Apr 28, 2010

Just sayin'

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Apr 26, 2010

Bachelorette Fun

This weekend was Erin's Bridal Shower and in an effort to be efficient we had the BP later that night.  Since the shower was in my hometown, it was a great excuse to pack up for a four-day vacay and visit with family and old friends.

If you know me, you know I am a planner.  This party was no different than, say, a formal for me.  I wanted everything to be smashing, especially since being the MOH means doing wonderful things for the bride.

I had been working on the logistics of the party with Erin, such as when, where, etc., but once it got down to the nitty gritty I started to have trouble.  What games should we play?  What should we actually do?  What favors should be given, if any?  HELP PLEASE!

The internet does not have a ton of valuable resources for Bachelorette festivities that don't involve giant blow up penises or penis straws.  We enforced the PPP, or the "Please, no Penises" Policy because I don't think being a Bachelorette really has anything to do with that.  Not to mention she's getting married, not getting sent into sexual prostitution (or is she?).  So the internet definitely wasn't helping out in that department.

I knew I wanted everything to be bright and bold, so the colors I chose were white, strawberry margarita and gold.  I was tres inspired by the new Sex and the City 2 ads and figured we could make it girly and sparkly all at the same time, right?

Since we were staying in Downtown Austin at a hotel, it made it very convenient to get to the bar district.  No cabs necessary -- everything was in walking distance.  We originally planned to go to a comedy club, but to be budget friendly nixed the idea, that way we could spend more on Erin's gifts.  I'm so glad we decided against the comedy club or a huge organized activity because after the shower most of the bridesmaids wanted to just chill out, have a cocktail and relax.  I'd strongly recommend doing the same if you are attending two bridal events in the same day; if not, then I'd keep the main events (pole dancing classes, spa trips, etc) early in the morning so everyone can rejuvenate and recharge for the night ahead.

We did plan to go to Cork & Co., a wine bar, after dinner, but since we had to wait an hour and a half to be seated, we ended up missing the reservation.  It would have been fun though since I have heard great reviews of the wine bar.  Instead, we had some great bevs at Iron Cactus before eating a great dinner.  I definitely recommend the Peach Mojito or their famous Mexican Martinis.  Lucky for us the weather was SUBLIME and we enjoyed cocktails on the upstairs patio before eating dinner under the stars.

Day before
Let's backtrack.  Once I got into town on Friday, I started to decide on decor and all of that jazz.  I hit up Hobby Lobby and found FABULOUS things that were all inexpensive and adorable; I grabbed martini glasses as Party City for super cheap.  I spent hours upon hours baking cupcakes and cookies into the shape of hearts to create little thongs and bras for everyone.  As my brother said as he walked into the kitchen, "Um, do you mind me asking why you're making cookies that look like g-strings?"  Just another typical Friday night.

Day of
I arrived to the hotel suite early on Saturday afternoon after the shower to set up and assemble everything.  For the refreshments table, I used a circular table cover in a light pink, folded it in half and placed it down on a small dining table.  From there I took gold string and cut it into long pieces, then used scissors to make it curl and draped them all over the table.  After assembling the pink martini glasses, I set out 12 and placed permanent markers next to them so everyone could write their name in the glass before pouring themselves a drink.

As for the Edible Lingerie, here's how I did it (as shown on a cookie):

You'll need:
- Two boxes white cake (or cake of any flavor, but I love white cake and it also allows the icing to show up better.  Makes 48)
- One pack of sugar cookie dough (makes 12)
- Cupcake pans in the shape of hearts (two pans, six cakes per pan)
- A heart-shapped cookie cutter (1)
- Wilton Fondant writing icing in the color of your choice (makes things a lot easier)
- Sprinkles for decor
- Wilton decorative metallic powder
- Baking brushes (small like a paintbrush)

1.  Bake the cookies and/or cupcakes according to instructions.  Be sure to note that the time allowed for baking for cut out cookies is different than the sliced and bake cookies, so read the instructions thoroughly! 

