Sep 29, 2009

I don't see the harm so are you game

Brit Brit's bringing the heat with her new single! I got Val to hi-jack the file for me since it isn't on iTunes yet and I'm so PSYCHED! Don't worry, I totally plan on buying it but for now I need to feed my hunger to play it on repeat 800 times today.

It's called "3."

And, not shockingly, it's about... well, loving in threes if you get my drift.

Val and I keep making up new versions of it:

"1, 2, 3, Peter Paul Mary
4, 28, 87, I'm in Heaven
in-fin-it-y, is that even a number?"

Yet it's very catchy and it actually reminds me a little bit of "Brave New Girl" off her third album, Britney. This is the first song that I've actually loved since "Piece of Me" back in '07.

I'm working on getting the track up here. For now just search the internets for it!

Would you not attend someone's wedding if it was on your favorite team's game day?

Stewart, I know you're trying to reiterate your point with this article, however this didn't convince me of anything. Basically you OU fans are still a bunch of crazies and if you'd seriously consider not going to a friend's (brother, sister, relative of any kind) wedding just because it's on an OU game day then I don't know what to think about that.

I'm just saying a) it shouldn't matter and b) you're going to have a lot of people getting married on the same day.

So, blog readers, what do you think? Acceptable to plan your wedding around a sports schedule or not?

"So... what do you do again?"

Frequently in LA I am asked the loaded question, "So, what are you out here for?"

I guess it should be pretty simple to say, "Oh, I'm a singer," or "What I really want to do is act!" But I don't. I dabble in singing for fun, say, in the shower or perhaps in my car and my acting experience doesn't exceed 10th grade theater productions. However it's quite difficult for me to answer that question because honestly? I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm interested in a variety of things, however my main focus is to one day be on E! corresponding for red carpet events or dishing on the latest celebrity news; eventually having my own talk show. But I know that I am not going to just land something so spectacular. It's going to take a lot of hard work, networking, and worst of all waiting. I know I have several other skills though that would benefit places like talent agencies, PR firms and event planning companies, so I best utilize myself at those places as well. So, in the mean time, while meeting every person I possibly can, I'll work and work and work my up way the totem pole, hopefully landing myself some type of gig over at E! and then eventually making it all happen.

So, point being: I got a call late on Saturday night from a TCU alum I recently contacted. Her name is Brenda and she works at Sony, has for 14 years, and pretty much is amazing. She told me she was sorry for not responding to my e-mail but that her friend who is a producer needed some PA's (production assistants) for a gig he was doing at LA Live! (where Staples and Nokia Theater are). Would I be interested? YES. All I need is a "production assistant" credit on my resume and that opens up a whole new can of worms.

I immediately accepted and on Sunday I was off to Club Nokia to get started. I met with Dennis Kornegay, the producer, and got rolling. He had me doing everything! Hauling boxes, pushing carts (they were heavy, trust me), making copies, hanging signs... everything. I even had to go run errands to grab a pack of Michelob Ultra and Bud Light for the comedians performing. The gig was called the "Latino Knights of Laughter" and featured several different latino comedians for a TV show. It was overall a great time however know I know what's up while the audience is enjoying the show - a million other people are behind the scenes making it happen. I got to see the camera control room and how they decide to change camera angles and the precision all that takes. I witnessed the stage set-up beforehand and how they can take a blank canvas and turn it into something vibrant and eye popping. And I participated in all facets of the show - set-up, ticket sales, security, merchandise... everything! So it was a great experience and my event planning activities actually helped me out a lot.

The day was long however. I arrived at 11:00 sharp that morning and didn't leave until 2:00 a.m. the next day. The pay was excellent though, especially since I didn't even think I was going to get paid at all.

Sep 25, 2009

E!'s "That Morning Show!"

Okay finally! Here is the video of me and Kristen from Sunless Studio on E!'s new morning show, "That Morning Show!" And yes, the dude is the guy from the Real World/Road Rules challenges. haha!

Sep 24, 2009

On my radar

The past few days have been a little hectic. On top of working at the tanning studio, I'm helping to plan a charity benefit event to celebrate breast cancer awareness month (in October); I'm doing background work, trying to get a hosting reel together, trying to FIND an agent and working freelance on websites and twitter backgrounds.

I guess let's start with the studio. I'm working a lot more hours there, however I'm also getting more flexibility on when because we're hiring more people. So that's nice. To be honest, the salon we're currently stationed is a complete train wreck - I mean seriously, the employee turnover there is ludicrous - so they better get it together soon or we are going to have to make some serious changes.

Because the business is fairly new, it has allowed me to spread my communication wings and promote, publicize and market the company. Awesome! I'm in charge of all social networking operations, creating new promotion incentives and maintaining media contacts/creating and sending pitches. It's been great for me because it makes me feel important in some tiny way.

The event we're planning is going to be on October 13th and is called "Breast CANswer" which will benefit My Vision (, a organization that supports fertility preservation in women who have breast cancer. This way they can preserve their eggs so when they go into remission they can have a family! It's such a great cause that we had to incorporate them into our benefit. So we're hosting a mini spa night and silent auction with fabulous gifts like a trip to Puerto Vallarta, a $700 eyelash extension package, shirts donated by Michael Stars and a ton more. I'm pretty stoked! So many different retailers that I contacted offered to donate products. Should be a great night!

I'm working on a Twitter background for Necole Bitchie, founder of! Fun right? I can't wait to get to work on it. Be sure to check her site out!

I went back to Melrose Place today. I was a hostess like I was supposed to be my first go-around (before Ash got sick). It was a lot of fun today! A lot of pulling out "inspiration" from my gig in high school when I was a waitress. Passing out menus, leading restaurant patrons... instead of working with Ashlee again, we got to work with Katie Cassidy (yes, David Cassidy's daughter - ask your Moms, 80s babies) and the actor who plays Jonah. I am most definitely going to be on camera because they had me and the other hostess do a ton of close ups as "Ella" and "Jonah" make their way into the restaurant! So be sure to watch for me in episodes seven, eight and nine which will most likely be at the end of October.

And, finally, Britney Spears - her concert was identical to the one in March, minus costume changes and remixes. However that is not why I'm peeved - I mean I saw the same *NSYNC concert each summer at least three times in a row. What I'm concerned/pissed off about is the fact that Britney looks like she's not even TRYING anymore! I mean seriously! Maybe my expectations are high, but the way she used to perform ranks so much higher than her Circus tour. She doesn't dance as hard, she doesn't even try to pretend she's singing now; not to mention there were no cameras to be found video-ing her, so her fans up in the nosebleeds couldn't see her! We were in the box and although it was an awesome view, it would have been nice to have seen Brit's face on a screen somewhere, ANYWHERE! I don't know if she's just forgetting to move her mouth all together or what... I mean heck, maybe she's on sedatives! I don't know! But the woman owes it to all of her fans to dance harder, pretend like she isn't lip synching (completely) and could at least have addressed us more than just "what's up LA?" Every other concert I've gone to the artist is so personal with their fans that is makes it feel like they are in a small bar venue instead of a huge arena.

