Nov 30, 2009

Hoping it isn't a lonely December

Well friends, today I got some sad news. It isn't sad for this person, but it's sad for me! My roommate, Val, is staying in Texas all of December and won't be back in LA until January 19th after a trip to London. I'm excited for her because I know some cool things are going on, but I will say I miss having a roommate to talk to before bed.

Ali is here and it's AWESOME and I know we'll do festive Christmas-y things as roommates as well, but she does have a boyfriend, and if my boyfriend lived close to me I'd be with him too (trust me). So now I'm hoping this December I will be able to make some good friends to keep me going. I'll be busy with work at the studio and I'm hoping I can get more "freelance" jobs doing who knows what - production, event planning, anything really - so that I can keep my mind off of really not having a real social life here in Cali.

That's it. I'm not upset, just a little frustrated. Who knew finding friends in the real world would be so hard? Siiiiiiigh.

Angel Tree

JC Penney has teamed up with The Salvation Army for their annual Angel Tree charity gift drive! It's AWESOME! Usually what you would do is go to the mall and pick out a child from the "Angel Tree" to donate to -- there are so many children who are suffering or won't have a great holiday experience and this is where YOU get to help!

I've done it for three years and my heart always breaks because I wish I could give to 20 kids instead of just one or two. I always want to do a boy and a girl. This year I was wondering how I could contribute (I usually donated on TCU's campus) because I want to keep this tradition alive. Well luckily they have brought the Angel Tree to the internets! Visit and get started! You plug in your zip code and what gender of child (including age) and a bunch of kids come up with their needs and their wants! It's really a great cause and I hope you all take on an angel from the tree!

Nov 29, 2009

Holiday Shopping: For the Ladies

Guys, let's be honest. Unless you're a mind reader, you have no idea what to get your girlfriend (fiance, wife, sister, whatever) for the holidays. This can be tricky. If your lady is like me, she doesn't want to ask for anything but she wants something special and wants you to surprise her. Difficult, I'm sure. It's just weird asking for things because then it takes the surprise element out of it! I know I make no sense, but really what female does?
I know you guys have brains. This is apparent because regardless of how my relationships have ended in the past, all of they guys have done at least something romantic for me to remember and my current boyfriend is keeping the romance alive regardless of his obsession with sports (what guy isn't?). However I read this magazine article that a girl received a 12-pack of Diet Coke for Christmas one year from her high school sweetheart when she had saved and saved to get him something he had been wanting for awhile.

So many things wrong with that last sentence. First of all, buying "Diet" implies she's fat. Or trying to watch her weight. DO NOT under any circumstance buy a gift for a woman that has to do with losing weight unless she specifically asks for it (and even then I'd be hesitant). Second, going into a gas station to buy a 12-pack of coke and bringing it out in a plastic bag shows little to no preparation on this poor guy's part. Epic fail. I'd love to know who his mother was. Third, DO NOT BUY DIET COKE FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND (sister, fiance, wife, mom, etc.) FOR CHRISTMAS! Shame on you if you think that's a reasonable gift for anyone.

Based on that article, I've compiled a list of things for each and every woman you can think of. I have a few rules of thumb though, and they go like this:
  • If you've only been dating a few weeks, do not opt for jewelry. Jumping the gun much?
  • If you've been dating at least three months, jewelry is always a perfect gift. You can't go wrong unless you don't...
  • ...Contact the woman's mom for sizing, colors, etc. She'll be thankful you did and Moms love that stuff.
  • Buying the "journey" pendants from Kay or wherever they're from doesn't really express that you took the time to look for a gift, it just means you were able to watch a commercial and then go and buy it. Put some thought into it, gentlemen! Kay, Zales and all of those other store are great, but don't buy the advertised option. Go in and find something that you think she'd like, not what the advertising companies want you to buy. (Note: she'll love anything you get her because it's from you and it's the thought that counts. But at least work hard for the praise you're going to receive.)
  • It really is the thought that counts.
  • If you know someone well enough, get them something you think they might like. For instance, handing your girlfriend of three years a pair of fuzzy socks and a CD is like pulling down the covers of your deathbed. You've known someone for three years and that's the most thoughtful thing you can think of? I'm not trying to sound like a priss here but you know I'm right. Now, if she asked for fuzzy socks and then you bought her a CD with concert tickets to see her favorite band hidden inside, that would be another story.
So let's get started. I have these broken down into categories for your reading pleasure:

For the sophisticated woman in you life
Unless you're dating a tomboy (nothing wrong with that), any of these items would be appreciated by any woman.

Brookstone Jewelry Cleaner, $49.99
Have you bought your woman so much jewelry she looks like a iced up Christmas tree? This jewelry cleaner will save her a few trips to the local jeweler. I will say this in conjunction with another one of these gifts is more ideal than handing her a jewelry cleaner she uses every once in awhile. It's a useful gift, but pair it up. BONUS: It cleans DVDs too!

Sunglasses, $50 - $400
I'm not saying drop $400 bones on sunglasses, but if you have the money and want to get her something she'll wear literally EVERY DAY then this is one of the best purchases you could make. Take her to a sunglass store and see what she likes and then go back and pick it out (get her a case too if not included); or get her a gift certificate and offer to go with her to choose her favorite pair.

Shoes, $30 - $120
Shoes are really a girl's best friend. I can't get enough. Ask what size she wears (via her mom...) and then go and pick out a pair. I'd suggest steering away from open toed shoes and go for boots or booties. The Jessica Simpson collection is pretty much a universal "yes" for all woman-kind, if she needs a comfy pair of shoes go with Uggs, and if she's preppy and loves polos get her a pair of Sperry Topsiders. Examples:

Handbags, ???
Every woman needs a purse. I read that having a purse that is big, spacious, but not HUGE, is lightweight, had compartments and looks good on the outside is ideal. Of course it is! And it doesn't matter what size it is if it's designer. Urban Outfitters has great bags for a reasonable price... buy her the purse and put a sweet note in it with how much she means to you this Christmas and you're good as gold.

