Jun 30, 2010

Bedside Blessings

My mother bought me this book called Bedside Blessings a few weeks ago when I was in Texas.  I cannot tell you how much joy this book has brought me!  I read it every night before I go to sleep.  It gives little verses and some insight behind each one.  Tonight's was very touching to me:

"The only hope we have is daily dependence on the living Lord.  It's the only way we can make it.  He's touched with our feelings of infirmity, our weaknesses, our inability in the dark and lonely times to say no.  He's touched with that.  And He says, 'I'm ready with all the power you need.  Call on Me and I'll give you what you need.'  So?  Call on Him!  Stop this moment and call on Him.  He will hear and heed your cry." 

Related verse: "Say to those with anxious heart, 'Take coverage, fear not.  
Behold, your God... will save you." 
Isaiah 35:4

On 6/28, there was a blessing that really grabbed my heart.  I hope it touches someone, anyone, like it did mine:

"When the sovereign God brings us to nothing, it is to reroute our lives, not to end them.  Human perspective says, 'Aha, you've lost this, you've lost that.  You've caused this, you've caused that.  You've ruined this, you've ruined that.'  But God says, 'No. No.  It's time to reroute your life.  Now's the time to start anew!'"

Related verse: "The steps of a man are established by the LORD, 
and He delights in his way.
Psalm 37:23

How reassuring is that?  I mean, honestly, it's been so nice to have this book to read at night, even if it's for less than a minute.  It's so funny because I've been folding back the pages of the verses that I want to remember and so far I have folded back every page I've read!  Guess that defeats the purpose, but it also means it's a great book worth re-reading!  If you want to find it, I'm sure they have it at Barnes and Noble.  It's by Charles R. Swindoll and called Bedside Blessings.

As for July, here is what is says regarding the month:  "Surprises are part of God's plan.  They remind us he's still in charge."

Killing With Love

On Sunday, after the Dodgers game, I went to support my dear friend Michelle and her client, Billy Zane, for his art showing.  He is actually a very talented visual artist in addition to being an actor (Titantic).  I had the pleasure of meeting him as well!  His visual artistry is entitled Killing With Love and is showcased at the Laurie Frank Gallery A5 at Bergamont Station in Santa Monica through September 16th.

Photo credit: Clinton H. Wallace/ Photomundo International

Jun 29, 2010

Why I love The Notebook

Do you all remember when you first saw The Notebook?  I do.  I saw it in high school with my bestie Erin and it was HUGE DRAMA.  Before the movie, I watched a guy I knew make-out with a girl I knew -- except the girl definitely wasn't his girlfriend, a close friend of mine.  I called said friend after the movie to tell her what had happened, not thrilled to be the bearer of bad news.  Except she had bad news for me too, confirming that my boyfriend had cheated on me with a mutual friend a few months back.  And it all comes full circle, folks.

But that's not why I love The Notebook.  I love it because it perfectly depicts a summer romance and young love.  But I also love it because it proves that no matter what, if something is meant to be, it will be.

Not to mention I love Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, and I love them both together.  And besides A Walk to Remember, this is the only Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie worth watching.  Case and point.
Then again, I'm a hopeless romantic, so maybe I love this movie because it's targeted towards women such as myself.

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that palnts a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds."

Tales from the Creeper Keeper

Today I tweeted: "Do I have a light-up sign that says "Calling all creeps"?  As my dad used to say, I am a bum magnet -- if there is some kind of weirdo within 50 feet of me, they're going to have a chat.  I think it's because they know I'll entertain the convo.  I'm the type of person who finally stopped giving homeless people money after I watched some guy on the side of the street with a "disabled vet" sign roll into a parking garage, fold up his wheelchair and hop into his BMW after I gave him $5.00.  It was a miracle outside of the Beverly Center if I had ever seen one.

Los Angeles has tested my ability avoid creepy men.  Unfortunately, I have failed miserably.  In the City of Angels, I've found most people are single and have trouble finding love,  mostly because everyone is pretentious and superficial.  However, I'm starting to think it's because most of the guys here are obsessed with themselves and love Ed Hardy and Affliction tees too much.  (Sorry to anyone who actually likes those brands... but it's an instant red flag for a Texas gal such as myself.)  It's so bizarre how some guys here have the balls to approach some women when really they shouldn't.  I'm not saying they shouldn't approach women, I'm saying they shouldn't approach women in the circumstances that they do.  I was explaining to my roomie, Makenzie, tonight: there is a reason why girls like guys who take it slow -- not the ones who are trying to buy you dinner without even knowing your last name.

Let me break it down for you:  everyone here knows I'm from Texas based on three things:  1) I say y'all (not going to change), 2) I like big hair, and 3) I am unabashedly friendly to everyone, including strangers that walk by.  I might not speak to them, but I will smile and if we make eye contact I might even throw in a head nod.  You never know whose day you might make just by giving a smile!  This is probably why I'm excellent at networking.  I digress.  Anyway,  I'm starting to rethink this strategy of mine because it has lead me into some interesting situations.

Scenario #1:  Brea Shallory (name has been changed... just in case he found my blog.  I wouldn't put it past him.)

In April, I was on my way to The Grove to reserve seats and get tickets for my roommates and myself for Date Night.  I had gotten there early so I could grab a bite to eat and then get the tickets.  Upon leaving my car and approaching the escalator to the main concourse, I saw a guy who was kind of circling around the escalator entrance but didn't think anything of it until he was smack-dab in front of me.

"Hi!"  He was very perky.  "My name is Brea!  What's yours?"
"Awesome! Like the video game?"
(I haven't heard that one 60,503,382 times before...) "Kind of... it's spelled different."
"Oh really?  How is it spelled?  Oh wait.  Let me guess!  C-U--"
I stop him immediately.  "No, not exactly.  But that's not the point.  I really have to get going."
I'm really proud of myself for diverting this situation almost immediately.
"Really? Where are you headed?"
"To the movie theater, gotta get some tickets for my friends."
"NO WAY!  What movie?"
"Date Night."  (I know I am giving away way too much information at this point, and I'm starting to visualize him coming at me with a knife in the dark theater.)
"Shut up.  I really want to see that!  I'm going to call you to see how it is.  Let me get you number.  Get your phone out so I can call you and make sure you get mine!"

