Oct 20, 2009


Things are slow around here. I don't have really any excitement going on for me right now except that I'm going to see Stewart for his birthday and am going to TCU's homecoming next week.

I figure this might be a "quiet before the storm" type of thing and I should embrace it while I can. So here are some updates:

- I've been promoted to a larger role at the tanning studio, which is awesome, because that means getting more responsibility and being able to start building a solid framework for how the business should be run (or at least contribute to it).
- Does anyone give a crap about Gossip Girl anymore? I don't watch regularly but Chuck Bass kissed a boy last night and I still don't think that did anything for ratings. I hadn't even heard buzz about it (with the exception of this summer when it was filmed).
- New Rihanna song = snoozefest! Come on girlfriend. Give the public something to talk about, not the crap you're calling your new single.
- Lady Gaga's new song, "Bad Romance," isn't like a "Just Dance" for me. I instantly loved that song and I think I'm going to have to listen to this one a few times to really get it.
- Halloween costume is pretty much complete! I've opted for a different look than I previously was going for and I think it will be awesome.

WATCH Melrose Place tonight! If you see me, you'll spot me before I do (dang Pacific time)! I guess I shouldn't say I'm in this one - they could have saved the scene for next week. Who knows. You can't miss me because I'm wearing a metallic silver dress; if there's a bar fight, I'm sitting at a table eating and if Ashley is talking to the character "Riley" then I'm walking down a few steps and taking shots at the bar. ;)

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