Dec 31, 2009

2009: My year in review

Well ladies and gents, this IS my blog after all, so I'm going to recap my year.  I use this blog not only to network and speak my mind, but also to serve as a "diary" of sorts of my life and excursions post-college.

New Years Resolution:  Move to California
Status: Completed

According to the numbers...

One walk across the stage
One last spring formal
One 24-hour trip
One move-out; one move-in
One friendship rekindled (Val)
One friendship created (Ali)
One friendship terminated
One one-year anniversary
One internship
One audition
One best friend engaged

Two air mattresses popped (aka "Nomi's Hazing Period")
Two new roommates (Val and Ali)
Two zip codes
Two jobs, one occupation (airbrush tanning)
Two jobs quit
Two trips to Disneyland
Two Jason Segel run-ins (a week a part! ... and three if you count being on set)

Three trips back to Texas
Three roommates total (Liz, Val & Ali)
Three reality show proposals

Four sets visited (How I Met Your Mother, Melrose Place, Slightly Single in LA and the Usher video)
Four new mentors made (Tara Wilson, Rachel at Chic Events, Michelle at PPMG and Dennis aka the best ever!)

Five events worked (Absolut Bartender's Ball, Step-Up Network Awards, Be Bash, a wedding for a reality show and Latin Knights of Laughter)
Five months in Fort Worth

Six amazing concerts (Britney x 2, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga)

Seven Months in Los Angeles

Endless Pledge Class e-mails
Endless celebrity sightings (Zac Efron, Eve, John Mayer, Janice Dickinson, Audrina Patridge, Run DMC, JR Martinez, Russell Brand, Michael Yo)
Endless networking
Endless job searches

12 games won (Rif ram! --- 13 come Monday)

That's all I can really think of right now!  2009 was apparently a great year not only for me but for everyone.  I hope that tonight when you ring in the New Year that you're safe and happy!  Best of luck in 2010!

Dec 29, 2009

Top Pop Culture Moments of the Decade

Last night while I was laying in bed, I realized that this decade is coming to a close.  Now, I remember a time in my life where I thought my parents were so old for living through decades, and now I've managed to live through TWO.  When did this happen?  Regardless, it's still crazy to me to think that 2003 was six years ago, because I feel like it was just yesterday.

Therefore I'm creating my top moments for pop culture this past decade.  I feel these are the most shocking or momentous events that have occurred from 2000-2009.

2002:  American Idol commences as an engaging, fight-for-the-underdog television program
I know it might sound odd as being a "top" moment, but many things spawned from this one show.  Stars were born from this new take on the "reality show."  We were reintroduced to Randy and Paula, not to mention we officially met Simon Cowell, the judge we had all been waiting to see on TV -- a man who actually spoke the truth and was right, albeit mean and cruel at times.  Stars were born:  Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken, Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert, Kelly Pickler, Daughtery, David Cook; you didn't even have to win the contest to be a huge star -- take Jennifer Hudson who took 7th on the third season of the show but won at life by being awarded an Oscar, Golden Globe,  BAFTA, NAACP Image and Screen Actors Guild award for her performance in "Dreamgirls" (she has a Grammy as well for her debut album).

Ryan Seacrest was also a shining star from this competition.  He might not have been competing, but he ultimately beat out his co-host Brian Dunkleman in sustaining a long lasting career.  People joke that Ryan has about 87 jobs and you would think they were kidding, but it's pretty close to the truth.  Besides hosting his own radio show ("On Air with Ryan Seacrest"), he also hosts the Top 40 on the weekends, American Idol and E! News.  He also produces shows such with high ratings like "Keep Up with the Kardashians."

Not to mention American Idol was a different form of reality.  Contestants weren't being scrutinized for getting drunk and taking their tops off; they were being judged on their musical ability and stage performance.  And although the judges could give their input, it was up to the audience to make the difference.  This didn't necessarily fare well for seasons one and six when Nikki McKibbin and Sanjaya Malakar succeeded up the totem pole regardless of their hideous performances.

2002:  Britney and Justin break up.
The downward spiral of Britney Spears.  Anyone who knows half of anything knows when you say "Justin and Britney" that you're talking about Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.  I guess you could say the break up is when Britney took her good girl or "virginal" image to the limit by singing songs about masturbation ("Touch of my Hand") and got a little more naked than before.  If you don't know, she was accused of infidelity by Justin in his song "Cry Me A River," when she reportedly cheated on Justin with choreographer to both Brit and Justin, Wade Robson.  After her Onyx Hotel tour, it seemed as if Britney went mad.  She got married not once, but twice in one year.  She got pregnant.  She got divorced, she started dating paparazzi, she shaved her head, she had a meltdown, she had another kid, she went in and out of rehab a few times.  She got put under conservatorship of her father.  Now it seems she's had a semi comeback of sorts, however as someone who is a die-hard Britney fan, her concert this year was anything but extraordinary.  It was actually pretty mediocre.  I mean, when your entire show consists of lip-synching and grinding, it's sub-par compared to what you used to be capable of.

