Aug 31, 2010

Grey's spoilers

I am giving away a plotline in the Grey's premiere.  If you don't want to know, don't read!

Apparently, Sandra Oh's character (my favorite, Christina Yang), gets hitched to Owen!  She not only gets proposed to, but they end up marrying in the season opener, entitled "With You I'm Born Again."

Grey's Anatomy premieres on September 23rd on ABC. 

No Speak Americano

Saturday night was hilarious.  Honestly, I feel compelled to hit up a bar every Saturday night completely, 100% stone-cold sober.  Most of what I witnessed that night made me reconsider what I wear out in public and thankful that the longest I've had to wait at a club out here is long enough to get my ID checked.

I was working a red carpet for Drew Gates, a local LA promoter and founder of the LA Clique, as well as Jaimie Hilfiger, notably Tommy's niece and a celebrity host.

Michelle, as always, had recruited me to help.  It was just me and her this time around because it was a relatively small carpet compared to what we've worked before.  Consider it the usual: keep a steady traffic flow, make sure the photogs get pictures of the slates, make sure that people who think they should on the red carpet stay off of it.  It's amazing how many people will walk up to a stanchion and say their name like they're supposed to be on the list, knowing that they had no idea this party even existed and just want to get photographed.  Guess what people, if I can't walk up and say "Kirbie Johnson.  I had a non-speaking part on CSI: Miami!"  Then you can't come to me and say you hung out with Kim Kardashian a few weeks ago and she almost picked the dress you designed to wear to the Emmys.  That doesn't count.


This actually proved to be a great learning experience for two interns who were working the event on behalf of the other publicist involved with the party.  They were totally sweet, but 18: scared shitless.  When someone came to the stanchion, they'd let them in.  Cue mass chaos.  I went from helping hand to trainer in 2.5 seconds.  Honestly, my training for this type of thing was literally sink or swim.  I got invited to work for Michelle after I spent a 12 hour day on an Usher video (that I never actually go to be in) and had never worked a carpet before.  I was exhausted, met Michelle once, and had no idea what I was doing.   I arrived, she handed me a clipboard and pretty much set me free.  "Figure it out, darling!"   All she asked was that I manage the VIP and celebrity guest list, a task that seems easy, except everyone here thinks they're VIP.  It was a deathtrap that I thankfully made through.

After dealing with $50,000 billionaires and a few divas that nobody has heard of, the red carpet ended, and unintentional hilarity ensued.  We're standing outside disassembling the carpet when three girls come stomping down the sidewalk in all of their club-gear glory.  They could not have been older than 20.  One girl in sequins was marching pretty strongly ahead of everyone else.  Apparently, 'sequins' wasn't let in the club for whatever reason, andher two comrads were, which was ironic because seriously, they looked like toddlers, and 'Sequins' emsemble was amazing.  However, as she's confessing to her friends that she's "about to cry" and they should just "go in" because she is "going to take a cab home," this random homeless guy keeps walking over to the group and is interjecting random statements that I couldn't undestand (he was yelling and incoherent), and when the girls wouldn't acknowledge him he'd stomp over to this plastic grocery bag of goodies while shaking his head, take a swig of his 32 oz. beer, and would then march over to the group again like it was the first time.

To make matters worse, 'Sequins'' friends are about to leave her alone there with crazy homeless man and now a woman who is trying to catch the bus.  She is trying to make convo with the girls as well, but she's yelling, so they're obviously getting a little freaked out.  Thankfully, being the wonderful matriarch that she is, Michelle hails a cab for 'Sequins' that she doesn't actually end up using.  Instead, the girls stand and brew some more about how someone is an "asshole" until, finally, they hail another cab and 'Sequins' joins the cabbie in the front seat.  They pull away, and her two friends start talking shit.

Right around this point, a gigantic Escalade limo pulls up and about 25 college freshmen hop out of the thing, red solo cups in hand.  "YES" by LMFAO is playing headache-enducing loud.  I love that song, but I don't know how these kids managed to listen to that inside the car. 

That was just outside.

We go inside to make sure the party is running smoothly.  Anyone who hasn't experienced Los Angeles nightlife always tells me the same thing:  "Am I in a movie?"  Yes.  Yes you are.  There are no rules in Los Angeles.  The scent of weed is so strong that for a minute I thought maybe my perfume was laced with THC.  Girls are scantily-clad.  After being here a year, I am immune to seeing a nipple or two.  Then there's the VIP section.

One thing people don't realize is that while everyone is dying to get into the vip (as Luda calls it), once you're there, you're dying to get the hell out.  It's crowded.  There is nowhere to sit.  It's hard to hear.  It's hard to talk, breath, think, or see.  And most of the very important people usually have their own table and don't need to be in the VIP to validate or announce that they're important; they aren't caged like chickens in a coop, drinking liquor from bottles that are half-filled with water.  Irony strikes again.

There are staples in the club scene:  DJ with backwards cap?  Check.  Douchey promoters?  Check.  Songs that, if not played, could get the DJ fired: "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough," "I Gotta Feelin'," and a new crowd favorite, "No Speak Americano."  Check, check and check.  Finally, the sparklers routine that accompany the champagne bottles/birthday cakes to the tables?  Check.

I think my favorite part of the night was when Michelle and I sat down at the bar to wait on the manager.  We got to watch all of the people who were finally let into the club.  Seriously, it was hysterical.  There was a girl so drunk that she was straddling a guy in her dress and making out with him -- on a stool.  The looks on the guys faces who finally made it in and heard their favorite jam, DMX's "Lose My Mind" or hysterically "Ice Cream Paint Job," were priceless. Once they get in, you would have thought they won a gold medal or lost their virginity.  They hug.  They give high fives.  Some even walk in performing some really radical dance moves.  They were THAT EXCITED to wait outside for an hour and half.  They made it in!  They MADE IT! 

Then there was that guy who was trying really hard to mack on some chick whose knees kept buckling.  She was drunk.  Real drunk.  And it didn't matter that she couldn't keep her eyes open, or that he dumped an entire drink all over her -- he was going for it.  Unfortunately, she probably went home with him.

All in all, I learned something:  if you need a good laugh, head to the club sober.  If not, don't torture yourself.

Aug 30, 2010

Music Monday, fitness edition

I like to listen to these songs while working out!  Hope they pump you up as much as they do me!

1.  You Shook Me All Night Long -- AC/DC
2.  LA LA LA -- Auburn
3.  I Like It -- Enrique Iglesias
4.  Monster -- Lady Gaga
5.  Wizards in Winter -- Trans-Siberian Orchestra (yes, it's a Christmas song, but I run at least three times faster when this song comes on!)
6.  Pour Some Sugar on Me -- Def Leppard
7.  Your Love -- Nicki Minaj
8.  Fergalicious -- Fergie
9.  Over -- Drake
10.  Change Clothes -- Jay-Z ft. Pharrell
11.  My Cool -- Adam Tensta
12.  Animal -- Neon Trees
13. Mr. Brightside -- The Killers
14.  Untouched -- The Veronicas

Cool Down
1.  If I Die Young -- The Band Perry
2.  Breathe -- Michelle Branch
3.  Teenage Dream -- Katy Perry
4.  Glamorous -- Fergie

Aug 29, 2010

I know what boys like

Don't let the title deceive you, ladies.  I'm not posting to give you any type of relationship advice.