2.  Let cool.  While they are baking and cooling, you can start making your own icing (if you wish).  I used the Fondant Writing Icing but my mom also made home-made powdered sugar icing to fill in the bra and panties.

3.  Once cooled, you can begin!  Here's how I made one of the edible thongs (bahaha).  The bras are a little more difficult so decorate at your own risk.

4.  Take the heart cookie and turn it upside down.  This will create your bottom, or as I like to call it, a "pear ass" -- it's skinny at the top, fat on the bottom, and that's what Jamie Kennedy called Jennifer Love Hewitt.

5.  Start by taking the Wilton Fondant Writing icing and make the outline of the thong.  It should look like a distorted "Y" shape.

6.   Add a line across the top of the "Y" to connect the panties together.

7.  If you wish, create a bow.  I can't really give instructions on how to make one; you'll just have to do what feels right (so many jokes coming to mind with this post).

8.  Voila!  The first part is complete.  If you are in a rush, this would probably be enough of a decoration, especially if you used different colors for the bow and outline.  However, I added more colors and accents to make the panties really cute.  

Take a pair of baking tweezers (heck, you can use your own as long as you sanitize them properly) and grab a single sprinkle.  I used the little ball shaped sprinkles because they look pretty and really pop on the sugar cookies.  Place the sprinkles, one by one, onto the fondant outlining the bow.  


9.  Use a variety of colors to create a unique look for each panty you create.  I did matching panties and bras and if you have enough icing colors you can create a ton of different looks. 

You're done!  Like I mentioned, the bras require a lot more effort.  The thongs and g-strings took no time at all, however we made a variety of panties, like cheekies, boy shorts, etc.  Feel free to spice it up and get creative!  I have to say these were a huge hit at the party and it added a little something special.  Since I made them myself, it was a part of my gift to the bride.  She even asked me where I bought them!

Since we stayed in a hotel suite, it allowed for us to really mellow out and relax before dinner.  We made pear-champagne cocktails (I bought pear nectar at HEB and mixed it with champagne - fairly simple) and we all munched on cupcakes to tide us over until din din.  To pass the time, we played the panty game, which goes as follows:

- Every guest brings a pair of panties for the bride.  They were welcome to buy her other items, but they had to bring at least one pair of panties.
- All the panties were placed in a laundry bag and mixed together.  If a guest had bought more than one pair of panties for the bride, she was asked to pick one pair to put in the laundry bag.
- The rules were (we made these up literally as we went on):
  • The bride was allowed two guesses as to whom bought her a particular pair of panties, which she picked out of the laundry bag one by one
  • If she got it right on the first try, the guest had to place the panties they bought on their head
  • If she got it right on the second try, the panties were placed to the side
  • If she got it wrong both tries, the bride had to put the pair of panties on her head
  • If she guessed correctly on the first or second attempt, either the bride of the panty-giver had to tell a story about their most embarrassing/funny moment together
  • If the bride didn't guess correctly, the panty-giver had to wait until the end to tell a story (this helped to keep the bride out-of-the-loop as to who bought her which panties)
  • At the end, the bride was allowed to guess the leftover panties one last time and then those panty-givers were able to tell a story
It was an entertaining game because it got to be funny to see the bride with multiple panties on her head and it helped for the group to get to know each other a little better.

I also bought a "Would You Rather..." book from Urban Outfitters about love and sex and that helped us to pass the time with some fun questions.

It's not necessary, but I decided to make some fun favors for the group.  It was really simple and fun to do!  I grabbed some really cute take-out boxes from Hobby Lobby in pink and white.  Take out boxes are great because they look good and they're pretty inexpensive as well.  In the boxes, I put some essentials for the night ahead: gum, a mini bottle of water, an individual pack of Tylenol and one of the homemade panty/bra cookies, which I put in a cute little bag.  

Trust me, the mini bottles of water were a smash hit the next morning! :) 

Here's the take-out box I used for the bride's gift.  Inside I put one of her gifts (a white and baby blue garter -- in hopes she'll use it as her "something blue") and since her other gift didn't quite fit, I wrapped gold ribbon around it.

