Jun 16, 2010

Proverbs 31

Today at the salon was interesting on so many levels.  The most touching had to be when  I met a client by the name of Sophie Luke.  She is incredibly beautiful and down-to-earth, and I noticed she had a jacket that appeared to be her own design.  It had "Proverbs 31" printed on the back and I went to ask her about it.

"I saw your jacket and saw the back.  Can you remind me of Proverbs 31?"

We got into a discussion about this verse and empowering and beautiful it is for both women and men, even though it's about a God-fearing woman.  It was refreshing to talk to someone at work about something like this.  So I came home and found the verse and it truly is amazing.  Ladies, take a look-see.  And gents, if you're looking for someone, it wouldn't hurt to read it either!

I also found Proverbs 31 Ministries which I will definitely be taking a look into!


Laura said...

If you like Proverbs 31, try the Bible Study "Beauty by the Book" by Laurie Cole. It is all about how to become Biblically beautiful, using proverbs 31 as the outline for the ideal woman. We did it in our wives Bible study this year and I loved it!

RoseH_Huls21365 said...


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