I have a few birthdays coming up that I desperately need to get gifts for.  However, a majority of these gifts will be for men.

Ugh.  Yes, I'll admit it: I am not great with men's gifts.  I always feel like I have to do something magnificent, when most guys would be fine with a pitcher of beer for their birthday.

However, I decided to do some internet research to find some things that are worth giving.

Kindle 3G Wireless, $189
I think anyone would be happy with a Kindle.  If the man you're buying for is into technology or likes to read, you've hit a double with this buy.  It's also useful for those college freshman who are having to buy book upon book for their English classes (my American Dream class required something like five or six books over the course of the semester).  Instead of carrying four or five books in his bag, he can scan through the Kindle to the book he actually needs.  Plus, it's majorly discounted now that the iPad has been released!  $189?  That is a STEAL!

Framed Records
Have a musician in the fam?  Dating a guy that likes to strum the guitar?  I always think it's fun to take music and make it into art.  Hit up your local vintage record store and frame his beloved band, artist, etc.  Another fun idea: give him a vinyl record frame!  Pretty neat. 

Fall is approaching which means cooler whether. You could say that the guys I tend to have (and do have) in my life aren't into clothes.  Sure, they like a nice pair of jeans and a button down, but let's face it: their idea of a shopping spree is hitting up Dick's Sporting Goods (and I don't blame them!  I love athletic gear!).  However, when it comes to coats, I think the best they can do for themselves is a windbreaker. I know one thing, it's that everyone needs a nice jacket or coat to wear for the winter, especially with all of the holiday parties in full swing.

It's going to cost you, but it's an investment they'll get good use out of.  This miliatry peacoat by Nautica is perfect -- looks professional yet stylish, will keep him warm, and can dress up a pair of jeans.  Great for work or going out.  Check out GQ's other recommendations for coats under $500.

Since I'm also a stylist for The Haberdasher, a male styling service, I get on ShopStyle and create looks for men.  Basically if a guy needs to look good and feels uncomfortable asking a friend or girlfriend to help, they come to me and I tell them what works for them and what doesn't for the occasion.  I'm just getting started, but I plan on posting some of my looks on here once I get them put together!
Obsessed with Football game
Know a football fanatic?  Give him this trivia game to test his knowledge.  It's a great group game and he'll probably be satisfied quizzing himself.  I can see half the men I know turning this into a drinking game (it's apparent that most of the dudes I know are 25 and under). 

Personalized Guitar Picks
Another music-related gift.  Most musicians that aren't playing professionally wouldn't bother getting a personalized pick.  However, if a baseball player can have a signature glove and a golfer can have his personalized clubs, why can't a guitar player have a pick worth holding on to?  Steve Clayton USA offers has a website dedicated to designing your own pick!  Pretty nifty.  They come in packs of 100 so if he ends up losing one it's no sweat. 

Power Balance bracelets
PB bracelets are pretty much the new LiveStrong bracelets; a fun gift for any athlete in your life.  Read up on Power Balance at the link above!

Tickets are one my favorite thing to give.  Perhaps your brother loves Aerosmith (Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, etc).  Get him a pair tickets to the concert!  Is your boyfriend a HUGE Colts fan?  Arrange for him to see a game.  This type of thing gets tricky with scheduling, traveling, accommodations and so on, but if you know the guy well enough then it's worth the time and effort.  Also, I don't know one person, male or female, who doesn't enjoy a gift certificate towards flights.  Everyone likes to travel, so it's a good way to help facilitate a weekend getaway or full-out vacay.

Wallets and accessories
From what I can tell, most guys hang on to wallets that they get as gifts. They don't necessarily go "wallet shopping."  They probably got one when they were 16 from their dad, which was most likely a hand-me-down, and have held onto it until it literally fell a part.  It's a luxury to have a really nice wallet, because most people don't want to spend a lot of money of that type of thing.

This isn't a wallet, but it still holds money, so it counts.  Great for any (hardcore) sports fan.  And it's not expensive either!
Denver Broncos money clip, $31.99


For the guy who wants to be trendy but not over-the-top, this monogram wallet by Gucci is discrete yet sophisticated.
Gucci monogram wallet, $223 on Bluefly

More Gucci...
Gucci at ShopStyle

A great alternative if you want a high quality, long-lasting wallet from a great brand.
Ted Baker monkey print wallet, $75.83 on ASOS

More Ted Baker...
Ted Baker at ShopStyle

Athletic Clothes
Doesn't matter if it's a new pair of sneakers, basketball shorts or dry-fit gear -- I can guarantee your brother, dad, boyfriend or husband would be thrilled to get something sports related from you.  Just like the ladies enjoy putting on their new outfit to go out, guys dig putting on their new sports gear to go get a work-out in or to enjoy a game (don't try to say otherwise, guys).  If you're not sure which direction to go, get him a Dick's Sporting Goods gift card.  Make it more personal by picking out a new golf polo, grabbing him some basketball shoes, or gifting him a few dry-fit tops.
I've run out of suggestions, but hopefully this helps you in your search a gift or steers you in the right direction!

"Love. It's the final word."

Tonight I was watching the Emmy's and during a montage, it was said:

"Love.  It's the final word."

As much as life can be hectic, draining, irritating; glorious, whimsical and surprising, everyone in life aspires to be happy, and I believe 100% of happiness is dependent on love.  Having love for others: your parents, your siblings, your whole family.  Your friends, who are the family we choose.  Loving someone as your better half, your counterpart, your inspiration and confidant.

Having love for what you do.  Your work is yours, and you spend more time doing that than you probably do with you own family.

Having love for yourself.  At the end of the day, it's just you, baby.

And having love for God.  I know that faith has helped guide me.  It's been something very special in my life and it's helped me tremendously, especially this past year.

So if anything, friends, I hope you're taking the extra time to love your friend who listens to you when you need it the most, love your parents even when they've told you something for the thousandth time, love yourself even when you feel like you're not where you want to be or after you've made a mistake.  And when you find another person who you don't go a day without thinking about, who you love regardless of the argument, who wants to be by your side regardless of any circumstance -- someone who completes your dynamic duo, let them know!  Because really, what is life without love?  And lots of it?

Back to Basics

The next two weeks are going to be great.  On Friday, I fly home to Austin to spend Labor Day in Texas!  It will be nice to be home to relax and enjoy The Great State.  I am celebrating my brother's 18th birthday with my family which is going to be so weird!  I gave him his first bath as a baby!  How is he 18-years-old?  

I also plan on finding a place to enjoy the TCU v. Oregon State game.  I would have loved to have gone to the game since it's going to be at Jerry's World, but not having a car makes it a bit difficult to get to DFW and back.  Plus, I'd rather not travel if I don't have to.

It'll be another short week for me next week because we have Monday off and my best friends are coming to visit me!  I am so relieved to have visitors.  It miss the comfort of college where all of my friends were just five minutes away (and most of the time across the hall) and my family was just a short two-hour drive.  Having people come visit is always great for my heart and spirit and I am really psyched for all four of them to come.  Liz travels all the time and she has a ton of Starwood points, so we're going to head down to Laguna on Friday to stay at the St. Regis (heaven!) and then we'll be at the SLS on Saturday and Sunday.  We'll be celebrating the Chain Gang reuniting and Molly's recent accomplishment: becoming a CPA!  My friends are so smart. 

I hope everyone is happy and is finding the time to spend with people they care about!

