Aug 3, 2009

Forest chic

Hey everyone!

Looking for a new hue for your nails? Word on the street is that vivacious green will be making it's debut, which makes me happy because green is my favorite color. Some great colors I found online:


Envy, $6
Nice nail polishes for a reasonable price! The creator made her polishes when she was pregnant and wanted a healthier solution when painting her nails.

Sephora by OPI

Dark Room, $9
OPI is great and you can count on this brand to keep from chipping for weeks.


Fishbone Cactus, $12.50
Priti puts the green in green! An non-toxic, organic nail polish? What could be better? Maybe their soy polish remover...?

Here's your excuse for a mani/pedi! Go treat yourself to some green nails today... your girlfriends will be envious :)

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