Alright. Enough of that. I'm going to bed! I'm res sleepy!


Sep 22, 2009

Miss American Dream

Oh, Britney Spears. I love thee. I remember when I truly fell in love with you - back when I was at the ripe age of 13. I bought black yoga pants, a crop top and a hoodie (per my parents demands); crimped my hair and was the infamous Miss Spears for Halloween. I danced just like you in the "Crazy" video all night and the biggest compliment of all was when a boy who I pretended I hated (but secretly liked) said, "You look like Britney Spears."

Sigh. That's all I ever wanted.

This love never ended. Let's consider my stint in 8th grade when your Pepsi commercial came out. I remember we got at least 40 girls wanting to be in this performance for the talent show - however, the cafeteria stage didn't permit dance troupes of that massive size so we had to cut people out. I remember grabbing the sign-up sheet, tearing it in half and having to tell everyone one the right side they "were out." It was seriously Project Runway style. And sometimes, to this day, I'll get girls going "remember when you were such a b*tch and cut me out of the talent show routine?" (eh hem, VAL). Well, now you know. It wasn't a picky situation, those who "were out" were merely on the wrong side of the page. I mean, heck, my best friend Erin even got cut out.

And then there was that time when I was 18. It was project graduation and humiliation ensued. All I really remember was the process of falling asleep before being hypnotized - then waking up some 90 minutes later to all of my girlfriends going, "OH my God." Allegedly, well, apparently (according to the video taken), I was hypnotized to believe I was the "biggest pop star in the world." You can hear people giggling as the hypnotist says this because most people who know me know my love for you. What they didn't know was that I was going to get up and do a full on dance routine to Toxic, which included me getting on the floor and serenading a gay guy in the audience. I mean I was COMMITTED to this part and the most intriguing thing was that I was under complete hypnosis and don't remember a thing. Horrifying to watch yet a true depiction of my love for you, BJ(ean) Spears.

The point to this? Well, I'm going to see Britney (Miss Spears if you're nasty) tomorrow! AGAIN! Yes, twice in six months. Could I be any more lucky (no pun intended)? This time it's courtesy of Miss @LaurenPerenchio and her box at Staples. Seriously this box has been a part of some of the best experiences I've had in LA, namely the Beyonce Concert.

So enjoy these videos of Brit Brit live from when we saw here on 3/31 in Dallas!

News, News, News

Alright people, there are some news stories I want to speak out on so here we go!

Letterman soars in ratings
On Monday, Mr. President himself Barack Obama was on The Letterman Show. Apparently this sparks a 195% increase in viewership over Conan and only 10% over Leno. Seriously, do I need to say this again? David Letterman is the sh*t. He does not need Obama to do better than Jay or Conan; and while I enjoy Conan and NBC, Letterman is still above and beyond awesome.

Khloe Kardashian to wed Lamar Odom
Um, I think my next statement is an obvious one: I never thought Khloe would be the first Kardashian sister to wed. I mean when Kim was with Reggie I thought it would be inevitable; now that Kourtney is preggers it seems LOGICAL to get hitched, however she makes a ton of money on her own so I don't think there is desperate need to get married to d-bag, or as I like to call him "Chipmunk," Scott. I'm wondering why there is such a bustle to wed with Khloe - not to mention the fact that her own mother hasn't even seen the engagement ring.

Sydney is being engulfed by Hell
Go ahead and click on "Sydney" under trending topics on Twitter. You will witness and view a milli photos of the reddish haze that took over Sydney this morning. Apparently it's dust and people are fearing for their lives. However it looks pretty cool.

Sep 20, 2009

Pictorial of the past month

Fans going on the field for the fireworks show

Fireworks after the Dodger's win!

Katy Perry at The Palladium in Hollywood

On set at Melrose Place

At the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Val's open mic at Casa Princessa

True Blood party! Drinkin' some Tru BLood

Eric and Sookie

Blood shots!

Missing vamp victims

Vamp feed.

A celebratory birthday cake... celebrating nothing

At the "Love Happens" premiere in Westwood

Green room at E!

Green room shot #2

Sep 19, 2009

EA Sports NBA 2k10 party

Last night while driving back from the shoot, I tweeted and mentioned that I needed more friends in LA and asked what was going on in the city of angels. I got a response from celebrity photographer Kevin Ou, who I met through Herman Flores at MH+L magazine.

He DMed me and said that he was on the guest list for the EA Sports NBA 2K10 party but he was working and couldn't go. It was him +1, so if I wanted I could go and bring a friend. I was totally shocked that he would offer for me to go and also really excited! The party started at 6:30 and since LA traffic is ridiculous I had no idea if I'd get there in time. My thinking, however, was that everyone in LA is always late so getting there about an hour behind wouldn't be an issue. Boy was I wrong.

I got back to Beverly Hills around 7:00 and then immediately turned around to go to Hollywood to pick up my friend Andie. She LOVES basketball players and it was rumored that Kobe (Bryant) and Melo (Carmelo Anthony) were going to be in attendance. After I picked her up we headed over to Capital City Sports Bar (where we paid $20 for parking!!!!) and made our way to the door.

As we approached, there was a line of people. "Are you on the guest list?" "Yes." Okay. So we waited. And waited. And last night I have to admit that the LA scene reared it's ugly head! A ton of "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" and "I'm calling my publicist" were going on. Seriously, I was half considering pulling out a few names of my own but I figured I'd be polite and wait my turn.

My favorite part of waiting was a model who showed up. "Yes, I'm here." "Okay mam nobody is getting in right now." "But I'm supposed to walk the red carpet!" (the security guard looks at the empty and dark red carpet) "Uh, you've missed it." "Wait! What?" "That's been over for about and hour and a half." "Crap! I'm too late!" Uh, you know you're an epic failure at life when you a) consider yourself glorious enough to walk a red carpet yet you're alone and are waiting out front with commoners, b) you are two hours late for said red carpet walk and c) nobody is letting you in because nobody knows who the hell you are and plus nobody cares. Seriously, when are people here going to stop embarrassing themselves!!! Unless you are Jesus Christ, Justin Timberlake or any other person I consider to be on the A+ list (as I like to call it); unless you are recognizable without having to tell people who you are, then you need to calm down and wait it out like everyone else. You are not special.