This is a classic move, one I have fallen for one too many times.  By calling you immediately, they can verify if the number you gave is correct or not.  I have yet to find a decent excuse.  I could say "You're a bloody stranger, leave me alone."  But then I get back to my Pollyanna syndrome and think that I might be making his day.  He doesn't seem to have a lot of friends, especially if he's standing in a parking garage talking to me.
I give him my number and sure enough he calls.

"Great. Now you have my number!  So, Kirbie, I have a question for you.  When are we going to make babies?"
I'm floored.  He has his arm around my neck.  "My boyfriend won't be too happy about that."
"Why not?  He can watch!"

Having a boyfriend is always great, but especially great in situations like this.  If you don't have one, I recommend pretending you do.  Making up a name is easy: a celebrity crush, a co-worker, a pet.  I've used "Harley" (my dog's name) a few times because it makes it sound like I'm dating a bouncer or a 250 pound motorcycle junkie.  Also, if you can, buy yourself a fake engagement ring.  I'm lucky enough that I have a ring my parents bought me for my birthday that resembles an engagement ring -- barely -- but for guys who don't know about that thing, they think I'm married.  Clearly Brea did not think so.
I decide to get some gonads.

"Brea, it's been real, but I gotta get going.  I don't know you so I don't feel too comfortable right now.  But good luck with whatever you're doing out here."  I start to walk away.
"Hey, one more thing.  I saw you have a cross ring on.  That's really beautiful.  You have really pretty fingers.  Anyway, I'm really trying to find a good church out here.  I was an atheist but then I moved to LA and found God!  Isn't that bizarre?"
I was touched that he went from a non-believer to a Christian, but I was also concerned about his authenticity.
"Oh, well, if you need a good church, there's a good one in Hollywood called Reality."  More like a reality check.  Get one.

Sure, sounds like a huge joke, but the church I go to is called Reality and it's truly fabulous.  Ironic how well it fit into this creeper situation.  He was practically a stage five clinger.  However after giving him some info about the church and congratulating him on finding God, I told him I was running late and had to get to the movie.  He did call me three days in a row afterward, and I didn't answer.

Scenario 2:  Adir

Oh Adir.  Why did you think it was a good idea to ask me out at The Coffee Bean, while I was waiting patiently for the coffee tray I was supposed to be delivering to work?  Standing there innocently, I wasn't going to be a snob when a man, sitting at a table and playing on his laptop, said hello.

"What's your name?"
"Kirbie?  How is that spelled?  Like the video game?"  (Seriously?  Seriously.)

Guys, please get original conversation starters.  This one is getting ridiculous.

"No, it's spelled different, I do get that a lot though."
"Oh, how did you get your name?"
"Well, there was a show called Dynasty in the 80s.  My mom loved it and there was a girl on there named Kirby.  I think her name was spelled differently but my name changed it so it would be a 'girl' version... and voila.  My name is born."
"Oh. That's cool."  Don't sound too enthralled, Adir.  By the way, why aren't you making eye contact with me?  And why am I still talking to you?!  "My dad named me Adir because that was the name of a prince, and my dad felt I looked like a prince, and it turns out I act just like one too."  Um... definitely not Prince Charming, or my personal fav, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

"Oh, that's fun.  Well I gotta get back to work."
"So you work around here?"
"No." Lies.
"Oh.  Do you work close to here?"
"Kind of."
"Have you ever had the cotton candy drink?"
"From here?"
"No, from the SLS hotel."
"Nope.  Never been."
"Perfect. Give me your number, I'll text you right now and then next week we can get a drink."

I was about to give him a fake number until he says, "Actually, I'm going to call to make sure you got my number."  Drats.

I give out my number (like a damn fool) and he calls, he texts, and I don't respond.  And then tonight he had enough gumption (gotta give him credit) to call and ask me out to share a "cotton candy drink," which I have now equated with the date rape drug.  I explained that my boyfriend, Harley, wouldn't be too thrilled about that.  And that was that, except he said "Okay, next week then?"

I hung up.

I know a lot of guys will read this and say, "This is why guys have a tough time talking to women."  False.  These stories are not the rule, they're the exception (well, in my case, they might as well be the rule).  If you are a single man with good intentions and you don't act desperate, you might get away with asking a girl out at a Coffee Bean.  However, you would go about it differently than asking a chick out while she's standing in line waiting for coffee, not even bothering to offer a handshake, and not making eye contact.  Not to mention not knowing a darn thing about me -- I could be Charles Manson's love child for all he knew.  Furthermore, why do men think all women are looking for a date?  Doesn't it cross their mind that perhaps a woman is focused on her career or not emotionally available to date at that point, or, shockingly, doesn't want to date?  I guess I should have made it clear that I am not looking for date and therefore should have not even given out my number (I was tricked!!!).  Alas, I have a lesson to learn as well, and it's called being a hardass and not giving out my number like it's free contraception.  Stupid Pollyanna syndrome.

Also, you (aka creeper male) might have a better chance if the woman you had creeped on didn't return to the exact same Coffee Bean to witness you pulling the same old trick on another innocent victim a few days later.  Again, the word desperate comes to mind, and women like confident men.  That's a fact, not an opinion.

While I'm still going to be nice and friendly, I plan on using, "Do I know you?" and "I don't give my number out to strangers" in the future.  Put your foot down, ladies.  Don't be a victim of a creephole.

Jun 28, 2010

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts

Hey everyone!

If you watch So You Think You Can Dance and love the slower songs they perform to, get ready for a sneak peak!  Christina Perri, a friend and neighbor at work, is going to be featured this Wednesday!   She's going to be the first artist on the show that is not signed with a record label.  That will soon change!

Her single is called Jar of Hearts and I can already tell they're going to be choreographing a beautiful song to it.  Download the single on WEDNESDAY -- it's already on iTunes!

