that is impolite to do in public places such as work. I have a very cute lolita-esque romper thing I plan on wearing. I can't wait to finally hear "Hot 'N Cold" live so I can jump up and down, twirl around and scream "GOT A CASE OF A LOVE BIPOLAR!" at the top of my lungs.

Anyway, I'm sliiiiightly excited. Thank you to the fabulous Michelle for inviting me!

Aug 28, 2009

But what I really want to do is act!

I stole that from Perez - he always used to post that on his site when some singer would start to act.

I signed up with Central Casting, an extra's background company. I got a mysterious phone call on Wednesday from an unknown number and thankfully I clicked over because it was a casting director asking me to play one of the hostesses on Melrose Place!!!! Um, DUH, of course I'll do it. It worked out perfectly since I had no other obligations. So the next day I did my hair up big and did my makeup and went to the assigned lot they told me to meet at. A shuttle took us to a hidden set - I had no idea this is where they filmed - and once there we signed in, got our hair (again) and makeup done and then did A LOT of waiting.

When I was getting my hair done, I was sitting in the trailer and kind of just observing everything. The stylist was very nice and maternal and was asking me a bunch of questions. I noticed I wasn't the only person getting my hair done, so I looked over and saw a redhead with long hair... and of course, it was Ashlee, as in Simpson. I was totes hoping that she brought Bronx along and I could play with him however she did not. She has very beautiful milky white skin and she is very, very thin.

After I got my hair done I was whisked away to the set again. That consisted of me and the nine other background actors sitting, eating the free food and remaining quiet for the next four hours while they shot some scenes with the cast. The holding area we were in was within the warehouse where everything was shot, however "Melrose Place" itself was not visible to us. There was another set next to us that was a hospital... I'm thinking it may have been something from Scrubs. It really was a dream come true seeing how all of this stuff was put together.

Four and a half hours later, after hearing door slams and the same scene rehearsed over and over, they finally told us we were ready to roll with our scene! YES! I was the only hostess at this point because the other girl was late and they fired her. I was so excited to see how being n a set works because I've never experienced anything like that. I also was decked out in a nice cocktail dress so I kind of felt like a princess :)

Anyway, we made our way to the other stage where the lounge/bar was set up. It was so cool looking! But then things went downhill. They told the background actors to return to the holding area and before I knew it the A.D. (assistant director) was telling us "That's a wrap!" Meaning, a) they were done filming for the night and b) my heart was broken. Ashlee apparently fell ill so they cancelled the scene for the night. I did get paid quite well though for five hours so I can't complain, however while everyone else was so happy to go home I was really upset. I could have cared less if I was paid, I just really wanted to see what being on set was like.

Hopefully casting will call me and try to use me again. I guess I should have expected things like that to happen, however I was so giddy I didn't even think about it. I was pretty let down last night, so I decided to sleep it off in hopes that more things will come my way. I slept a full 12 hours (whoa) which is rare and I woke up ready to call in to the casting line, when I got a call from them! I got booked for another show, so if things fare well I'll let you know what and when and all that stuff.

I'm off to eat some breakfast. If you're ever having doubts, realize that you need to walk by faith and not by sight! Seriously, the outcome is much better in the end if you acknowledge that you don't know what's going to happen but have faith that God will take care of you.

Aug 26, 2009

I get so emotional, baby

This post is not as lighthearted as the previous four...

I have to admit, I'm in a very inspiring environment. LA is a city where talent runs rampant, or at least that's the facade it wants to project. However, my roommates are truly amazing. A, the actress, is doing marvelous things with her acting studio and I'm sure things will take off for her soon. V & I went to see her play and within the first five minutes she had my stomach sick (a good thing); she's going to be the next Meryl Streep. V started a duo, DanteValentina. They're a little indie, a lot of accoustic. It's a great match. I feel like I'm living in Juno or something because every time I walk into the house I hear a guitar strumming or a piano playing. It's very inviting and a great soundtrack for my writing.

I've grown up with very supportive parents, friends who are hopeful and for the past year I've had a very enthusiastic, caring and applauding boyfriend. Funny to think I have all of this now - I was the girl who was called "Moose Lady" in elementary school. I had mean girls say mean things about me to make other girls not want to be my friends- earth shattering for someone in fourth grade; in middle school I had a "friend" tell me she bought things with "money, something you don't have." I never had a date to Homecoming, an event only surpassed by prop at my high school. Not once did I ever receive a mum to hang on my top at the football game. I'm sure this sounds like a sob story, but it's not. The point is that I might have been called "Moose lady" for having a big nose, but my parents always told me I was beautiful (I have the same one). They always provided for me (as did the rest of my family), so when I called my mom crying about wanting to come home after the "you have no money" incident, she drove up to the school and in front of everyone, in particular that girl, and gave me $100 so I could buy myself and anyone else I wanted drinks from the vending machine. And although I never had a date to homecoming and never received a mum from a boy, my mom always made sure I had one hanging on my wall (with Kirbie spelled correctly). Not to mention not having a date allowed my 13-year-old mind to be open to flying to NYC city for the week to unexpectedly be in the Yankees' Ticker Tape Parade, meet Clint Black, Yogi Berra, Derek Jeter and my favs Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

It's funny how things work themselves out you know? I have remember things like that anytime I get a little low out here - trust me, it's been a lot harder on my psyche than I had assumed! However I know if one thing is happening to me, it's opening the door for another.