Aug 28, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...!

Actually, it's not, especially here in California.  But after seeing my face last night, you probably would have thought I had woken up on Christmas morning, grinning from ear to ear.

It was supposed to be a normal Hollywood-ish type night, meeting up with my hometown friend Bailey to get some dinner before setting out to enjoy her first night in Los Angeles.  Dinner?  Check.  Then it was time to have some fun.

I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I had her go down an extra two blocks to get to the club we were going to, instead of turning immediately onto the street it's located on.  I just want to say a huge thanks to God for having me do this because if he didn't I wouldn't have gotten that giant smile on my mug.

So, we turn left on Vine and pull up to a stop light at Hollywood Boulevard when we notice a ton of film equipment.  Upon further investigation, we also noticed (well, we couldn't miss it really) the gigantic "JOHN MAYER, TONIGHT ONLY" sign that was up at the Pantages Theater.  There were a bunch of stand-up signs that I couldn't read, but I was literally squealing: JOHN MAYER!  I missed his concerts in LA this year and I was pretty bummed out about it, so perhaps he was doing some kind of random-concert to film for a DVD or for Jimmy Kimmel or something.  I didn't know and didn't care, but we needed to get there.

After finding parking ($10.00, woof) and walking two blocks, we made it to Pantages, only to be stopped by a film crew.  Apparently they were filming a movie.  No John Mayer?  Blast!  I knew it was too good to be true.   As we shuffled away, I read the stand-up sign and my hopes were revived: they were not only shooting a movie, but shooting Friends with Benefits.  Perhaps some of you who know your celebrity knowledge know where this is going.  Who is in Friends with Benefits, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!!

Now, I don't fully support Justin's acting career because it has massively taken over his ability to get in the studio and record.  Doing cameos on Timbaland tracks is not going to suffice for me or the rest of the general public.  I mean, seriously.  It's been four years.  Time to make a new album, J.  But if I have learned anything, it's that patience is a virtue and this isn't Justin's first rodeo.  His first solo album was released in 2002 and he didn't put out Future Sex/Love Sounds until 2006 and that record was hit after hit.

Back to the point:  while I was not thrilled that he wasn't throwing an impromptu concert, I was squealing again.  Bailey knew this squeal all too well.  She knew my love for Justin ever since I was 12-years-old. I say 'knew' because I had decidedly moved on from JT.  He is committed to the most gorgeous woman in the world, Jessica Biel.  He is probably going to marry her.  And I've pretty much come to terms that I will not be the one who walks down the aisle to him.  It was a sad realization, but I came to it.  And with that realization, I pretty much wrote him off as an arrogant megastar that I probably wouldn't like if I got to know anyway (just to make me feel better about it).

Notice how I said 'I had decidedly moved on.'  Yes, had, because once I heard he was somewhere in the area I was giddy.  I knew we had to wait to see him and so did Bails.  Honestly, did I have anyone fooled?  No.  Seriously, Justin was the yardstick for a lot of things in my life.  Unknowingly, JT has been a part of my life for 11 years.  Justin will always be around making me happy with his music and personality, while many things in my life are unstable and are on a come-and-go babis basis.  However, if a something or someone can make me feel as happy as I do when I'm at a JT concert, then I know it's probably worth giving a fair shot.  I kid, but in all honesty, it's JT.  He could make the Grinch happy.

Here we are on Hollywood Boulevard, standing next to some paps, just trying to get their money shot.  Everyone walking and driving by is wondering what the hell is going on.  The paps told me to wait until the lights come on for the next scene, which should be any minute, and then I'll be able to see Justin.  Cue huge sh*t-eating grin here.

We waited and we tweeted.  I was hoping perhaps JT would read his precious tweets and come across the street looking for a "girl in a peach top" to take a picture with.  You may laugh, but my motto has always been this: you can't receive if you don't ask.

After waiting for what seemed to be forever, the doors to the theater opened and a group came out.  If there is one thing I know, it's Justin Timberlake.  He came out with his security and it was like April of 1999 again, when he was walked into the meet-and-greet with his four band-mates and their security.  I have that engrained in my head to this day.  "That's him!"  Bailey would not stop laughing at how happy I was.  It's the small things in life.  Really.

I wasn't the only one.  Once he walked out, gaggles of women were smiling, just getting one glimpse of his precious self.  "Bails!  There he is!  His curly little hair!"  Cue incessant laughter.

Once pedestrians noticed, they would come up and ask what was going on.

"They're shooting a Justin Timberlake movie."
"REALLY?!"  Their eyes would light up and a smile would instantly swipe across their face. "Is he over there?"

Insert many for sighs, coos and squeals.  I turned to Bailey.

"Look at these faces!  Nobody else can bring a smile to a woman's face like this guy can!"

It was true.  Men would walk by, stop, ask what was going on, and once they heard "Justin Timberlake" they would scatter like wildfire.  I think men are smart sometimes (albeit infrequently).  They know if you can't beat Justin or join Justin, you should probably run far, far away.  No woman will give you the time of day when he's around.

Bailey as my witness, I was happy as a clam after that.  We watched his do his scene a few times -- we actually had a great view -- so now we're going to see the movie just so we can see the scene we has witnessed.

Aug 26, 2010

Psychic Powers

This week has been interesting to say the very least.  It's been jam packed with excitement, amusement and friends -- every day I have been grabbing coffee or dinner with people I care about, old and new, and I'm so thankful that I'm starting to really enjoy my life out here in LA.  It's amazing what getting through the first year can do for you!

I know God knows my plan, and apparently right now his plan is to keep me focused.  So I have been incredibly focused, however knowingly "letting go" of the outcome because I don't have control (just the ability to prepare).

Tonight, at coffee with precious Kristen, we were talking and this woman came up to me.  She was kind of staring at me and both of us didn't know why.  She gave me her card and said that she needed to do a reading on me... apparently her name is Venus and she is a psychic.  I kind of laughed it off, but after she got her coffee she came back and told me that there are two huge things that are going to happen/have happened in my life: "Something big happened with your career today, and I feel something strong with your love life."  Career thing -- true, depending on her explanation.  Let me tell you about my love life:  I do not have one, as in I'm not even looking.  This is a matter of fact, not opinion, so I'm kind of interested in what she has to say.  She didn't say anything else except "tall man.  dark hair," before walking away.  Who is this tall man with dark hair?  Jesus? A future boss?  I need specifics here!!!

While this very well could be her tactic to getting clients to come and pay for more information, it was pretty random yet intriguing.  She wasn't one of those creeper psychics -- she was very pretty and exotic looking.  Pretty young as well.

I'm not comfortable going to a psychic because I feel like all of that stuff is a huge scam... but maybe just for fun I'll visit Venus one day and see if she knows what's up.  Who's been to a psychic here in LA?  Was it all just a crock?

Aug 25, 2010

Shout out to Mizerle06

Today has been interesting.  I got 12 text messages from my friends saying, "I saw your article on Yardbarker!" 

I was excited, thinking maybe one of my entertainment posts or beauty reviews got picked up (not knowing what Yardbarker was -- sorry!).  Go figure, I'm getting the usual treatment for (what else) my Twit-Fight, if you can call it that, with Jeff Pearlman.