Anyway, before all of those shenanigans started, she was still with Justin.  She was pretty much perceived as a pure and innocent sex symbol (if that's possible).  Most pop fanatics know that her downward spiral was probably triggered by all of the flack she started receiving after the break up.

2003:  Paris Hilton's sex tape is released
Rick Solomon, Paris Hilton's beau for a brief stint in her life, released a sex tape upon the premiere of her reality TV show "The Simple Life."  Although many speculated she released the tape herself for publicity, Paris as stated many times of her shame and embarrassment that the movie was released.  This tape started a slew of other sex tapes to be "released" like Kim Kardashian's, among others.  The difference is that once Kim's was released, her mom and manager Kris Jenner worked with Vivid Entertainment to receive profits from the movie sales.

2004:  Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt end their marriage.
Amidst reports that Brad and Angelina Jolie were starting a fling, in January of 2004 Brad and Jen called it quits.  "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" had just come out with Brad and Angie debuting in their first film together.  This one break-up and one hook-up made it okay for infidelity to run rampant on Hollywood.  Because these two beautiful people a) didn't get married and b) are, well, drop-dead gorgeous, it was okay that Brad "allegedly" cheated on then wife Jennifer Aniston and that Angie was the mistress in it all.  To this day people still can't get enough of the couple, even with their six kids.

2005:  Nick and Jessica file for divorce
Considering their widespread fame was based off of their show "Newlyweds," it came as a shock when Thanksgiving of 2005 Jessica Simpson told Nick Lachey she wanted a divorce.  I guess you could have seen it coming based on the way Nick was constantly berating Jess; or how dense Jess was around Nick.   In my opinion, this was the first real shocking divorce for people my age because "Newlyweds" resounded with such a widespread following of viewers.

2006:  Hannah Montana and High School Musical debuts on The Disney Channel
I was a die-hard *NSYNC fan in the '90s.  Who am I kidding, I saw them in concert up until 2002 before they split up.  Anyway, I remember in the first half of this decade thinking, "where are all the great pop artists?  Where have they gone?"  Britney was on a minor hiatus, most of the boy bands were turning into men and possibly about to break a hip, and it seemed as if pop music had seen it's dying day.  But then in 2006 Disney turned out "Hannah Montana" and tweens everywhere rejoiced.  Not only was Miley Cyrus made into a international superstar, but this made room a whole slew of other Disney artists who I like to refer to as the D-Pack:  The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato.  They've all sucked the money out of parents across the world and the Mouse had risen back to the top.

As for "High School Musical," let's just say it was the highest rated television program since God-knows-what and it allowed for people to actually start caring about Vanessa Hudgen's naked photo scandal.  Not to mention Zachariah (Zachary, rather) Efron graced us with his beautiful face.  Plus it had been the biggest TV musical since "Grease."  Singing and dancing around high school was finally cool again, Praise Jesus, because what's high school without a good break-up number in the hallway?   This made-for-Disney TV movie would go on to break more records, go on a concert tour, sell Barbies of the characters and have a blockbuster film release.

2006:  Ryan Seacrest joins the E! team.
Again with Ryan Seacrest.  The man basically owned the past decade!  But with this three year, $21 million deal with the channel, he was able to create an empire for himself.  Ryan Seacrest Productions had created several shows for the channel (as I have previously mentioned -- "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and "Bank of Hollywood").   A smart and strategic move on behalf of E!, the network is now known for being the celebrity know-it-all station with great reality shows and plenty of award coverage.  Plus Joel McHale has plenty of material for "The Soup" with Ryan on staff.  When you think of Ryan, more than often you'll think of "American Idol" and E!

2007:  Paris Hilton goes to jail.
Anyone remember this photo?

Ah, how could you forget.  I remember when Paris got sentenced to jail time.  The judge was clearly trying to make an example out of her since everyone else was running around drinking and driving as well (Lindsay Lohan, Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Richie for example).  The difference between those girls and Paris is that she was in jail for a month and LL, Khloe and Nicole got release after something like 88 minutes.

Many sports figures and bad boys were in and out of jail, but for the first time in the decade prominent pop culture figure was going to the slammer (unless you count Martha Stewart).

2007, 2008 and 2009:  Anna Nicole Smith dies, Heath Ledger dies; Michael Jackson dies, forever lives as the King of Pop
In 2007 it was a shock to hear that Anna Nicole Smith had died.  She had just given birth to her daughter and was mourning the loss of her son.  Unfortunately Anna Nicole's untimely passing mimicked that of her idol, Marilyn Monroe.  It was said that Anna Nicole died of a lethal mix of prescription medications, prescribed to her in illegal doses.

In January of 2008, I remember hearing that Heath Ledger died.  I was in TNT at the TCU rec when I received a text message: "Heath Ledger died?!"  I ran to the nearest tredmill and watched CNN for an hour while I ran.  I consider this a top and shocking moment of the decade mainly because Heath was rising to the top; he was a well-respected and loved actor by so many girls my age.  He was about to premiere in his acclaimed performance of The Joker in "The Dark Knight."  Every time I watch that movie I feel sad that he can't and won't be around to give more performances like that one.  This was the second death in 11 months that was an accidental death as a result of prescription drugs.