Here's the thing I learned about last night: if you are a hoochie and will promise a BJ for after the party, you'll get in right away. If you show up in a group of eight girls, you'll get in immediately. And if you know someone inside running the party then you could either be a) whisked in with security or b) left outside to witness your party from afar. Andie and I (embarassingly) waited TWO HOURS! TWO! I mean I am not hot sh*t or anything but freakin' a, I'm not a dog either. And I guarantee you I was more attractive then the hoes (trust me - they were) getting let in before me. Sure, I know some people. However, I was trying to prove a point. I don't want to be someone who "knows" someone. Eventually I want to be the person that everyone knows.

I was ready to give up and leave until we were let in. The whole debacle was that the guest list was lost and had they had it we would have been let in, oh, and hour and a half earlier. Wah wah wah. I think this was another lesson learned: right when you give up, someone helps you out and you achieve what you've been waiting for. And then you get free drinks.

However, while waiting, we got to stand next to Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Juicy J from Three-Six Mafia AND (drumroll please) DR. DRE! It was like Christmas. I was dying to go and meet him however he left before I got a chance to let him know that my rendition of "Forgot About Dre" makes the angels sing.

Once we got inside we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it was an open bar. Score! This sports bar is something only to be found in LA - it looked more like a trendy nightclub than anything. Andie met some creepster who apparently used to be a basketball player (Stephan Johnson or something) and after seeing him basically sexually harass her I decided that was our cue to leave.

On our way out we got swag bags which included in the NBA 2k10 game for Wii and some other goodies. I guess I'll be sending mine to Stu! :)

Last Night

First of all, if you don't have it, download Justin Timberlake's "Last Night." One of my favorite songs by him!

Well, yesterday was kind of nuts. Let's start from the beginning.

I woke up bright and early because me, Kristen and Megan were going to IBM studios where E! does a lot of shooting. Sunless Studio is making their national debut on E!'s new morning show, "That Morning Show!" (clever, right?) Anyway, one of the hosts is Mark from all of the Real World/Road Rules orgys that usually go on. I mean this man is 38-years-old and appears to be only 21. I was DYING to ask him about Kelly (Kelly Anne from Sydney) since we briefly were in high school together but figured that might be odd.

So we get there at 11:30 and get set up. We were the first ones there so as we sat in the green room I changed the music from soft, spa-like tranquility to 80s and 90s hits. Slowly but surely about nine other guests made their way in - a Mom blogger, a punk gardener, a comedian, a personal trainer, an at-home chef; seriously this place was hoppin' with random people. Not to mention airbrush tanners were there (us) so it made things even spicier. Once there, we helped ourselves over at craft services and got some nom noms because we were starving. Then the make-up artists took us in and touched us up. I always love going on set and having heard a make-up artist say, "Your makeup looks great!" because that means I pretty much know that the piles of powder and concealer I'm putting on for the camera actually look good and aren't going to be terrifying to the general public.

Once that was finished, we started rehearsals. It was really exciting to see how a morning show works, albeit it's not live, but whatev. The camera movements, the teleprompters, the lighting - it was all very interesting to me. I have to admit that the whole time the hosts were reading off the prompters I was dying to try it myself just to see how I'd do.

The fun part about our segment is that we airbrush our model, Megan, on the show. There's no waiting. We start spraying her immediately after we are finished interviewing and then while other segments are going on we go into the hall, finishing spraying that half of her body and when we return to the set she's half white/half tan. It's hilarious! Seriously, best costume idea ever - she looks like she fell asleep on her side at the beach. We tanned her a little dramatically so the audience could see that a major difference.

Once we return to set, we discuss what we did to Megan, how we did it and then plug a big breast cancer awareness event we have coming up.

Rehearsals are over, which equals a lot of waiting. Wait, wait, wait. Then it's time to shoot! YES! We basically go back on set and do the same thing all over again. It was really great exposure for the studio and who knows, maybe someone will see it and say to themselves, "SHE NEEDS TO BE A TV HOST!" and then the rest will be history. (In my dreams, right?)

The shooting ended around 4:30 for us which meant hell on wheels because the drive back from Irvine to Beverly Hills was horrendous. We were in the car two and a half hours! Gag me! However we did have some great times singing Wilson Phillips "Hold On" and discussing our families. We even drove by Disney Land! AH! I am so dying to go. Apparently it's $90 to get in? That price is not a dream come true. Maybe I'll wish upon a star and the prices will decrease.

When we drove by, this sparked a convo about Disney World and the fireworks show at DisneyLand. "It's truly magical" and "Brings a tear to your eye" were definitely said. Let's be honest, I am turning into my mother, meaning I cry at everything. There are always bets around Christmas about when Mom will cry. I cry about everything now; I freaking cry when I watch that Dawn "Wash Away" commercial when they wash the little animals that have been covered in oil, I cry when I think about the poor little man I saw at the bar last week that didn't have anyone to talk to and he was so nice. It's truly saddening. Point being? I will probably get a little teary eyed when I go to Disney Land. It will be reminiscent of the time I went to the World when I was six. My mom and dad did everything they could to make sure our room was able to overlook Cinderella's Castle and when we got there I went to the window and saw it. It was night time and it was sparkling and lit up in pinks and blues. I let out a sigh and my mom asked, "What's wrong Kirbie?" and I said, "It's just so beautiful!" and started to cry.

What is it about Disney? Who knows. I totally plan on going soon though!

Read more about what I did last night in the next post!

Sep 16, 2009


So maybe you will remember my post where I mentioned I bought a leotard from American Apparel; it's black and mesh and it's going to be a part of my Lady Gaga outfit. Well, LOOK who had to go and freakin' wear it on the COVER of ROLLING STONE!!!!!

Seriously, I want to kill her. How dare she?! Stealing my thunder? Well, I'm still going to wear it unless I find something else as super fantastic as it.

A fun little site

How many are there of you?!

Well, there are 11 or fewer people in the United States with the name "Kirbie Johnson."

There are fewer than 1,537 people in the US named "Kirbie."

There are, however, 2,116,373 people in the US with the last name "Johnson." It is the second most popular last name.

Now, those of you who really know me know that my biological last name is "Jaks."

There are only 157 people with that last name; coincidentally, there is only one (or less) people with the name Kirbie Jaks. I wonder if that person was (is?) me before I got my name changed? Or perhaps another Kirbie Jaks has been born.

Peculiar, eh?

Valentina's Voices

My roommate is an amazing singer and songwriter. She has a lot of endeavors going on and I think you should get acquainted!

