Nov 30, 2009

Angel Tree

JC Penney has teamed up with The Salvation Army for their annual Angel Tree charity gift drive! It's AWESOME! Usually what you would do is go to the mall and pick out a child from the "Angel Tree" to donate to -- there are so many children who are suffering or won't have a great holiday experience and this is where YOU get to help!

I've done it for three years and my heart always breaks because I wish I could give to 20 kids instead of just one or two. I always want to do a boy and a girl. This year I was wondering how I could contribute (I usually donated on TCU's campus) because I want to keep this tradition alive. Well luckily they have brought the Angel Tree to the internets! Visit and get started! You plug in your zip code and what gender of child (including age) and a bunch of kids come up with their needs and their wants! It's really a great cause and I hope you all take on an angel from the tree!

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