Dec 5, 2009

Taking to the blog

So today I got quite the surprise when many a TCU fans decided to tell me that I was flat our wrong for not supporting the Huskers today.  Here's my thing:

- I'm not saying I don't want TCU to prosper; I'm just saying cheering on the Huskers is kind of like cheering on the Aggies to me (which I did, and I felt a little sick about it).
- Does Texas deserve a National Championship?  Yes, yes they do.  Colt McCoy is a God-send and he deserves a little bit of credit.  However I feel we deserve one too, but it's going to be all about politics and sadly the BCS probably doesn't think TCU can pull it's weight in fan attendance, advertisers, etc.  (which is a whole other rant in itself).
- We're not going to a National Championship.  Sorry folks.  As much as I'd love to see the Frogs battle it out in Pasadena, it's not going to be that convenient.  We'll be lucky if we made it to the Sugar Bowl, but based on professional opinion and several blogs, looks like the Frogs are probably headed to the Fiesta or Orange Bowl.  However maybe God will grant an early Christmas wish of all the frog fans and give us an outcome we're hoping for.
- Just because I am not openly yelling "GO BIG RED!"  doesn't mean I'm not hoping for a UT upset.

Don't question my support of the frogs... I went to TCU just like the rest of you.


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