Sep 16, 2009


So maybe you will remember my post where I mentioned I bought a leotard from American Apparel; it's black and mesh and it's going to be a part of my Lady Gaga outfit. Well, LOOK who had to go and freakin' wear it on the COVER of ROLLING STONE!!!!!

Seriously, I want to kill her. How dare she?! Stealing my thunder? Well, I'm still going to wear it unless I find something else as super fantastic as it.


Paul Wessels said...

The only question here is, who will wear it better? You or Ms. Fox?

Cinderelly25 said...

Well, I think Kirbie will wear it better, especially because Kirbie will be natural. She won't be photoshopped to look 15 lbs lighter, not a blemish on her body like Ms fox was on her cover. Let's see the before and after shots on her.

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