I am slightly (really) obsessed with the website I saw my friend Katie was a fan on it on facebook (Hi, G!) and I'm pretty sure Lauren brought it up this past weekend at dinner, however I had no idea what she was talking about.

It's basically an online portal for all things TCU - events, sports, a calendar of everything school and non-school related going on in DFW, fun stories about fashion, music, "life," - and some of these stories even have CURSE words in them! The start-up team and contributors are all from TCU which is fantastic (even small child Rian Brooks - a THETA!) and they're all students which makes it even more awesome.

Thoughts running through my head right now:
- This Mike Vosters character needs to figure out how to sell this portal to other schools if he isn't already trying to do so
- Why the hell am I not still a student? Heck, I've visited the site six times in the past 15 minutes
- If this site reported hard news from campus (not so much entertainment), The Skiff readership would be completely depleted.
- Sorry for the above statement, but it's true - every opinion comment of mine that was printed in The Skiff was inevitably altered so it sounded prettier than what I was actually saying - and trust me, if I was writing to The Skiff, it wasn't to be pretty.
- I just read over the Hubb-ictionary. I'm pretty sure I know most of the Pi Kapps who trademarked some of those words. Funny how tradition continues!

Well, this site made me even MORE excited for homecoming than I was before. I cannot wait. See you all on the 29th!

I can hear the jokes now...

But seriously, take this quiz and see what it's comprised of. "What is your favorite show to watch?" My choice? Degrassi, obvi. Then it asks a bunch of crap about eating habits and living situations, and then this little gem popped up on my screen:

"Hopefully you're old enough to support a new life brought into the world!" Hopefully? Old enough? No, no, no. They've got it all wrong. Last time I checked, you could be bloody 35-years-old and give birth but if you don't have the funds to care for an innocent babis then you're totally screwed. And a side note: I'm pretty sure men don't ever get mature enough to have a baby... their wives just cope with them while they're freaking out about their lives being over. Then they manifest with a midlife crisis, much like Jon Gosselin is doing right now, while Kate is busy talking to Larry King.

Furthermore, this baby would need to have taken up residence in my uterus by osmosis. Immaculate conception?! Am I birthing the next baby Jesus?!!!!!

Aug 25, 2009

R.I.P, Val

I would like to lay to rest my roommate Val. Not really, but tonight she has all sorts of pain in her "ovaries," as she's been saying. I of course got my M.D. hat on (Web M.D.) and went on the prowl for what could be causing this issue. Here are the possibilities:

- Endometreosis
- Ovarian Cysts
- Miscarriage
- Ectopic Pregnancy
- Cancer
- Bursting Ovaries
- Kidney stones

NO WONDER women have so many psychoneuroses!!! I mean, she probably is just experiencing pre-menstrual cramps yet they act like she's probably got some kind of baby on the way (dead or alive). This is terrifying. Point being? Ladies, don't consult Web M.D. for anything.

I want to hold 'em like they do in Texas, please

Read My Chic Life and see what my boss is doing riiiight meow!

Also, do me a favor and vote in the poll over there ---->.


Aug 23, 2009

I airbrushed my first celebrity!

And I didn't even know it.

This woman comes in frequently to get airbrushed and I spray her most of the time. We've developed a good relationship. Anyway, this story is quite funny so let me get started.

She came in on Friday for a quick airbrush sesh. We get started and she's very physically fit woman, very pretty, beautiful skin. I know her name is Traci. When someone gets tanned, we like to compliment them to make them feel more at ease when they're naked because most people are very nervous and it helps them to calm down. Like, "You have a great complexion!" "This color is going to look great on you!" "You have fabulous legs!" etc. It sounds kind of weird but in this type of setting it's not.

So I'm spraying Traci she just mentions she has a 22-month-old son. This woman does NOT look like she has kids. "No way, that can't be possible. You have a great body for a Mom!" She is flattered and we continue to chat and talk about my aspirations to be a manager, producer and maybe even act.

"Really? I've produced a few movies and I know a manager, I will try to help you out!"

Great! She's so funny and friendly that the airbrush session is over before we know it. I walk her downstairs to get her checked out and notice that her credit card receipt name reads differently than her booking name. She signs the receipt, leaves and says she'll see me next time.

One of the stylists comes up to me. "Was that Traci Lords?"
"Yeah! How did you know... that's what her credit card receipt says."
"How did I know? Look her up."

I look her up and it seems she has had a pretty successful acting career after living a hard life and then getting into hardcore porn in the 80s. She was most recently in "Max and Miri Make a Porno" as a character named "Bubbles" and is going to be in the upcoming film adaptation of "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell." That night I got texts from my co-workers saying, "You tanned Traci Lords?! She's a legend!"

OH life. Just a little sheltered Texas girl I am... The only porn star I've ever heard of is Jenna Jameson! Anyway, Traci is a fun and wonderful person. Gooood times.

Two guys walk into a bar.

One of them I have no idea who he is. The other is Jason Segal.

I would be lying if I didn't get slightly giddy. Okay, REALLY giddy. Like a huge, dumb smile on my face. However at least I wasn't as douchey as the guys we met earlier in the night. Let me set the scene:

Saturday night, Bar Marmont
Lauren, Michelle and I want to go out however don't want to dance, making this our ideal location. We walk in, grab a drink from the crowded bar downstairs, then proceed upstairs to the lounge. We take a seat at a table and start to talk while this one guy sits alone at a rather large table.