Most of the world mourned the death of Michael Jackson in 2009 when reality of his untimely passing surfaced.  People blasted his music, congregated on streets and danced his choreography in his memory.  His death brought to life the sad realization that Michael was a man scorned by humankind; that he was suffering not only physically but mentally from the tribulations brought against him.
Michael's death also recognized what so many stars have lost their lives to: prescription drugs.  Like many before him (Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Pressley, Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger, respectively), Michael's death brought reality to the illusion of fame: many celebrities are learning to numb their stress, anger and sorrow with the use of drugs and they are using their own fame and power to bribe certified practitioners to medicate them over the prescribed limit.  Or they're misusing the drugs prescribed.

I definitely would have to mention 2001 and the tragedy that was the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.  That one event shook the world.  I don't consider it pop culture, but I do feel like it deserves to be recognized.

What moments did I miss that you would have included?

Things every woman should know

Not going to preach here, but I think this little list of things will help out the female population.  Girl power!

1.  How to Spell
Alright ladies, even if you don't know how to spell, take it upon yourself to Google or look up words in a dictionary.  I can't tell you how many judgments can be made if you don't know the difference between "their," "they're" and "there" and other words like "literally" and "defense."  Take yourself seriously and other people will as well.

2.  How to tip
Knowing how to properly tip is important.  I've worked several jobs where tips are welcome and I'm always shocked and surprised how many people, especially women, don't know how (or choose not) to tip.  A rule of thumb?  15% for basic service, 18% for good service and 20% (or more) for amazing service.  You can double the tax if you want the easy way out, however it's important to tip properly.  It's insulting to leave a $5.00 tip for a massage, considering 10% for a $60.00 massage is $6.00.  Also, when tipping at restaurants, be advised that waiters live off of tips.  They don't get very much hourly (if anything) so be sure to leave them something decent.

3.  Stationary
It's not something a woman should know, but it is something a woman should have.  Should you need to write a quick thank-you, it's always best to have some personalized stationary in your desk.  Consider it like "branding" yourself.  Having a nice notecard or piece of paper to write to someone makes everything a tad more personal.

4.  How to receive a compliment and take criticism.
There is nothing more annoying than a lady who can't take a good compliment; it's excrutiating really.  Listen, if you lost some weight and someone says, "Wow!  You look great!"  the correct response is, "Thank you!  You're sweet!" or something to that nature.  Not "I'm still fat" or "You look way better."  Seriously, if you plan on meeting people you need to expect that people will compliment you.  Furthermore, if you're doing something that is wrong or is bothersome to someone and they a) let you know and b) give you some advice on how to change or fix it, take it with grace.  There's nothing more unattractive than a person that has to be right about everything and doesn't accept tips from others.  Be sure to take some things with a grain of salt though.
Also, it helps to know how to give a compliment and how to give criticism.  If you can't pay someone else a compliment then you probably have bigger problems to deal with.  Learning how to give criticism is really an art; in speech and communication classes we always were taught to not make it a "you" issue, but an "I" issue.  For instance, instead of saying, "You're acting like a bitch," say, "I feel bad when I hang out with you sometimes."

5.  Know your body type
I'm pretty much a stickler for this.  I know that if I wear baggy clothes I look homeless and about 20 pounds heavier than I really am.  I know what styles and cuts look good on me and plenty of styles to steer clear of.  It's like when you see Ice-T's wife Coco in the magazines wearing a string bikini... makes you cringe.  When you know you're body type you'll be a lot happier in the clothes you wear.

6.  Be a well-rounded woman
I don't think anyone wants to be characterized as "that idiot girl" who has no connection to any world except for her own.  There's nothing more cringe-worthy then hearing girls babble about crap that makes no sense.  I met someone at work when I first moved here who thought the "Dallas Rangers" was a fantastic baseball team after I had told her I just moved to LA from DFW.  Yeah, they definitely are fantastic in your fantasy world.  It's the Texas Rangers... duh.  Even though most people would get the point, it still makes you seem like a nimrod when you have no concept names, places, people, etc.  Brush up on a daily newspaper or check out The Daily Beast online for some stories as well.

I'm sure there are a lot more... but that's all for now folks!  Any suggestions?

Dec 27, 2009

Thank you...


Love my sunglasses, love my necklace (I'm currently sporting it) and love my little bean bag laptop thing.  I'm using it RIGHT NOW!


For your entertainment, here's Lady Gaga screaming obscenities at her concert this past Tuesday.

Dec 23, 2009

"Make a f-cking friend..."

There is something you need to understand about tonight.  Regardless of the fact that I dressed as her for Halloween, regardless that I memorized all of her dance moves for the sole purpose of performing them in my seat at the concert, regardless of the fact that sometimes I fantasize about her inviting me over so we can have a drink and be bffs, Lady Gaga's concert was amazing.  It would have been amazing to anyone, even those who can't stand her music.