For the beautician in your life
If your woman knows your away around a Sephora and likes to be pampered, she'll love these gifts

If I'd Known Then book, Ellyn Spragins
This book has contributions made my celebrities and idols such as Maya Angelou and Macy Gray. Great for your lady if she likes to soak in bubble baths or great for a spa day while getting a mani/pedi! Pick it up at Urban Outfitters for $18 OR buy it online at for $14.04

Massage and Facial from Bliss Labs, see site for pricing
If you're running around Sephora, there's a pretty, pristine white and baby blue section that is undeniably known as the "Bliss Labs case." It's beautiful and it has so many different products that you can't bare to turn away from it. Now, the bonus to all of this is that Bliss Labs has spas all over the country where people can go and get facials, massages - the whole nine yards. If that female in your life works too hard, stresses a tad too much or just needs a few hours of alone time, visit and buy her a gift certificate! Better yet, book her appointments online and surprise her! (FYI: 60 minute massages are great, 75 minutes is better {unless she is antsy, then a massage probably isn't her thing at all})

Sephora gift certificate, any denomination (but $50+ is recommended)
I'm really not into giving gift certificates for holidays because I think they should be more personal. However, if your girlfriend loves "do-it-yourself" beauty treatments and is a fiend for skincare and makeup, adding a Sephora GC won't hurt you a bit. A matter of fact, she'll be ecstatic. Just be prepared for a few shopping trips.

Zoom Whitening sessions, price variable
I must preface this purchase by making sure that your girlfriend actually wants teeth whitening. If she purchases white strips, brushes her teeth like a mad woman and has mentioned in passing that she wants her teeth a tad bit whiter, go for it! You have to be careful to not offend her. If she's a coffee drinker but has never asked for Zoom Whitening, she might get pissed that you think she needs the sessions at all. Most women, however, would be thrilled to get this luxury dental service. Look up local cosmetic dentistry centers in your area and ask about their packages.

For the woman who likes a thrill
She likes to do things herself, learn something new and is always on the go

Concert tickets
I know this isn't specific, but what's more awesome than seeing your favorite band in concert? She'll flip when she realizes you didn't just get her John Mayer's new CD, you got her concert tickets for next March to match! It will be a great experience for her (and you if she chooses to bring you). Just make sure it's her favorite band, not yours, and that you get her at least two tickets.

Airline vouchers
Have a long distance girlfriend? Is your woman constantly wanting to travel? Giving airline cards is perfect, especially with spring break coming up in March. Just FYI, Virgin America is supposed to be a ROCKIN' airline, however it doesn't travel to certain destinations. Southwest is cheap but again, locations are limited.

Cake baking classes at Central Market
Most women have a domestic side, where they aspire to create beautiful dishes in the kitchen. Central Market offers great classes such as cake baking, sushi making, pasta, grilling and more! If she's an at-home Martha Stewart and loves to throw a great party, any of these classes would get her excited. Since CM is only in Texas, I'd check out groceries in your area for all your Californians.

For the woman who is attached to her computer
She can't get off her phone, has 25 iPhone apps, always needs something new for her computer and is obsessed with up-and-coming trends

Kindle, $259
If your woman travels a lot, reads a lot, or doesn't like to read at all, the Kindle is a great gift. It encourages reading with it's sleek look and is so slim that you can take it anywhere! It saves money too with books as low as $9.99.

Koolatron Kargo Kooler mini travel fridge, $84.99
I guess what I should really ask is "does your girlfriend like to party?" Because this mini travel fridge is ideal for anyone who likes to tailgate or has a need to keep things cold away from home. Also will keep flowers fresh! Holds 42 12 oz cans.... see it here

Ear Muff Headphones, $20
Does your woman love to listen to music when walking just about anywhere? Well give these efficient headphones -- they warm the ears and will warm her heart.

iDesign Tower Stereo Speaker for iPod, $249.99
Charges, docks and plays your iPod all in this convenient sound system! Supported by two multi-directional speakers and a subwoofer, amazing concert hall sound comes from this conveniently designed system. Great for the party throwing gal, stay-at-home Moms or for at-home gyms.

e-Pad Lap Desk, now $29.99
A portable, lightweight solution for the technology savvy woman in your life; if she works a lot from her computer and doesn't like sitting at a desk, this is an ideal gift! It's great because it can be transported anywhere and it also is a carrying case for your laptop or other necessities!

Mobile Me, $99/year
Great for any lady who is a work-aholic, writes a blog, designs websites, need additional back-up, likes to have multiple e-mail accounts and likes to keep everything synched and organized. *For Mac Users

For the athletic woman in you life
She loves yoga, pilates; a undying servant to working on her fitness (or wants to get started)

Wai Lana Total Yoga Toning Kit, $79.99
A complete yoga workout in one box! Includes a instructional DVD for all of us females who wants to learn the art of yoga, plus all of the great accessories we're too cheap to buy (and are too dirty at the gym to use!).

Reebok Easy Tones, $100
What more could a woman want? Toning your butt and legs without the gym? SCORE! Of course to get the full effect working out and eating right would help, but feed her confidence by purchasing these nifty tennis. Also, check out Fit-Flop for a different shoe that does the same thing!

Lulu Lemon Athletica GC, variable
Lulu Lemon is the woman athlete's dream store. Comfy clothes that fit perfect and are durable make this store a favorite of mine! I love wearing their hoodies to gym! Getting her a gift certificate here will be a pleasant surprise to any gym-goer.

HeartBeats by Lady Gaga, $119.00
I love walking around with my headphones in. At school, I was "that girl" who always had her ears plugged up with music! These headphone are made by the infamous Lady Gaga for Dr. Dre's "Beats" line and are high definition for pristine sound. Something a woman normally wouldn't splurge on, these make excellent Christmas gifts! It also comes with the fantastic Monster cable that can plug into your car for perfect radio reception (compatible with iPods and iPhones as well).

I hope these gifts help you out or at least give you an idea as to what to get a your special woman in your life!

Nov 28, 2009

Holiday Glam

Now that the holiday season has officially commenced (I consider the day after Thanksgiving Christmas season!), it's time to start thinking about all of those fabulous holiday parties you're going to attend. Here are some favs of mine that will bedazzle your party festivities!

OPI "Happy Anniversary" nail polish

This color is my absolute fav because it's so sparkly and fun! The glitter is not huge chunks so it evenly glides across your nail without a hassle. Three coats does the trick and makes me feeling like I have bling all over my fingertips (not just my wrists).

Make Up For Ever "Stacy" individual lashes

If you want to make a huge difference in your party look, throw on some of this falsies and voila! Your eyes look like a force to be reckoned with. I have long eyelashes so instead of applying and entire strip I merely just glue on these babies and it gives me an extra little flirt to my look. Buy them online or at Sephora -- they have a fabulous Make Up For Ever Lash Bar that is too sweet to not indulge in.

Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in "Cruella"

Last year for my sorority's formal I told one of the Sephora associates that I was looking for a fantastic red. My dress was red and I needed a great tone that wasn't too blue or too orange for my skin tone. She sat me down and applied this magic wand to my lips and I can't get enough! I still have it, so it lasts you about year and then some. They have other fantastic colors as well, but if you need a great red I recommend Cruella.

Nectar of the Gods hair treatment

When I went home for Halloween I got a ton of compliments on how healthy my hair looked, which was surprising considering the amount of bleach my hair stylist uses to spruce me up! Whenever I get out of the shower I apply Nectar of the Gods to my hair and comb it through before blow drying. It makes a huge difference on how my hair looks and feels. I like it best though after my shower at night when I let my hair air dry. It's essential for restoring damaged hair!

This weekend I hit up some Black Friday sales and made some cost effective purchases. Gap had a buy a sweater/get a sweater free deal, so I got two adorable, above-the-knee sweaters for the winter weather. They are perfect over a sweater dress or with skinny jeans and boots. (I couldn't find them online! Still searching for photos).

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers

A perfect addition to any holiday house party is a low-key fragrance to remind your guests of their childhood Christmas' (or Hanukkah's or Kwanzaa's). Bath and Body Works has winter-inspired Wallflowers that will immediately brighten the mood. They're great as gifts too! I recommend Cinnamon Stick, Evergreen, Winter or Frosted Cranberry scents.

Because who says the holidays have to be green and red?

I decided to go with a Gap Holiday commercial vibe for my blog! I LOVE IT!

Speaking of The Gap, I was just telling Stewart about when I was younger and how I absolutely loved the Gap holiday ads. They were and still are perfection! Their latest is just precious! My favorite part are the little girls screaming during "forget those frilly dresses!" Makes me want to be six years old, but then again what's new? *Sorry about the size - it's widescreen and not formatted for my blog!*

Here are some more of my favorite Gap ads from over the years! Hope you all had a blessed holiday!

Nov 26, 2009

Give Thanks!

I personally don't think that Thanksgiving should be the time you start showing gratitude for things in your life - you should try to do that every day! - but since it is a national holiday I'll satisfy my urge to give thanks.


- My family. I know it's everyone's number one, but it's for good reason of course! I'm thankful I was raised in such a great and loving environment with experiences - some amazing, some disorienting, and some indifferent - which has shaped how I think to this day.
- My boyfriend. Thank you for being a pick-me-up, a surprise (everyday) and overall just being an amazing person.
- Friends. For all of you who cheered me on to move out here; for everyone who has given me great advice, for those who shared a marg (or three) at Yucatan; for those of you who have known me since first grade, for those who spent endless hours with me at a small-town tanning salon, for those who have lent a shoulder to cry on (and mine to you), to the ones who would walk me back from The Cellar or recruited PNMs with me, who picked up my special language, who listened to endless hours of "boy crap" and for any one of you ladies who remembers how to spell my name correctly -- I love you all.
- Moving. Thanks God for giving me the strength to move here and for giving me solace in that decision only two weeks away from the day I was leaving. LA is not Texas but I sure am thankful to be submerged in all things entertainment!
- My health. Not having insurance makes one thankful that the swine hasn't gotten to me (yet).
- My family and friend's health: nothing worries me more than ones I love being ill so I am eternally grateful that I haven't had anyone close to me become sick.

I'm thankful for everything: the people I meet, the people I don't meet, the time I spend in Texas, the fact that I do have a job in a state with 12% unemployment, that I'm reaching goals I set, that Ali let me move into the apartment not knowing me; likewise, for Val allowing me to share a room with her so I could live here in the first place; that my little brother is not a heathen and has a good head on his shoulders, that I have grown to understand who I am and what I want in life. I am thankful that I feel any dream is possible and nobody can change my opinion on that. That I can, at 22-years-old, turn into an eight-year-old girl who loves Disney Land and wanted to grow up to be Minnie Mouse at one point her in life... I'm thankful for SO many things that have happened to me and several things that haven't -- for the answered and unanswered prayers.

Everyone has something to be thankful for! If you can't find something, I'd suggest just recognizing that you're alive and living... that is something to be eternally grateful for!

Last thing: an extra special Thanksgiving shout out to all of you newly graduated students who are trying to figure out this "real world" thing and who are spending their first holiday away from their family at home. I will be attempting to cook a turkey and all the fixins here in LA, far far away from my family. Wish me luck!

Love you guys!

Nov 23, 2009

Regardless of what you think, it's been the year of Taylor Swift

Let me preface this post by saying that I'm not trying to anger anyone... I'm just right.

Last night was the AMAs. Taylor Swift (precious) took five of the six awards she was nominated for, including the prestigious Artist of the Year. She was up against Michael Jackson, Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga and Eminem. And while I was pretty stoked Taylor won, people were bashing me for disagreeing with them when they would comment about how Michael Jackson should have beat her and Beyonce should have in a different category.

I'm not one to take things lying down. Listen, it was an opinion. We live in America, where those types of things are valued. And since several of you felt the need to throw out some fighting words, I took it upon myself to basically own you. Here goes nothing:

Personally, the only contender out of that (Artist of the Year) group is Lady Gaga. Sorry, I love Michael Jackson as much as the next person, however let's get real here: the only reason he had any major album sales were due to his death and resulting movie. I know that might sound harsh -- he is The King of Pop, after all -- but was he "the" artist of 2009? No. Is he an artist of "all time?" Of course! He had won many awards in his life, including 22 AMAs, however I think if he was still living he would have happily agreed that Taylor was a stronger competitor this year. Not to mention he did win in a male category, so his "performance" this year didn't go unnoticed.

That's the great thing about music. Every year you essentially start over as an artist in terms of award shows. Who cares what you won or didn't win last year -- if you have a great album (and a spectacular fan base) then the sky is the limit for you. Even The King of Pop can lose because just because you have a title doesn't mean someone else isn't going to come along and shine.