"Hey, do you think I look like Seth Rogen?"

He doesn't. "No, why?" I ask.

"I get that a lot." (awkward silence)

He then pulls out his driver's license. "You know Jonah Hill?"

"Know of him, yes..." He hands me his license, which holds no similarity to Jonah except for a huge curly fro. We politely give him a hard time and laugh, thinking that was the end. Until he keeps talking. We finally ask the obvious question: are you here alone? Apparently not - three friends walk over and join him. This starts a huge intermingling between us and them. They were nice enough, UNTIL Jason walks in. Here's what happens.

(Enter Jason)

Michelle and I tightly grab each other and whisper, "look who it is."
I giggle that it's Michelle's co-star because she was a background actor, also known as "Skank #2", in Knocked Up.
All the guys start FREAKING OUT and are going nuts about going to get a picture with him.
Guy, aka man who thinks he is Seth Rogen/Jonah Hill, is on cloud nine and goes over, introduces himself and brings Jason over to the table.
Note that me, Michelle and Lauren are excited however slightly embarrassed.
Jason is polite and says Hi, tells Michelle she's cute (damn you) and kind of hangs out while double fisting.
SR/JH man starts asking for a picture. Nobody has a camera, except Lauren. If I were in her place I would have felt awkward because a) the guy started asking her to take a picture with HER camera and we don't know him and b) this whole thing is awkward in general because Jason probably just wants to get drunk and we're keeping him from his friends.
The guy keeps harassing Lauren. Lauren tells him no, she's not taking a picture. Then she asks him, "Do you want your picture taken?"
Jason nicely says he's cool and is going to leave. This should be the end, however it's not because super fan is insisting on a picture. "Can you just take the picture?" Lauren does after being badgered long enough.

Not surprisingly we got up and left the table to escape these blockheads.

Anyway, take good heed to this little story. If you want to ruin your social life and look like a complete ass, go ahead and follow the directions above. If you want to have dignity and pride, do yourself a favor and LEAVE CELEBRITIES ALONE. Especially if they're trying to have a good time.

Side note: remember Ill Bill? Well he's not so "nice" like I said. My phone died and he kept trying to meet up with us. I was walking down the street to get to our car and I see him, so I go up and say Hi, chat, tell him I'm sorry for getting disconnected blah blah blah. Well I go home and plug in my phone and have five texts from him, all saying, "You're just like all the other girls, mean and rude. Real cool, disconnect your phone" and other nonsense. Here's what pisses me off: can any guy in LA be just "friends?" Are all they all looking for booty? Because I told this guy loud and clear that I have a boyfriend who I love very much and I'm not looking for anything else. I also thought he'd at least be nice and respectful, but it's clear that if you remotely piss him off he's going to be your worst enemy, which is not something I want to be involved with. I wrote him and told him not to contact me again, number deleted. I consider that whole thing a lesson learned.

Here's the other thing I've learned: people here measure their quality of life on fame and who they know. Here's what I want to say: WHO CARES! Stop focusing on who you know and if the paps follow you and learn how to carry on a legitimate conversation... also take some lessons on how to create a better personality because that stuff is so dense and dull. You might ask, "Well then Kirbie, why do you blog about people you've seen?" Here is the answer to this question: I know just about everything and everyone associated with pop culture. Seriously, it's going to help me out one of these days. However, reporting that I saw a celebrity in a bar is A LOT different than saying, "I know _______" out of the blue at a bar to get attention. Plus it's fun for my readers to hear about my Cali life, which definitely includes star sightings.

Aug 21, 2009

Seen and Heard

So remember when everyone was speculating that Jeff Goldblum died - it was a terrible rumor started the day Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson passed. Well, I can testify to all of you die hard Jurassic Park fans... he's alive. Very much so.

I was at Crunch (my gym) and I was working on the abs machine when I heard a guy doing chin ups. He was grunting, like UNBELIEVABLY loud. It was slightly terrifying because it was loud enough that I could hear it through my earbuds. I looked over and saw this tall, lanky man grunting as he lifted himself up. Once he stopped to go grab a drink of water, I instantly recognized him. Needless to say the man is alive and kicking. Side note: Crunch on Sunset is the gym used by the contestants on Oxygen's "Dance Your Ass Off" show.

Paula Abdul was out and about on Sunset where Crunch is located, a little shopping center with a Trader Joe's and a Starbucks. It just so happened the day she was filmed there I was JUST getting into the gym. Boo!

Justin Timberlake apparently lives above the Chateau Marmont in the hills in some magnificent mansion. This news is music to my ears. He was seen down the street from my apartment riding his hog!!!!

Paul Wall is following me on Twitter. The man could not be any nicer. Yesterday I found out he was in LA, so I e-mailed him to see how he was doing (he was tweeting that his son cut open his foot and had to go to the ER to get stitches). He always replies, is incredibly polite and he's really funny too. So go ahead and follow @paulwallbaby and say a prayer for him right now as he leaves for Iraq today! True story about Paul - he wanted to name his son (Will) after my Uncle, Roger. Paul is a HUGE sports fanatic. Anyway, things didn't work out so they named him after his grandfather, William... not knowing that my uncle's real name is William. Crazy right?