It's amusing at this point.  The people who negatively comment say the same thing I've heard a million times before.  I'm always waiting for that one nay-sayer who is clever enough to surprise me and make me laugh and not say the typical "She's a stupid as her uncle," or "She looks like she's been on steriods."  Really guys?  Come up with something a little more witty so at least I'm entertained.  However, the postive responses are actually quite touching, so it's been a good balance. 

Anyway, I'm wondering why my thoughts and opinions are even worth posting and commentating about.  I get it: I'm defending someone that everyone is ready to torch.  I can understand why people might think I'm blind or naive in that aspect, since the general public has their minds made up that he's guilty.

As far as saying what I feel and I believe:  this a personal blog and I can say whatever I want to say.  It's not the gospel nor a news source.  I have the freedom to defend my Uncle, write about Vajazzling or to say that mizerle06 from  Slow News Day  Posts Regarding People (Like Me) Whom Nobody Cares About  Sparty and Friends is just looking to get publicity from my article that, news to me, I wrote to "cash in" on. 

He, Mizerele06, wrote an article (from what I can tell) to insinuate that I moved out to Hollywood to become a TV host and am using my uncle's name to do so, thus spawning into jabs at my beauty articles and posting an inappropriate photo he (poorly) edited.  Actually, I take that back -- I don't know the point of his post.  He starts talking about how he learned nothing from the tweets between Jeff and Roger, except that I exist, and then proceeded to give excerpts of my beauty articles and talk about how I was living in Hollywood.

So, I have to ask: why did he want to post about me?  Merely for that (terribly photoshoped and vulgar) photo of Roger? 

Listen, I'm working hard just like the rest of the yuppies in the world who are going after a dream. I'm just a chick who likes to write, has big goals and big dreams that I'm trying to make a reality.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And while Mizerle06 seems to think I'm "cashing in," I can assure you that I wrote to defend someone I care about -- not to get in the news.  The fact that this whole thing is even worth mentioning is a trip.

So, why is brazlian waxing important or relevant?  Why is learning how to tan safely something I feel people need to know?  To clarify, Mizerle06, I'm the West Hollywood Beauty Writer for  Nothing important or special, just a way to improve my portfolio and get my name out there. While you use my beauty posts to essentially "dumb-me-down" and solicit sexual responses regarding the word "facial," (which is Bush League in my personal opinion), I actually write those posts to help me make a decent living.  Not to mention plenty of readers enjoy the candid reviews and commentaries that I post.

So, a few things, Mizerle06:

- Thanks for the shout out
- Being crude is no way to act around a lady
- If you need a decent photoshop tech, I've got experience

The big picture is this:  I'm just a minion -- nothing important -- so as entertaining as it is getting the love/hate letters and posts, it's nothing to think twice about.


Aug 24, 2010

I think we kissed but I forgot

Katy Perry's Teenage Dream was finally released.  Yes, I mean finally -- I've been waiting on this shiz to be released since I heard 'California Girls' in May.   I've already recommended her second single, 'Teenage Dream', on here as well as 'Not Like the Movies', her ode to true love.

Now that I have the whole CD, here are my other recommendations:

#2. Last Friday Night (TGIF)
Note to all my girlfriends: this will be our new going-out anthem.  And for the rest of the nation?  Be prepared, this song is going to be the new "I've Gotta Feeling."  It starts off retro and has a fun, upbeat vibe.  It even has a saxophone in it and you know I LOVE a good saxophone solo.

"Yeah we danced on tabletops, and we took too many shots, think we kissed by I forgot
Last Friday night
Yeah we maxed our credit cards and got kicked out of the bar so we hit the boulevard
Last Friday Night"

#5. Peacock
Katy is such a little tramp, but I love her.  This song is a fun play on words and of course definite booty-shaker.  The remix is going to be all over the club scene.

#6.  Circle in the Drain
This is the song I referenced a few weeks ago, regarding Katy's past relationship with Travie McCoy.  

The whole album is great.  I don't think she'll need to make another album for awhile; much like Fergie's The Duchess, she can easily get four or five singles out of this record alone.  I downloaded it online, however I hear that her actual CD is a scratch-'n'-sniff and smells like cotton candy!  Yum!

Facebook for the ages

I found this while I was scouring and I could not stop laughing.  Pretty clever.

Unintentional hilarity

I'm not a huge astrology person, however, from time-to-time I dabble in horoscopes.  Mine for today has this little pebble of wisdom:

"Try not to be so neurotic with important issues in your life."

I really needed to hear that.  As much as I try to say otherwise, I like to be in control.  I like to plan.  I like to know what's going to happen... especially with my career.  Lately I have been impatient and anxious, wanting to know when I'm going to really reach my full potential. 

Looks like I've got to stop wondering about these things, let go and let God!

Everyone should listen...

I can't make you listen to this podcast, but I can suggest you do.  If you're feeling like something is lacking in your life and you want to make all our relationships substantial, blessed and wonderful, take 30 minutes of your time to listen --- in the morning before work, in the car during your commute, at the gym, or while laying in bed before you fall asleep.  Any time will do.

It has a strong message that I hope all my family and friends will be blessed by.

#445: Speaking the Blessing

Aug 22, 2010

Sunset Junction Street Festival

I just finished my second full week at the firm and I was lucky enough to get in on working the Sunset Junction Street Fair.  It started off 30 years ago as a block party and now has become a Los Angeles staple in the music scene.

While we worked long hours in the heat, dealing with crazy band members, pompous managers and plenty of people trying to finagle their way in (we were working the press booth, a.k.a. the place where everyone wanted to be -- we gave away the coveted wrist-bands), it was so much fun.  In addition to free food and beverages, we got all-access to all five stages and the VIP area.  I had so many wrist bands on that it looked like a tattoo sleeve: a pass for all-access, one for VIP, one for a particular stage, one for backstage, one to signify we were the media, one to show that we were going to be there all weekend, etc.

It's pretty funny working these types of things because once someone catches wind that you (somewhat) make decisions, they get stars in their eyes and want to be your best friend.  I couldn't walk anywhere without someone catching wind of all my wrist bands (obviously, how could you not see them?) and wanting me to "do a favor."  PR is great because you can do a lot of favors, however, there comes a point where you have to determine what is most cost effective for your client.  Unfortunately, we had to put our foot down with a lot of people who were really cool, and with a lot of people who thought they were awesome but really needed to get a grip on life and realize they weren't.


Friday Night I was able to enjoy the Ghostland Observatory performance.  They were amazing.  If you haven't seen them live, you should!  They not only have great music but they do a laser light show while they perform.  The best part?  I got to be onstage during the whole thing!  The last time I was on stage was during an *NSYNC concert in 1999.  Yes, I'm that awesome.

Sunday's highlight?  Well, first off, it went by so much more quickly than Saturday, so that was a bonus.  Second, I had two celebrity run-ins that I was probably way too giddy about.

Kelly Osbourne
 Kelly is stunningly gorgeous in person and she has an impeccable sense of style.  When she walked up to the booth, she was with her friend and I don't even remember what was said -- I just dove for the "VIP/ALL ACCESS/YOU CAN HAVE WHATEVER YOU WANT" passes and handed them over.  She was totally polite and even asked my co-worker who her glasses were by.  Lots of love for Kelly!  Is it bad that I kind of wanted her to use the f-word?

