Mar 29, 2010

High School Never Ends

I guess you could call me naive, because I am although I hate to admit it.  I don't see bad in people until they do something to make me think otherwise.  I don't think people talk crap about me if I did something to piss them off, I don't think that Paris Hilton does cocaine (granted what I've heard from various sources); I don't believe a lot of things because I see the good in people.  And naturally,  I don't think this is a bad thing.

However, sometimes I wish I would be a little more realistic.  Not everyone is going to like me.  I guess what I'm learning is that sometimes you're going to meet people who won't like you from the get-go, and it doesn't matter if you're nice to them or not.  Heck, it doesn't matter if you never even met them, they can dislike you and pick you a part for no reason at all.  

Today, while doing my blog statistics, I ran across a link to my blog posted on a LiveJournal site.  I don't have a LiveJournal and wanted to know who was directing people to my blog from their site so I could thank them and I found a post where I was being made fun of for some of the things I had said.  I'm know one commenter from elementary and middle school and the other two might have been an acquaintance although I'm not positive.

Because of what I stated in my opening paragraph, at first I thought it was a supportive post, advising people to read my blog because it's funny and they enjoyed it.  Instead, I found that it was a thread where people could post things I said, I'm supposing because they felt they were idiotic, and laugh about it.

I don't think this is a Pulitzer Prize winner of a blog.  I do it for myself.   Who knows what will happen with it.  But I have to say that the outpour of people whom I barely know, to random strangers, to close friends who have commended me has been outstanding.  I've gotten e-mails and even job opportunities because of this little horse and pony blog!  Isn't that crazy?  It makes me so happy to know that people are continuing to read my blog because they want to.  

While at first I was upset to read those comments from people who really don't know me at all, I am flattered that they would waste their breath to put out negative energy about me, or really anyone at all.  It takes a lot of effort to put-down others.  However, while their comments may not be ideal, they are generating traffic to my blog and I have to thank them for that!  Also, I've learned to deal with situations like this:  when I catch people badmouthing or picking-apart others, I instantly recognize that they must be insanely insecure with something in their life. 

Thanks for the support!  Eagles Fight Never Dies, right? 

Vajazzling = heavy traffic on Kirbie Goes to Hollywood

I have this counter that gives me stats on my website traffic, like how many times a day it's been viewed, unique visitors, sites that the viewers came from, etc.  While most people come from Facebook or Twitter, it was weirding me out that people in were searching for "vajazzle" and landing on my page.  Kind of odd.

So, as any good blogger would, I researched more about why my blog, now one of the many who have posted about vajazzling, has been getting so many hits based on this one word.  I mean it's the number one search word that are getting people to my site -- even the name of my blog comes in second!  I noticed that people were retrieving my blog from and although I was a tad concerned, I took a look-see and found out that it's the Completely Bare Spa in NYC that I had blogged about earlier this year!  They are featuring my blog on their site!  How amazing is that?  My blog is listed along with and!

Thank you ladies for the support!

Demi Moore calls out Kim Kardashian

If you're a regular person in the club having a girls night out, you wouldn't think twice about tweeting Jay-Z's song "Big Pimpin'" if you felt inclined to.  But if you're Kim Kardashian, all hell can break lose by mentioning a simple song title.

@Mrskutcher, or for all of you non-tweeple, Demi Moore, proceeded to interrogate Kardashian on the meaning of a tweet and then moved forward to create a, in her own words, "shit storm" regarding slavery and using words with desensitized meanings.

Moore, who has launched a campaign with husband @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) to end child slavery, was concerned with this tweet:

"@KimKardashain: - Big pimpin w @SerenaJWilliams@LaLaVazquez @Kelly_Rowland Love u girls!"

In which Moore responded with:

@mrskutcher: "@KimKardashian: Are you using the word "pimpin" as in pimping?  No disrespect I love a girls night out but a pimp and pimping is nothing more than a slave owner!"

Kim, being a good sport, replied it was merely a song and that she was enjoying her GNO, while Demi went on and refuted that taking risks creates conversation and makes change; we are desensitizing words that originally have a bad connotation.  While her efforts and goodwill are commendable, Kim was stating the name of the song and if Demi has a real issue with the use of the word then she should probably take that up with Jay-Z, the one who is actually promoting the desensitization of the word.