Now, I'm sure a lot of you can agree with me on that one. But the harder discussion is Lady Gaga. How can a woman who has had all four of her singles from her debut album hit #1 not be considered album, or artist rather, of the year? Well, let's start with the fact that when her album was released last August, it didn't peak. It started off with selling just a mediocre 24,000 copies. Then, because of her creative expression and catchy songs, "The Fame" started to skyrocket. "The Fame" is 4x platinum and she spent 40 non-consecutive weeks at the top of the charts, however that chart is the Billboard Top Electronic Albums. It only reached #10 on the Billboard Top 200, compared to both Beyonce whose "I AM..." debuted at #1 in it's first week with 482,000 sales and Taylor Swift's "Fearless" which also debuted at #1 with 592,304 in the first week (half of those being on the first day out) on the 200 chart.
*RETRACTION: "The Fame" actually peaked at #4, not #10 on the Top 200. Still not as great as Beyonce or Taylor, sorry!

The rebuttle? Well, Gaga is certified 4x platinum, while B is only 2x, however Taylor still matches her at 4x platinum (in the U.S.).

Taylor also is breaking barriers with country music this year. In July, Yahoo named "Fearless" the top selling album for the first half of 2009 and earlier this month she set a record for having the most singles simultaneously on the Top 100 (with eight) from her re-release of "Fearless."

Lest it be known that "The Fame," "I AM... SASHA FIERCE" and "Fearless" are each critically acclaimed albums. However I think a lot of people are trying make a point on the fact that Beyonce is the new diva, the new "it" woman who can do no wrong. Listen, Beyonce is doing her thing and we all love it, however making an awesome video doesn't mean she's had the best year (that's why she won Best Video of the Year at the VMAs). Gaga is still considered a new artist, having debuted August of '08, and while I see her as charismatic, creative and an overall genius, a lot of people see her as weird, sacrilegious and odd. Why does this matter? It all comes down to the fans -- the people who buy the albums, create the sales, and in this case vote on the awards and how many of those people you have standing behind you.

No matter which way you look at it, in terms sales or fans, Taylor Swift is in a league of her own. This coming from a woman who can shamon with the best of them, dressed up as Lady Gaga for Halloween and can perform the whole "Single Ladies" dance on a whim.

Case and point.

Nov 22, 2009

There in spirit

Tonight, about 20 minutes from my apartment the AMAs are going on. (sigh.)
I would be a big fat liar if I said I don't care that I'm not there, however I am the queen of silver linings so my take on it is that God doesn't want me to be there this year... he'd rather me wait for my first award show experience when I'm actually working the event, preferably on the red carpet :)

My friend Liz had a gal pal selling two tix for $150 each, but I'm not willing to shill that out so close to the holidays (it would have been on my conscience for-ev-er).

Instead, my friend Dennis that I have mentioned before has been sending me photos! He has a cool enough job, scratch that, he is just cool enough in general to get to run around LA Live and do whatever he wants. So here's some photos from the red carpet and even some aerial views.

Nov 21, 2009

Mammograms and Cervical Cancer

This week it has been reported that it is recommended by "expert opinion" (half being females) that women scale back and not get mammograms until the age of 50. I am completely blown away by this. Even though it's a recommendation, the fear is that insurance companies will hop on board per these recommendations and stop paying for mammograms if one decides to get checked out before the age of 50. I completely agree with this! As someone who does not have health coverage, I understand the importance of once having it. Early detection is the key to preventing breast cancer and it would be a complete shame and downright offensive to expect the female population to not want or need these yearly checkups. Just because most of the experts on the preventative board think this is a great recommendation based on their findings, let's remind ourselves that this is a health matter - a LIVING MATTER - and if people are going fight to get universal health care then this type of thing is equally important. I still can't believe that women on this panel actually think this is a good idea. It seems as if these people don't know anyone affected by breast cancer.

Now, pap smears... apparently it's recommended women get their first exam at the age of 21. I can understand their reasoning, however if we are trying to move forward with modern medicine and technology, one would think that we are moving towards a time where we can detect cancerous cells even before they are, well, cancerous. This means as soon as women start becoming sexually active, which today is at an average age of 17.4 (

Anyway, I encourage everyone (including you, guys!) to get on Facebook or Google and find a petition to keep the mammogram age at 40! This would help tremendously with insurance issues and early detection especially.

Another note to God

I would like a real job. Please accommodate this for me because I have been working rather hard, which I am not complaining about however I do not feel fulfilled. At least get me somewhere close to where I'd like to be going or show some promise that I'm heading in that general direction. You know patience isn't my strong point.


How I met the most embarrassing point in my life

Yesterday was fun! In case you don't keep up with my posts, I got to work as a background actor on "How I Met Your Mother." I'd have to say this was 10x cooler than Melrose because the actors on this show are actually, not to be rude, well-known actors and have talent.

I got in at noon and we got to watch Neil Patrick do some shirtless scenes (score!). I swear, he makes a woman want to get a sex change. Hottie! Stacy Keibler was a guest star and it was cool to see her in person. She has a fabulous body. Every man in there was staring at her.

So I guess I should jump ahead and get to my point. We had four costume changes and the setting was Manhattan in winter. Considering it's always at least 65 degrees here, heavy coats are nonexistent in my wardrobe. Therefore I hauled it to the Beverly Center to get a few heavy "winter" items so I could realistically play a bar patron in New York City. The most amusing party of this trip was the "Hunky Santa" spectacle going on. No, regular Santa Claus does not suffice here in Los Angeles -- they must have a sexual, shirtless Santa with 12-pack abs and bulging biceps. And elves? Forget about it! They have the candy cane girls (aka chicks in bras and panties) doing contortion and aerial work, suspended from the sky. It truly is a sight to be seen.

Anyway, we shot HIMYM on the 20th Century Fox lot which was AWESOME! I was thrilled to even see a set of that caliber because with Melrose we always go to this po-dunk sound stage in Van Nuys that could be considered the ghetto.

We shot in MacLaren's Pub where the five main characters always go to chat and hang out. Watching on tv it appears dark and pub-ish; in real life, there are a million lights and cameras. I know I should have been prepared for that but it's still crazy to see everything "behind the scenes."