Not feeling it

Am I the only woman on the planet who hasn't seen/read Twilight?  I guess I'll have to mark that off my list soon...

Jun 25, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

  • I'm thankful for my family.  Got to thinking about this because as you all know, it's the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, and I'm sure his kids and family have to still be devastated.  I couldn't imagine losing a parent, especially that young.  Today in LA, they played MJ on the radio all day long.   It was actually pretty heartwarming knowing he will live on through his music and entertainment.  I couldn't help but to think about his kids and wonder if it's hard for them to hear his music, a constant reminder of their dad.  I know how songs can remind me of things like a relationship or a success or a person in general.  Trust me, I've had my fair share of favorite songs be put on the back-burner until I was able to hear them again and not cringe.  So today I am thankful for my family for being around (yet far away) to help me through times of need and for unconditional support. 
  • Today I was driving into work before our staff meeting and heard that song with Eminem and Rihanna.  I guess I had always heard just parts of the song, either Eminem rapping or Rihanna singing the chorus because I didn't think the song was a collaboration.  This got me a little fired up: why would Rihanna's people think it was a good decision to let her be featured on an Eminem record?  Granted, I love me some Slim Shady (so do my karaoke skills), however he's rapped about beating his girlfriends, killing his mom and his wife.  And Rihanna just got out of a abusive relationship heard around the world.   Doesn't make a lot of sense, even if the song is good.
  • I found this really great quote at Barnes and Noble when I went in a few weeks ago to buy Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed.  By the way -- the book is amazing, but it made me freak out to think a woman could have an affair with her best friend's fiance... and that I would be behind her doing it 100%.  I'm now reading Something Blue and I have no idea how it's supposed to turn out but I hope some type of happy ending is in order.  Anyway, the quote goes as such:
I beg you... to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don't search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer..." Rainer Maria Rilke
  • I love this!  Before I graduated, I was confident and I didn't know where life was going to take me because I knew I had awhile before I was set off into the world.  I let myself live and I benefitted greatly from it, finding things I was good at and building relationships along the way.  Now, I feel like I'm a constant hurry!  I've told myself countless times, "you're 23!  Why aren't you doing what you want to be doing right now?"  When really I should be saying, "Kirbie, you're 23.  You're going to have to be patient."  It's hard when you want something so bad but it's not happening when you want it to, but this quote begs you to enjoy the journey of your life instead of trying to fill in all the blanks.  When you're not trying, they'll be filled in just the way they should be, with the right job, right person, right opportunity.  Anyway, here's a photo of me and Emily Giffin from when she came into the salon a few weeks ago.  Don't laugh, I'm in my work uniform.
  • Carrie Underwood is getting married to Mike Fischer and I want to say that I am kind of obsessed with them both.  Carrie is gorgeous, sings great songs and has an undeniable talent.  I don't know a lot about Mike except that he's on a Canadian hockey team, he's really attractive, he's a Christian and he's been quoted to saying that he "knows how lucky he is" to be with Carrie.  He allegedly had a Bachelor party where all his friends drank and did stupid stuff yet he just watched and was the DD.  And this relationship is all going on while he's in Canada playing hockey half the year and Carrie is touring around the world.  Talk about long distance.  They get married on July 10th and frankly I know a little too much about this relationship.  I should be an investigative reporter. 
  • Why can't I be off work one day to see the USA play in the World Cup?  Just one day?! Let's pray perhaps they will win tomorrow (BOCA!!!) and will play this Monday.
  • Ask and you shall receive:  I'm getting three complimentary tickets to the Dodgers vs. Yankees game on Sunday, however I have to be neutral because Brad Ausmus is getting me the tickets and he's a Dodger.  I'm a little torn because I love my New York Yankees but I love Joe Torre a ton.  Then again.. Derek Jeter.  Enough said.  I'm going on Sunday and as I struggle to think of who would want to join me at the game, I think about how I need to make more friends here in LA.  
Happy Friday!

Jun 24, 2010

Miss New Booty

All of you know that, ahem, I am not "lacking" in the behind department.  It's pretty much one of the first things my friends would tell you about me if you asked.  Kirbie has: a bubble butt, a sparkling personality, a huge heart, a ton of money, no insecurities whatsoever... a girl can dream, right?

Today I had my first-ever personal training session and let me tell you something: do not underestimate people who have personal trainers.  These types of people are hardcore; undeniably dedicated to their body.  I don't know if I am that person.  I'm going to try to be at least.

Anyway, I just signed up for a new gym so I'm taking advantage of the free PT sessions.  I used to go to a gym in WeHo but let's be honest, it's not as fun going to a gym where everyone is gay or a girl your age.  Don't get me wrong -- I love the gay community -- but it's not as satisfying to go to a gym and know that someone is going to say "cute sneakers!" instead of "hot bod."  They aren't interested in me, and if I'm going to the gym and working hard, I'm not going to fret over a guy giving me a double take.  It's only natural.  Not like I'm going to hop in his car and go home with him or anything, but it's an innocent way to feel good about yourself.  Sounds vain but I really don't care.  It's motivation, isn't it?

So today I met with my trainer.  Bless my heart, I can't remember her name.  I really wanted a guy because I felt that a male would push me harder, however I was TERRIBLY mistaken because this woman was not going easy on me in the slightest.  I have never in my life run on an incline more than at a level three, so when she put me at a level six I was a little terrified.  Now I know why Giulana Rancic is so skinny: she runs at a level 10 incline at level eight pace (I'm not stalking her.  I read her blog).  Yikes.

After getting to my target heart rate, she took me to the mat so we could do some warm-up exercises.  You don't realize how out of shape you are until you have a PT.  Ladies, you can be a waif but you might not be in shape.  Doesn't matter your size.  Anyway, we did a billion core exercises which I usually love, until today.  They were painful.  I was pulling all kinds of muscles.  She kept telling me to lay on my back and keep my back on the mat while lifting my legs, but I couldn't do it.  I mean I was trying my hardest and it was not working out.  Then she's like, "OH!  You have a curved pelvis."  Um? What?  Lady, I know you're a professional, but just tell me my ass is big and it doesn't let my back touch the mat.  I can handle it.  However it turns out it's actually a problem, and really a posture issue.  She took me to the mirror and told me to push my shoulders back, hips under and to straighten up.  Literally, those few changes took five pounds off my frame.  "The way you're standing regularly is making your butt look bigger than it is."  Doubtful, but I'll agree for times sake.