You can't deny a creative person.  You can't deny the unique, the versatile, the odd, the queer, the bizarre, the extraordinary.  Yes, she was and is all of these things and her concert exemplified just how crazy and genius she really is.

First of all, Semi Precious Weapons opened for her.  If you didn't know, Kid Cudi was "released" (aka FIRED) from his duties as her opening act because he decided it would be wise to get into a violent altercation with a concert-goer.  Probably not the best move considering Miss Gaga models a lot of what she does after John Lennon, peace and unity.  I had never heard of SPW so I wasn't too thrilled, however they weren't what I was expecting at all.  The lead singer was strangely beautiful; he was a man, and he wore a lot of makeup.  He also was wearing hosiery with ribbons on them and nothing else... so his bare bottom was exposed.

They wasted no time cutting to the chase.  Cursing?  Check.  The f-bomb was pretty prevalent in his speech, but for some reason I wasn't turned off by this.  He was actually pretty endearing, in a sassy and arrogant kind of way.  He would tell the crowd to shut up and then have us scream.  It was ridiculous but awesome and I totally love their music after seeing them perform live.  I mean the man had a mid-show costume change in the middle of the song in front of the entire audience.  That, my friends, is showmanship.

After they were off the stage it was the usual wait for Gaga.  She took the stage at about 9:30 and it was no different than any other concert I go to... I got the chills when the lights when down and the crowd started screaming.  Instantly music started playing, and the fans new what song it was: "Dance in the Dark."

I can't justify appropriately how awesome her stage show was.  The screens were insane.  The dancing was spectacular.  Her voice was on-point.  The costumes were AH-mazing.  And her interactions with the audience were true.  It was nuts.  Every person in that theater had some kind of connection just by loving her as an artist.  We were her "little monsters" and as she said, she created the monster ball to be a place where all of us could come and be happy and together -- we "locked all the freaks outside."  Hilarious considering most would say the freaks were all locked in.

Anyway, she has a great sense of humor.  Half the time Kristen and I were looking at each other and laughing because she did not fail to bring the weird.  She would lay on the floor and cry; stand up and scream, give lap dances to what appeared to be a dentist chair; she dressed like a crow, a dominatrix, a cripple, a robot, a disco-inspired John Lennon even.  She would yell things to us and we'd yell back.  But the most peculiar yet exhilarating part was not the high-tempo dancing, the brights lights or engaging visuals.  It was the fact that when she sat down at her piano, the crowd got dead silent.  You could hear a pin drop.  She would talk and we would all listen very intently.  Bizarre to witness when you just went from the most ear-piercing screams (my ears are still ringing) to people gently taking their seats to listen.  It was like sitting to listen to a good friend when she needed someone to lean on.

She is a great story teller.  With her music, with her movement, with her words.  The whole show was so symbolic I can't even get into everything that "meant" something.  It cracks me up though that this woman, this ONE woman can basically run around doing whatever in the Sam Hill she wants and everyone obeys and tries to imitate her.  I mean, she could probably smear poop on her stomach and walk around with it and people would see her as expressing her creativity.

I didn't expect her to be cursing as much, but hey, this wasn't an *NSYNC concert.  She didn't start off at Disney.  And she might as well have had the show on Santa Monica Boulevard because the LGBT community was out and in full force!  I mean I saw some men dressed up like Gaga who looked better than the women dressed up as her.  It was pretty awesome to see how one person could affect both males and females.

I thoroughly enjoyed her little sayings and monologues.  She's bat-sh*t crazy and you have to respect someone like that.  For instance, during her song "Teeth," she started yelling at the crowd, "I'm NOT A F-CKING DENTIST!"  Couldn't stop laughing about that one.  During "Speechless," while everyone was silent, she told us all: "Reach over and grab the hand of the person sitting next to you.  Even if you don't know them.  Make a f-cking friend."  After the first two songs, she says, "Hello Hollywood.  This is our second date.  You know what that means."  She explained, but I'll spare you the details.

Probably the best part of the night had to be when she told us she was going to give a lucky fan a gift.  She busted out her phone and called up a random fan in the audience.  And she answered.  And then Gaga told her her gift was that they were going to get a drink together after the show.  That is what fans really want, some way to get to be with their idol in a more personal light.  I mean the only thing she could have done to make me love her more would have been to call me up on stage to help her dance to "Bad Romance."

She did almost every song off her debut and (almost) all the songs off of "The Fame Monster."  It was almost a two hour show (just her)!  I was disappointed that a) she didn't do an encore and b) she didn't sing "Telephone"!  What the hell!  I guess it's because Beyonce sings almost half of it but still, she could have done a video or something to recognize the song.

I had amazing seats and I have to give a shout out to my mom for instigating the idea and to my Uncle Rog for making it all possible.  You have given me many great experiences that I will remember forever.  Love you both.

And if you see me running around with a weird claw-ish hand, it's because that's the "Lady Gaga" symbol we all learned tonight at the concert.  Rawr!