Valentina's Voices
Valentina recently rocked Power Chord Academy in NYC where she helped young singers and songwriters perfect their own tunes and create new ones. After her sessions went completely filled the entire month, she decided to offer lessons here in LA! If you know anyone who is in need of a voice teacher OR if you're looking to work on your own vocals, contact her! And lucky for everyone not living in LA - she does SKYPE lessons! Visit her page to read up and how you can get your own personal lesson. Tell her that Kirbie referred you!
Twitter: @vsvoices

After Power Chord Academy, Val came home and met a friend of a friend, Dante. He plays the guitar and sings; Val and him hit it off immediately. Their first day together equated in a very well written song. They even have a cover of "Eternal Flame" which is awesome! I enjoy watching them at their open mics. They are now a duo/band!
Twitter: @dantevalentina

Valentina is a loving roommate, survived by myself, Ali and Nomi (the cat). Follow her on Twitter: @mitzkat

Sep 15, 2009

My night at the movies

Val got an e-mail from The Daily Candy going something like this:

Invited? To a RED CARPET event?! You know I'm there!

Let me explain. Val and I have had this "bond" if you will over the movie Love Happens. It was after she had gotten back from a month in New York City and we went to go see 500 Days of Summer (which we loved!). In anticipation of the movie, we got the pleasure of watching the preview/trailer for Love Happens. First off, the trailer is terrible. I was psyched to see Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston together, however this movie looked like it was going nowhere - and fast? The Fray song? Seriously?! This is going to be a miserable, miserable film. And that TITLE! I mean were they even trying? Love Happens? Once we realized it was supposed to be an ironic/not so coincidental twist on "shit happens," Val and I looked at each other with pure disgust and mostly horror.

We knew we had to see it.

However, would we pay for it? H-no! I mean movies here are equivalent to taking out a quarter of my savings. Tickets are expensive and the refreshments are astronomical; pair that with the parking here in LA and you're looking at around $25 just for one person. Ouch.

Then we got this glorious e-mail. Val did, rather. We knew we had to go. A free movie? During a premiere even?! OK!

Tonight was the premiere and we got there around 6:00. Our tickets were at will call so I dropped Val off to get in line while I parked the car. The premiere was in Westwood close to the UCLA campus and let me tell ya - I was so thrilled to be around a college campus again! It looked like a town instead of a crazy city and there was a cute little block of restaurants and bookstores and things of that nature. I hadn't seen so many kids my age since last spring! It made me very reminiscent.

We got a free parking pass which was awesome, so I parked and high-tailed it to the theater. Once there, I found Val in a long line waiting for our tickets. Here's the deal: we were on the RSVP list but nobody was guaranteed to get in. Drats! We were never going to make it! Until we did.

We received a legitimate assigned ticket which was awesome and we walked a red carpet to get into the theater! Once inside, there were piles of popcorn bags and sodas and waters stacked up ready for everyone. What?! FREE CONCESSIONS?! Are you kidding me? Who knew a freakin' movie premiere would be the cheapest movie I'd ever seen?

After getting our snacks we made our way to the balcony and our seats. We had a great view and the theater was gorgeous. We waited what seemed to be forever until the movie finally started without any previews.

Now, I was very skeptical of the movie. However, Aaron Eckhart was awesome and I really did enjoy the message of the movie. It was not really a love story at all. Frankly? Jennifer Aniston could have be completely removed from the script and it still would have been a nice movie. And the title is completely deceiving. Val suggested Accidents Happen and I totally agree that that title would have been more accurate than the real one.

Even though we didn't see Jen or Aaron, the thrill of being there was enough for me. We asked another patron whom we overheard saying used to work movie premieres about the celebrities and where they sit and she told us that sometimes they just walk the red carpet and leave or they'll sit in a big group with the crew. Among the commoners such as us?! Wow!
We decided to finish off our "date" at Mr. Noodle (yum!) and with a nonfat, five pump chai latte from Starbs. A great finish to a great night! I can finally say I attended a movie premiere. Mark that off my list!

Sep 14, 2009

What is gone is not lost

Even though today is a day to celebrate, it is also a day that deserves some remembrance.

My grandmother passed away on September 14th, 2005 at the age of 74. She had COPD and her body couldn't handle it much longer. Even though I knew her time was coming, it's always hard to lose someone you love.

She was the best grandma in the world. I remember getting in her makeup stash as a little girl and basically drawing all over myself with lipstick. She didn't get mad at me at all. At her townhouse in Houston there was a huge closet under the stairs that was filled with mostly toys for me to play with. And she introduced me to things like Praline's and Cream ice cream as well as these delish croissant/chicken things that she would make every Thanksgiving.

For most of my teenage life, she was in a wheelchair. We transported oxygen tanks everywhere with her because it helped her to breathe. She took many medications, vitamins, supplements, etc. that her poor little feet became so dry that they would peel. Luckily for her I am a little weirdo and I would get her tweezers and pluck off the dead pieces of skin like a little monkey. :)

I am going to share a story that is so close to my heart. Bare with me here.

When I left for college, I drove over to Mima's house to tell her bye. I walked in and she was sitting in her chair staring out the window. As I approached her, I said "Hi Mima!" and she got a smile on her face and asked me what I was doing. I told her I had come over to say goodbye because I was leaving for college the next day. We sat and she told me how proud she was of me and she knew I was going to do great things in my life. She also told me to please be safe and that I will always be "little" to her.

After a few more exchanges I got up and we both knew it was time for me to go. She gave me some money for Proactiv (she knew I used it religiously) and I leaned down to her height (she was in a wheelchair) and hugged her tiny body. She smelled like Jergens lotion. As I hugged her, I cried.  A lot. For some reason I felt like this would be the last time I'd have this type of interaction with my grandmother. I was so sad to leave, but she was very strong and did not cry, which was so true to her character: a dignified, hard as nails woman -- but with a heart of gold.

I went off to college and we'd talk on the phone from time to time over the first few weeks. She congratulated me on getting into a sorority and settling in at TCU. But in September, her health started to deteriorate. I got really sick one weekend and had to skip class on Monday when my mom called and asked me to come into town. "Mima isn't doing too well." I drove home as fast as I could. It's funny what you remember from significant moments in your life, and I remember listening to Backstreet's "I Just Want You to Know" on repeat on that drive from Fort Worth to Georgetown.

When I got to the hospital, it was a little eerie. I didn't know what to expect. Was she going to be her normal self? Or was she on the edge? I had no idea. What I did know was that I was walking to the same wing that I was in when my little brother was born. However, I wasn't aware that the room she was in was the same exact room Nick was born in!