Basically here's the juicy stuff:

I sat behind Neil and Jason (Segel) for most of the scenes we shot.
I have no idea if you'll even see me but I'll warn you guys of the episode when it premieres just in case.
At one point they mention some funny things about a celebrity wanting to be on the show but said they should stop saying stuff like that because a "blogger" was on set. For a second I kind of freaked out and then instantly slapped myself in the face and got a grip, realizing this little horse-and-pony blog is nothing compared to the likes of "real blogs" out here.
Neil is just as charming and funny in person.
Jason was talking about what he was doing when he wasn't on set: answering phones. I thought that was weird but then overheard him talking about how fun it was to say: "Hey, this is Jason, how may I help you?" and hear people freak out. He mentioned a voicemail he had on his phone in which it directs people to an e-mail, I really didn't know what this was about, so I came home and told Valentina... and we decided to google it. Lo and behold, this is what he is referring to. Go ahead, call him. We did. It goes straight to voicemail but who knows, maybe you'll get a personal phone call from him or even an e-mail. DISCLAIMER: he is basically soliciting sex in this song he sings. We were not calling to give him sex, but more allude that we might if he called us back (except not).

Okay. This is the most embarrassing thing of them all. During our second costume change, I checked my cell phone and believed it to be turned off. It is really horrendous and humiliating if your phone goes off during a scene - albeit a lot of the "professional" extras would bring their cell phones on stage which I thought was rude and inappropriate. Turns out an iPhone starts ringing during a scene. They stop production. The director waits until it finishes and then resets the scene. The phone rings again. Except it's not ringing, it's an alarm. My alarm. My alarm that will ring even if I turn off my phone because that's how spectacular the iPhone is... even when it shouldn't be making a sound, it will! So the guy who was in charge of all of us went upstairs, found my phone, turned it off, brought it down to set and threatened for someone to claim it. I was so terrified that I almost peed my pants. Then the girl in front of me was like, "I think it was my alarm!" And then I'm like, "yeah, me too!" And then all of a sudden the guy comes over after hearing this and asks if it was mine. I asked what type of phone it was and he showed me and I was of course humiliated. He told me everything was fine but to turn off my alarm in the future. He was actually really cool about it and thank God everyone was on a break for that whole interaction because I would have hated to have been called out in front of Neil and the rest of the cast.

Point being? I will always turn my alarm off before I ever hit a stage again.

It was a long day but all in all the cast was phenomenal and appeared to have a close relationship. They were celebrating their 100th episode so that was fun to be a part of!

Nov 20, 2009


If you don't know what NPH stands for... well, I just don't now what to think about that.


I get to go to the "How I Met Your Mother" set today as a background actor. I'm playing none other than a bar patron (go figure -- whenever I have a career people are going to look at my past and notice I was consistently placed in bars). I'm really excited because it's shooting at 20th Century Fox and I've never been there before.

I had run and get some winter clothes last night because all of mine are in Texas and the call requires we have FOUR CHANGES of winter clothes - I'm talking gloves, hats, scarves, jackets, layers, etc.

Of course I'll come back and explain all about the experience! Have a happy Friday!

Nov 17, 2009

What do Jodie Sweetin and Russell Brand have in common?

No, not that they both (used to) do drugs - I saw them both today! Joy!

Today I was minding my own business while working out when I took off my earbuds and heard a very, very strong english accent. It was so much that I couldn't help but look. Turns out I was doing squats next to Russell Brand! He is tall, lanky and pale, just as you would imagine. He was wearing short(er) shorts, tube socks and his hair in a bun. It was unmistakably him, or his twin. But I'm positive 'twas Russell!

After my work out I got ready and headed to work. Upon my arrival, I was talking to my boss when she stopped me and said, "Don't look now, but Stephanie from 'Full House' is here." "Jodie Sweetin?!" "Yes."

She was getting her hair done for her new book launch tonight. Everywhere you look...

Nov 16, 2009

K-Kinda busy

So if you look at the below post, you can tell I was a tad melancholy with life. My friends and family (and employers) know I have to be constantly and consistently busy or else I get bored and look for something more exciting. I'm not talking sitting at a desk busy, I mean running around like I lost my own head, chaotically busy. This past Friday a friend, Dennis, asked if I could help him with some work that needed to be done of at AEG Digital Media.

Of course I said yes! I love the AEG offices because they're right smack-dab in the middle of LA Live! where Staples, Club Nokia, Nokia Theater, ESPN Zone and the Grammy Museum are.

Today I was labeling a bunch of different panels. I know it doesn't sound thrilling but I actually enjoyed learning what kind of "outlet" (I don't know the technical term is) is which and I'm really into organization so having to make spreadsheets was right up my alley. However I felt it was more work than play - and I was getting paid for it, score! - because we visited some friends for lunch, aka "networking opportunities," over at Sony Pictures Television before returning to work for some more playtime. Dennis took me to the Grammy Museum!!! I was so excited I wanted to cry. It was amazing and they had a special exhibit for Michael Jackson with his clothes, his gloves and even a cool light up floor a la the "Billie Jean" video. We didn't get nearly enough time there... so I plan on taking Stewart next week! They have sound booths set up where you can learn how to remix your own music which is something I have been dying to study and learn how to do. Sorry to everyone I know, I'll probably be asking for DJ equipment as a gift sometime in the future. ;)

After almost going cross-eyed with all the wires and panels, Dennis said it was Happy Hour! Wahoo! This was my first happy hour in LA and it was extremely reminiscent of my TCU days because some strong margs were involved. We invited along Eric who works at the Grammy Museum and I really had a great time. Dennis let me know that if I ever wanted to see a show at Club Nokia to let him know and that he could try to find tix for the AMA rehearsals this Friday or Saturday. Fingers crossed! I would love to attend an award show soon and I have always envisioned myself attending THE GRAMMYS! Even before I met Dennis and Eric I saw myself going to the show and seeing the spectacle I have seen so many years via the TV. I'm still pretty confident I'll get there, so even if the AMA's don't work out hopefully I'll get to write about my experience with the Grammys.

It was a great day, great night and I'm so thankful that God provides for me. I never have to worry with him! You don't either.

Nov 15, 2009

Dear God

Right now I'm bored.

Please help me keep my patience and to keep moving forward.

I'm saying this "out loud" so I can remember it in the future when I'm crazy busy and wish I had a break.

- Kirbie

Nov 13, 2009

What was your first job?

I was reading on about different celebs and their first jobs. It's quite interesting if I do say so myself! And this got me thinking: when I look back on my first job once I'm successful, what will I say? Man, mine is pretty hilarious, especially if you know me well.

So, what was your first job?

Mine? I was a janitor. Yes. Kirbie used to be a janitor. But not just any janitor, one at the movie theater. They called us "ushers" but nobody's fooling me - the lack of style, glamour and pizazz this job had made it loud and clear that I was glorified housekeeping.

