Jul 20, 2010


Today, I received a pitch from a beauty team asking me to write a review on their product.  It started off with a red flag:

"Hi Kirby!"

Guess what?  That nifty e-mail address I created is, in fact, how my name is spelled.  No, kirbyj@gmail.com wasn't taken, so I had to resort to kirbiej@gmail.com; neither is it a ploy to make my name look funky and different.  It's like that on my social security card, birth certificate and even my Sephora Beauty Insider account.  It's legit.  That is how my name is spelled.  You can obviously see that because you just selected that e-mail address as the recipient of your obviously proofed beauty pitch.

Lesson?  Learn how to spell people's names.  It's their name!  The one thing that was given to them to be unique, to symbolize who they are.  And it can't be any easier for you to figure out the spelling -- it's written out in the actual address!

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