Shenae Grimes (90210, Degrassi)
I am a huge Degrassi fan.  I mean, it's pretty much the best show ever.  So today when Shenae Grimes came up to check-in frantically trying to find a way to get tickets, I had no qualms giving her the same passes I gave Kelly.  She was actually just looking for a place to purchase tickets but was running late to catch her friend's performance.  A complete geek-out moment: I told her that I really liked her and not to worry, that the wristbands were all access and she would be fine.  She asked for my name and thanked me so many times that I lost track!  I even got to meet her parents who came with her.  She was totally adorable -- she had brought her own vintage camera to document the occasion.

I had a great time working the fair and can't wait for more events to participate in!  One of our clients is The Grammy Awards, so I'm praying I get an "in" with whomever sees over that account.  Happy Sunday!

Jeff Pearlman: Part Two

First off, I want to say thanks to all of you who read Jeff's blog and in turn came to mine.  You did huge numbers for me, regardless of if you were coming here to tell me I'm an idiot or to sing my praises.   UPDATE:  Turns out most of the hits were not from Jeff's blog, but actually from @RogerClemens' tweet with my site.  Awesome!

Second, this is a family & friends oriented blog that has spawned into readership outside of that circle.  I appreciate you viewing my page!  However, I talk about things on here that I'm not used to talking about openly.  Things that they (my friends and family) know, but that I don't usually publicize.  One of those things being that I'm Roger's niece.  I don't openly announce this relationship.  I'm very proud of him and all of his accomplishments, don't get me wrong, but I've met people who have a successful relative and when the first thing they announce is that "so-and-so" is their (insert relative here), it kind of makes me want to vomit; just because you're related to someone doesn't mean you're special, entitled, etc.

Anyway... on to yesterday.
After a "twitter conversation" with Jeff, I have to say he handled himself pretty well towards me, so I can't dig on him for that.  I really don't like digging on anyone, however, when it comes to family, blood is thicker than molasses, which is why I said what I did in the previous post.

Listen, everyone has their opinions.  I'm not opposed to that.  I'm very a much an "express your opinion" type of person, otherwise I wouldn't have my own blog.  However, you have to understand that when someone in your family tells you something and you have no reason to believe they are lying or being deceitful, you're going to defend them and believe them.  That's why I'm rather infuriated with this "guilty until proven innocent" mentality going on right now; that just because other similar situations have resulted in a certain outcome, he has been categorized with it.  A lot of what has been said is all based on hearsay, and no legitimate proof has been presented to the general public, besides comments and accusations made by others.

When someone accuses you of something negative, it's hard to refute.  It reminds me of high school when rumors get started -- is it true?  Is it not true?  Regardless, that person is tainted with a reputation.  If Rog would have backed down and let this die on it's own, people would have considered him guilty.  By stepping forward and making his voice heard, people think he's guilty.  It's a lose-lose situation.  However, we all came to expect his indictment -- this wasn't a surprise by any means -- and I know most of us are comforted knowing we finally get our say so in court.  We also get to see what "evidence" has been brought against us.

Uncle Rog is not an idiot. I cannot, with a sound mind, believe that he would take this to federal court with a denial -- knowing that he actually did take any banned substances.  I really can't.  My grandmother would be rolling around in her grave if that were the case.  And given our family history and what Uncle Rog (and our entire family) has promoted, drugs are not something to be messed with. We've dealt with that type of thing before and we've seen how it can turn out.  That is why I am very passionate about this subject.

Now to Jeff.

Jeff, first of all, it was nice conversing with you yesterday.  I understand you're a journalist, and in your words a "biographer and life-chronicler," and that's your job.  But, like I said earlier, it seems like you had a view of Roger before penning that book.  Heck, maybe you didn't have any type of opinion of him until the Mitchell Report came out (I haven't gone back to read archives of your articles yet).  But to me, it seems that you had an agenda, something to prove.  Everyone loves an underdog story, just as much as they love a good-guy-turned-bad story (i.e. Tiger, Mel Gibson, etc.), and it's apparent that your book was written just in time to add fuel to the already ignited fire.

I don't condone name calling and I'd rather things be handled in a mature fashion.  Was it mature of me to tell you to go throw yourself off a cliff?  That's a definite no.  Did I mean that?  No. (Sorry, sometimes I get a little feisty.) And while being called 'Lurch" isn't the worst of your troubles, it ignited you to make a comment about Roger's haircut; yet you referred to his Addam's Family comment about you as "third grade."  It's also pretty hilarious that he called you Lurch because that's a huge joke within our family... I digress.  Anyway, my point?  Pot, meet kettle.  

Excerpt from your blog:
"And by Clemens’ position, I don’t mean a multiple-Cy Young champ and 300-game winner. I mean a guy who’s so royally f-cked and disgraced. Were I Roger Clemens in 2010, and the world knew that I took HGH and steroids, threw my wife and best friend under the bus, lied before Congress and fooled around with an underage alcoholic country music singer, I’d be hiding under a rock right now. Or in the process of relocating to Peru. Or changing my name to Butch St. Butch."   -- Jeff, the only things not alleged in that paragraph are multiple-CY Young champ and 300-game winner.  And that his last name is Clemens.  No need to hide and change his name, because he clearly feels like he has nothing to hide.  But that might just be "arrogant" in your point of view... right?

I guess I should admit that while you, Jeff, are the face of this post, you're not the only person I'm talking to.  I'm addressing the general public, whom all have written this off as a "vain jock trying to be above the government."  I'm even addressing people who I have known for years on end.  Although not everyone is categorized in this group, a lot of people have enjoyed perks graciously provided by Uncle Rog (at my request), yet I know in the back of their minds what they're thinking:  "He's guilty.  That sucks.  He's screwed."  I don't think it's greedy to want people that care about me to actually believe for a second he is innocent, especially since he's someone dear to my heart.  Then again, it's a free country.   I'm an all-or-nothing type of gal, so it's been difficult feeling like I'm not getting 100%.

So Jeff, while I mean (most of) what I have said to you, I do have to say that it's not all about you.  I'm sure you probably knew that all along though.

Regardless of what has been said and what anyone thinks, I am a relative in this matter, so nobody is going to believe anything I say.  Their minds have been made up, and of course I'm going to defend my family.  However, I should mention there are several people who are family by association and family by blood that I don't consider family, because they lack integrity.  Uncle Rog isn't one of them, and I'm going to stand by him throughout this until we get some kind of justice.  It's what family does.

And, finally, I know most of the population is wondering why the government is getting involved in Major League Baseball, and why our precious tax dollars are going towards this indictment instead of the million other (more important) things that need to be fixed in our country.  I'm sad that this has taken away from those things.



Aug 21, 2010

Jeff Pearlman: I have a bone to pick

This gem of an article caught my eye on SI today.  It's tone, obviously relentless against "The Rocket" (which, according to the author, is what he goes by -- not Roger or Rog) was familiar:  I've read this type of writing before.

Lo and behold it was from Jeff Pearlman! The same man who wrote The Rocket Who Fell to Earth, the same man who managed to get a quote, that I'm pretty sure this woman will go straight to hell for, regarding my late (and beloved) grandmother:

"Bess looked better in her casket than she ever did alive."

Truly, you have to be a real piece of work to say a comment like that.  Especially about a person who's dead -- and after you've attended their funeral.

But that's the kind of guy Jeff is.  He gets the "best" out of people.  Many of you may be wondering why I am making claims about Jeff without knowing him.  Well, isn't that interesting?  Considering that's exactly what Jeff does with Roger.  I feel no remorse for making these comments, much like he doesn't feel anything about his own personal opinions (read: nothing factual).