In school, I took a class on semantics.  It was a little bizarre, but I got a lot out of it.  We watched videos and read articles that used profane, ignorant, racist, bigoted and slurred comments within them, but what our professor was trying to teach us is that words mean different things to everyone, and that maybe words should be considered through their intended meanings; not literally and not through emotion.  Of course there are words that are meant to be offensive, but we as humans have analyzed other words so much that we are unable to see what the intended meaning is.  For instance, most would consider the word "mammy" to be offensive and a racial slur.  It's a word that's meaning has been turned into slur, and by definition is said to be "loud, overweight black woman."  However originally it's a variation of the word "mother."  My mom called her grandmother "Mammy" as a term of endearment instead of calling her grandma.  So that one word went through a transformation from a normal noun to a slur.

Should we put more consideration into the words we use?  Will you start considering how you use certain words?

Mar 28, 2010

There's a place off Ocean Avenue...

Whatever happened to Yellowcard?  I loved them!  Back in my Sebring Convertable days (yes, a grandma car but I LOVED it), I would ride with the top down during Spring Break and blast that song, wishing ever so much that I could be in Cali on the beach for the seven day break.

Speaking of, it's March and I associate March with Spring Break, or as it should be called for people not in school: VACATION.  If you're going on Spring Breaks as a 27-year-old, we might have some problems, like that fact that you're probably a real douchebag and I have no desire to be around you.

Anyway, this got me thinking about the who/what/when of the glorified "break" that occurs once a year and I, of course, had to make a list!  I LOVE lists.  I'm making one for those of you headed to the beach this year!  And really, this list is perfect for anyone who lives in Cali during the summertime.  So here are my picks for best essentials for the sun (and most include beauty and fashion faves).

Beachside reading
Kindle wireless reading device, as low as $215.00 used
I feel like Amazon owes me some money as much as I promote this thing!  I wasn't a huge leisure reader until I was gifted this item from my mom last year.  I love how you can download a book within seconds and how you don't have to worry about a page tearing or that weird feeling I get when I touch an old page.  Yuck.  Book downloads are as low as $9.99 and you can even buy the iPhone Kindle app that uses WhisperSync to send all of your downloads to your phone!  I recommend Bergdorf Blondes, The Dip, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, and Outliers if you want some good reads.


Mouille Poiret Ruffle Front Swimsuit, $165.52, ASOS
I know one-pieces are a little old-fashioned, but this one is TOO cute to pass up.  Great for a beach or pool party with a cute cover-up or for a few hours getting some sun, you're sure to turn heads with this stand-out piece.  Heck, I'd even pair it up with a pair of skinny jeans and take it out for a night of the town!  Hot!

SPANX To Dive For Deep V One-Piece, $178.00, BareNecessities
SPANX makes swimwear; women of the world rejoice.  This simple black suit is great for bigger breasted women who need a little "oomph" to perk up their lady lumps (halters are great for that in general) - not to mention with SPANX technology you can rest assured your body will be hugged in all the right places, creating the most flattering fit for your bod.

Badgley Mischka jewel-trimmed bikini, $165.00, Saks Fifth Avenue
A beautiful deep blue is accessorized with jewels to make a perfectly poised bikini.  Blue is hot this swim season and will look great on fair skin tones and tanned bodies alike.  It's actually a bandeau bikini top with straps that are adjustable; the top is padded for supreme support.

Sporty Zip bikini, $55.00, TopShop
A cheaper alternative but it doesn't lack in style!  Vamp it up with a bold yellow with a zipper embellishment - a little naughty mixed with a little nice.  Straps detachable.

La Perla Teja one-shouldered bikini, $550.00, Net-A-Porter
Looking at this suit makes me salivate.  It incorporates three of my favorite things: cute bottoms (with coverage!), braids and a one-shoulder style.  WOW!  I guess everyone pretty much loves this thing because it's completely sold out. 

Seafolly Spot Frill Suit, $124.79, ASOS
Looks like I'm LOVING all of these one-pieces!  This is too cute to pass up.  It comes in Siren Red (my pref) or Spa Blue and will surely get you in the spirit for an upcoming cruise or day at the beach.  Ahoy, mateys!

Button-tab bikini bottoms, $34.50, The Gap
I'm not a huge fan of Gap's bikini tops because they don't provide a lot of support and in my experience it always looks like a wet t-shirt contest after you get the suit wet.  Not attractive, ladies.  However, these bottoms are different and would look fantastic with a simple bustier top in white.