I remember it very clearly. I had turned 16 and it was time to get a job for the summer. And boy was I trying hard to find a really smancy job at Abercrombie, The Limited or The Gap. Apparently hiring 16-year-olds wasn't a top priority for these places so once it got down to it my mom demanded I get a job - and STAT. "We know the manager of Tinseltown. I'll give him a call. I'm SURE you could get a job there."

I wasn't thrilled, but I figured it would be okay selling tickets in the box office. If anything I could get some free movies out of it, right?

I was so utterly and completely wrong. I walked in for my interview dressed to the nines. I looked like I was going on a casting call. Little did I know that my fair share of juvenile delinquents picked the movie theater to work at during the summers. I remember sitting in the little movie restaurant area for my interview and the guy asking me my work hours. "Um... like 20 hours a week?" "You're hired." He told me we had a uniform - okay, fair enough. Black slacks, black shoes and a tee shirt that he had given me promoting a movie. Mine was an XXL and it sported the movie "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle." Girlfriend looked homeless in this outfit (I was 100 pounds). It was not my idea a first job. Also, I wasn't aware I wouldn't be in the box office. I mean, hello, I know the manager. Upgrade me!

What did this job consist of? You know when you see those kids running around the theater with a broom and dustpan after the movie? Yeah, that was me. We had a schedule of when each movie ended so we could go in and clean up other people's crap. Trust me, I saw some disgusting things in those empty theaters. PSA: Movie theaters are not meant for sexual activity. WATCH THE MOVIE. Not to mention the worst part was emptying the trash in the hallways and taking it to trash chute. We had to throw it up and in the chute and I could barely lift the friggen bag - and it always smelled of popcorn and Diet Coke.

Sure, I got to see the end of several movies. And the shifts weren't bad... and since I virtually went in and changed my schedule every week until I finally moved my hours down from 20 to 10 hours, it wasn't terrible. If anything, I am a stickler for being nice to the ushers, concession stand attendants and box office kids and I downright refuse to leave any trash in the theater. If anyone I'm with leaves something I will ask them to throw it away.

The funny thing is is that this job turned into a family affair! My cousins both got jobs there and through hard work and persistence actually made a successful situation out of Tinseltown. Me? Not so much. However Ashley worked her way up the totem pole for awhile and Chase is pretty much owning the place. So put everything into your job and you'll reap the benefits. (It should also be noted I got my first "real boyfriend" that summer so instead of spending time a the theater I was figuring out any way I could spend more time with him).

Frankly I love the fact I was a janitor, because maybe one day I'll be able to say I went from working at the movies to being in them.

Nov 10, 2009

Melrose Tease

So last week on Melrose I was background... as a bar patron. I was shown three times - once walking to get a cocktail, the others were very brief and you wouldn't be able to tell it was me if I hadn't known the scene I was in.

Tonight *should* mark my scenes as hostess. I have no idea if this is the right episode. I do know that one of them that I'm in is called "Ocean" and that Ella (Katie Cassidy) is wearing a lime green dress with matching pumps. Maybe you'll see me!!!

THANKS a mil!

I feel like a million dollars. And not because I just got a new pillow topper for my bed (wooo)!

I've reached 12,000 blog views (and then some) and I'm already surpassing my regular numbers this month. Thank you guys! I didn't think this blog would be much of anything except a way to chronicle my early adult adventures, however it seems you guys are interested in what I have to say. So thanks!

If you like reading, go ahead and send me an e-mail ( and let me know what you like reading about. I know it's mostly the celebrity sightings but those don't happen every day. Also, become a follower on here AND become a fan on my facebook page! It's linked to my profile!!!

Thanks again!


Nov 9, 2009


So remember that book by Malcolm Gladwell I recommended a few months ago, Outliers? Basically it chronicles why people who are successful are that way and why people who are not continuously fail. It outlines different living conditions as well as when they were born and all that stuff.

This got me wondering. Well, the book didn't. It was tonight after my workout when I was watching the DVRd Oprah where Ellen was a special guest. I realized that I just adore both of them and decided to find out more about them.

As I looked each lady up, I found something interesting. Ellen, who's 51, was born on January 26th; Oprah is January 29th (three years earlier). I then started thinking about people I consider huge celebrities, icons and influences for my generation and decided to check out all of their birthdays. Here's the list:

Justin Timberlake, 1/31 (know this like the back of my hand)
Britney Spears, 12/2
Brad Pitt, 12/18
Oprah, 1/29
Ellen, 1/26
Steven Spielberg, 12/18
Taylor Swift, 12/13
Miley Cyrus, 11/23
Christina Aguilera, 12/18
Woody Allen, 12/1
Ozzy Osbourne, 12/3
Tyra Banks, 12/4
Jay-Z, 12/4
Walt Disney, 12/5
Dick Van Dyke, 12/13
Spike Jones, 12/14
Keith Richards, 12/18
Ty Cobb, 12/18
Phil Donahue, 12/21
Diane Sawyer, 12/22
Lady Bird Johnson, 12/22
Susan Lucci, 12/23
Ryan Seacrest, 12/24
Mary Tyler Moore, 12/29
Tiger Woods, 12/30
Eli Manning, 1/3
Mel Gibson, 1/3
Katie Couric, 1/7
Elvis, 1/8
Dave Matthews, 1/9
Crystal Gayle, 1/9
Pat Benetar, 1/10
Rod Stewart, 1/10
Howard Stern, 1/12
Rush Limbaugh, 1/12
Benedict Arnold, 1/14
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1/15
Muhammed Ali, 1/17
Benjamin Franklin, 1/17
Dolly Parton, 1/19

I could go on, but it is ironic that some of the most iconic celebrities were born in the December/January months? Weirds me out. It also suggests some of the most famous people are under the sign of Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius... basically my success may be in the stars! :)

Nov 7, 2009

PIgs are smart

Tonight we're all piled in mine and Val's room, "we" being Bethany and Dante. Val and Dante and performing a set as Bethany and I enjoy the sweet vocals and great lyrics. It's like a mini concert but in the comfort of my own bed.

Somehow I decided to share with everyone about my affinity for pigs and how I am really wanting a micro pig. This stemmed into a huge debate about the smartest animal. Bethany and I of course said chimps, but Val wanted further investigation because Dante said it was dolphins. I, having already known that dolphins are the second smartest animal, went on a massive Google search for pig intelligence. What I found was quite intriguing.