So, Jeff.   How are you?  How's life?  I'm sure with the recent news that "The Rocket" has been indicted, you've been trying so hard to write the perfect piece about how arrogant and vain he is.  Maybe this is going out on a limb, but are you affiliated with Congress by any chance?

I'd love to know when you met Mr. Clemens and how you gained all of this "factual" information on him-- his personality, his feelings and how he lives his life.  A lot of what you write about is based on accounts from other people and other journalists (ironically what got Roger into this indictment in the first place), with no authentic basis for the claims.  It's all "he said, she said."  It's funny, how old are you again?  If I didn't know better, I could have sworn you for a middle school girl, sucking the tit of the gossip train when the "Queen Bee" starts to be taken down.

I want to make one thing clear regarding a statement made in the article: "The Rocket" (I have to call him that since he doesn't go by Uncle Rog.  Only "The Rocket" will do, according to you at least) does not see himself a just a baseball player.  If anything, he sees himself as a father.  He has done everything in his power to give his family a life that he never had, and, if anything, he's a wonderful, caring and responsible Dad.  (And this isn't just an assumption -- I know this to be true, first hand.  I don't have to feed off hearsay to make points.)

He's also been a great uncle, providing for his nieces and nephews as if they were his own children -- I won't taint the wonderful memories by putting them in this post, but will save for when the time is right.

Another thing: talk about a low-blow on naming his kids all with the letter K.  By refering to the "K's" as a bad thing is completely and utterly deplorable -- there is no reason to be ashamed of why he named his kids what he named them.  Get some better material to rag on him about.  You're pathetic.

Obviously, I'm on a tyrade about this.  I've had plenty of feelings on Mr. Pearlman and his own sense of arrogance for awhile now.  If I could have commented on the SI article, I would have, however I figure I'd give my two cents on my own personal platform.

Oh, and by the way Jeff -- this is to mock you.


Aug 20, 2010

It's the little things...

It's Friday!  I've been covering the desk here at R&C because our main chick is out on vacation.  I've gotten almost all of the phone extensions down, and I'm in the process of learning who has an assistant and who doesn't.

I'm really excited for Fridays now, not just because of the weekend, but because we get catered breakfast!  Holla!  My bristish boss says that all the time -- "Holla!"  It's the funniest thing ever.  This morning we went without eggs because of that shiesty recall.

By the way, my boss totally cursed out some children on the phone yesterday.  It was a trip.  They were calling for Tom Cruise, whom we do not respresent anymore, and then they would call back incessantly telling me to "F--- off."  So my boss starts answering and yelling and cursing at them, all in his british accent.  What a riot!

Today was eventful.  I am going to be helping out with the Sunshine Junction music festival this Saturday, which I'm super stoked about.  Also, Dominic Monaghan came in and told me I was pretty.  I've never seen an episode of Lost, but I'm a huge Eminem fan, so it was cool seeing him (he is in the Love the Way You Lie video).  And Liam (Hemsworth) came in.  What is it about people with accents?  I wish I had one.  I could listen to them talk all day long.  In addition to a divine accent, he's tall.  You don't find a lot of actors here in Hollywood that are over six feet.  It's always refreshing to meet talent that's actually nice.
Other than that, we busted out a bottle of wine to commerate making it through the week.  I can't wait to report on Ghostland Observatory tomorrow at the festival!

Aug 19, 2010

This makes me happy

It's so easy to ask "why?"  We want to know why things happen.  Why your tire blew out when you're already low on finances, why that person was rude to you today, why your crush didn't call, why you were hurt, why you lost someone dear to you, why the world is at war, why the rich get richer, why mean people reap the best in life, why you haven't figured out your personal niche, calling, etc. --- why, why, why!?  We all want to know this, especially as a a society that is impatient and that is committed to getting what we want when we want it.

I'm learning that God takes His time.  And He can because He has all the answers.  Many of us look to our parents for guidance because they have life experience.  However, most of the time, it's hard for us to understand why they are advising us the way they do because we don't have the experience they do.  That's how God is.  God knows the answers.  He's been through it all.  He has wisdom to share that is not subjective -- it's the truth.  So while we're all down here wondering what in the world is going on and why we're feeling a certain way, and more importantly, why other people are feeling a certain way, or why the path we want to walk down isn't going as planned, God already knows why.  He knows if your path is correct or not; and if your vision isn't in alignment with his, he's going to redirect you.  He will intervene when necessary and will guide you accordingly.

However, like a great teacher and parent, he's not going to push you.  He will advise, he will pull out all the stops, give every red flag possible (read: intuition, conscience), but if you're not going to take that counsel seriously, he will let you go your own way so that you can learn from the consequences of your actions.  If you are consistently moving forward with your wants and needs and not obeying God's vision for you, you'll be lead astray!  And it will take you 10 times longer to get to where you need to be, when you could have been there a lot more quickly (if you just would have listened).

Point being?  Listen to God.  He has a divine plan. Do not fear, do not worry.  Trust.

Entry from Bedside Blessings:

Nothing surprises God.  What puzzles us is permitted by our Lord, for reasons too profound to grasp.  It is put together in the counsel of His own will so that it fits perfectly into His plan for His glory and for His purposes.  As His servant, I say in response, "I will not fear.  Though I don't understand it, I will not fear.  Though You take something that's deeply significant to me, though You allow a catastrophe to strike, I will not fear.  I will not blame, I will not doubt, and I will not question.

"Cease striving, and know that I am God."  Psalm 46:10

Hear-see, 8/19/2010


Facebook adds "location" feature
Isn't that four Four-Square is for?  Come on, Facebook, let the minion applications have their glory days and stick to photos and wall posts.

Hot Topics

Egg recall
It's too bad that I eat eggs every morning for breakfast.  I don't know if I will be one of the many people subjected to salmonella...

Attack of the giant rats
Well this is pretty much horrifying.  Rats are bad enough, but three-foot-long rats?!  Sounds like a description for complete and utter terror.  This quote is hilarious yet disgusting all at the same time: "At night you can hear them chasing each other in the loft. They sound like drag racing cars as they screech across the rafters."


Hilz chipped a tooth... on her wedding day!
Didn't she get veneers to avoid this issue?  I distinctly remember her saying she had brittle teeth that chipped all the time, which is why veneers were essential for her.  Regardless, girlfriend got married this weekend and chipped a tooth before the wedding.  Thankfully she's rich and famous, because her wedding planner whisked her to the dentist and was in-and-out in about an hour.  Seriously, that's a miracle alone: a dentist trip that's only an hour long?!

Chelsea Handler to host VMA's
I'm beyond thrilled with this news.  It's always better when they recruit a comedian to host the VMA's.  I cannot wait to see her torment Justin Bieber!  My best girlfriends will be in town that weekend, so if you have any tips on getting into her official after-party (we know she's going to have one), hook a girl up!


Roger Clemens indicted
There is literally no way getting around posting this.  It was on every major news source I check, so in light of being a dignified journalist, I'll post the link.  Most of you know the real deal as to why I'm hesistant to post this, given it could be considered a conflict of interest, however, the news is the news...
You can make your own opinions of this case, however, I'd like to say that if I wasn't a lady, I'd be giving both middle fingers to the law.  Since this is a "news and views" blog, I read the indictment document and am still struggling to figure out where the factual evidence is.  Last time I checked, a drug-dealers' word wasn't exactly credible.  Just sayin'.
I'm praying someone decides to make me a beliver in the government.  Also: they can indict Rog for "lying," so why don't they all indict themselves?  Just a little thing I like to refer to as the pot calling the kettle black.