I stayed the whole day at the hospital. She wasn't her old self, obviously. She was very weak and, like most people can, I could tell it was her time. All of my Mom's brothers and sisters made their way into town to give their last goodbyes, which was heart-wrenching to witness. It was incredibly heartbreaking, knowing your about to lose someone, but also to see your elders so heartbroken too. The silver lining was I having everyone in the same room together.

 Later that night, I was sitting in the room and was looking at Mima from across the way. My mom was rubbing her head, when Mima started talking. I don't think she was very coherent - her eyes were closed - but she kept saying things to my mom, here and there. She described different people she was seeing and then she told my Mom to tell Roger (my uncle) that he needs to play and that he'll win "10 to 2." I heard this and ran out of the room to find him.

He was playing for the Astros at the time and had a game the next day, September 14th; a Wednesday. I found my Uncle on a bench, tired and collecting him thoughts, and told him that Mima said he would win his next game 10-2. He got a big smirk on his face and said, "Wel,l now I know she's talking crazy... because we can barely get two runs." The Astros were not having a great season so it was pretty comical she said anything like that.

The next day, we knew it was time. Her heart rate was getting slower. One of the last memories  I remember was all of us standing around her hospital bed, the Patron Saint of our family, holding hands and praying. It was so hard seeing all of her children upset, but surprisingly I didn't cry. I think I was just happy she was going to be in a better place.

It's so bizarre: she passed on the same day, in the hospital, in the same room that my brother my born, 13 years before. (She was born on January 13th.) So many divine things lined up that it was hard not believe that God had a heavy hand in what happened next.

That night I had to drive back to TCU because I couldn't miss anymore school. On my way there (besides getting a speeding ticket) I was listening to the AM radio station broadcasting the Astros game. My uncle had driven back to Houston as well to pitch; many didn't understand his decision but we all did. It's what Mima would have wanted.

When I turned on the radio I was shocked - bottom on the 9th inning, and the Astros were up 10-1. What the heck?! There was no way. Then, before the last out of the game, the other team got a hit and the score was 10-2.

10-2. Exactly what Mima had said! We all knew she wasn't a soothsayer or psychic; it was divine intervention. I will never forget that memory to this day because it just reaffirms that there is a God, He is good, and He can heal any broken heart.


The problem with moving away has been the month of September. So much happens during this month that My OCD self has been going NUTS.

I'm not entirely OCD. My issues with having concrete "plans" have slowly dissolved since moving out here to LA. Am I still crazy when I think about something that I can't find? Yes. I will not be satisfied until it is found. Sometimes I will think about things that serve little importance to me and MUST find them in order to feel okay about it. Otherwise I'm in for an upset stomach.

However, this also carries over the events and people. This past week I knew my little brother was going to get a new car for his birthday. I was nauseous thinking about him getting his surprise without me being there. I mean I feel this is a big deal and I'm missing out on it.

The coming weeks will be equally as tough. My boyfriend's old roommate is getting married. I had planned all the while to go to the wedding before I made my move. I mean I was there when he first met her and after he proposed - why wouldn't I go to the wedding? However getting from LA to Dallas is not as easy as 1-2-3. There are never any deals for those flights because it's such a popular trip.

And while all of my friends are going to attend the first Horned Frog football game, I'm going to be here airbrushing more naked people.

However, there is a light at the end of all of this dark tunnel. I feel like this place is starting to become home. Last night I went to an official gathering with "friends" and had a great time. It was a house party and we were celebrating the finale of True Blood. The whole place was decked out with decorations which reminded me of Halloween and feeling the nice breeze come through the doors of the upstairs balcony got me really excited for the next few months.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little babis of a brother! He's not so little anymore since he's 17 but you get it. He shares a birthday with Amy Winehouse, Sean Preston & Jayden James Spears-Federline.

The VMAs in my personal opinion

First off, congrats to MTV for putting on a proper tribute to Michael Jackson. Having Madonna speak candidly about him put things in perspective; the professional dancers definitely served his dancing justice and having Janet dance with him via the big screen was truly a memory in the making.

Next, Russell Brand. Last year I didn't think he was that funny. This year he had me laughing out loud. That comment about the Jonas Brothers? "They had to (forgive me), they're Christians." bah ha ha ha ha.

For my thoughts on Taylor Swift and douche bag, see below's post.

Green Day was a solid choice, however I'm always asking myself why they pick really crappy "alternative" videos for that category? The best Fall Out Boy video would have been "America's Suitehearts" and I think it might have won if nominated. Although I do understand Green Day's legacy.

T.Swift: LOVED the performance. Totally what I wanted to see. It had the whimsical aspect (that one could possibly walk down that subway and see her there) and the "larger than life" tones - imagine being one of her fans sitting next to her in the subway car. I think she performed really well considering her previous circumstances.

Lady Gaga: Now, I know my mom thinks she is nuts and slightly gothic and morbid; however, I really found her performance riveting. She can sing like nobody's business... that's one of the strongest female vocal performances I've ever heard - I mean, we're used to hearing, er, not hearing, Britney lip-synch (and last year Christina even lip synched!). She looked good and she created a story with the performance which fit perfectly with the theme of the song. And she played an actual instrument which was awesome, not to mention she started BLEEDING. Bleeding for the music, people. It's all relevant. She bleeds for the music, she bleeds because of what society and media has created out of the art of music and fame. It's symbolic, get over it. Maybe I am just sick in the head or slightly morbid but I can't stop watching her perform it. She's so interesting.

Katy Perry's face when Russell speaks about Megan Fox is absolutely priceless. "Shut the hell up already."

How the hell did Britney Spears win for Womanizer?!!!!! Beyonce and Gaga most definitely should have been the top contenders.

Wow, Seth Cohen is back! Woo hoo! Megan Fox, you're a lucky hoe and frankly I could probably do your job better than you. Just let me lose 20 pounds.

I'm seriously thinking that people pay off MTV to win awards. Like last year when Britney won Best Video of the Year for "Piece of Me." I'm quite certain there were better videos. Not to mention how did she win this year?! HOW? Gaga hold so many different records in her ONE YEAR of being relevant to the music scene... it's amazing to think Britney surpassed her.

Random thought: I don't know if I can go to the Lady Gaga concert this year because she is co-headlining with d-bag. I mean it would be like if Beyonce was co-headlining with Chris Brown.

Okay, Green Day is awesome. I love how it's a huge mosh pit on stage right now.

I should probably at least see the first Twilight movie so I can understand the hype. Ok, now having seen the new trailer I am kind of interested in seeing the first one.

