Jun 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Make peace with yourself.  Because you will not be able to hold peace in other relationships if you don't find peace in yourself.  God gave you gifts and talents to be used.  You are blessed.  He wants you to prosper.  But if you don't let him in your life, if you don't stop asking "what about me?" and start asking "what does God want me to do?" you will never find peace.  You will keep living through your emotions and not God's will.

Find out what God sent you to do.  Don't try to do something that you want to do.  So many people want to be the boss, be #1.  But not everyone is meant to be #1.  Some of us are meant to be #2.  Focus on what God wants you to be and be #1 at what he wants, not what you want.

Come to peace with the terms of your life.  It's time to stop being fearful and insecure and unhappy with yourself.  Stop being fearful of your past.  If you seek to live the will of God, you will find emotional peace."

- Joyce Meyer

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