Last night we went to this hole-in-the-wall bar called The Woods. It looks terrifying from the outside, but inside it's like Abercrombie on steroids just with a bar and a DJ (think antlers for chandeliers). While there, I met a rapper by the name of Ill Bill. He is a part of "LCN" or La Coka Nostra and he's REALLY nice. We hit started talking sports and it turns out he's as HUGE Yankees fan (and has the tats to prove it). We talked about rapping and all that fun stuff. It was refreshing to meet a friendly person at a bar - and I know what you're thinking, but I told him I have a wonderful boyfriend and we still continued to maintain a great convo.

The contestants of Project Runway this season were lodged at the Title Guarantee Building in downtown LA, aka the place I'm at every Monday and Wednesday for my internship with Chic Events!

Aug 20, 2009

Be Funky

I had a little fun last night on I love the creativity it let's me outlet. Also, this is completely a side note, but I'm going to start really focusing on getting into football. Stewart breathes OU football so I figure I might as well get in on the fun (however I'm not sold as my college pick just yet). I love TCU, they will be my #1, however I need a public school option as well. Mostly because I want a cute shirt to wear. And I'm looking for a NFL team to support as well, so I'll let you travel with me throughout that adventure (it's sure to be entertaining I'm sure). I need a cute Dodgers shirt for the game tomorrow? Any ideas on where I could get one? I LOVE the vintage tee shirt look.

Here are the rest of the photos! It's completely free and fun.

Aug 19, 2009

The Fifth Jonai

Tonight's revelation. It's so obvious, right?!
(left, Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers; right, John Mayer of The Mayercraft Carrier, John Mayer Trio, etc.)

Aug 18, 2009

It hurts. Bad.

I have to say I am not the "woodsy" type, but being here in Cali I can't resist wanting to hike a huge canyon. Yesterday we hiked Runyon and boy oh boy... I was hurting today. However it was so beautiful at the top and it was great that cardio was involved. I have to admit my intentions were a tad self-indulgent... I was hoping to run into a few celebs up there. "Oh hey, Justin. Nice to see you Lindsay. Hayden Panetierre?! Aren't you supposed to be in bed?" Anyway...

Today we went to Beachwood to hike and holy crap. It was a lot longer than expected! We saw a coyote which was terrifying however it was so beautiful seeing LA all lit up and it looked similar to Hawaii with the marine layer sitting below the clouds. I haven't ever hiked anything in my life, so needless to say I got my butt kicked. I'm looking forward to more hikes in the future.

So I signed up with Central Casting and I'm slightly obsessed with it. Like, I call it incessantly waiting for a casting that I fit. Here's how it works: I went in to the actual office to register and all that jazz. Upon registering (a fee is included), my picture was taken and entered into the database of photos. From there I am to call this hotline to listen for any castings that are needed and if I fit the description I call the casting director and they look at my photo and see if I'm a perfect fit or not. So I call the hotline all the time to make sure I don't miss out on any great castings. Lately however it's been stuff like "four mid-40s women with no highlights, pale skin and willingness to cut their hair for Mad Men" or "we need girls 18-to-look-younger for a feature that are a size zero and have red hair." There is a hilarious one however and it's this guy and he's very professional sounding and indicates what ages he's looking for and then it is like, "we're looking for... busty women. (pause) I'm not trying to offend anyone so I won't go any further, but send us photos... appropriate ones, ok? It's for a joke for the show so you have to be busty." I mean only in Hollywood do job descriptions include what size breasts you have to have.

Last Friday I went to my roommate Ali's play. First of all, she was amazing! I'm so blessed to live with two great talents. I think we're all going to help each other out one of these days. Anyway, we stayed after the show to hang out with the cast and celebrate Ali's last performance and I kind of got a little tipsy off my wine. Of course that means I demanded Britney Spears on the iPod and Val recorded me doing this two-and-a-half minutes routine to "Womanizer" which included a good portion of it on a chair. I honestly have no idea where this stuff comes from but the video is completely mortifying yet funny enough that I'll let Val keep it on her camera. After all of that the cast was asking if I was a choreographer. And Lauren and Michelle think it's hilarious because every time we go out I inevitably bust out some kind of Michael Jackson choreography and I know every.single.move. The best time had to be at MyHouse right after Michael died. It was so sad, however GREAT for me because all of the clubs were spinning songs from "Thriller" and "Bad." We got to dancing on the floor and some guy (Australian? Irish? I really don't remember) saw me dancing alone to "Smooth Criminal." At first I thought he might have been a weirdo and I was about to ask him to leave me alone, but he was very friendly and wasn't trying to freak dance (I wouldn't have it) so I let him stay. Then the chorus rolled around and it was almost like a movie.

"You've been hit by" (I act like I'm slapping his face during the 'bum bum' -- HE reads my mind and moves his face and it was so IN SYNCH that it looked like I slapped him)
/"You've been struck by" (we both do the 'MJ' signature turn and crotch grab)
/"a Smooth Criminal."

After that we hugged and I'm pretty sure he might have been my dancing soul mate (debatable...), however I will never see him again. Great times... makes me wish I had a video camera constantly following me around.

Alright. Off to bed! Long day ahead of me... I've been getting into the groove of two workouts a day to keep me busy.

Also, Texas: I'll be in Dallas October 29-November 3rd for TCU Homecoming!!!

Aug 17, 2009

Cali Cali

I felt as if I'm in a slump. Well, at least I did for a few days. Cali is hard and I'm a tad homesick, however I think it's great that I'm here right now when I can afford to be poor and slightly selfish with my life.

