Aug 26, 2009

I am slightly (really) obsessed with the website I saw my friend Katie was a fan on it on facebook (Hi, G!) and I'm pretty sure Lauren brought it up this past weekend at dinner, however I had no idea what she was talking about.

It's basically an online portal for all things TCU - events, sports, a calendar of everything school and non-school related going on in DFW, fun stories about fashion, music, "life," - and some of these stories even have CURSE words in them! The start-up team and contributors are all from TCU which is fantastic (even small child Rian Brooks - a THETA!) and they're all students which makes it even more awesome.

Thoughts running through my head right now:
- This Mike Vosters character needs to figure out how to sell this portal to other schools if he isn't already trying to do so
- Why the hell am I not still a student? Heck, I've visited the site six times in the past 15 minutes
- If this site reported hard news from campus (not so much entertainment), The Skiff readership would be completely depleted.
- Sorry for the above statement, but it's true - every opinion comment of mine that was printed in The Skiff was inevitably altered so it sounded prettier than what I was actually saying - and trust me, if I was writing to The Skiff, it wasn't to be pretty.
- I just read over the Hubb-ictionary. I'm pretty sure I know most of the Pi Kapps who trademarked some of those words. Funny how tradition continues!

Well, this site made me even MORE excited for homecoming than I was before. I cannot wait. See you all on the 29th!

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