Dec 3, 2009

It was inevitable...

So I REALLY hate talking about the personal lives of celebrities. Yes, it's true. I just think that type of thing is not important to what kind of actor, singer, sportsman, etc. a person is. Who care if they had plastic surgery? They might of had an affair and that sucks, but does that affect how good a person plays golf? I guess it makes sense though: everyone wants to root for someone who is "good." Not just meaning their ability, but including their persona. Everyone loves it when someone who has a good heart wins; not a cheater, liar, or basically "immoral" person. It takes away from the perception that good people succeed and bad people don't get anywhere in life (although we all know this isn't true - how in the heck did Perez Hilton get so much success? We all know he's not exactly human).

Anyway, enough about that. I have a question. I can't help but to read all about the Tiger fiasco. You would have thought the man was OJ Simpson at this point. However I was reading that his wife, Elin Nordegren was made new negotiations regarding their pre-nump. If Elin, a key factor in sponsors pulling or keeping their contracts with Tiger, decides to stay with him for seven more years, she receives $80 million. She cannot do a "tell-all" during this time and allegedly has to pretend everything is fine and dandy with their marriage.

So my question is this: Ladies (and gentlemen), if your spouse had (allegedly, ALLEGEDLY) had multiple affairs, would you stick through the marriage to get a huge lump some of money?

I mean, this is hard to answer. She has kids to think about, however Tiger would still be giving child support if this did result in a divorce. I guess you have to get to a point and think, "Okay, I'm basically getting bribed to stay in this marriage -- everything that we're doing is for money: to keep sponsors, to keep a positive public image. If the seven years comes to an end, would I divorce him or stay?"

What would YOU do?

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