I've been on the job hunt for awhile but since my internship at Chic (@chicevents) is coming to a close it's time to get on the grind! Today I went to Central Casting and got entered in their database for extras work because why not? I've always been intrigued with movie and tv production so maybe I'll get to be a background actor for a few shows. After that I left Burbank for Glendale, which is ADORABLE btw, and headed to Rachel's house (who owns Chic) to ride with her to a walkthrough for a wedding in Malibu. I'm here right now and it's beautiful! We passed Pepperdine and are now at a restaurant by the beach. Perfection! I'm working a wedding in September which I have never done and I think will be on for another event as well so these will be great experieces. We're going to Disneyland with the office which I could NOT be more thrilled about!!!!

Work at the tanning salon has been great, helping them with some marketing needs. I'm consulting with a spa back home to help fix their site and get a twitter up and running. I'm learning how to build a website and once that is complete I'll have a lot more opportunities I think! By the way, if you know anyone who needs help branding their business or social media networking, send them my way!

Sunless Studio will be on a new show on E! this September so I'll keep you posted on that.

Tonight I'm going to hike Runyon and hunt down a job.

All is well because I know things will work out for the best for me.

More adventures to come...

-- Via the cell

Aug 15, 2009

Kirbie Language

Most people in America speak English. I, however, speak a mix of "Kirbie" and "English" thus creating "Kirbish," if you will. I was thinking about how idiotic I must be to write a post about the words I use, but then I also got to thinking how a) I know some of these words have never been used... ever and b) it's time for them to start off like wildfire. Here are a few words and phrases of mine:

Babis, original form: baby, babe
noun: my affectionate other half, the apple of my eye, or someone that I think is cute, precious, or a baby.
usage: "Stewart is my babis." "Where is my babis?"
Alternative forms: Mommis (Mom); Weenis (teeny weeny); Winkis (from Toby Spinderwinky, my dog {you can thank my brother for that gem of a middle name}); Padris (Padre, dad); Baby Daddis (Dad)

Wee Wah
an action
usage: When someone makes a dumb comment, a comment I don't know how to respond to, is griping, whining, or complaining in any form. Also great to throw in songs.
Ex: "My ears hurt." "Weeeee wah wah wah wee!"

Baby Puffin, puffy
noun: a bird, similar to a penguin but way cuter.
Ex: "You are a baby puffin." "Puffy, as in baby puffin?"
Note: Puffy is now deemed the word used for baby puffins, as clarified by Stewart. However, when I was younger I could not say my Aunt Kathy's name and thus called her "puffy," so really this word was essentially created by me in the first place. I also know that Holly used to call Hef that, but she never called him baby puffin or puffy so that is where I take complete recognition for it's usage.

"That cannot be denied."
Ex: "You are a babis and that CANNOT BE DENIED!!!!"
Note: This never gets old.

Ex: "3+4=13?"
"He is a baby dumb." "Little dumb." "You are a baby dumb!"

Aug 14, 2009

This day in history: 8/14/1999

Today is a day I will never forget. I was in 7th grade and my Mom was driving us, being Jennifer my bff and me, to Dallas for my second *NSYNC concert. Texas Stadium. It had to be at least 400 degrees. Yet as we waited in standstill traffic we couldn't help but think about how we were about to go to an *NSYNC concert and MEET THEM!!!!

This wasn't my first rodeo; I had met them a few months before at my first concert. I thought I was hot stuff because I asked the question, "What would you all be if you weren't a performer?" and the guys all commented on what a great question it was (what up). Not to mention my favorite, JC, called me sweetie. Yes, JC was my favorite, not Justin Timberlake... I thought he was merely a child compared to JC, plus and Jennifer liked him so he was all hers (oh the irony).

Anyway, we got to Texas Stadium. There is a video somewhere of me and everyone else in the van screaming bloody murder after seeing their tour bus. So we FINALLY park, FINALLY get in the stadium and FINALLY get in line for the meet and greet. This one was especially big because there were a million radio contest winners and a few groups disabilities, so it was taking forever! I don't really know how this happened but my mom was secured by their manager to bring a video camera to commemorate this whole ordeal. So we're standing in line and getting our autographs and my mom said something, which made a guy go, "Wait, are you the Clemens family?" "Yes..." "You're not supposed be in this line!"

We were then rushed to this side room that was surrounded by curtains. The guy that had moved us was *NSYNC's tour manager, Dave Brown (I think that's his name... pretty sure). So we waited awhile, got to hang out with Jordan Knight for awhile and then BAM. Time to hang out with *NSYNC!

So we go back to the original room. Dave introduces us to the guys and everyone was really cool. They got up from their autograph table and we were all standing around, me and Jen giggling like idiots because holy crap, it was *NSYNC! I had brought along five autographed baseballs from my Uncle as he was playing with the Yankees at that point and I figured they might like some sports memorabilia. They did and everyone was really excited (even Justin, who didn't come over until he realized I had gifts). JC made comments about how that baseball was a baseball "you didn't play catch with" and I got a real kick out of that because, duh, I was in love with him.

My Mom also recalled a bet I had made with a friend the week before. "Oh yeah, well, I'm going to to kiss JC NEXT WEEK AT THE CONCERT!!!" Flash forward to the concert.