Did you know:

- Pigs are smarter than three-year-olds
- They have great video game skills
- They are smarter than dogs and can be taught tricks
- They are clean and smart - rolling in mud or water keeps them cool, keeps biting critters away and protects them from sunburns
- They don't have SWEAT GLANDS! I think I had heard this before but for some reason it's really making an impact on me! In Texas I use the term "Sweating like a pig" about 1000x during the hot summer months and it's clear I have been using the phrase completely out of context
- Momma pigs sing to their babies while nursing
- They have a great sense of direction. Basically "Babe, Pig in the City" isn't completely unrealistic.

Craziness! I mean I feel like I am so much more connected to pigs right now and that I would be an excellent mother to a few micro pigs. I can imagine myself living in a posh condo with a few little micro piglets roaming around, fetching, all that jazz.

Taylor Swift is precious.

Why do I like Taylor Swift?

I guess it's because she reminds me a little bit of myself.

Today I watched her Dateline special on CMT and it made me adore her even more than I adore her music. T. Swift not only writes and composes her own music, but she also created her tour from the ground up - having creative input on everything from the stage to the the lighting and everything in between.

If I wear a huge pop star, I would totally be in my element as I am already trying to plot and plan Valentina's super huge tour (once she gets signed to a label). Theatrics, here we come! She has such a "greenness" about her - as Val put it, everything in her life is magical and whimsical and not even a 25-second break-up call could ruin that. I feel the same about my life. Things might be slow and boring right now but who knows where I'll be or what I'll be doing in just one year from today.

Taylor is one of the only artists I feel compelled to purchase their entire album. She's in a group that includes John Mayer, Val and Justin Timberlake. I like that she talks about personal issues, because it makes her more relatable and real. She's not afraid to speak out on things in her life, like breakups and I can totally relate to that. I mean, who doesn't? After every break up I constantly think in my head how awesome it would be to write a song about the idiot cheater, the one who broke up with me in front of a crowd at a house party and the one who seemed perfect but it was never going to work out because we were all kinds of wrong for each other - all influential people in my life who made me who I am today. As she put it best, "I would hope that boys wouldn't do bad things to have songs written about them." Amen, T.Swift.

I think, however, I wouldn't write songs just about myself. There would definitely be songs about my friend's past boyfriends; I think there would be a lot of ammunition because as a loyal friend I have heard quite a few things about several of my friend's ex-boyfriends (so basically nobody is safe).

Anyway, T. Swift and I have a few things in common. We're both born in December. Her middle name is Alison, as is mine - spelled exactly the same way. Okay so maybe that's two things... but still. I have never seen her in concert but hopefully that will change next year!!!!

Gotta go. About to watch her on SNL!

Thank you Uncle Stu and Aunt Carole!

My Aunt Carole always takes the time to write me letters. She has done so throughout my whole life, which is always nice. It's hard in this technology savvy period of time to remember how personal and fulfilling it is to receive a hand-written letter.

So today when I looked on my coffee table and saw an envelope addressed to me I knew exactly who it was from! Aunt Carole has very distinct and beautiful handwriting.

The best thing about the letters from her and Uncle Stu is that they aren't for any particular occasion. They're "just because" letters which mean even more than letters for a specific event in my life.

Anyway, thank you both for the sweet letter and the Starbucks card! It was a great gift considering I was JUST thinking how I needed a Starbucks card for the holidays!

Love you two,

Nov 6, 2009

My life just got 10x happier

So my friend Tamara posted a little gem on her twitter about the "best miniature animals to have as pets." Number one?

Can you say cute?!

I guess my obsession with pigs stems from my mom incessantly playing "Charlotte's Web" for me (and calling me her "Magnum Opus") or my Aunt Bonnie who also had a huge thing for pigs. She had weird little pig statues in her townhouse and I remember frequently climbing up a flight up stairs and seeing a huge ceramic pig who we obviously named Wilbur.

This pig is actually called a "Micro Pig" and it's comperable to a purse puppy! Presh, is it not? It might need another micro piggie for a friend and definitely needs a garden. Two pigs are better than one (in my opinion) and this is a great excuse to get me to find a home where I can start off a new gardening hobby.

They grow to be 65 pounds and 14 inches long.

Nov 5, 2009

Dear God? It's me, again...

Well I'm sure God has me out here in Cali for various reasons and purposes... and he knows that my life will be charmed and blessed in my endeavors. Honestly it's kind of crazy how I visualize myself doing things and then they're actually happening!

It wasn't any different last night. Sure, this "thing" that I visualized might have been a little, well, "teeny-bopperish" but still, I visualized my way into this party...

So let's preface this story: There was a huge NYLON magazine party going on last night that several celebs on Twitter kept talking about yesterday. Towards the end of the evening I realized it was the Zac Efron cover party for Nylon magazine, which instantly meant I was dying to go.

It was also my friend Edward's birthday so around 10:30 I met him and a few other work friends at 3rd street. I was opting not to drink (I'll discuss "No Alcohol November" soon) and instead enjoyed everyone's company. Around 11:30 I look at my twitter app on my iPhone and see a tweet by Brent Bolthouse who says he was at the Nylon party at XIV. XIV is a very popular bar/restaurant on Sunset, which is conveniently located across the street from my gym and hence only a block from my apartment.

I knew Zac Efron was at this party and there was no way that I was going to not try to go with him being so close in vicinity to me!!!

I remember Edward posting on Facebook that we were all going to XIV after dinner so I asked him about it. Apparently Charlene, a client of ours and his is a VIP hostess at a bunch of clubs and could get us in.


Of course I made him text her and since it was his birthday she was open arms! So we got in the car and headed over. It's about 12:30 at this point and as we valet Edward tells them that he knows Mark (the manager) and that he'll take care of it. They proceed to tell us the party is closed. Um, negative ghostwriter, we're going in anyway. So we literally leave our valet in the middle of this parking lot and head to the entrance. I've never been to XIV so I'm not sure if this was the real entrance but it looked like camouflaged secret doors that we walked into.

Once we were in, it was time to find the manager so Edward could fix the valet situation. It was very dim lit but I heard a voice that one (such as myself) could never forget, ever, and it said this: "Hey man, yeah I'm headed to the restroom real quick but I'll be over in few."


You know when you see movie montages where wind is blowing through a hunky-character's hair and there is a bright light behind them, making them appear as if they are holy is some way? That's pretty much what happened. And angels sung hallelujah too (I'm sure of it).