So after learning how to improve my posture and how it's supposed to feel when I'm exercising, she takes me down to the weight room where I get to humiliate myself in front of a bunch of men.  She has me doing lunges, arm reps, etc. and then we got to squats.  "Are you married to a brotha?"  "What?"  "Your butt.  You've got to be married to a brotha.  Your last name is Johnson, correct?"  Needless to say everyone around me got a huge kick out of that one.  The thing is is once you embrace parts of your body that you're insecure about, you'll be a lot happier.  Heck, I'm sure Kim Kardashian wasn't always thrilled about the size of her booty and now that thing is making her some serious cash.

After subjecting myself to a ton of pain (a lot of gain...), we ended the session and while I'd love to have a personal trainer, I don't want to pay all that money.  Why can't one of my friends be a PT?  I'll get you free hair services in exchange for free sessions.  Good?

Then I went to Step class, which I haven't done since my time at TCU and it reignited that spark I had!  I miss college partly because I was so motivated to go to the gym every day, regardless of the circumstance, and I'd be there for hours on end taking classes and running and lifting.  So now that I have a new fun gym to go to, I think I'll be able to get back into the routine.  It's right down the street from UCLA so it's comforting having some college-aged kids running around.

Now I'm off to bed so I can wake up with a ton of aches and pains tomorrow!

Jun 22, 2010

Justin Timberlake is a scary man.

Scary talented?  Yes.  But this video I'm about to post is downright SCARY for a different reason.   I remember watching this in 2002, before I had ever had a serious boyfriend, and telling my mom, "MOM!  JUSTIN IS A 'BUTT' GUY!   I HAVE JUNK IN THE TRUNK!"  Like that was going to be the main factor in him falling in love with me.  I was in ninth grade.  Lord help us all.

However, I also remember watching this interview and going "holy crap."  He proceeds not only to paint Britney into an evil villain, breaking his heart and stomping it into the ground, but also manages to divulge why they split (her alleged affair) and that she did not remain abstinent as she had so promised the general public she was going to be.  Not to mention this is all being broadcast to millions of people.  And, furthermore, that Justin was probably the one initiating all of the sex anyway... but that's neither here nor there.

Always being a huge Britney proponent and equally favoring Justin, I remember while the rest of the teenage world hissed and booed Brit Brit for breaking Justin's heart, I was more appalled that Justin was  telling Barbara Walters all of this shiz like she's Trace Ayala -- but I hadn't seen nothing yet!  Remember the "Cry Me a River" video?

Anyway, here's the interview.  I hope Jessica Biel doesn't do anything "very bad" or we might get a music vid playing out the details of their breakup.

Quote of the Day

"When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, 'Bitch, you're Lady GaGa, you get up and walk the walk today.' "
Lady Gaga in Rolling Stone

Jun 20, 2010

I say a little prayer for you

As I type this, I'm in the comfort of my parent's home.  I get to sleep in my childhood bed.  I get to play with my dogs.  My dad is asleep, my brother attached to his video game, my mom and I sitting on the couch side by side; Toby, the youngest dog, is laying next to me snoring while his head is positioned strategically on my hand as I type this.  I just watched the 10:00 news on KVUE after going to HEB with my mom for groceries.  I'm so comforted and content and home, and I know that one day, when the time is right, I'll move back to Texas.

That's really besides the point.  This weekend I am back in Texas for what seemed to be a day that would never come: one of my best friends, Erin, was married.  I had anticipated this day since we met: who we'd both marry, when we'd get married, what we would wear, and so on.  I never thought this day would actually come.

I flew into Austin on Thursday after what seemed to be a never-ending flight from Los Angeles.  After getting in and getting home, I was greeted by my brand new iPad that Aunt Brenda bought for me along with a $100 gift card to buy some books and applications (thank you Aunt Bienda!).  I'm lucky enough that my family thinks of me when new electronics come out, so while I would have loved to have had an iPad, I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it.  Cue my family, always to the rescue.  I picked up a few things from the house and took my brother's truck to run some errands before making the four hour (yes, four hours -- not three, Stinkles) to Ozona for the wedding.

I got a mani/pedi with a woman my mom has been going to for the past six years and then decided I needed some color, so I went over to the local tanning salon and subjected myself to VersaSpa.  I have to say that it's a lot better than Mystic and while I did look offensively tan before I took my shower, the color was nice.

I was walking around the Georgetown Target trying to find a swimsuit when I realized how terrible I looked: no make-up, no bra, a gigantic curling iron burn showing beneath my pajama shorts, my hair resembling a rat's nest.  I can only imagine what people were thinking when they looked at me.  I can't forget that I didn't have on actual shoes, just those little flip-flops you get from the nail salon.  It was a sight.

So after completing the necessary errands, I headed to Ozona.  About 30 minutes away, I got pulled over for going 85 in a 60.  That's reckless driving, in case you aren't aware.  I told the cop that it wasn't my truck, I live in California, and was trying to get to Ozona for a wedding, when he responded with, "Oh, the Stokes/Enke wedding?"  Um, yes.  Apparently everyone in Ozona and the surrounding cities knew about this affair, and luckily it got me out of a ticket.

The bridal party stayed at a beautiful ranch out in the middle of nowhere.  The place was a glorified hotel, each room complete with two beds and a bathroom.  I got to stay in the main house with Erin and the first night I got so freaked out: there were taxidermied animals everywhere, so when I saw two mice laying side-by-side in the corner of the bathroom, I assumed possibly it was a part of the ongoing theme of the house.  I was terribly wrong.  We had some critters in our room so I forced Erin to sleep with me that night.