"JC?" - Mom
"Yes mam?"
"Can my daughter give you a kiss on the cheek?"
13-year-old me trots over, lays one on him and then proceeds to look at the video camera, do a double fist pump and a peace sign. Mind you this man is at least 10 years my senior. I'm sure at 23-years-old he was not even remotely excited to get a kiss from me, but who cares! I loved him.

After a few minutes of chatting, Dave approached me. "Kirbie. I heard you brought Jennifer here for her birthday. For being a great friend and to celebrate, here are two stage passes."

Jen and I instantly freaked out. "Oh-my-Gods" and "No ways" were being thrown around right and left. We told all of the guys goodbye and made our way to our awesome seats. While we stood there in the crowd of people, I giggled to myself knowing I was about to go up on stage and be serenaded by the best boy band to grace North America.

Lights went down, and their first song was "Here We Go." This was important because Dave told us to make sure go to stage right immediately when this song was starting. So we did, showed out passes and danced backstage with a few other girls who'd gotten lucky. The security guards were fun but also kind of stern, advising us where to go and what was going to happen. We made our way to the back of the stage and were handed off to a group of production guys who sent us up on to the stage - we weren't visible to the crowd yet but were hiding behind curtains.

I stood there alone because Jen was separated from me. I had no idea what was going on until Joey came and grabbed my hand. "You excited?" "YES!!!!" "Good. Let's go."

We walked out on stage and it was the best thing EVER. Bright lights... all I could see were the boys dancing because the lights were blinding, not to mention I couldn't hear them singing because it was so loud. My ears were piercing from high pitched squealing.

They sang "For the Girl Who Has Everything" as we sat on the stairs of the stage. They would stand up and dance with their mic stands and then come and sit by us. Joey was so sweet and made it a really fun experience because he was very playful and animated!

Anyway, my mom was screaming the whole time "that's my daughter!!!" when I was on the big screen and after telling the guys goodbye and returning to our seats everyone was so jeal (and they told me so).

Happy TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY Jen. We had a good time.

Aug 13, 2009


And I don't mean the derrière either! I love shoes, especially booties. So cute. On Monday, I picked up In Style's Makeover Edition and found the cutest pair of cowboy booties ever! However I am not on an "In Style" budget so I decided to take a look at my trusty to see what they had to offer. Here are a few finds that my size seven foot would absolutely L-O-V-E.

My search started off with a goal to find booties. However, I saw some of these wedges and couldn't help myself.

Groove Freesia Patent Gladiator Wedge Sandal, $34.95 in gray

I love anything that looks like remotely close to a gladiator, and at this price? BUY them and save 'em for next spring! (Not really, I'm saving... but whatever, you guys can buy right?)

Audrey Brooke Belindas Gladiator Espadrille, $49.94 (originally $98.00!)

Stu is always wanting me to grow. Sorry buddy, it's not going to happen. I don't know why God decided I should be the shortest person in the entire Johnson/Clemens (besides Aunt Deb) but that's how it worked. Instead of complaining, I found that even if my height grows temporarily Stu gets all kinds of excited (he's kind of obsessed with basketball and all things "tall") so shoes with this type of height are ideal for shorties like moi.

Mia Suri T-Strap Wedge Sandal, $59.95 (Originally $80) - THE MECCA

THE GOLD! THE WEDGE! THE BEADING!!!! I might be obsessed with a shoe.

Can't wait for fall so I can get my booty into some of this booty (is this Sex and the City? So many puns). I've found Jessica Simpson has some great booties to offer but I was going for a more retro-cowboy look when I was browsing.

Blowfish Willis Leather Bootie, $69.95 (Originally $80) in tan

They have a variety of colors on the site.

Coconuts Olga Leather Ankle Boot, $99.95 (Originally $149)

This shoe just might be my foot's soulmate. It's taking all of my willpower and a few slaps to the face to NOT purchase this little guy. However I am sure they might go on sale sometime soon so I'm going to hold off (or at least I keep telling myself that).

Madden Girl Sesame Rouched Ankle Bootie, $49.95 (Originally $64)

Such a cute slouch bootie, I just want to eat it up :)

You can find all of these shoes on

So I googled myself

... and THIS is what come up on my results. I had to share the irony.

Aug 11, 2009

Psycho ex-girlfriend?

I love reading The Frisky (mostly because I love the word frisky... sue me) and I found this little gem of a post. If you have a good seven minutes to spare, watch the YouTube video. It's hysterical. Breakdown: boyfriend goes on a two week backpacking trip to Europe. Boyfriend's alleged "girlfriend" doesn't remember (???) this, despite him telling her the night before he left. He turns off his cell phone to avoid roaming charges. Dumb dumb girlfriend has a mental breakdown and in the process e-mails him to chew him out, break up with him, confess she slept with another guy, plead for a reconciliation and then realize he was in Europe and beg for forgiveness. Needless to say it's a little terrifying and a lot of hilarity.

I have issues with this though. Why are you dating someone so dense that they can't bare to remember you'll be out of town for TWO WEEKS? I mean I talk to Stu ever four or five hours so being MIA for a day and a half would be a red flag that something is up. Also, I'm finding it hard to believe a couple that sees each other frequently will have this issue at all. My verdict? She's a complete idiot or this whole thing is fabricated.

Aug 10, 2009

Goodbye Tejas

I'm leaving... for now.

You made me feel homesick, but I know I need to get on the grind out in Cali now.

Any prayers or thoughts would be appreciated!!!! Girlfriend needs a J-O-B.