Ne-yo, what a babe.

Beyonce!!! I love this song, "Sweet Dreams" and I'm LOVING the twist. Her body is banging!!!
I have no words. She might as well be a saint. I would totally be a follower of a Beyonce religion if there was one. I am more determined to learn the whole "Single Ladies" dance now! Meoooooooow!

The fact that fans started cheering "Taylor" at the mention of Kanye West is amazing.

I can't help but laugh thinking about how TI couldn't give an acceptance speech. Prison: 1, MTV: 0

Muse is playing. I like them and all, but I'm wondering how they are relevant to the awards right now.

Alright. Finally Gaga wins an award! She's crazy but I LOVE it.

And of course, Saint Beyonce saves the day by letting Taylor have her moment. That's moral fiber, people.

Sep 13, 2009

What should have been said at the awards

I'm sure you have watched or saw what happened between Kanye and Taylor Swift at the VMAs. I know she was probably really caught off guard and maybe holding back tears, but some reasonable rebuttles would have been:

"First off, I want to apologize to Beyonce for being brought into this mortifying situation. Also, let's be honest, she's probably going to win Video of the Year. And congrats Kanye on stabilizing your position as biggest douche bag in the music business."

Or, my personal choice:

"I guess Kanye is still pissed off that he's never won at the VMA's before."

Sep 12, 2009

Get your highs here

Freaking terrifying yet amusing and somewhat amazing.

My favorites:

Pirouette Silhouette
(for this one, it took me awhile. I saw her going clockwise but then focused on the text and she turned the opposite direction. Val noticed her left foot is up when she is going counter clockwise; vice versa for clockwise)

Holophonic sounds

Odd huh?

Sep 11, 2009

Apple Trailers

Movies worth seeing: (side note: I totally cried during this one) (most anticipated!)

Sep 10, 2009

So this is awkward...

I haven't told anyone about this because I wasn't sure what exactly was going on, but last week I was called by MTV and they asked me if I'd be willing to be filmed for a potential TV series/pilot. I can't give away too much detail, but I said yes. I faxed over my release last Friday and had my first stint of filming yesterday. It was pretty odd. I had to get all mic-ed up and then simulate different scenarios.

I think that first paragraph makes me sound like I'm on The Hills - trust me, I'm not. But I am filming again today so hopefully I don't look like a big idiot. Who knows, maybe you'll see me on TV soon.

So what am I doing with my life right now? Currently? I just finished my internship so I am working a lot. Other than that I'm trying to get my foot in the door with hosting so I am considering going to a few hosting workshops just to get more camera ready. If you all have any suggestions on that be sure to let me know!

Have a great Thursday! If you're in Fort Worth go to Yucatan and drink a marg for me.

An apartment has never been so complex

Tuesday I got asked to return to Melrose Place. This time I was playing a bar patron so I figured the call would be a lot bigger. It was. I got there all decked out like they asked of me and once I hit wardrobe they told me they were "steering clear of black" and handed me this slinky, SHORT, silver, one-sleeved, short, off-the-shoulder, SHORT dress. I was like okay? So I put it on and they're all thinking it's fabulous. They give me huge glitzy earrings to wear. Trust me, nobody was not going to notice me in this little number. I can say I looked like a contrived mix of Cyndi Lauper via Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century.

So we go over to the set and get rolling. The first scene was in the Coal's Restaurant/Bar, which is where everyone was eating in the first episode. If this place was real I would be there all of the time because it's really super trendy looking. My first task? Holding a fake cocktail (a cosmo), walking down a set of stairs to the bar and taking a shot. Yup. Doing it 800 times really made me want a drink. Then we would wait and wait and wait and wait and then shoot a new scene. Mine next one was walking into this little lounge behind where the main cast was shooting and talking to a group of girlfriends after they had turned down two guys trying to hit on them. Turns out, one of the girls was from Rock of Love! haha! I kept thinking I knew her and then it clicked. Anyone remember Jessica? She was pretty normal and deemed "not rock enough" for Brett. She's really nice and we hit it off. It's funny though because for a long time I thought I might have gone to school with her!

After that scene we went back to the holding area. The holding area is awesome because it means FREE FOOD! This time there was a soft serve ice cream truck and then an assorted mix of fruit, veggie and cheese plates, as well as rice cakes, candy bars, coffee, etc. I mean seriously, so much money is spent on crap like that! I'm not complaining though. I mean, I was working really hard ;) Pantomiming is annoying as it is, at least reward me with a free sundae.

The last and final scene was back in the restaurant, however this time I was sitting down for dinner. They use real courses and just freeze them to preserve their look. So we had a lovely little dinner for four starting with a tomato, basil and mozzarella plate, then our main courses were chicken, pork, steak and lobster raviolli. Mmm. They looked so good - I was considering digging in but remembered it was like 10 hours old.

During that scene I was on a "date" I guess and the guy I was sitting across from was really funny. I can't tell if he was gay or not but he was making me laugh the whole time so it wasn't awkward. Eventually we memorized the lines of the main cast so we started mouthing them to each other from across the table to simulate like we were having a very intense dinner convo. There is definitely a kitchen fight in this scene so we all had to react.

The people I got to see that day were Ashlee, the girl who plays Riley, the guy who plays Auggie and another dude who I know is a main character but I don't know his name. Ashlee is so fricken skinny that I am shocked she is a mom. I mean have you seen Bronx? The kid is a monster baby! Huge! I'm surprised she can carry him! Even though I thought I'd be like "holy crap! There's Ashlee!" It really wasn't a huge deal. I consider that a huge step in my book. Before long she was just another actress that I had to walk by to get to my barstool to sit.

Anyway, I've been getting a lot of calls! So hopefully I can continue to work on set. I've been asked to be on Flash Forward, The Forgotten and Accidentally on Purpose but haven't been able to do those due to work. I'm supposed to be on the 7th/8th episode of Melrose so I'll be sure to warn you to see if you can spot me!


Wow, I am a little surprised at how many messages I got about not blogging since Monday. However a lot has gone on soooo let's start with Sunday.

My family (Aunt, Uncle and cousins) came into town for a vacay. So they picked me up early Sunday and we headed directly to Hollywood Blvd.

We also got a "Star Map" and did touristy things like visit Michael Jackson's home that he rented in Beverly Hills; the one he died it. It was very heartbreaking. However it was neat seeing all of the gifts, notes and letters that Michael's fans from around the world brought to him for his birthday. There was a star tour taking place and the guide goes, "Some designer is moving into this mansion but I don't know who" and I'm like, "It's Christian Audigier!" Seriously, I'd be the best tour guide EVER. I think Ken Baker over at E! needs to hire me as a celebrity correspondent.

