Jul 7, 2010

I'm a nine

No, I'm not rating my attractiveness or intelligence.  Nine is my Life Number.  It's based off of my birthdate:
12/27/1986 = 1+2 {3} + 2 + 7 {9} + 1 + 9 +8 + 6 {24} = 36 {3+6} = 9.

Here is what my profile says.  It's pretty much on point.  I've also done this for several of my family members and friends and I can't deny that it's pretty accurate for all of them at all.  Get your free profile here!

"If your Life-Path number is NINE, yours is a philosophical number. In this, you’re likely to hold an elevated position that poses certain responsibilities in the scheme of things. You’re likely to be extremely compassionate and giving up material goods for the common good of all may be something that is a regular occurrence in your life.

NINE personalities tend to be trustworthy and honorable. A NINE harbors no prejudice and feels deeply for those who are less fortunate. You will help out others in any way you possibly can as a NINE as you are driven by the desire to make things better.

With such intensity of emotion, it is common for NINES to find expressive outlets through artistic and literary fields. Engaging in these activities lend strength and balance to the NINE’S emotional well being. Further, social activities are also extremely important. NINES tend to be well liked and have many friends. Taking time out for laughter is essential for those that throw themselves into the realm of misfortune in a helping capacity. Key words/qualities associated with a NINE Life-Path are humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, obligations and creative expression.

The life purpose for a NINE is to learn compassion, generosity and a humanitarian attitude. This isn’t always easy as it can require sacrifice and putting others first. Many NINES struggle with the responsibility that comes with this Life-Path, as there can be difficulty in believing that giving can be satisfying on a grand scale.

It is not uncommon for a NINE to find themselves being used or let down by others. Their tremendous generosity can be misused and abused often. A tempering of knowledge and common sense with heart-felt desire to support may help prevent some of this from occurring. Creative expression can alleviate pain felt from such times.

As difficult as it will be at times for the NINE, fulfillment in life cannot possibly occur without acceptance of a true and humanitarian nature within. Developing and maintaining personal support systems is essential."

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