Diane Von Furstenberg Lorena Bikini in Garden Animal Small Warm, $190.00, ShopStyle
I really like the print of this bikini even though I'm not a huge fan of strapless tops.  They aren't very appealing on most women because they provide little lift and support!  However I'm not one to keep a girl from buying a animal print swimsuit and this one has a wonderful combo of shades and prints.

Maaji Studded Bikini top, $60.00, Urban Outfitters
This classic top provides embellishments to give a normally ordinary looking top a little edge.  The back of it is different than most and it provides just enough coverage without being too conservative.

Tara Matthews bead-embellished bikini set, $350.00, Net-A-Porter
Vix Mirror embroidered bikini top, $96.00, Net-A-Porter
If you guys haven't seen Lady Gaga's new vid for "Telephone" then you should because during one scene she wears an embellished bra and panty set that was the inspiration for my next pick.  The set is fabulous and has just enough bling on the top so that the bottom are a little more understated.  I really love Vix's embroidered top because you can mix and match it with different types of bottoms!


Guess "Jingman"cork platform wedge sandals, $90.00, Lord and Taylor
For short people like me, length to my gams is essential.  These are stylish, cute and might just give you a workout considering they have no support, so you'll be balancing yourself the whole time.  Just don't get drunk or we might have a problem.

Skincare - SPFs

Peter Thomas Ross Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion, SPF 30, $42.00, Sephora
Peter Thomas Ross Instant Mineral Powder, SPF 30, $30.00, Sephora
I'm not sure what you've heard, but my dermatologist told me that SPF 30 is about as high as you can go with a sunscreen that will effectively block UV rays.  I wear it on my face all the time and have been searching for a body lotion that a) doesn't smell like sunscreen and b) keeps you really moisturized that contains a high SPF.  Peter Thomas Roth makes two items for the face that are excellent!  The moisture lotion is not thick and heavy and feels like you're wearing nothing, but protects your skin from burning.  The SPF brush is one of my favorite because you can powder yourself while adding a little SPF while also fighting blemishes!  Fab!
*Neutragena is a great drug-store buy.  Any of their SPF 30 (or higher) lotions will do the trick without the high price tag.

Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF 30+, $58.00, Sephora
A great daily lotion for your body, formulated without harsh chemicals.

Kate Somerville has excellent products, as well as SuperGoop! -- a new line found exclusively at Sephora.

Skincare - Exfoliants

ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliating Treament, $65.00,
Speaking of Kate, I'm so looking forward to getting a facial with her.  Should be fabulous.  I first heard about Kate because her ExfoliKate treatment is to-die-for, according to make beauty mags. I prefer ExfoliKate Gentle because I do have sensitive skin.  It works wonders and gives any dull complexion a brighter, more youthful look without having to get a professional treatment.  Also, if you're spending a lot of time outside in the heat and sweating, it's essential you exfoliate every now and then so that you can clean your pores!


Salon Technician Color Care Travel Faves, $42.00,, Fekkai Stores, Saks, Neimans, Nordstrom or Sephora
I love this line of products because it protects color treated hair, especially from UV rays and from fading.  Plus, in the travel size, it's great for trips and overnights.

Marine Summer Hair collection
Check out the must-haves for this summer!  I'm pretty sure it launches in April and comes with a detoxifying shampoo, leave-in conditioner, frizz control mist and a beach wave spray that contains a UV shield.  Perfect for any day out in the sun!

6th Street: get drunk off the music, kids.

Bottoms up!  Get ready to over-indulge yourself in 6th Street -- a duo of two dudes who are dedicated to making great music.

Now, I know that "good" music is a term that is arguable to a lot of people, but if you heard their music in your car, I'd guarantee you'd a) turn it up, b) try to Shazam it, c) get on iTunes and download their music, and d) listen to at least one of their tracks on repeat for six days straight.  So by definition of "good," 6th Street fits the mold.

For most of you Austinites, Sixth Street reminds you of the heavy drinking associated with one of Austin's most beloved streets; I like to think of it as "bar row."  6th Street's music will get you buzzed and emotional without any of the drama, awkward run-ins, bad decisions or unfortunate hangovers in the morning.  Score!