The eerie part of Michael's home was the fact that it was two houses down from Elvis' last home. We also went to the famous Mulholland Drive and saw all of the beautiful estates. Trust me, I'll be living there soon. It's so beautiful!

We saw the intersections where Halle Berry got into her accident as well as where Lindsay Lohan rolled her car. It's like, heeeeeeeello people, these intersections are not that crazy. Learn to drive! And don't be drunk while doing so!

After that we ventured to Melrose to shop. I mean honestly I have no idea if this is true or not, but did you know Melrose Place is coming back?! I couldn't tell by the billions of posters all over the street. They REALLY wanted to reiterate to Melrose that the show was going to be on. Honestly, I am not to hyped up about the show. Wah wah. The only thing really drawing me in is Ashlee Simpson. It doesn't have the pizazz that 90210 had last year.

Once we left Hollywood we headed back to Lancaster to watch my cousin play his second-to-last game of the season! Go figure that I would be in the bathroom when he hits a home run! But those aren't few and far between, as far as I can tell he practically hits one every game. Point? MOVE HIM UP A LEAGUE! Or crickey, move him up a few leagues! I'm ready to see him hit off Andy Petite :)

Sep 7, 2009

#music monday

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. Don't worry, my family has been lending me their hard earned cash to do so because I am poor and when considering if I should get my oil changed or buy that hot little number from Urban, I decide having reliable transportation is always in style.

Back to shopping. I love going into stores when they have the mood music going. I'm a power shopper; I shuffle through the racks like a mad woman and then go back one more time for a detailed look and the music helps me out the whole live long day. Here are some songs I've heard throughout my shopping ventures this weekend.

- Don't You Forget About Me, The Breakfast Club soundtrack
Right now I'm entirely too lazy to create another tab and look up the actual artist that sings this, but if there is one thing you can take away from this song it's that it created the best atmosphere for the fist pump at the end of The Breakfast Club. A great 80s vibe that kind of makes me want to go back to high school (for a split second at least).

- Love Letter to Japan, The Bird and The Bee
I previously checked this song in a recent post and I heard it today at Forever XXI. I was pretty psyched about it and for a minute I tried on a Harajuku outfit only to be extremely disappointed with the end result. When I write the screenplay for Bergdorg Blondes I will be sure to note to the music director that this song has to be included in a fashion show or party scene. I am yours, I am yours for as long as you will have me...

- Paranoid, Kanye West ft. Mr. Hudson
I love me some Kan. And now with my new spiffy "I Am T-Pain" autotuner I can sound like him! This video features Rihanna so that makes it extra likable in my book. The real reason I love this song? I can booty pop to it all night long. Just imagine a club, some disco lights and me getting down. Plus Kanye is sassy: "You wanna check into the Heartbreak Hotel but sorry we're closed." Snap!

Okay, I also am including a little section to this post called "My Most Played." I got on iTunes and here are the songs that have the most plays:

1. Hot N Cold, Katy Perry - 151 plays (no surprise here)
2. In Your Atmosphere (Live), John Mayer - 105 plays
3. A Night to Remember, High School Musical cast - 82 plays (um... I have no excuse for this)
4. Can't Stop, Dondria - 73 plays
5. Right Here, Miley Cyrus - 68 plays
6. Sugar Rush, Cash Cash - 61 plays
7. Starstruck, Lady Gaga & Flo Rida - 60 plays
8. Labels of Love, Fergie - 59 plays
9. We're the Chipmunks, The Chipmunks - 58 plays (I'm sorry)
10. The More Boys I Meet, Carrie Underwood - 58 plays

So there. If anything, I hope you got some new downloads out of this mix!

Sep 6, 2009

Vote for my cousin!!! KOBY CLEMENS #21

Hey everyone!

Do me a HUGE favor and go to this link. My cousin Koby is in a contest and I'd appreciate all of you going and voting for him. He's had a GREAT season and hopefully he'll get moved up from the Jethawks to the Corpus Christi Hooks soon. Before long there will be two cousins in the public eye... me and Kobinator! ;)

The poll is at the left hand side of the page. Just vote for Koby Clemens and voila! All done.

Thanks everyone!

Sep 5, 2009

Here comes the bride

Your wedding day should be the most stress free day of your life, right? Well, after yesterday I reaffirmed my thought that I would never be able to hire someone else to plan my wedding. I will need absolute and complete control over what is going on (yikes). It was the last day of my internship and it ended with a big wedding to work. My boss is hosting a new reality show, so this wedding is a part of that. It's about a twist on proposing and it's somewhat of a guessing game. Kind of fun, right? I can't give too much away right now.

Anyway, we started at 11:00 am and didn't end until 11:00 p.m. There was a lot of waiting, a lot of last minute changes, and a lot of learning going on. Rachel (my boss) is a wonderful teacher and was very calm and collected regardless of what was thrown at her. She didn't like the centerpieces so we improvised and they turned out looking pretty great. The staff at this particular venue were a) rude and b) nuts so I'll be sure to never book my own (or client's) wedding there. The bride and groom were really presh but they practice the Bahai faith - look it up - the ceremony and everything were rather tradish. It was also rumored that they had never kissed before their kiss at the altar and there was definitely no alcohol at the reception. Truly, it sounds like my boyfriend's worst nightmare.

Anyway, after a lot of prepping the wedding got underway. It went really well! The weather was perfect and the bride looked gorge; really everything was spectacular looking, minus this HIDEOUS cake. I can't even explain to you how terrible it looked. It was leaning sideways and the decorator stuck some roses in it which actually made it look worse, the ice was falling off and it was sitting atop of aluminum foil. Gag.

Yesterday I also got another call to work on set again! I'll keep you posted.

Have a great Labor Day weekend and Saturday Game Day!!!

Sep 3, 2009

Tonight sucks.

Tonight sucks and here is why.

I got home eager to talk to Stewart. I have been missing him a lot lately so I always like it when we have our Skype time to chat and talk about things. As I was talking to him, my computer fell from where I had propped it up. Okay, should be fine. It's a Mac so it's durable.

I go to get it and as I pick it up the whole screen is jumbled and parts of it are black. Needless to say I immediately started bawling. Someone in my situation does not need this to happen, especially since a lot of my income comes from working and designing on the computer. I cannot see Stu but can hear him and he's asking me what's going on and I'm just crying and saying how mad I am at myself. He then calls me and tells me it's going to be okay and I'm just crying and he said how terrible he felt because the iCam was still working and he could see me crying even though I couldn't see him.