He was wearing a sweater and his hair looked, well, sexy, and HE'S JUST SO DAMN attractive. I mean who doesn't swoon when you look at him? Every guy there was trying to feel out his gaydar but nobody had a clear idea. I mean I really don't think he's gay! Leonardo (Dicaprio) was that good looking at his prime and everyone said he was gay too.

Anyway, once we got in we were getting free drinks and basically all giddy because it was Edward's birthday, we were hanging out with Brittany Snow and Ashley Tisdale at the ZAC EFRON Nylon Party and drinking free drinks at a free table. Cha-ching!

I was a little scared Zac had left until he entered the room holding hands with a blonde woman. She looked significantly older than us though so I figured he must know her from somewhere, and it wasn't like "love" hand-holding, it was like "trying to keep her from falling face first into the ground because she was so incoherently drunk" hand-holding.

So pretty much I'm a weenie but I didn't approach him to say hi. He was sitting in the booth right next to us all night but I just would feel weird approaching him. All of these "cling-ons" (a word my mother uses to refer to people who like to suck the life from people with money or fame) were at his table just drinking his booze and introducing themselves to him. That's awkward! Leave him alone unless you know him.

Well from what I could tell he was very polite to everyone. He wasn't drunk but drank a cocktail and was going to town drinking water. And when he left the party it was like my life got a little more evil, having such a holy person walk out the door.

Should I be *this* giddy about something so small? Probably not. However, it's the little things in life right? I mean I was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. As my boss put it, "Kirbie, you need to take all of this in. Because in a few years from now, you'll remember this exact moment and think, 'And I thought THIS was amazing?!' because your life if going to get so much better."

Nov 4, 2009

Homecoming, Halloweekend and a ton of dirty looks

As I have been blogging about, I was Lady Gaga for Halloween. I had the whole get-up, except I chose not to wear her trademark sunglasses or carry around a disco stick (people on ebay were charging $100 for the legit light-up ones). So hairbow and all, I flew to Dallas to spend five days with Stu for his birthday and to visit my friends and family as well.

The weekend was a BLAST. It's so hard going home that sometimes I prefer to not even go because I never want to leave. Tears are always shed and I constantly have to remind myself that I'm in Cali for a reason. I think Kidd Kraddick in the morning put it best on Tuesday morning when he said, "The only good things about LA is the weather." I'd have to agree, really. That and the fact that the entertainment industry is at my fingertips. I love that aspect of El Lay! It's just hard having a family and familiarity back in Texas and not having that here (yet).

So on Friday when I met up with the Chain Gang and a few of my other friends I knew it was going to go down. As Elise's brother Jake put it? "Kirbie was really drunk on Friday!" Yes, yes I was. But let's be honest, it doesn't take much for me to get a buzz. And everyone can admit that I am very good an controlling my alcohol. So it was clean, harmless fun.

Saturday we went to the Frog Five tailgate where myself and the CG only mingled with, well, ourselves and then snuck into the game via old student IDs. Stewart had to use Lindsay's so thank the Lord that they weren't looking at them too hard.

That night was Halloween so of course I was excited! I had waited 31 long days (well, actually 95 if you count when I started planning my costume) and the time had finally come! I initially wasn't going to wear tights with my get up until Stewart saw me and told me to put some on (and stat!). However getting ready was a blast and I couldn't wait for the night ahead.

We hit up The Cellar first because as we waited in line at The Aardvark we noticed NOBODY was in costume (lame). However I must mention the amount of dirty looks I got for wearing this leotard. You would have thought I had a third arm or something. But I am not ashamed and I think Lady Gaga would think I did her proud.

Stewart's costume was as HUGE hit. He went as Kermit the Frog and people were approaching him for pictures and everything. It was quite funny seeing a 6'2'' man (are you taller?) wearing a giant frog costume. He'd even get on the floor and hop around like a frog. The reason why he went as Kermit was because that was Lady Gaga's date to the VMA's this year!

So we had a few drinks, sang a little karaoke (our rendition of "Love Story" was pretty much amazing) and danced a lot. Me and the CG were all "pop icons" so I was Lady GG of course, Molls was T. Swift, Lindsay was B. Spears, Liz was Miley and Elise was Katy Perry. After a few hours at The Cellar we decided to take a chance on the heinous Aardvark (we all hated this place in college) but it turned out to be awesome because everyone we loved was there and the cover band was awesome!

All in all we had a great time and I love you Texas!!!!

This is it. Really.

Alright, so I saw "This Is It" on Monday and I enjoyed it! It was obvious Michael wasn't putting 100% into some of it because, well, it was a rehearsal, but I thought it was awesome seeing his creative vision being put into life and what fabulous things himself and Kenny Ortega conjured up for the concert.

However, the whole time I couldn't help but think about the dancers. They're pretty prominment throughout the concert and you can tell how excited each of them are to be dancing with Michael Jackson. But what now? Everyone who dances knows that the King of Pop was the King of Dance - if you got to dance with MJ, you had reached the mecca, the end all, the top of the tier.

So now that he has passed, who do dancers aspire to dance with or for? I mean, I would immediately say Britney Spears, however I'd hardly call gyrating your crotch and lip-synching phenomenal; Madonna isn't an icon known for her intense dancing skills either. Sure, Brit & Madge are both big names, but what celebrity is known for dancing?! Maybe if we rewound to before the "Gimme More" phase I'd name Britney the successor to the dancing throne but I'm afraid she may be on one too many sedatives for that now.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, it seems as if the best dancer of all time has passed and there is no one who can top him. So my question is, if you dance for a living, who are you aspiring to dance with now?

Hit or Miss?

So I believe it was game three of the World Series when Blanton hit A-Rod with a baseball. And he did so intentionally. This was the third time in the series that A-Rod had been hit and it was getting kind of redundant and obvious.

Here's my thing: I love baseball and I know what the pitcher's job is. However, is it entirely necessary to hit another player to get him off the plate?! I mean, pitch inside, do what you need to do, but just pelting a guy in the back (or almost the face) is a little classless in my opinion.

However, contrary to what I thought the guys I was with seem to think otherwise. That apparently, this is "a part of the game." Really? Reaaaally?

So now I hand it to you: is hitting another player a part of the game? And I'm only taking about baseball here, not football or hockey or any of that. Powered by Blogger.
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