Nov 4, 2009

Hit or Miss?

So I believe it was game three of the World Series when Blanton hit A-Rod with a baseball. And he did so intentionally. This was the third time in the series that A-Rod had been hit and it was getting kind of redundant and obvious.

Here's my thing: I love baseball and I know what the pitcher's job is. However, is it entirely necessary to hit another player to get him off the plate?! I mean, pitch inside, do what you need to do, but just pelting a guy in the back (or almost the face) is a little classless in my opinion.

However, contrary to what I thought the guys I was with seem to think otherwise. That apparently, this is "a part of the game." Really? Reaaaally?

So now I hand it to you: is hitting another player a part of the game? And I'm only taking about baseball here, not football or hockey or any of that.


Unknown said...

Kirbie... you know its part of the game and it was game 4. Ask Rog, he will tell you its part of the game, always has been... always will be.

Paul Wessels said...

Yes, it is part of the game. But it isn't always proactive for the pitcher. That hit on A-Rod woke him up and probably pissed him off. Not quite what Blanton wanted to do. And while it does take the bat out of his hand, it does put a solid baserunner on first. But pitchers want to tell the hitters that the inside is there, which I think is more of conjecture from fans and analysts, than affects the players. All players have been hit hundreds of times. I played baseball for 15 years, I got hit about 100 times and it never once changed my approach. Well that is my opinion.

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