Dec 20, 2009

Be Bash

Last night, as I previously mentioned, I worked Be Design's third annual Be Bash, benefiting The Brave Foundation.  Crazy how these things work out.  Yesterday I spent from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm at an Usher video (where I got paid to do nothing) and my phone died.  Once I charged it, I had a milli texts and realized two of them were from two people I'm always glad to get texts from:  one from Dennis, one from his friend Michelle, who started PPMG (Popular Press Media Group).  Dennis asked if I could intern for Michelle's event that night; Michelle asking me personally the same thing.  I responded and let her know I just got off set but if she needed help I could.

She was a doll and knew I must have been tired, but I insisted so she told me the attire to wear and I was on my way.  The holiday bash was at LA's newest "hit" club My House and it was a great night.  Run DMC were the headlining performers and I got my hand at learning the ropes of running a red carpet, getting media and talent checked in, manning the door and getting gift bags situated.  I even got my first opportunity to kick people out of VIP.  Yes, it was a sticky job, but somebody had to do it.

Although my feet were killing me (curse you, Jessica Simpson booties), it was a great situation.  I learned a lot in those two hours: when the headliners of an event show up on the red carpet, you halt all photography until they are off the carpet.  Basically if you're talent and you show up after the headliner, expect to be waiting a long time (and seriously, who shows up after the headliner).

I also realized how sad the human race can be.  How everyone here feels entitled because they are on a "list."  I have news for everyone:  if you were put on someone's "list," more than likely so were about 500 other people.  More than likely your name isn't specifically on the list, you're probably just one of the +50 under someone else's name.  With this in consideration, be nice!   It was amazing how I was expected to know people who were not talent nor recognizable just because they were on a list.  Come to find out these people were last-minute add-ons or received an e-mail to show up.  Also, completely unrelated to the event, but visit  Seriously, I have to give an AMEN for that gem of a blog.  It's like this:  if you have to pay $1000 for bottle service, you probably are a) not getting what you paid for and b) aren't high-profile enough to get the free booze and free everything in VIP.  Like I told my mom, "If you're not Britney Spears, you might as well be dead to me."  I know that sounds really terrible, but I have to keep that mantra because so many people out here claim to be "someone" or "know someone" and that's great for networking, however I never want to be someone who gets put in a random or weird situation just because some guy or girl told me they have a record or movie coming out.  It's like people run around here driving Mercedes and Bentley's that they're all leasing just to give off a persona, yet they're living in some studio in Van Nuys.

I always find it's more endearing when someone doesn't tell you something like, "Oh, I was in the new Kelly Clarkson video," but you meet them and then see them in the video and you're like, "Wow!  That's the guy I met the other day."  And then you think that person is a lot cooler and legit because they're not galavanting around talking about how they made out with Kelly Clarkson in her newest video.

 I know I'm ranting right now, but it's all true.  You guys have read about my many experiences being an extra, but I'm not thinking I'm the next Julia Roberts because I've had to mimic talking and drinking a cosmo on set for eight hours.  However many background talent believe this is the case.  Even the ones who have agents and have landed speaking roles in movies... if you're still doing background, you probably haven't made it big yet.  Just saying.

Anyway, the talent at this event couldn't have been nicer.  I got to meet Kevin Sorbo (aka Hercules) and Michelle did a great job of introducing me to the media that was there, so whenever there was a lull in the red carpet they'd joke around and be like, "Kirbie!  Over here!" and start snapping photos.  That was fun to get a little taste of what celebrities deal with on a daily basis.  I also met J.R. Martinez from "All My Children" and he could not have been nicer.  We got to talk for awhile and he's so genuine and a really good guy.  I'm glad good things have happened for him.

Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Grubbs showed up.  Wasn't expecting that one!

Of course Run DMC was there along with several others.  It was a pretty awesome night.  Check out the photos here:

I had a great time and hope I get to work more events with PPMG!

Dec 19, 2009

Livin' L.A. vida loca

Seriously, LA?  You crazy.

I love how I can be here and have the opportunity to do things I love to do whenever I want.  For instance, today I worked on the new Usher video.  They make us sign all kinds of confidentiality stuff about not leaking details, but honestly?   I didn't even step into a room with Usher.  Talk about CRAZY, they had us sitting in the holding area for 10 hours and then right when we thought we were going on for the big dance/club scene the friggen tell us we're going home.  At least I got paid, right?  I don't know, I'm still pretty bummed that I didn't get to meet Usher himself.

I never worked on a music video before so I was really excited.  Funniest thing of the day (besides the douche-bag guys who thought they were awesome for being extras)?  When our AD came in to tell us that we weren't allowed to give Usher our album.  Damn, I was hoping to get my rap career started!  Hilarity also ensued when the make-up artist decided to give me her take on a smokey eye, except with teal eyeliner.  I was looking pretty ghetto.  I mean... fierce.