Friday was a big day.   There was a bridal luncheon at Wilson's aunt's house that was so beautiful and peaceful.  The food was delicious and the company was great.  The weather was not bad either so we were all thankful for that!  That night, after rehearsing at the church, we had a huge fiesta themed dinner at Wilson's parent's home.  I got to give my MOH speech and let me tell you, I was a blubbering idiot.  I started crying the first sentence I got out of my mouth.  I haven't been in a wedding ever, except once as a flower girl, so enduring my first rodeo as the MOH was pretty intense but also one of the best experiences I will have.

After promising to go to bed at 10:00 and staying up until 2:00 a.m., we woke up on Saturday ready to take on Erin's wedding day.  Most of the bridal party got their hair done professionally, but I never look good with an up-do so I opted to leave my hair down.  We all wore our bridal wraps that Erin gave us at the luncheon and chatted about the day's upcoming festivities.  Erin looked calm and she was literally glowing the whole day.

Once the bridal party got ready, we all hauled it over to the church.  Erin's hair was done there and we also had a fun time getting her all tucked in her dress.  She looked like a bridal model from the 50s; very old fashioned yet stunning.  Her hair reminded me of Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias.  The whole weekend was a Julia Roberts flashback:  the whole time I was thinking about My Best Friend's Wedding and the cast singing "I Say a Little Prayer for You" in the seafood restaurant with the waiters in the crab claws singing.  Shockingly enough, we got ready and took pictures with 30 minutes to spare --\ w]
"""""""""""""""""""{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{  (Toby, my dog just helped my write this paragraph...)

Anyway --- we had 30 minutes to spare, so that meant a lot of time to think.  We were all pretty anxious and ready to get started, but Erin remarked how she wish time would slow down so it wouldn't be over so soon.  Once 6:00 rolled around, the bridesmaids exited the room and myself, the Matron of Honor and Erin's dad stuck around to help hide her from Wilson before the ceremony (the church had a tricky layout).  The whole time I was keeping watch of when we could get Erin to the back of the church.

When I got the cue, I walked down the hall to tell her.  "Erin!  It's time!"  I looked at her, and she kind of paused for a minute and then her eyes got really big before saying, "Dad!  It's time!"  It totally was reminiscent of Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias when she goes to her dad (whose been deafened by shotgun blasts) and says:

"Daddy!  It's time!"
"It's time!"

One of the funniest parts of the movie :)  We got her to the back of the church without a hitch and as everyone walked down the aisle I knew I was going to start crying.  I was trying really hard, let me tell you.  But I fixed her veil and her train and before I walked down I looked back and her and said "Erin!" and she looked at me and I said, "I love you!"  and she told me she loved me too.  It was a precious moment I will never forget.

The ring bearer followed behind me and my groomsman and he was as total riot.  He was basically fast-pitching his pillow down the aisle in between screaming and giggling.  At one point he tried to get under my dress.  He was only two, so I'll give him a free pass.  The best part about him was that at the reception he pounded my fist and blew it up like a champ.  I couldn't believe he even knew how to do that!

The ceremony came and went, and while most ceremonies mirror one another, this one was significant because, for obvious reasons, my best friend was the one getting married.  It made 1st Corinthians a lot more relatable for me (it's one of my favorite verses) and something that stuck out was that Love Endures, Love is not self-seeking, Love never fails.  It's patient and kind.  It isn't puffed up.  All of these things reminded me to be careful and cautious in how I love other people and to remember these things when giving love to another person.

The reception was fabulous, but being at a wedding alone is never that much fun.  The whole time I kept looking at Erin and Wilson and how they looked at each other like they were the only ones in the world at that point.  And then I had a flash in my mind of My Best Friend's Wedding: Julia has already given her best friend "their" song to share with his new wife.  She was sitting alone at a table at the reception, talking to her gay friend, all alone.  And at the end, her best friend and his wife are leaving and Julia gets lost in the bustle of everything, thinking she wouldn't get to say good-bye, until he finds her out of nowhere and gives her a hug.  I couldn't help feeling that way last night.  While I'm so happy for Erin (Wilson is the creme de la creme), I know things will be different for us now because she is a wife and Wilson is now the most important person in her life.  I am comforted that he is with her, but sad as anyone would be, knowing their best friend doesn't really need them anymore.  I'm sure her parents were a mess about this factor as well... which is only normal I suppose.

So I cried when they left but dangit, I got some fabulous pictures out of the whole ordeal.  Getting to experience this event was an honor, a privilege and eye opening, knowing that love can progress to a level like that through years of commitment, trust and mostly faith.

Erin, I love you, and I meant everything I said in my speech, minus the fact that you graduated early -- I literally have photos of graduation together, so I don't know why I even thought that!  Haha.  I'm a baby dumb.

 1If I speak in the tongues[a] of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames,[b] but have not love, I gain nothing.
 4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
 8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. 11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. 12Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
 13And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Jun 16, 2010

Proverbs 31

Today at the salon was interesting on so many levels.  The most touching had to be when  I met a client by the name of Sophie Luke.  She is incredibly beautiful and down-to-earth, and I noticed she had a jacket that appeared to be her own design.  It had "Proverbs 31" printed on the back and I went to ask her about it.

"I saw your jacket and saw the back.  Can you remind me of Proverbs 31?"

We got into a discussion about this verse and empowering and beautiful it is for both women and men, even though it's about a God-fearing woman.  It was refreshing to talk to someone at work about something like this.  So I came home and found the verse and it truly is amazing.  Ladies, take a look-see.  And gents, if you're looking for someone, it wouldn't hurt to read it either!

I also found Proverbs 31 Ministries which I will definitely be taking a look into!

Quote of the Day

We are energetic beings.  Money is energy in paper form & will flow to the one whose energy is in alignment with their joy! -- Maston Kipp, @TheDailyLove

Jun 15, 2010


I posted earlier about how my credit card had a "hold" put on it for $150 when my tab was only $30.  Turns out this is a LEGAL PRACTICE!  I mean, I understand doing it on rental cars and hotel rooms, but do I look like I'm able to drink $150 worth of alcohol?  Not even close.  I'm still in shock.