What would you like to see?

Hi readers,

I want, in addition to commentary and news, do some feature posts on my blog!  What would you like to hear about?  What interests you?  Post a comment and let me know.  I'm doing a ton of beauty reviews, but I'm interested in other avenues as well.  Do you like the hear-sees?  What else is important to you all?


Quote of the Day

"Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle." - Plato

Aug 18, 2010

Please don't text and drive

Family, friends and any reader of this blog,

I don't talk to a majority of you on a daily basis.  However, I want to please ask that you all refrain from texting, tweeting, e-mailing, or even talking on the phone while you're driving.

There is nothing that is so important that it has to be sent or said while you're operating a motor vehicle.

Dr. Frank Ryan was a prominent Beverly Hills surgeon that I met on plenty of occasions.  He was a great guy and was great at what he did.  However, he recently passed away in a car accident after falling off the side of the PCH.  He died from blunt force head trauma -- a result of him tweeting while driving.

I know I am guilty of this and I am going to stop today.  It's not too late to make a significant change in your life, especially if it's' what ends up saving it -- or someone else.  Nobody wants the burden of harming another human being, and nobody wants to hear their friend or family member lost their life due to a social network or text being sent.

Boys, put your phone in your center console or glove compartment (or pocket).  Ladies, keep your phone in your purse.  Don't answer it until you have stopped your vehicle (meaning it's off); don't type anything while you're in the car.  If you have to talk on the phone, get a bluetooth.  As always, please wear your seatbelt.

These are some videos I found about texting and driving.  They're pretty graphic, however I feel they're necessary to see.  They scared me enough that I'm not going to use my phone in the car anymore, and hopefully it will convince you as well.  It really hits the heart watching some of these scenarios.


Did you know that I write an online column for the Examiner?

Check out my articles!  And tell your friends!

I have some great articles with recommendations on teeth whitening systems, airbrush tanning, make-up and more!  You have to check out my latest article about a lipstick in the shape of a cat's head!  Yes, a cat's head.

Go now!

Aug 17, 2010


I've got some sexy songs for you people to download.  Well, they're actually romantic songs, but I'll throw in some sexy ones as well.

Bryan Adams - Have you Ever Really Loved a Woman
I remember hearing this song when I was younger and thinking it was so romantic.  My dad always used to reach over in the car and hold my mom's hand when this song came on.
*Quick fact*: guys, you'll probably get laid if you play this for your girlfriend.  Heck, a nun would get naked for you if you seduced her with this.  PS: You're welcome.  Give credit where it's due.

Berlin - Take My Breath Away
Most associate it with Top Gun, a movie I've never seen.  However, anytime I hear it I get the chills.
PS: I don't understand the chinese writing but it was the best video I could find.  And the highest rated comment is hilarious.  PPS: Looks like I need to watch Top Gun after viewing this video.  Holy crap.

Chris Brown - Take You Down
CB might like to beat women in his spare time, but this song is undeniable.  If you decide to watch his performance, be prepared.  Yowzas.  The kid can move!  Remind me in 20 years not to allow my teenage boys to listen to CB.  Can't risk them getting any ideas.

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me
It's a well known fact that I wish this song would play when I entered a room.  Lights flashing, lots of hair flips... totally down my alley.

AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long
Again, this would be my second choice of a "theme song."  You all might be concerned with the choice of songs that I'd want to represent myself as a person, but the reason why I like them is for the guitar and, duh, the fact you can do massive hair flips to these tunes.  Here's Celine Dion and her cover.

Tim McGraw - When the Stars Go Blue
When I hear this, I think of dancing in a field.  I have no idea why.  But I think middle of the night, summer night, dancing under the stars.  Tres romantic!

Marina and the Diamonds - Are You Satisfied?
This song is sexy because it's blunt.  I'm obsessed with it.  Cue playing it 500 times on iTunes starting.... now.

Aug 16, 2010

In my personal opinion: online dating

Today, I somehow got reminded of one of my favorite movies, You've Got Mail.  This, in turn, got my wheels spinning regarding an interesting topic: online dating.

The closest I've ever gotten to one of those sites was junior year of college, when some of the flusies I like to call my friends thought it would be a super idea to sign me up for e-harmony (I just got rid of the e-mails).  They took the time and effort to fill out my personal profile.  I never checked the thing, but I can only imagine what kind of inappropriateness they put online to solicit around 30 male responses a day.

Anyway, I know plenty of people who have had MAD success on these sites.  Heck, I know a couple that got married after going on a date (after meeting online).  And with all the statistics out there, you know there are a ton of people meeting and having legitimate, real relationships -- all thanks to an online dating site.

But why wouldn't they find a good relationship?  First of all, while everyone tries to deny this, you obviously start weeding through people based on looks on these sites.  If they look good, you message them.  Or, if someone messages you that you don't find attractive, you don't have to respond.  An easy letdown.

Then, if the attraction is there, you form a bond via communication.  It's all you have.  You haven't met this person, so you can't base everything solely on looks.  If they don't have the personality to go along with the looks, then they're done.  Yet, if you hold a legitimate convo and find common factors within each other, you can go on a date!  And then, if the spark is there, you've found yourself a man or a woman.  Voila.  A match made in (internet) heaven!

So, what do you think about online dating?  Would you do it?  What would inspire you to do it?

"Yes, can I speak to Beyonce Knowles?"

When I got hired at the PR firm, my boss warned me.  "You'll get these asinine calls from people asking to talk to Beyonce.  We have to politely, politely remind them that she isn't here."  I thought this was a joke.  Sure, there would be small annoyances while working in entertainment PR, especially at such a huge firm, but really... would people actually call for Beyo?

Apparently so.

Last week, on my second day, I had my first call.  It was so polite. "Can I please speak to Beyonce Knowles?"  Then I have to let them down and inform them that not only is she not here -- but she's never here.  This is her publicist's office.

The next call was a little more aggressive.  "Beyonce please."
"She isn't here."
"Okay, Beyonce Knowles then."
"She isn't here."
"Fine.  May I please speak to Sasha Fierce?"

Last Thursday, I had someone ask me what a PR firm was.

And today, I had someone ask me, even after letting them know B was not available, when she would be back in the office.

I mean, I give the people credit for trying to get ahold of her.  But seriously?

You know what, who am I kidding?  Let me run to her office and let her know she has a few phone calls.  While I'm at it, I'll grab Kanye and Hova.  Just a moment!

One of these days, maybe for Halloween, I'll pretend to be B just to see what they do.

The power of words

A few months ago, I got into an argument with someone I care about.

We hadn't argued much before, and when we did, it was resolved maturely.  However, the topic of conversation was very trying on both of our hearts.  At one point, I made a statement that I instantly regretted, words that I didn't mean; I immediately felt pain about saying them and apologized.

The person told me they forgave me, however I have been beating myself up about the situation ever since.  It's important to me to be fair, to be just, and to mind my words -- even in the most heated of situations.  I had failed to use my discretion at that point.