Anyway, the whole day I was asking myself "What the hell am I doing here?" because I got the call for the shoot at 11:00 last night.  Not to mention I had auditioned for a featured girl (or "VIDEO HUNNY!!!" as Stewart and his friends like to proclaim) however I was selected for background and not notified.  Look, I'm not expecting to be the next Amber Rose, I just figured auditioning for an Usher video couldn't be that bad.  Or could it?  I basically convinced myself that I was going to have to shake my booty in ways my mom and dad had no idea I could shake it and then it would be a huge mess.  Luckily it wasn't any dancing and merely just an "acting" audition.

So after 10 long hours in holding we get released to go home.  My phone had died (go figure) so once I retrieved my car I decided to charge it and see what kind of havoc I had caused in my life without any formal communication.  I could have told you my mom would have texted me six times, but then I was getting messages like, "Are we still going to the charity benefit?"  and "Babis are you alive?"  Then I saw Dennis had contacted me about interning for an event with his friend Michelle.

Let me say that tonight I was supposed to go to this charity toy-drive that Jermaine Dupri was hosting but I bailed because I was too tired.  Then I get this message from Dennis AND from Michelle asking for help and I really couldn't say no.  The event was amazing and I'll give you the media run-down in another post, but basically I have a new idol and her name is Michelle.  The woman is like Julie Bergdorf personified except way more fabulous, actually works, and has brains too.  She also had me taking red carpet pics with Kevin Sorbo so she's even more than #1 in my book.

More about all that later.  Did Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron show up to the event?  I guess you'll never know if you don't keep reading...

Dec 16, 2009

Today is a day of liberation

For me, a job is very much like a relationship.  However with jobs I tend to leave after I've put all the time and effort I can in and know I need to move on.  With real relationships, I can convince myself things like, "He really is wonderful, right?  Right?  Maybe like every Monday and Wednesday?"  Well, I'm not that way anymore (am I growing up?! gasp!).  So don't worry Stu, if I want to move on I'll letcha know :)

Anyway, yesterday was a day of liberation and it's because for the first time ever I QUIT MY JOB.  Not because I got a new one, not because I am moving... I just quit.  The weird part?  My boss was very supportive and we even took it upon ourselves to go out and have a few drinks afterwards.  Kind of amazing in my book.  I tend to have this affect on all of my employers.  I'm really not trying to toot my own horn, but seriously me and all of my bosses have a very loving relationship:
- Karen at Career Services was like a second mom for me my first two years of college
- I'm pretty much Celine's daughter she never had at Concussion
- We can forget about the horrible witch at the advertising agency I spent a summer with - gag me
- Jeff valued my business decisions at Perfect Glow
- James Parker and I had a blast planning the pancake breakfast in Student Affairs
- Not to mention my long-time love Mrs. Destefano who coordinated my 8th grade cheerleading squad still sends me Christmas and Birthday cards (we go on the occasional lunch date when I'm in town)
- Tara Wilson ( is the woman who, only having talked to on the phone once, convinced me to follow my dream to move out here to LA (after she read my blog! See, this thing IS useful)
- I can't forget a new mentor, Dennis, who has been throwing me bones right and left.  He is a genius... not to mention generous.
- The chic ladies at Chic Events ( had me learning the ropes of coordinating a wedding (for reality TV even!) and exposed me to the lavish life of event planning in LA.
- Kristen taught me how to terminate an employee, how to hire employees, human resource laws... basically all the knowledge I didn't know about running a business.

I didn't see that going into a shout-out session, but needless to say I have some great mentors and superiors in my life and I look forward to having many more!  Actually, no I don't!  I want to be my own boss someday!

Anyway, I have only so much love for Sunless Studio!  They are the best airbrush tanners in LA, I promise you that! However I know it's time for me to turn over a new leaf and move on.  And hey, if I ever become a personal assistant my clients can rest assured that I will give them an amazing airbrush tan for the red carpet, haha.

So what now?  I go home for two weeks NEXT WEDNESDAY (!!!!) after the one and only Lady Gaga graces me with her presence and I figure out my life.  I am coming back to LA despite the anxious and desperate pleads to move home to Texas.

Dec 14, 2009

I know this is annoying, but PLEASE VOTE!

Okay everyone.  Rally up the troops and go vote for me right over there ---------------->

I need to get up to 700-something votes to beat the person who is in first place.  I have no idea how she is getting so many votes; most of them are coming from other sources, not just facebook and twitter.  Send the link to friends and family and ask them to vote!  It seriously will take two seconds.  Also, I get points for any posts or review that are left for me, so thanks to everyone that already has and if you haven't please leave one!!!

Love yall!

Dec 13, 2009

Another day on set

Today I got to work on the set of a new feature film called "Slightly Single in LA."  I don't know if it will be straight to DVD or what but never-the-less it was an awesome experience!

Here's who is the in the featured cast:

Lacey Chabert:  really cute, seems to be very focused and is really nice as well!

Jenna Dewan:  incredibly beautiful and REALLY tiny.  Seriously, when you see people looking thin and fabulous on magazines and in movies, they really are teeny tiny in real life.