However, that night had some high points.  My friend Taryn and I ventured to SBE's new hangout, The Colony.  I thought it sounded super sketch, but it was actually really cool and fun.  I also felt like the oldest person there, but that's another story.

About 30 minutes into our beverages, Taryn turns around and notices a gigantic man standing behind us.  "Oh my gosh.  That's the dude from The Blind Side!  The fake Michael Ohr!"  I look back -- I am not one to leave a celebrity unnoticed -- but I didn't think it was him.  "No way."

"Yes way!  That's him! Look!"
I look again.  She was right, it was Quinton Aaron.
Of course we went into massive giggles.
"Let's give him a hug!" I suggest.  I will never be able to watch that movie without crying.  I just wanted to hug the guy.

He ventured away from us, so our mission the rest of the night was to find him, take a pic with him and get a hug.  I'm not one to take pictures with people.  I have a hard time taking pictures in general (I usually depend on my friends to capture memories).  But this was something that had to be done!

During this adventure, we happened to stumble upon Ryan Cabrera.  By the looks of it, he took a few showers, chopped his hair off and is now sporting the spiky look he had going in the early millennium.  This one chick was hanging out with him and her hair was so fake that I knew it has to be a disguise.  I was correct: it was none other than Pretty Heinous Wild girl, Alexis Neiers.  She hasn't surrendered herself to jail yet, I guess.  But I thought this was an interesting pair, considering her sister once dated Ryan.

So finally we find Quinton and he's hanging out in the same VIP area with Ryan!  We decided to wait until he was ready to leave before asking for the hugs.  Turns out he was super nice and even did a "Hook 'Em" with Taryn for a pic.  Awwww!  See, he's just a lovable in real life!

The Governator & Ru

A couple of weeks ago, I was at work when my co-worker goes, "Oh look, it's Arnold Schwarzenegger."
The calmness in his voice made me think it was making a joke or something, but when I looked out the window there were about six men with The Ahnold as he walked past the salon in a nice suit.  Shortly thereafter, three SUVs with what appeared to be security guards were following right behind.  I'm not positive, but I'm sure he was there to bust all the California residents who fail parking meters so they don't have to pay (it's a massive problem, apparently).

That same day around the same time I noticed a guy riding a gigantic bicycle.  It was huge.  I don't know how he was even able to get on it, except the guy was tall and lanky as well.  He was wearing shades and a newsboy cap and he was bald.  I just thought he was trying to be retro, but it turns out it was Rupaul.

"Oh hey, it's Ru!" Carlos said.
"RuPaul?  Have you heard of her?"

Um, yes.

Joyce Meyer Podcasts

Hey everyone,

I'm started a new routine of in the morning by listening to a podcast by Joyce Meyer ministries.  Her podcasts are free and can be found on iTunes via her website.  If you're religious, spiritual, or seeking some kind of peace of mind, she really helps to aid in all of those areas.

I've been listening to these podcasts this week and they're so amazing!
- Mental Health (Part 1 & 2)
- Emotional Health
- God's View of Women (great for men and women to hear!)

Anyway, I hope my recommendations can help you through any troubles you may be going through.

Quote of the Day

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9

Jun 14, 2010



As you know, I'm completely immersed in social media (how do you think you knew this post was up?)?  Well MTV is taking three of my passions -- social media, events and entertainment -- and creating the inaugural MTV TJ position, or Twitter VJ.  The winner gets $100,000 salary and the opportunity to cover events and the like for MTV (I die)!

If you have some spare time, please go and nominate me as much as you can.  Use the hashtag #kirbiej afterwards to get some buzz going.  I'd really appreciate any and all the votes you can make!

Vote here for @kirbiej, please!

Rant Central Station

I have some advice for you Los Angelenos.  I went to a club on Friday, spent $30 and got charged $150.  I disputed the charge and now it's taken care of, but basically I learned that if you leave your tab open the club can put a hold on your account for however much they want.

PLEASE, for the love, just get cash and don't bother with your CC.  It's really not worth the pain I've been going through to get this $150 credited back to my account.

Playlist of the Week

Here are some songs I've been playing a lot lately!

  • "I Want to Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" - Whitney Houston (old school Whitney... I love this song!  I imagine myself dancing to this on a dance floor and my future fiance coming up to dance with me to symbolize his love... cheesy? Ok never-mind).
  • "Animal" - Neon Trees -  Yes, the song from the Camp Vegas commercial.  By the way, whoever did those ads did a FANTASTIC job.  Makes me want to go back (even though I was there two weeks ago), makes me believe everyone in Vegas is hot (while it's very much the opposite), makes me feel like you go to Vegas and you'll fall in love (again, on the contrary).  
  • "Find Your Love" - Drake - reminds me of "Welcome to Heartbreak" by Kanye... kind of eerie sounding.  Plus, I will always have a soft spot for Drake because to me, he's Jimmy from Degrassi first, rapper second.
  • "Up All Night" - Counting Crows - It's not summer without CC blasting on my stereo.  Every summer for five years I'd venture an outdoor amphitheater to listen to some of my favorite songs.  Looks like I need to look up concert dates... like now.  I also love "Good Time."
  • "Shark in the Water" -  V V Brown - I adore her voice and this song always gets stuck in my head
  • "Confessions Part II" - Usher - I've been playing this song on repeat because I'm writing my MOH speech and this is one of mine and Erin's songs!  
  • "Always Be My Baby" - Mariah Carey - Again, another song of ours.  I remember when I got sick junior year and we were driving in my convertible, top down, singing this song as loud as possible.  I could barely get any of the words out, but I could hit every high note she hit... it really was divine intervention.  A once and a lifetime opportunity that happened when I was sicker than a dog.

Quote of the Day

"Make peace with yourself.  Because you will not be able to hold peace in other relationships if you don't find peace in yourself.  God gave you gifts and talents to be used.  You are blessed.  He wants you to prosper.  But if you don't let him in your life, if you don't stop asking "what about me?" and start asking "what does God want me to do?" you will never find peace.  You will keep living through your emotions and not God's will.