What does 6th Street sound like?  I love comparisons.  So, let's say if The Postal Service and Owl City consummated and had a baby with Chris Martin's voice, then they made that baby eat violins for breakfast and it only spoke in lyrics in the caliber of say, John Mayer, then that is what 6th Street would sound like.

I wouldn't be too far off -- iTunes notes that listeners bought albums from other artists such as Passion Pit, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Ghostland Observatory, Matt Nathanson and Imogen Heap.  A pretty eclectic yet stable group of artists to be grouped up with.

6th Street is composed of Grant Cook and Mike Miller, who claim their influences are Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Owl City, Billy Joel and John Mayer.  They create their tunes on a 140-year-old piano and record their tracks on a PC.  "We have no idea what we're doing, but we keep looking up."  However, these guys have credibility too, having just performed at Austin's coveted South by Southwest music festival in early March at Shakespeare's Pub on, you guessed it, Sixth Street.

If you're in Los Angeles, you can catch 6th Street at Dakota Live Music Lounge in Santa Monica on April 10th.  Be sure to buy their EP on iTunes to prepare for the show.  My personal fav is Not a Stone.

Mar 26, 2010

'cause alotta WAGs wanna hear it

Guess what?  It's vocabulary time!  Ladies, I think it's important for all of us to understand and know what a WAG is.  So, what is a WAG, you ask?  According to (click on the photo to view it better),

I've read up on WAGs and most people tend to hate them; they are synonymous with gold-diggers and cleat-chasers here in the states.  However, Victoria Beckham is the reigning queen of WAGs and while she might have fake breasts, be too skinny for her own good and be dating a futbol player, she's Posh Spice, and you can't deny that.

Here's the thing.  Why should WAGs be reserved to only women dating soccer players?  Why must they have a bad connotation?  I mean, it is an acronym for "Wives and Girlfriends."  I'm a girlfriend.  I should be allowed to call myself a WAG and say it proudly.  That is why, once I hit the big time, I'm determined to make WAGs a global phenomenon, something that women can say with pride and joy.

However, I also think it should be a coveted title, something only fabulous WAGs can say they are.  Let's say, hypothetically mind you, that you slap your boyfriend 10 times in a taxi in front of six of his friends.  You are not a WAG.  You are a hellacious, asinine girlfriend, a.k.a. HAG.  If you can't go to a party, gathering, meeting or happy hour of sorts without starting a fight with your boyfriend, you are most definitely a buzzkill, or HAG.  Woof.  If you are sleeping with half of the fraternity that your ex-boyfriend is in, you would be considered a (slutty lay and/or girlfriend) SLAG.  If you are dirty trailer trash with no grace, elegance or personality, you would be a RAG (as in trash).

So you see?  You have to earn your title to be a WAG.  Live and let live, ladies.

Mission: get a Victoria's Secret Angel bod.

... I don't think that's possible, given I'm about five-six inches shorter than most of them, but dangit, I'm going to hope.

Life has a great way of falling into place.  Yesterday, as I was working, I was noticing there were a ton of models coming into the salon -- not just any models.  Victoria's Secret angels; tall, lanky and beautifully exotic women coming in to get their salon services.  Miranda Kerr had called to cancel her appointments, so obviously I knew something was up.  Turns out it was the 15th Anniversary of the store's soft-core porn swimsuit catalog and there was a rousing party at this quarter's new hotspot, Trousdale.

"Oh, I'd love to go to that."  I wasn't going to get off work until 7:30, so I figured my night included a turkey sandwich and a rousing night of Grey's and The Office.

Until I got a magical text.
"Hey, do you want to go to a party with me and my friends tonight?"
It was from my friend Carl.  I hadn't seen him, literally, since the first time I met him, which was last August.  Remember the infamous night with Katy Perry, Eve, John Mayer and Jason Segel?

He keeps going.
"It's a Victoria's Secret event."
"At Trousdale."

Alright.  Sounds good!  Nothing like checking out a bunch of models to motivate me to get a super hot bikini bod, not to mention I hadn't see good ole Carlita in several months and I was desperate to make new friends.  I didn't know if these friends would be worth my time, and I'd soon be pleasantly surprised.

I haul butt home, freshen up, change, Skype with Stu and then head to Carl's.  Turns out his friends were nice, legit guys who weren't weird and creepy like a majority of the men out here.  Hell, I even took a shot with them before we left the house and I don't do shots (we chased it with Red Bull -- I DON'T DO REDBULL).