Other fun ideas
If you're wanting to give gifts for games, mini bottles of alcohol are always a hit.  They're cute and enough for a shot to get the party going.  Wrap 'em up in a cute bag and voila!  You have yourself a fabulous gift for the ladies in the group.

If your group is not the alcohol type, another great gift is chick-lit.  Chasing Harry Winston, The Shopaholic Series, Bergdorf Blondes, etc. would all be great books to gift at the BP.  OR my personasl favorites, Something Borrowed and Something Blue by Emily Giffin, the queen of chick lit.

I loved the pair of panties I gave Erin!  They're light blue with lace and I found a rhinestoned monogram "S" that I ironed on the front (for Stokes, her soon-to-be last name).  They're great because they were personalized and they're light blue, so if she wanted she could use them as her something blue!

- Celebrity couples
  • This game is fun, although we didn't have time to do it!  Have the girls get into pairs and decide who is going to go first.  You can either do it Pictionary style where you draw out the couple or where you describe one half of the couple (i.e. "George Jetson's wife!" "Judy!").  The pair who gets the most couples correct wins a prize.  Make sure to use a variety of couples - celebrities, cartoons, etc.
- Mad Libs
  • I didn't get time to do this either, but it's so cute!  I created this on InDesign and is great for a memory book for the bride.  Have everyone fill out the page below -- it gets conversation going for sure!
    - Purse Search
    • We played this at the shower and it was too cute not to post.  All the ladies were asked to bring out their purses and were given a checklist.  As you went through your purse, you would check off what all you could find -- if it was on the checklist, it was worth a certain amount of points.  The person with the least and most points would win a prize.  I found out that I have three pens in my purse, a pair of earrings, a mirror and nine lip glosses, among other things.  Some women had up to 15 lip glosses!  
    I had such a great time at the shower and the BP and I think the group did as well.  Austin was an excellent location and I highly recommend it!  All you really need is a few cocktails, some creativity and a good group of girls to make a Bachelorette Party a big success!

    Apr 21, 2010

    Busy month!

    Can anyone else believe it's April?  Wowzas.  This month has been full of fun and excitement.  I went to Ellen on the 8th and saw Taylor Swift last Thursday!  Ellen was great and thanks to a friend's useful advice, I was narrowed down with six other women to play a game!  They had us all practice as if our name had just been called and we were getting to meet Ellen, which involved a lot of hugging, jumping and screaming.  It was pretty much hilarious.

    Unfortunately for me, my name wasn't called, however that didn't stop the fun.  Me and my roommate Ali performed our "hidden talents" for the audience to help pass time -- hers being her infamous "crying baby" impression, which was so realistic that all the mothers in the audiences felt a little twinge after hearing it.  I rolled my eyes back in my head and scared the bejeezus out of everyone, so I guess I was known as the freak show for the rest of the time.  Our guests were Chad OchoCinco and his partner on Dancing with the Stars and Julie Bowen from Modern Family.  The two women who were called down to play the game played celebrity in which they guessed celebrity moms!  I was the youngest person in the game group so I guess they figured I didn't know my celebrity moms and man, they were wrong!  Both contestants won a $400 Target Gift Card... amazing.

    The best part of Ellen is probably the dancing.  During commercial breaks they have dance offs in which audience members compete for prizes based on their dancing skills.  Ali told me to get up and dance and luckily they started to play Michael Jackson, so I got up in the aisle and danced.  It was fun but I was really insecure because I was wearing those no strap/backless/stick on bras and because I had been sweating so much outside the studio it was starting to fall off!  So I was praying the entire time I was dancing that they wouldn't fling off onto the floor or something... that would have been special.  Not to mention before the show they kept asking me if I would be willing to play any game - dunk tank, No or Go, etc.  Could you imagine if I was picked to do the dunk tank and my bra fell off and started floating in the water?!   Anyway the audience coordinator never picked the winner in my group of dancers so we will never know whose moves were the best.