So after restarting the thing, it's better now - except for the massive black spot on the right hand corner. At this point, I really don't care because it's still useable and I can still design on it. But honestly, it's not like this needed to happen to me right now!

The point of this post is to say this: crap happens. It's never going to not happen. But if you can find someone who will be there for you to make you feel better in the end, then you're very lucky. That person for me is Stewart. Thank you babis, I love you and appreciate all you do for me.

Goin to the Chapel

Val is looking at engagement rings right now online. Then she asks, "How much is an appropriate price" for the ring and I tell her what I've always heard: three months salary for the male.

She IMMEDIATELY gets a huge grin on her face. Val is probably going to get a ring the size of my head. FML. Let's be honest, I'm probably never getting a ring. I will be so devoted to my career that a legitimate commitment will be impossible and I'll be forced to own six dogs, a few cats and then adopt a few babies to mother. (Note: I'm not saying Val isn't devoted to her craft. She's just found someone who is ready to take the plunge while working on it.)

Okay, she just asked me if rings have to be gold or if they can be platinum. Look, sometimes I wonder about Val and if when she told me she went to the UK for three years that what she really meant was outer space. Anyway I told her it could be any color and she just referred to them as "wedding wings."

And furthermore, we just saw a infomercial about a Vibrating Touch Fingertip Massager by Trojan and it said "GREAT GIFT IDEA!" Um, that couldn't be farther from the truth. There is so much going on right now that is so wrong but I won't go on into further deets. Gross.

Audrey v. Gaga

I really would like a dress like this:

However you wouldn't think that would be my taste, considering I bought this little number today:

Yes, it's going to be for my Lady Gaga outfit. It goes pretty low, however I am not that trashy so I will be wearing tights and all the appropriate undergarments. All I need now is a blonde wig, bow made of hair and same idiotic accessories and I'm all read for Halloween! I'm sooooo excited. I'm either going to be Gaga or do something where I have to paint my body... Heidi Klum always goes out big and since it's my favorite holiday I need to think of something spectacular.

Sep 2, 2009

The word is on your lips

One of my favorite bands EVER is Alphabeat. However they don't have their music on iTunes - only overseas - and I can't find a CD anywhere. It's great 80s feeling music, which, naturally, gets me all hot and bothered because you all KNOW I love 80s music.

Anyway, here are a few of their songs. I included two by The Bird and The Bee who are just as amazing. Note: Don't watch the vids because half of them aren't the real ones and are kind of weird.

Something you probably didn't know

Did you know that E!'s (correspondent/"Kourtney and Khloe take Miami") Michael Yo used to be known as Johnny Blaze?

That's right, Central Texas readers. Long before Bobby Bones was on in the morning - to be honest, they were STRUGGLING for a good morning show before him; they rotated shows about four times a year - Johnny Blaze ruled the DJ spot on 96.7 KHFI. Yes, before they were KISS! Crazy right? He did the night show and I remember calling him several times - we even got a pic with him at a Backstreet Boys concert.

Who knew?! I remember getting an autographed pic in the mail from him after winning a contest... now he's producing shows for the Kardashians.

An Open Letter to The CW

Dear CW,

Your advertising is ridiculous. I can't round a corner or view a public metro without seeing "Menage e' Tues" or "Tuesday is the new hump day." Yes, those are the ads for Melrose Place and I'm sure they won't fail to bring the sex - remember the see-through shower I told you about from my day on set?

Now the new ads for The Vampire Diaries are ridiculous. "I want to suck your..."
So clever, right? Not. Seriously this is ridiculous! Why can't they create some non-reality shows that don't revolve around sex?

Enough, please.

Dear Mom

Please stop worrying. I am fine. Don't cry, it makes me sad.

I love you,

Little babis


Well, there have been some crazy things going on with me this week. I can't really divulge a lot of details because I don't want to jinx anything, however it's been somewhat entertaining.

I've been contacted by two reality shows in the past week wanting to chat. This is exciting to me. No, it's not Big Brother or The Real World, but it's still exciting. I feel like I'm surrounded by reality TV - my boss at my internship is currently filming one, the ladies next door to the hair salon are supposed to be getting one... I mean it's crazy!

After the Melrose Place letdown, I was contacted to be a cheerleader on the new show The Forgotten. However, the call got cut down so I was unable to go, a little disappointing. I got called for a show on Friday called Flash Forward, but I am working a wedding for the final day of my internship. I've gotten several phone calls which is exciting! I am still wondering what my photo looks like because they took a pic when I signed up yet I never got to see it. Oh well.

I'm doing a lot of work with Sunless Studio right now and another company called MyDebtPortal - pitching to a lot of magazines, writing articles and press releases; yesterday I learned about MailChimp so we can start with e-mail blasts and online newsletters. This is all very exciting for me as I love to design and create.

I have seen a lot more of my roommates which is comforting. I miss being around them so it's nice when we're all together. If you haven't seen the TV show "Unscripted," you should! It's by George Clooney and it's semi-reality, semi-fake. Basically it follows a few actors and their road to fame. It depicts what happened to them accurately, however they have to recreate everything. It's cool because it shows them at one point in their life and will "fast forward" to show what really happened or what's going to happen. However it is slightly depressing... they're all struggling for rent, they're getting screwed over right and left. Pretty accurate though :)

I might be poor and I might not know how I'm paying rent... I've never been that candid about my expenses, but what the heck. I mean it's not like I'm living the life of someone in The Hills right now. If I wasn't truthful about what I'm doing, it wouldn't be as exciting, right? My parents help me out any way that they can, however I'm 22. I'm not trying to be a charity case, but getting things from my family at this age makes me feel guilty so I prefer to figure things out myself.

I get to experience a lot of fun perks here, which is awesome, but sometimes I worry that I didn't take the "right path" by not staying in Texas and getting a 9:00-5:00. However, I honestly don't see myself in that position because as my old advisor has said, "You get bored pretty easily." Amen.

The song

"Welcome to the real world", she said to me
Take a seat
Take your life
Plot it out in black and white
Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
And the drama queens
I'd like to think the best of me
Is still hiding
Up my sleeve

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
That something's better
On the other side

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
just a lie you've got to rise above

So the good boys and girls take the so-called right track
Faded white hats
Grabbing credits
Maybe transfers
They read all the books but they can't find the answers
And all of our parents
They're getting older
I wonder if they've wished for anything better
While in their memories
Tiny tragedies

They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something's better
On the other side

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you got to rise above

I am invincible (x3)
As long as I'm alive

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you've got to rise above

I just can't wait til my 10 year reunion
I'm gonna bust down the double doors
And when I stand on these tables before you
You will know what all this time was for

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