Aug 9, 2009

If you don't want to kill more brain cells

Look, ever since Perez and the Black Eyed Peas had their falling out, I can't really get into the groove of reading his site. I'll do it once a day which is a HUGE change from when I would scour his site for hours, but I still want to ween myself away from his nonsense because honestly? The only reason Perez Hilton has a hit site is because he draws penises on people's pictures and makes fun of everyone who he's jealous of (John Mayer, Beyonce... anyone who will have a solid career in their life). He is a cling-on, as he has "clung-on" to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, both who have had massive success in the past year. But if they hadn't, you can bet he'd probably make fun of Gaga for looking like Miss Piggy and relentlessly be all over Katy Perry for her outfit choices (like he does everyone else).

I don't hate Perez, I just find it odd and cruel that he makes fun of and harps on people for things such as their looks when he's (obviously) insecure, probably as a result of many years of hateful name calling and so on. Does anyone remember when he made fun of Billy Joel's daughter for the way she looked? She's not even a celebrity... totally uncalled for. Futhermore, his new butt-muncher friend Shanna Moakler who he frequently criticized on his blog is now only his friend because it's been said by Travis Barker that Shanna and Perez were working to "set up" Carrie Prejean to lose her title. I mean, if someone is going to act like a complete dumb@$$, great, go ahead and call them out, but leave their looks out of it.

So, me, not to be one to take things lying down, figured out where P gets all his gossip from because I don't want to be on his site anymore. I already stopped following him on Twitter, that was easy enough considering half the time he was fighting with Spencer Pratt about his flesh colored beard and the other times telling Miley Cyrus to pray and let Jesus fill her heart and remove her alleged skank chromosome that he is convinced she has.

But back to getting off his site -- Let's be honest, when you read a post that is inclusive to Perez, it's nothing too fabulous. It's either about a secret show he's holding for fans with either a) Mika, b) Mika and c) Mika (I love M, don't get me wrong); Some crap about an artist he is promoting, a "frequent my site!!!" post; a very rare, taunting and deceptive "Not so blind item" post, which actually IS a blind item because at one point he posted something that said some "up-in-coming" actor got some 23-year-old waitress pregnant, which EVERYONE assumed was Zac Efron and it was really some random dude I've never heard of. I went ahead and defeated my whole purpose by going to the site to get this screengrab:

Anyway, do yourself a favor and read these sites if you want the dirt -- he basically pulls all of that info from these sites anyway, so at least you'll get immediate info right when it breaks:

Celeb news:

Job loss/Economic Issues
CNN, duh - that's where he gets his "RIP (insert company name here)" posts

Up-in-coming Movies, Box Office updates, TV news, etc.
The Hollywood Reporter (this is my home page. It's an industry standard but in case you haven't heard, go ahead and look at it daily if you're wanting to be in the biz)

Hope this helps. I started piecing it together when I would go to all of these aforementioned sites and then go to his and a few hours later he was posting the same info.

Not trying to burn down the man's empire but seriously, he needs an attitude change. However I'm sure as a journalist he respects my opinion (or not, because I'd be merely a minion in his eyes).

Aug 7, 2009

I have bloody dry socket.

I'm pretty sure.

It's like a nerve has been pinched. You know when you suck in air too quickly and it feels like a drill is going through your tooth? Yeah, that's what it feels like, except in my socket. You know, without the tooth. Is this bloody pain ever going to end?!!!!!

I look like MJ's dermatologist with all of the meds I have in my bag. Motrin, which was the alternative to the Vicodin and Percocet I was given. I was on antibiotics until yesterday, so now there's just an empty bottle. I also have my antibiotics for the so-called "acne" complex I have had since 7th grade. Basically I made the derm give me medication to help keep my skin clear, although I don't need them and I never use them. They're just for an emergency break out.


Why would I need an alternative to Vicodin and Percocet? Well because I was barfing my merry brains out.

Episode One: The day after surgery (Thursday). I ate a bowl of ice cream. I was taking antibiotics four times a day and then the pain meds accordingly. Anyway, I felt nauseous so I stayed in bed for about 24 hours straight until I got up to get the ice cream, which made me feel dizzy. I ate it all and about four minutes later I got up and vomited in the toilet.

Episode Two: Stu came into town to care for me (Friday). He's precious. So I was all like, "Oh hey, we can go to this restaurant I worked at in high school!" It's about 20 minutes from home. Little did I know that the Vicodin was throwing off my equilibrium, so getting in a fast moving car was not the answer. We're almost to the restaurant when I asked Stu to pull over. Of course he does immediately, in front of an IHOP. "No! Go to the back by the bushes!" He does and I get out. It starts to rain. I barfed up more chocolate ice cream and Stu was a trooper and held my hair back. He also got to witness "Crouching Kirbie, Exposed Butt Crack" as I had four inch heels on and my bc was out for the whole world to see (damn you, low rise jeans!). Needless to say this was not one of my most shining moments.

Episode Three: This past Tuesday. Stu was driving me back to Georgetown from Dallas (I went back home with him on Sunday). I got in the car and knew I was going to barf. "Hey babis, can you pull over to a shoulder when you get a minute?" Just because I'm sickly doesn't mean "babis" goes out the window. Well we couldn't find a shoulder so he pulls off the highway and onto this road that seemed NEVER ENDING. I was like hello, God? I need to puke. So he pulls into a parking lot at the Infomart and I threw up an entire fruit salad. Lucky for the birds.