    Taylor Swift was amazing.  Ali's mom got her great tickets and I was very happy to join in on the festivities.  This was my first T. Swift show and she puts on a great performance!  I know her voice can kind of sound off on awards shows but she sounded great in concert (she wasn't lip synching, trust me).  I loved all the showmanship she had, especially with all the costume changes and awesome stage.  My favorite parts were most definitely when she appeared in the crowd during "Hey Stephen" and went on a hugging rampage AND when Katy Perry came out to sing "Hot 'n' Cold"!  STELLAR!  I'm really happy for Taylor because it seems like she has a great head on her shoulders and I'm glad she had all of the success she has had these past two years.

    This weekend is Erin's shower and bachelorette party and I  COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED for the shenanigans that are about to go on!  I'm going to post some of the ideas I had for future bridesmaid/MOH use because I have scoured the internets for resources and there is no market for that -- it's all about the bride and wedding.... which, I mean, is understandable, however there needs to be a legit site for stuff like that, not the sketchy stuff I was finding.

    Lastly, who watched Glee?  Anyone else pissed beyond words that Idol went over time and cut off the end of the show?!  SERIOUSLY, Idol is a complete snoozefest this season.  Stay within your allotted time!  I loved the "Like a Virgin" scene of Glee, mostly because Mr. Schuester is a complete babe.  Why don't teachers like himself actually exist in high school?  I would have taken more spanish classes if he taught at GHS.

    Apr 14, 2010

    Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?

    Hello all!  I'm feeling inspired by Sex and the City 2, so I updated my background and header.  What do you think?  It's alright for now.  Once I get more time, say this Sunday, I'm going to work on revamping the whole darn thing.

    Speaking of SATC2, have you seen the trailers? To die for!  And I KNEW Aiden would be back!  My roommates and I have been watching all the seasons the past few weeks and I've come to the realization that Carrie is a bitch.  Yep.  I know everyone loves her, but seriously, she's a terror.  She's absolutely horrible to all the men she's been with!  Too needy with Big (I'm not a fan of his either, but for this matter's sake), a complete spawn of Satan with Aiden, and it seems as if she was PMSing her entire relationship with Jack Burger.  Maybe she deserved a post-it note break up?  Maybe he was afraid she would bark at him?  Just sayin'.

    I guess I can't hide the fact that my absolute favorite character is Samantha.  I'm pretty sure she should have an STD by now (and by God's grace doesn't have HIV), however she has gumption. She's confident, strong-willed, she dated the epitome of a man, Smith (sigh); has a good career going.  Hell, besides Miranda, she's the only one who can afford those Jimmy Choos on her feet.  Which makes me wonder: I'm still confused as to what kind of writer Carrie is.  I mean, I know she gets a book deal at one point, so she probably made a pretty penny from that, but before, as a columnist, I'm pretty sure she would be without rent if she bought half of the clothes we see her wearing.  Is she getting free samples?  Is she a thief?  Does she have a dirty secret on Anna Wintour who thus sends her boxes and boxes of couture?  IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.  So ironic considering most of the relationship material they encounter in the show is spot-on.  But nothing's perfect, now is it?

    On to the next one.  Who watched Glee?  I did.  I'm ready for the backlash of this, however I don't think last night's episode had the pizazz of last season.  I'm anxiously awaiting the Madonna episode next week, but I wasn't sold on all the shiz going on last night.  Was anyone else confused by the Rachel/Finn relationship?  I would liked to have seen the actual moment that was initiated, because it sure didn't happen in last season's finale, and while I love Jonathan Groff, I'm not sold on him & Rachel because I know he's gay.  But maybe that's the point, right?