Jonathan Bennett:  really funny on set.  I remember a long time ago that Perez Hilton said this guy was gay... I wouldn't be surprised.

It's also rumored that Haylie Duff is a part of the cast; there was also a guy on set today that looked incredibly familiar however I couldn't put my finger one what I had seen him in.
It was really fun and relaxed on set -- probably the first time that I've ever been on a set where the extras are actually nice and the director introduced himself to me.  I was playing a bartender with another guy, so there was a lot of quietly pretending to mix drinks, make shots, clean glasses, open beers, etc.  I promise that I don't scream "alcoholic" when I submit myself for these castings because it seems like I'm always partying or at a bar during these background jobs.

I was on set about eight hours and actually doing something about three.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I hope I can work on more movies in my future... not just as a background actor. :)

Dec 11, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Hey!  If you read this blog and love it, hate it, whatever, at least click this link and vote for me!  I'd really appreciate it!

I could be on HSN to help promote this product!

- Kirbs

This people should know, but sadly don't

Hello world.  Today I want to go on a tirade.  And I'm going to!  Here goes nothing:

This week has been especially frustrating for me on the social front.  It boggles my mind that people still don't get it, "it" being the social trauma they put me through on a daily basis.  Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but come on!  When speaking to a person, please be aware:

- Telling them it "sucks" to have a birthday right after Christmas is offensive.
  Yes, yes it is.  Now most people believe you get the mix of Christmas and Birthday presents when you're born on, say, December 27th, but let me break it down real quick.  My parents and family have always made a tride and true effort to make sure my birthday was distinctly separated from Christmas.  They did a fabulous job.  It also left me a lot of room to be like, "Well, you can get me this for Christmas and this for my birthday!" if I ever couldn't decide on something.  Furthermore, I really can't remember giving gifts to friends since like 9th grade.  I've had some girlfriends who remain close to me that I would give nice gifts if I found something I thought they would like, however, we all realize that a) in college we're all pretty much broke and b) in the post-grad world if you get offended that I didn't get you a gift for your birthday then you should probably shove it.  Problem solved.
  So no, it doesn't suck to have a birthday after Christmas.  If anything, it makes the month of December even more magical than it usually is.

-  Asking me if my real name is "Kirbie" is not offensive, however it doesn't make sense.
  Seriously, think about it: what would my "real" name be?  Someone in high school asked me this question and then I asked them what my "real" name would be.  His response?  "Kirbalina?  Kirbina?"  Um, no.  That is false.  I don't know anyone with either of those names and frankly my life would have to be some sick experiment with humankind to be named Kirbalina.  My name is Kirbie and my mom named me that because some chick on Dynasty (laugh it up) was pretty and beautiful, wanted me to turn out the same, and she really liked her.  And her name was Kirby.  However to make it more feminine she changed the "y" to an "ie."  Voila, a name is born.  Check out Kirby Anders here.  Named after a fictional soap opera character is ironic, is it not?  Never-the-less I love my name -- I know when someone says "Kirbie" they're definitely talking to moi.

- When you tell me my name is cute like the pink, fluffy, marshmallow on the Nintendo game, trust me, you aren't being original.
  It's like if I met someone and their name was T-Rex and I go "Oh my god!  Your name is T-Rex?  No way!  Why did your parents name you that?  Like a dinosaur?!  CRAZY!"  But really it was spelled Teedashrecks and it was some family name they had received.  Okay, maybe that's pushing it, but seriously, don't you think that person has heard "like a dinosaur?"  a million times before?  Cope with me people.

I understand that these rants really are based off people trying to make small talk.  Half the time they don't really care about my name or when my birthday is, they're just so desperate to make conversation because nobody in society can enjoy the long, awkward silence anymore.  My point is is that if we embraced silence we'd come probably save ourselves irrelevant banter... which is essentially what I just did right now.

Dec 9, 2009

Jingle Ball

Saturday was a magnificent day because I got invited to Jingle Ball in LA!  How fun!  It was held at the Nokia Theater, a venue I hadn't been to before, and it was a great time for all... regardless of the fact that the audience was mostly five to 13-year-olds and their parents.  I don't care, I will do what needs to be done to sweet my precious Taylor Swift!

We had great seats - no need to stand to see over people.  I don't know what to call them except for "handicapped" seats because the chair were moveable and had very easy access.  We were also on  platform.

The list of performers was cool, so I'll give you a rundown:

Jay Sean
The Ting Tings
Jason DeRulo
Keri Hilson
Taylor Swift

Actually, scratch the rundown.  Here are some highlights:

The Ting Tings were amazing.  They have a lot of great songs and it was cool to see them perform live.  I'm sure a lot of parents and 20-somethings were also thrilled to have a more alternative act in the line-up.

Jason DeRulo... yeah.  His music sounds great on the radio, but live it's equivalent to a rap concert, aka major letdown.

Keri Hilson had a very odd stage presence.  First off, I thought she looked completely different than what she appears to look like in videos.  It was her birthday, so KISS FM got her a cake in which she threw pieces of into the audience. She also seemed a little bit like a diva.  Basically I don't know why they gave her five songs to sing when people only could recognize three.