I guess puking incessantly is probably a factor in my dry socket mess. But seriously? How was I to know?! I mean if I wanted the pain to stop I had to take the meds. I said that if this was anything remotely close to child birth that'd I'd pass - throwing up, pains, aches, nausea and heavy pain meds. NO thank you. (It's okay people, about eight mothers have testified that child birth is way worse.)

And thanks Stu, I feel like we're even now. :)

Aug 5, 2009

Breast feeding doll?!

I'm listening to AM KLBJ 590 and they're reporting on a BREAST FEEDING doll. What's next? Playskool's "Preparing for your menstrual cycle kit"? I can see it now... Simulated pads and tampons and a fake prescription for Yaz to help fix those pesky cramps and acne issues. The doll's name means "Greedy baby" (translated from Spanish) and it simulates breast feeding from a halter-type top with a flower positioned right over the nipple.

Just another toy to prepare women for the ideal "married" life. Why dont they create a divorce game? "Go directly to court. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. If you're lucky, you might get alamony and monitored visitation with the kids."

-- Via the cell

An Open Letter to Zac Efron (and Vanessa Hudgens)


Look. I love you. So do trillions of 13-year-olds. Point being? Ditch the trashy girlfriend! Baby girl Vanessa repeatedly shoots herself in the foot (and shoots herself nude). Remember that naked photo incident in 2007?!!!!!! I do. Lucky for her she was only 17 when she took those, so they were immediately removed from the web because of child indecency laws.

Well, based on these photos, they're pretty recent. And she's still in the nude. What gives?! I mean, this is getting RIDICULOUS. Keep your clothes on, V. Heck, if you want to be naked, fine, just run to Playboy and get some $$$$ out of it (your pride and integrity is already out the window) instead of doing lame-o movies like Bandslam... and don't say I'm being harsh because who is REALLY going to see this movie in the theater (sorry Bobby Bones).

I'm really wondering if these pics were intended for you, Zac, or for some heathen she's cheating on you with. I mean I really hate to say that, really...

Anyway, she should have learned her lesson the first time. If this is a hacking incident, that sucks, otherwise wisen up chick. Your fame is now soley based on the fact that you're Zac Efron's girlfriend and the Disney star who loves to expose her nips.

I'm done. Love ya Zaccy, please ditch this lady lump now.

Aug 3, 2009


Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus
I heard this song on the way back to Dallas from Georgetown with Stu. Once you can get past noticing that her voice is so ridiculously autotuned that it doesn't even sound like her, Miley delivers a bubble-gum pop tune that satisfies everyone's inner teeny bopper. She even mentions Jay-Z and Britney, which if you think about is surprising because Miley would have been only seven when both of these artists first blew up on the Billboard charts (1999).

Closer to Love - Mat Kearney
Really dig this song by Mat. He reminds me of a mix of Keane, Chris Martin and a little of John Mayer all rolled up into one. His voice is perfect for rainy days or for saying good-bye to someone.

Everything I ask For - The Maine
Need to satisfy your alternative rock - high school anthem tooth? I could totally see me jamming to this song in my rockin' Sebring back when I was a junior in high school. If you like Cash Cash or Jack's Mannequin I think you'll get a kick of out this band.

Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
KOL have been around for awhile - I believe their latest album was dropped in Spring '08, but oddly enough their first smash single didn't become such a "smash" until this summer. Talk about being patient, huh? The whole track is wonderful; the vibe, the beat, the melody, the lyrics, the performance. My beau told me they are actually huge OU Sooner fans and used to run around at the tailgates, but I'm sure this year it'll be a tad more difficult for them to mix in with the crowd.

Forest chic

Hey everyone!

Looking for a new hue for your nails? Word on the street is that vivacious green will be making it's debut, which makes me happy because green is my favorite color. Some great colors I found online:


Envy, $6
Nice nail polishes for a reasonable price! The creator made her polishes when she was pregnant and wanted a healthier solution when painting her nails.

Sephora by OPI

Dark Room, $9
OPI is great and you can count on this brand to keep from chipping for weeks.


Fishbone Cactus, $12.50
Priti puts the green in green! An non-toxic, organic nail polish? What could be better? Maybe their soy polish remover...?

Here's your excuse for a mani/pedi! Go treat yourself to some green nails today... your girlfriends will be envious :)

Learn Your Hollywood Starlets

Audrey Hepburn

May 4th, 1929 (Taurus)
Occupation: Stage and Film actress, UNICEF ambassador
Shares a birthday with Katherine Jackson, Kimora Lee Simmons
Origins: Ixelles, Belgium & The Netherlands
Stage debut: Chorus Girl in High Button Shoes
First feature film: One Wild Oat (1951)
First Award: Tony Award for Best Actress in 1954 for Ondine
Notable movies: Sabrina, Roman Holiday, Funny Face, The Nun's Story, Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, Always (last screen role)
Children: Sean, Luca
Date of Death: January 20th, 1993
Interesting facts: Audrey was the muse for designer Givenchey. She was formally trained in ballet but only made two musicals her entire career. She was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George H. Bush. She was nominated for five academy awards but only won one for her performance in Roman Holiday, in which she had no prior acting experience. Audrey spoke five languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian. In My Fair Lady, she wasn't actually singing - another woman's voice was dubbed in place of hers. Powered by Blogger.
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