    Likes:  That Emma Pillsbury is a virgin, that Idina Menzell is in the season right off the bat (however, she MUST sing.  This role could be one of catastrophic proportions if she doesn't sing, a la Enchanted.  Still boggles my mind how a broadway guru can go through an entire Disney film without breaking into song), Mr. Shu is somewhat of a slut, Sue Sylvester in general

    Dislikes: I feel like there wasn't much of a story line going on with the kids.  They won sectionals, are practicing for regionals... and that's it?  Meanwhile Mr. Shu is making out with anyone and everyone while he's still married, Sue is still being a tyrant, and Rachel and Finn somehow had a mini relationship, then broke up, and now Finn is trying to win her back from the closeted gay show choir rival?  Kurt and Mercedes needed way more screen time... but that's my personal opinion. :)  I wasn't a fan of the song choices either, except for Lionel Richie's "Hello," because you can't do songs about "Hello" and not include that gem.  Seriously, the music video is so creepy but amazing at the same time.

    Anyway, I'm hoping for a fantastic season.  Tomorrow I am headed to Staples to see T. Swifty with Ali and I'm REALLY UBER EXCITED!  Can't wait to sing "Picture to Burn" at the top of my lungs.

    Apr 7, 2010

    I should have gotten a SAG voucher... right?

    I had no idea that this episode already aired!  Check me out on CSI: Miami!  I'm in it within the first minute and don't you worry, it's not a "Where's Waldo" type of video.  You'll easily be able to see me!

    Click here to view the clip.

    Apr 4, 2010

    It's like crack-cocaine for your sweet tooth

    Listen, I'm a huge sweets gal.  I have to practice a lot of restraint when it comes to sweets because you can bet that if they provided any nutritional value that I'd eat Reeses peanut butter eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Not kidding.

    When I started my new job, everyone said, "GO TO SWEET LADY JANE'S."  I didn't listen at first and waited two months before venturing over to try out what was deemed the most delectable desserts I will have ever tasted.

    Now, I'm hard to please with desserts and cakes in particular.  I don't like icing from the grocery store.  I don't like sheet cakes.  I don't like chocolate cake at all.  I don't like icing that stains your mouth; I don't like warm icing, warm cake, warm anything (unless it's hot fudge).  Do not, under any circumstance ask me to eat something that's lemon.  I don't do lemon.  And if your whipped cream is from the grocery store then we have a serious problem.

    Walking into Sweet Lady Jane's was interesting because it wasn't like the cakes they have are elaborately decorated.  You don't look at them and go "WOW!  That looks magnificent!"  They're simple looking.  I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to try (I'm a looks gal) so I took the recommendation from a co-worker.  "Get the Italian Rum Wedding Cake."  I'm not a huge fan of rum, but why the hell not?  "One slice, please."  They hand me over this gigantic slice and I take a seat in their cozy yet comfortable dining area.

    Let me just tell you - holy cupcakes.  The cake was moist; not too sweet, not bitter, just right.  It had a layer of this rum filling which was okay (not particularly my taste at all), however, the buttercream icing was TOO DIE FOR.  Seriously.  Serve this at my funeral... it will ease any pain you may feel.

    I couldn't go just once, so the next week I went again.  I tried their infamous Triple Berry Shortcake.  I'm a sucker for anything shortcake and when they told me they used their own homemade whipped cream I was totally sold on it.  I ate the whole thing and frankly was as little embarrassed and guilty afterwards.  I haven't been back since.  It's just too good.

    Their Triple Berry Shortcake is featured in the "Alice in Wonderland" advertisements and you can be sure to spot various celebrities buying delectable treats from Sweet Lady Jane herself.

    Apr 3, 2010

    April, you fool

    Did you guys pull any pranks on April Fools?  I did.  This is probably the second best non-holiday next to Halloween for me.  I don't consider either of those holidays because we don't get off work or school for them.

    I was working.  Plenty of shenanigans had gone on so far:  Joel McHale hacked into Ryan Seacrest's Twitter, Google changed it's name to Topeka, and people at the salon kept getting everyone excited by saying P&G had catered lunch for all of us in the back.  Totally false.

    I knew I wanted to do something but wasn't sure what.  Earlier this week, a bank called regarding some person's bankruptcy, which turns out wasn't anyone at our salon anyway.  Calmly, I told my worker that the IRS had called the salon looking for him, but before I could get out the rest of what I wanted to say, I started laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.  He didn't understand that it was a joke and his face turned white as a ghost and started to freak out.  I, thinking this is hilarious, can't speak, keeps laughing, am crying at this point.  Finally I tell him that it was a joke and that nobody called and I was laughing because I couldn't finish my prank.  He ends up telling me that he was terrified because the IRS had called his house that morning!  WHOOPS!