We hop in the car and all I know is that we're going to pick up some people.  Fair enough.  We're all talking about the Kansas State/Xavier game (I'm feeling pretty studly that I even have any idea what's going on with basketball right now) when a guy hops in.  It's Josh Lucas!  I have nothing but nice things to say - he was very friendly and nice and actually introduced himself to me, unlike almost everyone else I met that night.

Once at Trousdale, things got fun.  Cade, Carl's roommate, was running the event, so we got a table which was fab (even though it was an open bar - score!).  I saw a ton of people there:  Russell Brand (I see him so much, I might as well work for the man),  Ben Lyons, Miranda Kerr, Cat Sadler, and Paris Hilton.  I have to say that Paris is shorter than I thought.  I always pictured her as this massively tall mythical figure and she's actually probably four inches taller than me.  Very thin, really pretty and she seemed to be having a good time.

Anyway, it was a blast and there wasn't one girl there that wasn't hot!  It was a little intimidating!  The DJ was awesome and the only thing missing was a dance floor.

I'm glad I've found some guy friends out here to hang out with.  I miss that!  I had that in high school but given the slim pickings at TCU, I never found a group of guys there that I really clicked with.  I attribute that to the fact that way too many of them are okay wearing pastels and plaid shorts on a daily basis. :)

Mar 24, 2010

"So that's why I'm not getting his texts anymore..."

Lots of things to catch you guys up on, so here it all is!

First off, my trip to Texas was fabulous as always.  The comfort of home is something I can never get enough of.  After I got back (an excruciating trip, Southwest Airlines),  I was full speed ahead: getting my computer fixed?  Check.  Finding my paycheck?  Check (it was lost in the mail until today).  Sending resume upon resume to get a great entry-level job?  Check.  Hopefully I can score an interview with InStyle because there is an assistant opening I am dying to have!

As far as celebrities go, here's the scoop:

- Monday, I went tanning and little did I know that Shenae Grimes (90210, Degrassi) tans at the same salon as me!

- Tuesday, I started a new routine of getting up at 6:00 to work out before work.  It has been great for my health and psyche and I feel so refreshed knowing that I can come home and just hang out instead of hauling off to the gym after dark.  Anyway, as I was running on the tred, I spotted a woman who I couldn't have missed if I tried.  It was Jane Lynch!  *SQUEALS*  I love her!  You guys know her as Sue Sylvester from Glee, I know her as Patron Saint of Comedy.

- At work, I was taking appointments and after I gave my spiel, I hear, "Hi Kirbie, It's Patricia Heaton."  It took me a minute to register but I was instantly excited to speak with her.  Usually celebs get an agent or publicist to book appointments for them and I loved how she just called and got me to book all of her services.

Also, I was watching E! today and I cannot stand the hoes on "Pretty Wild."  Especially Alexis, who is basically getting C-list fame for being a part of the "Bling Ring."  While it's an allegation, Alexis was served and jailed for being a part of a group of wealthy kids who were stealing from the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, and Paris Hilton.  I wanted to know more about this "Bling Ring," so I found this article from Vanity Fair.  While I am still shocked that they found coke in Paris Hilton's house, it was even more shocking to read that someone by the name of Johnny Dangerous, a nightclub promoter at Les Deux, is in a correctional facility for buying stolen Rolex's and a pistol from Bryan Austin Green's home.  I thought it was weird that his name was Johnny Dangerous because I knew a guy by this name -- after the Beyonce concert last July, a group of friends and I went to Les Deux.  I wasn't thrilled but we were there and determined to have a good time.  When we got there,  Johnny asked for my number (along with a friend), to which we kind of gave him the "go to hell" look and after our friend Michelle told him off, he announced he was the promoter at the club and that he could get us in anywhere.  Being new to the city and wanting to not get off on the wrong foot, we were nice and give him our numbers and consequently received endless "Come to Les Deux!" texts every week announcing some event and pleading for us to get VIP bottle service under his name.  The texts came to a halt (THANK GOD!) and now I know it's because he's in jail for being a part of this bling ring.   Read the article here.

Johnny... Dangerous enough to end up in a correctional facility.