LMFAO and 3Oh!3 were awesome.  I didn't expect much from them but they even worked out synchronized dance moves!  The bands performed separately (duh) but their show was similar in that it was very high energy and everyone knew every single word to their songs.  LMFAO even jumped into the crowd!

Fabolous.  Seriously, where did you come from?  I feel like he had fallen off the face of the Earth.  Just like I said before, rap performances are a major letdown.

TAYLOR SWIFT!  What can I say, she's magic.  Her rumored beau was backstage (Taylor Lautner) and the only reason I know this is because during the show people could text a certain number and get their message on the big screen.  Many wrote in to say T-squared was chllin' backstage.  Anyway, everything you would expect from a Taylor Swift concert happend - a lot of hair, a lot of sparkles, a lot of dumbfounded looks into the crowd.  Several stories about her songs, several thank yous, several "I Love LA!"  She was pretty much awesome.  She sounded great as well!  She also did her song "You're Not Sorry" with her cover of JT's "What Goes Around..." which I loved.

There were several "surprise" guests during the intermissions, like Kristin Cavellari, Leighton Meester, the 90210 cast with Katie Cassidy (Melrose Place), Nick Cannon and his new (no-name) group The School Girls, and my personal fav The Glee Cast!!!  Lea Michelle (Rachel) and Dianna Agron (Quinn) weren't there but everyone else was.  It was hilarious because during Keri Hilson's performance everyone saw the Glee kids up on the balcony and started texting in to the big screen things like "I LOVE GLEE!!!!!  MARRY ME GLEE CAST!"  Oh to be 13 again.

Anyway, here are some photos!  I'll upload some video performances later.

Dec 6, 2009

Could this be considered a harassment?

My boss Kristen is harassing me to say something about Sunless Studio, my current place of employment.


But in all seriousness, go get an airbrush tan from us!  We're awesome.  You won't look like an oompa loompa, promise.


Dec 5, 2009

Taking to the blog

So today I got quite the surprise when many a TCU fans decided to tell me that I was flat our wrong for not supporting the Huskers today.  Here's my thing:

- I'm not saying I don't want TCU to prosper; I'm just saying cheering on the Huskers is kind of like cheering on the Aggies to me (which I did, and I felt a little sick about it).
- Does Texas deserve a National Championship?  Yes, yes they do.  Colt McCoy is a God-send and he deserves a little bit of credit.  However I feel we deserve one too, but it's going to be all about politics and sadly the BCS probably doesn't think TCU can pull it's weight in fan attendance, advertisers, etc.  (which is a whole other rant in itself).
- We're not going to a National Championship.  Sorry folks.  As much as I'd love to see the Frogs battle it out in Pasadena, it's not going to be that convenient.  We'll be lucky if we made it to the Sugar Bowl, but based on professional opinion and several blogs, looks like the Frogs are probably headed to the Fiesta or Orange Bowl.  However maybe God will grant an early Christmas wish of all the frog fans and give us an outcome we're hoping for.
- Just because I am not openly yelling "GO BIG RED!"  doesn't mean I'm not hoping for a UT upset.

Don't question my support of the frogs... I went to TCU just like the rest of you.


Dec 3, 2009

Hilarity ensues

I decided to blog my name this afternoon. Look what I found on Urban Dictionary! Haha! Don't ever call me a city slicker, unless you want to learn the hard way...

It was inevitable...

So I REALLY hate talking about the personal lives of celebrities. Yes, it's true. I just think that type of thing is not important to what kind of actor, singer, sportsman, etc. a person is. Who care if they had plastic surgery? They might of had an affair and that sucks, but does that affect how good a person plays golf? I guess it makes sense though: everyone wants to root for someone who is "good." Not just meaning their ability, but including their persona. Everyone loves it when someone who has a good heart wins; not a cheater, liar, or basically "immoral" person. It takes away from the perception that good people succeed and bad people don't get anywhere in life (although we all know this isn't true - how in the heck did Perez Hilton get so much success? We all know he's not exactly human).

Anyway, enough about that. I have a question. I can't help but to read all about the Tiger fiasco. You would have thought the man was OJ Simpson at this point. However I was reading that his wife, Elin Nordegren was made new negotiations regarding their pre-nump. If Elin, a key factor in sponsors pulling or keeping their contracts with Tiger, decides to stay with him for seven more years, she receives $80 million. She cannot do a "tell-all" during this time and allegedly has to pretend everything is fine and dandy with their marriage.

So my question is this: Ladies (and gentlemen), if your spouse had (allegedly, ALLEGEDLY) had multiple affairs, would you stick through the marriage to get a huge lump some of money?

I mean, this is hard to answer. She has kids to think about, however Tiger would still be giving child support if this did result in a divorce. I guess you have to get to a point and think, "Okay, I'm basically getting bribed to stay in this marriage -- everything that we're doing is for money: to keep sponsors, to keep a positive public image. If the seven years comes to an end, would I divorce him or stay?"

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