    Most would say this next prank was mean, but you clearly don't understand how many jokes are played in this salon on a daily basis.  It's like The Laugh Factory, but with shampoos and hairdryers.  So I find out where a particular jokester stylist lives and go up to him while he's cutting a co-workers hair.  "Hey guys.  Have you seen the news?"  

    "No... why?  Is this a prank?"

    Trying to play it off, I respond.  "Why does everyone keep asking me that!  I can't even begin to play a prank without laughing!"

    They buy it and tell me to proceed.  "Well, today one of our clients called in hysterics because her apartment complex broke down and she need to cancel all of her appointments."

    "Oh my God, is she okay?  Where is was the complex?"

    "Oh, West Hollywood I think.  They said off Sunset and... Gardner?  Gardener?  Does that sound right?"

    My coworker stops dead in his tracks.  "Uh, yes, Gardner... that's where I live!"  

    "Shut up, Lito, this is just another one of your pranks."

    "No, I'm serious.  I live in an apartment there."

    "Okay, well they said it was this huge pink apartment complex and it's completely burnt to the ground.  Good thing they put it out in time so that the other apartments around it didn't get burned down."  

    He stops and gives me a look of sheer terror.  "I lived in a pink complex.  My dog lives in my apartment with me."

    "Seriously, Lito?  Shut up.  That isn't funny."

    "KIRBIE.  I'm serious.  Holy crap.  I don't want to believe you."

    I stare at him.  "Seriously?"


    At this point the guy in the chair looks awkward and mortified.  Lito looks distressed.  I start to laugh.  And that was pretty much the dead give away.  Not the reaction I was going for, but fair enough.

    The worst had to be what I did to my mom.  I called her and told her I had "great news!"  She told me she did too - my brother did awesome at his baseball game - and then let me proceed.  So here's the story:  I tell her that at work that day I noticed a woman by the name of Lynn Harless was coming into the salon.  Any fan would know that Lynn is Justin Timberlake's mom.  I tell her that when she arrives it most definitely is his mom and while I'm escorting her upstairs and getting her ready for her appointment we totally hit it off and get to chatting.  I take her out to the terrace when she asks me, "What do you want to do out here?"  PS- I don't know how she believed me.  Actually, I do.  I was telling this story so well that you would think I would have fantasized about this happening to me on a daily basis... anyway, so she asks and I tell her that I am trying to get into the entertainment industry as a entertainment reporter and talk show host.  I tell my mom that Lynn says she knows someone who could help and tells me to call a J. Randall while handing me a slip of paper with a number on it.  I inform my mom that Randall is J.T.'s middle name.  She's getting giddy at this point.  "Oh my gosh!  Kirbie!"  She's giggling.

    So I keep going. "So I take a break and go outside and call the number, which directs me to an office.  I ask for J. Randall, mind you I don't know if this is Justin or not, and wait.  The receptionist tells me that he would have to get back to me because I was busy and that he'd give me a call at this convenience.  So I go back to work and anxiously check my phone.  About 45 minutes later I have a missed call from a blocked number with a voicemail, and when I check it, you won't believe this mom, it was JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, and he was telling me he spoke to his mom and that she really liked me and that it just so happens that he needs an assistant for his record label, Tennman Records!!!!"

    I'm telling her this story so well that I'm starting to believe it and I'm laughing and giddy as well.  Then, she's like, "Oh Kirbie.  I'm SO happy for you!"  And starts to cry.  I am an asshole.

    Once the tears happened I immediately told her the truth.  "Mom!  April Fools!  It was a joke!  Don't cry, please!"