Long story short?  Be careful who you hang out with out here.  Not like I'm one to get into a ring of stealing shiz from people I look up to, but LA is nuts and I've had a few nights where I'm sober and going "Where the hell are we?"

Mar 12, 2010

Question of the Day

Baseball season is coming up and one of the more controversial subjects regarding baseball is steroids.  Do steroids really give you an unfair advantage in the game?  Why or why not?  If players take them, does it change your view of the player? How?

*Familia, I know you all have plenty to say about baseball however I'm going to ask you guys to refrain from answering this one.  Gras!*

Mar 8, 2010

Guess what hoes?

I had a Eureka! moment last night.  I feel like my New Year's Resolution should really happen after the Oscars because I always come up with fascinating ideas after the Academy Awards....

Anyway, I figured out the name of my book!  Yes, I totally plan on publishing a book.  Do I have a publisher? No.  Do I have a literary agent?  No.  Do I even have the book finished and proofed?  Nope.  I have about five chapters and that's it.  But now I have a name, and dang it, that's better than nothing.

This past weekend was nuts and it's all because of the Oscars.  Work was insane because we had a lot of VIPs coming into the salon to get services and it was rather exciting for someone such as myself.   Bar Rafaelli was booked to come in as well as the head designer of Marchesa, who designed Sandra Bullock's Oscar gown.  Very cool!  I got to learn a lot about the PR companies that I should know about and I even joked with my mom that when I'm nominated for an Oscar I will know who to get to design my dress and who to do my hair.  :)

Did you guys watch the Oscars?  Did you enjoy them?  I did not.  Between the Samsung 3D television commercials playing twice in a row to the rather forgetful intro (Neil Patrick Harris was the only highlight) and not to mention the rather dull introductions of the Oscars nominees by their co-stars... I'd have to say it was a giant snoozefest.  I kept hearing, "The Oscars like you've never seen them before!"  Except that would be totally false since half of the crap was from last year, except more lame.  For instance, last year they had past Oscar winners introducing the nominees and it was so wonderful to watch because most of the nominees admired the people introducing them.  It made the nominees seem a little vulnerable and it was rather touching.  This year they were sticking co-stars who only knew the friggen people for about a month and it was just a bunch of blabber that nobody gave two craps about.

I did enjoy the montage to horror flicks considering horror movies are never nominated for Oscars, ever.

Here's what needs to happen:

- If you're going to do a big entrance, do it with the actual hosts of the show.  Next year, just get NPH to do it and save everyone the complaints.
- The whole dance choreography thing was fab, however this isn't "So You Think You Can Dance."  Play a snippet of each song and announce the winner.  This ain't the Grammys, y'all.
- I don't get why they don't incorporate more acting into the show.  Hello, everyone in that theater is an actor.  Last year it was hilarious when hottest man alive himself Hugh Jackman acted out/sang about each movie up for Best Picture.  Not to mention he grabbed Anne Hathaway and it was hilarious!  Then later in the show effing Beyonce does some showtunes with him and they managed to get Zac Efron up there too!!!!!!  Trust me, I thought my head was about to explode.  You could have gone blind looking at all three of them together.  Here's the opening number:  Click here!
- If you're going to recognize all that have passed this year, you have to include everyone.  If you can't, you have to include big players, like Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur.  It was just WRONG to exclude both of them, both members of the Academy, and then include people (no offense) like Michael Jackson who wasn't even a legitimate actor.  He was a musician and performer, not even a member of the Academy!  Seriously, a travesty.  People need to get their shiz together.  I mean it's like if I put in four years of being in my sorority and donated so much time and effort for that organization and then when I graduated they didn't consider me an alum.  Well, maybe it's not like that but you guys can obviously tell I'm all kinds of pissed of about this!
- Lastly, instead of doing red carpets they should do televised cocktail hours.  That would be WAY more entertaining.  Imagine getting everyone a little tipsy and interviewing them.  "James Cameron, how do you feel about your ex-wife being nominated against you?" "Screw her!  Oh wait!  I already did!"

To close out this post, did you know that both Sandra Bullock and Kate Winslet's hair was done by two Frederic Fekkai celebrity stylists?  Amazing right?  If you want to win an Oscar get your hair done by the Fekkai team :)

Alright guys.  I'm out.  I am going to Texas on Wednesday and I'm so excited I just can't stand it!!!!!! Powered by Blogger.
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