Find out what God sent you to do.  Don't try to do something that you want to do.  So many people want to be the boss, be #1.  But not everyone is meant to be #1.  Some of us are meant to be #2.  Focus on what God wants you to be and be #1 at what he wants, not what you want.

Come to peace with the terms of your life.  It's time to stop being fearful and insecure and unhappy with yourself.  Stop being fearful of your past.  If you seek to live the will of God, you will find emotional peace."

- Joyce Meyer

Jun 12, 2010

Hotties of the World Cup

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite
Age: 28
Born: April 22nd, 1982 (Taurus)
Height: 6' 1''
Place of birth: Brazil
Position: Attacking midfielder
Teams: Sao Paulo (2001), Milan (2003), Real Madrid (2009 - present); National Team: Brazil
Marital Status: TAKEN, has a WAG -- his childhood sweetheart, Caroline.  Married in 2005.
Interesting fact:  Kaka was engrossed in religion starting at the age of 12 and is a devout evangelical Christian.  He's a member of "Athletes of Christ."  He wore a "I Belong to Jesus" t-shirt under his jersey and openly after the final whistle of Brazil's 2002 World Cup, and Milan's 2004 Scudetto and 2007 Champions League triumphs. He also had the same phrase, along with "God Is Faithful," stitched onto the tongues of his boots.

So see ladies?  He's hot and he's a stand-up guy.  You can't not love that.

Quote of the Day

"There are gamblers and investors.  There are people that do the wrong thing, but they gamble that they can do wrong thing and avoid the consequence.  Then there are people who invest.  They do the right thing.  When you obey your conscience, you're investing.  When you get a good night's sleep, you're investing.  If you eat too much junk, you're gambling.  If you're a workaholic, you're gambling.  You're gambling that you can do nothing but work but still have a family who loves you and you feel close to, but there's only one thing that make relationships good, and that's time.  Not money, time."

"We want to know too much.  We want to know why too much.  Well let me just say God knows a lot of things he isn't going to tell us.  God isn't going to give us a blueprint for our lives.  It's going to take a lot of T-R-U-S-T."

"Nobody can pray their relationship with God off on you.  You have to put in the time and effort yourself and develop your own relationship.  We are partners with God; we work together in partnership."

"God has called us to be excellent.  Not sloppy and mediocre.  Excellent.  We have to make excellent choices.  Don't do what you barely have to do to get by.  Go the extra mile, especially when nobody is looking.  Live before an audience of one because God is watching all the time.  We live too much for other people."

"God has called us for real christian agape love. We're on a journey.  And the journey is to learn not to be selfish and self-centered but to live our lives to be a blessing wherever we go.  If we can just see it, if we will be willing to stop trying to take care of ourselves, God will take care of us."

- Joyce Meyer

Jun 9, 2010

Hotties of the World Cup

The World Cup is upon us, and to be honest I never had any interest in sports other than baseball until the past two years.  I've really gotten into basketball (I cannot tell you how excited I am for March Madness next year) and now with all of the hype around the WC, I've done my research on all the basics -- and then some.  Plus you all know my obsession with the word WAGs (wives and girlfriends), which is a primary word used to describe the ladies of the WC.

Obviously I had to know which guys I should be aware of.  I have found finding that something I'm initially interested in leads me to want to know everything about that subject.  A prime example?  I just found out that the Captain of the United States National Team is a MAJOR hottie, and based on some forums I have read, it turns out he's a total gentleman and an overall nice guy.  This makes me excited, so I went ahead and learned all of his stats and then went on to learn about the US National Team's stats.  Can I just call it Team USA?  I mean I want to be correct and everything so please let me know.

So, ladies, here he is.  If he doesn't make you want to buy a USA jersey, I don't know what would.

Carlos Bocanegra
Age: 31
Born: May 25th, 1971 (Gemini)
Height: 6' 0''
Place of birth: Upland, CA
Position: Center back, but has played left back and defensive midfielder
College: UCLA
Teams: 4th Overall MLS (Major League Soccer) draft pick in 2000 by the Chicago Fire; 2004: Fulham Football Club; Stade Rennais (french) Football Club in 2008
Marital Status: Single, no findings of a WAG

Playlist of the Week

Hey everyone!  Now that I've got wireless, aka network "GagaOohLaLa" set up, I can post a lot more.  I moved into my new apartment two weeks ago and I can't tell you how at home I feel already: my own room, with a TV, and a cozy bed?  What more could I want?  Well, beside actual furniture (right now I'm utilizing a lot of plastic bins that I had in college)...

I've been praying a lot and I an opportunity coming up that I hope works out.  While I feel confused about a lot of my life, I feel stable in my career.  I feel lucky to know what I'm passionate about.  As the fine words of Lady Gaga point out:

"Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.”

Lady Gaga

Wise, wise words.  However, ladies, don't let your career take over your life!  Let love in when it comes to you.  You won't be able to avoid it.  Then again, I'm a hopeless romantic and love consumes my life, so it's healthy to have a big fat dose of ambition in my blood as well. 
Anyway, here are some tunes you should download.

Blind - Kesha (it's catchy)
Waiting for This & Kiss Me When You Come Home - Hanson (yes, they have a new album out!)
Everything to Lose - Dido (from the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack)
Can't Hold Us Down - Christina Aguilera and Lil Kim (because her new single sucks)
The Way You Look Tonight - Maroon 5 (love this version, especially since it's a favorite of mine)
Airplanes - B.o.B (a really catchy song, obvi)
When She Turns 18 - Christian Tv (Britney Spears likes this song and after a few plays I'm starting to dig it)
Dr. Feel Good - Travie McCoy ft. Cee Lo Green (a great dance song that I can picture playing in my car with the windows down)
Poker Face - Glee cast version (because I may be the only Gaga fan in the world that can't stand Alejandro)
Faithfully - Journey (love this song to no end)

Happy Wednesday!