    "Oh?  It was a joke?  You're April Foolin me?  Oh I guess I should have known, but I was just so happy for you and I was thinking, 'Oh, God, finally this is her chance!  What she's been waiting for!  I'm so happy for her!'"  Seriously?  I must be the spawn of Satan.  Who does that to their own mother?  And the fact that she was so happy for me makes me sick because I should be ashamed of myself!!!

    Anyway, maybe this is a scenario where is you say it out loud it might actually happen.  Who knows :)

    Apr 2, 2010

    Happy Easter!

    I love Easter.  The past two years have and will be new experiences for me.  Last year was the first year that I didn't trek back to Georgetown to spend an extended weekend with my family and indulge in my mom's great cooking.  Instead, I spent it with Stewart and made us an Easter dinner!  I tried to make it as good as my mom's but I ended up buying a rotisserie chicken and then making 10 millions sides.  To top it all off?  Stu ate his arm's length worth of Starburst jelly beans and I made strawberry shortcake, which was DELISH!

    Now I'm Los Angeles and in the land of Jews, (seriously, that sounds weird but I didn't know any Jewish people in Texas and here they're everywhere!), atheists and agnostics, I was wondering what I was going to do for Easter Sunday.  When I was younger, I'd go to the Sunrise Service with my mom where a local church would re-enact the final days of Jesus' life, his death, and his resurrection.  It was graphic and freaked me out to watch, however I loved going every year and hearing "he has risen" as the sun rose up into the sky.  It was amazing.

    I haven't decorated eggs in two years!  Makes me sad.  I know Easter is not about that type of stuff but I have so many great memories regarding Easter that it's sad when you're not fulfilling the traditions you used to do.  Most of my Easters were in Arlington, Texas, because without fail Uncle Rog would be pitching against the Rangers.  I remember the hotel we would stay at and how fun it was waking up on Easter morning, putting on a pretty dress, having a huge brunch and running around the hotel courtyard trying to find eggs with my cousins.

    Another year, baseball took us to Toronto, Canada for Easter!  Woof!  All I remember from that shenanigan was a) not finding a single green vegetable, b) eating at Planet Hollywood every night, c) watching the Raptor's game from our hotel room in the Skydome and d) hearing that a law was passed that women would run around topless.  Oh, and how could I forget this?

    I must have been, I don't know, 15, when one Easter my entire family celebrated at my Uncle Rog's house in Houston.  Most of my cousins and myself were older and not really into Easter egg hunting, however our parents made sure that we'd participate with our younger siblings by enticing us: some of the eggs had candy, some quarters, some $1.00 bills, some $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and apparently there was one egg with a $100.00 bill in it.  You can bet that this got a little violent.  Picture seven kids around the ages of 13-16 and three of four small children, ages seven to nine, running around like complete nutcases trying to find this $100.00 egg.  It was the golden ticket!  We had plenty of tactics, like finding places the other kids weren't headed to to shaking each egg (if it sounded hollow, we kept it; if it made noise, we knew it was candy or coins).  I distinctly remember after we finished searching that our parents had us give the little guys some of our stash, however we couldn't look in the egg to see what it was before we gave it away.  Once we did open all of the eggs, not a single one of us had the $100.00 egg!  It was God-knows-where and after it was pronounced missing we all ran outside searching for it once more.  And wouldn't you know that the five-year-old was the one who found it?

    I guess the most endearing memory I have of Easter is all of the decorations my mom would put up and my dad always talking about the Easter Chicken.  My dad tends to make ups songs for every occasion -- I can think of three off the top of my head right now, such as "Every light in the house is on, but nobody cares because Daddy pays the bills around here," "Cinderelly, Cinderelly, why's your butt so gosh darn smelly?" and the infamous Easter Chicken chant: "Bock Bock Bock BOCK! THE EASTER CHICKEN!"  I'm giggling just thinking about it and how my baby brother would cry tears of frustration when my dad would sing that to him as a small child.  So funny.  Why the Easter Chicken, you ask?  Because bunnies don't lay eggs, do they?

    So this year I'm headed to church and hopefully getting brunch with friends.  I hope you all have a great weekend and a spiritual experience in one way or another!
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