Jun 7, 2010

Life Quotes

"I beg you... to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don't search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer..." Rainer Maria Rilke

Jun 3, 2010

Things I learned from Sex and the City

After the catastrophe that was Sex and the City 2, I started to ponder the goings-on of the fab four.  If I believed everything I saw in the show, and therefore had no brain, common sense or dignity, the following would be concluded:

  • You can grow up to write a sex column for the local newspaper and somehow manage to afford a spacious one-bedroom apartment in the heart of NYC, go to brunch every Sunday (through Saturday?) and any pair of Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik you can get your hands on.
  • Want to sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry you run into?  Do it.  Because you can.  And you won't even get HIV, a la Samantha.  
  • Change yourself for men.  Your husband wants you to change your religion?  DO IT.  Your husband cheats on you?  It's your fault anyway because you work hard as a lawyer and are irritated when you get home, so you might as well suck it up and forgive him for the greater good of the family.  While you're at it, apologize to him as well.  It's your fault, really.
  • Men take everything literally, so be careful.  Miranda's "don't get married" statement to Big managed to persuade him to leave Carrie at the altar.
  • The one who got away?  He'll return into your life and even though he appears to be the best guy you ever had, he's probably a big creep who will kiss you on an exotic vacation while both of you are married and he has three children.  (Still bitter about this.  WHY Aiden, WHY?!)
  • That guy who was an asshole that you married?  He still is.  Why does anyone like Big?  I'm convinced that SATC is for women with Daddy issues.  Big is a terror who wreaks havoc on Carrie's life.  I don't know any woman who would be able to forgive a man leaving her at the bloody altar.  I've heard of cold feet, but this is straight up ridiculous!  Maybe he was just terrified of the credit card bills she'd rack up, but still, be a man!  Grow some balls!  Back to the asshole thing -- recommending that, as a married couple, you two spend two days out of the week living in separate apartments is called a RED FLAG.  No bueno.  If you guys wanted space, you could have been in a committed relationship without receiving a marriage certificate and rock that costs as much as car on your finger.
  • Granted, if some chick was bitching at me about watching TV in the bedroom, I'd probably want out as well. 
  • However, gentlemen, don't gift your wife a TV in the bedroom for your anniversary unless she specifically asked for it.  We know you really bought it so you can watch ESPN all night long and have another reason to pretend like you're listening but really be catching this weekend's highlights.
  • Lastly, if you're delusional enough, you can date a guy, break up, get back together, he can then move away to a different continent, move back, MARRY ANOTHER WOMAN, have an affair with you making you subsequently have an affair with the best-guy-ever-turned-creeper-later-in-life, "break up" again or whatever you want to call it, then he can fly to Paris and sweep you off your feet and then propose.  See ladies.  True love prevails.  Or something to that effect.  
Ah, Sex and the City.  I do not envy you.  There is not one relationship in the entire show that I've envious of, which is peculiar considering I love the show.  Alas, we all take to people's dysfunctional lives.

Not a lot of sex and not a lot of city either

Last week we went to see Sex and the City 2 and to say we were grossly disappointed would be an understatement.  however, My event was so much fun that I almost forgot that tragedy of a movie and I really want to thank everyone who attended.  I didn't know a majority of the people who attended, which I thought was AWESOME!

So what started this whole thing?  I decided that I wanted to celebrate the release of Sex and the City 2 with a small party at my apartment.  I wanted to incorporate swag bags, so I started e-mailing people who I thought would be able to contribute: nail polish companies, accessories, tee shirts, beauty products galore --- I went through and pitched them all about my event and waited for responses.  I already had the name picked out (Sex and the City of Angels) and I created an invite to brand the event so I figured I could reach out to a few vendors and they'd send me some freebies.  Invite cost? Free

Turns out almost every person I approached was interested in participating and they were willing to donate larger amounts than I asked for.  I was thinking around 10 bags for 10 guests, but they were willing to donate 50 items or more, so that's when I figured I needed a venue so we could make this a full-on production.

I wasted no time and got in contact with the X Bar at The Hyatt Regency in Century City.  I loved the venue and thought it would be spectacular for the views and the feel of the entire party, so after a few e-mails back and forth, I went through a walk-through and voila!  Location determined.  Everyone at the Hyatt was amazing, friendly and helpful.  Price?  Free

The whole premis of the party was to go see the movie afterwards.  So I contacted the PR Coordinator at AMC 15 and pitched her the party and she referred me to the manager.  I wanted to see if we could get a private screening or a few vouchers if we agreed to give them press -- granted I didn't have any -- however because it was opening night they weren't accepting vouchers and they had five theaters opening for the midnight showing so privacy wouldn't have been an option.

I created an online invite at EventBrite and made it public so that not only my friends could RSVP but if women who wanted to could come and enjoy themselves.  EventBrite is a great service that does amazing analytics and reports for your event.  See my invite here.  Price?  Free

By making this a public event, I got an inquiry from Levine Communications (LCO) about coming and doing press on the event (go figure).  I was excited, however we did not have free vouchers for the event so they respectfully declined.  However, it's another contact made.

All of the swag was fabulous and the gift bags were donated on behalf of two shops on Melrose Place -- Temperly London and Dolce Vita.  So everyone got great swag and a cute bag to boot!

Swag included:

- Eyedews collagen under-eye treatment (Jenny McCarthy loves these!) -- 50 for free
- LuxLash Beverly Hills discount card -- 50 for free
- Scarpasa shoes gift card -- 50 for free
- DNA11 & CanvasPop artwork and photo discounts -- 50 for free
- Zestra arousal oil (they sent me so many that I gave everyone two and I have about 50 more here in my room.  Hit me up ladies if you're looking to get frisky) -- millions for free
- PurpleLab NYC cosmetics coupon -- 50 for free
- Sex and the City themed tee shirt from House of Mental - 50 for free!

These bags made the party as fun as it was.  I went ahead and downloaded the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack and mixed it into a playlist with the first soundtrack and then added songs about California because, duh, the party was themed Sex and the City of Angels.

I cannot wait to host another party!   Ideas, anyone?
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