Yesterday, it was really hurting my heart.  You know when things come up out of the blue and start to bother you?  That's what was going on with me.  I went to bed, prayed, and fell asleep.

Then, this morning, I woke up and started my Joyce Meyer podcast.  Today's agenda?  "The Power of Words."  It's amazing how God works within our lives.  She sent me a beautiful message about how important words are, and how we have to repent some of the things we say, but we are not to be plagued by the past if we are new in God.  It was as great thing to hear, especially when it's been something affecting me lately.

I totally recommend downloading her podcasts!  If you have iTunes, you can get them sent to you anytime she uploads a new one.

Hear-see 8/16/2010


Hilary Duff gets hitched
Hilary doesn't have to worry 'bout a damn thing anymore, considering she just got married to Mike Comrie, NHL player and heir to some furniture empire in Canada.  Match that with Hilary's music and movie career (yes, she gets a fat paycheck every time they play A Cinderella Story on ABC Family) and you've got a couple of millionaires.

Hilz got married in Santa Barbara and aerial views of the occasion make it look absolutely stunning.  A night wedding? Tres romantic!  I cannot wait to see the actual photos -- we all know they had to be sold to People for a cool amount of cash.  However, I heard their wedding wasn't until October.  I wonder if there is a bun in the oven?  Or if perhaps that was a way to divert the media from suspecting this weekend as the actual day of matrimony.

Now, take a look at that ring.  I've seen it before, but holy cow.  I'd be in love with it yet terrified -- I wonder how many people have tried to take her out to get it?  It's only a million dollars.  Then again, she could probably throw a left hook and knock a person out.  It's practically a weapon!


San Fran beat the Colts
I was advised this past week to root for the 49ers because apparently the team is going to be turned around, "hop on the bandwagon," etc.  Then, at work, a co-worker told me about what a huge fan he was and that I needed to, again, "Hop on the bandwagon!"  And when I heard my boss hated them, I figured I might as well give them a chance, just to bring some rivalry to the office.

I had been considering the Colts as a team to support because of Hank Baskett -- he's so precious! -- and Tony Dungy, their former coach.  I felt like I knew Coach Dungy (don't ask me why), so I figured they might be a great contender.  I said whoever won their preseason game would be out as my team for the choosing, however I'm going back on that.  The Colts and the Niners are still in the game!


Newsflash: men cheat
That may be a harsh way to put it, however, in this article, men don't only cheat when they aren't the breadwinner --- they cheat when they are!  Ladies, are we ever to have hope?!  While this is post is in a joking manner, this terrifies me: that a man can lawfully wed his wife and then go on to cheat on her because he feels needy, insecure, etc.  Where are morals these days?!

Addicting websites

You'll be on this all day.  It's old news, but it's too good not to share.
Passive-Aggressive Notes
My favorite notes are the ones from the children to their parents.  I totally remember writing a passive-aggressive runaway note, something like, "I love you mom and dad, I hate my life, I'm running away forever starting at 7:00 p.m."

Viral Video

If you haven't seen this, I don't know why.  Always makes me laugh.  "I'm her mom."  "No, she's not!"

Kittens inspired by kittens

Aug 14, 2010

The best thing EVER.

Hide ya kids, hide ya wives...

If you haven't seen the Youtube video yet, you're definitely missing out.  It's a serious story about an intruder who tried to rape a young girl in Huntsville, however, the commentary regarding the incident is priceless.

Then some genius made it into a SONG!  And it's on iTunes.  And I promptly downloaded it.  And I'm the lamest person ever.

Matthew -- Sanctified4life

Yesterday I went with my friend Rocky to a birthday party.  I didn't know anyone, and I was expecting to feel slightly uncomfortable.  To my surprise, everyone was so amazing!  I have to say that I love hanging out with my gay friends because they all speak the truth and are so honest, not to mention are fun, AND they always sing my praises.  Seriously.  They're especially complimentary which girls love, no matter who it's from :)

Anyway, it was Matt's birthday.  Before we left for the night, he pulled up this video and dedicated it to me.  I had no idea he was pulling up his own YouTube account!  While everyone was cracking up that he was singing to me via the internet, we all realized that he has an outstanding voice.  Here's the video of him singing Usher's "There Goes My Baby."  It's worth listening to a few times!  The fact that a) he made me like an Usher song and b) hearing R&B didn't make me feel dirty means he's a winner in my book.

Much success and best wishes!

"There Goes My Baby"

"Hey Soul Sister" (I know it's overplayed, but this version is AMAZING!)

Okay, fine.

Looks like I have to give it up for Justin and Jessica.  I actually find the two adorable together in this PSA from 2008.

Aug 13, 2010

Bedside Blessings

"One of the great themes of Christianity is triumphant hope.  Not just hope as in a distant, vague dream, but triumphant hope, the kind of hope where all things end right.

In the midst of the struggles and the storms and the sufferings of life, we can advance our thoughts beyond today and see relief... triumph... victory.  Because, in the end, God does indeed win."

"I am the Lord your God, who upholds your right hand, who says to you, 'Do not fear, I will help you.'" 
Isaiah 41:13

Happy Friday!

Heard this song while I was working out last night.  I forgot how much I loved it.  Enjoy!

I hate to see you cry
lying there in that position
There's things you need to hear
so turn off your tears and listen

Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
no it won't all go the way it should
But I know the heart of life is good

You know it's nothing knew
Bad news never had good timing
Then a circle of your friends
will defend the silver lining

Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
no it won't all the way it should
But I know the heart of life is good

Pain throws your hear to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
Fear is a friend that you misunderstood
but I know the heart of life is good

Oh I know it's good

We're in repair
We're not together, but we're getting there

Hear-see 8/13/10


Because the world needs more professional athletes losing their mind acting like Neanderthals supporting violence, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cincinnati Reds proceeded to engage in a full out bitch fight brawl during their game on Tuesday, consequently suspending Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto (for kicking some dude in the head repeatedly) for seven games and both teams' coaches two games.  Four players were fined but are able to play in upcoming games.

If you watch this video, you'll agree when I say more people should have been suspended and for longer periods of time.  I have no idea what spurred this massive act of idiocracy (yes, I made that up) and I don't care to research it either. 


U.S. District Court Judge Keith Ellison said his court did not have jurisdiction over Roger Clemens' defamation claim against Brian Goldigger Lying hack  Mom is rolling over in her grave Mc-what's-his name.

This isn't news.  This is a normal occurrance that happens every season.  The Cowboys get all hyped up but end up sucking, then do semi-well to get where they need to be, but then end up choking when it really matters.  I love Dallas, but I do not understand Cowboy fans.  Like I said before, it's like dating someone who consistently cheats on you, promises they'll stop -- and does -- but then cheats again the night before the wedding.  


MTV failed to reach an agreement with video syndication service Vevo, which lead to the removal of music videos from the likes of Lady Gaga, Eminem, Rhianna and Justin Bieber from the site.  Say good-bye to Kanye, Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift and our precious Miley!  Honestly, MTV, get your shiz together.  You should be ashamed to even call yourself music television.


... and I fully intend on using it on this blog once it gets up and running!

Following Facebook's lead, Twitter has now come up with terms of service for those Twitter users who are tweeting with the big man upstairs.  Unfortunately, social media sticks around, regardless of if you are or not.  It's not only painful but particularly eerie when Facebook suggests you "reconnect" with you friend that died a few months back, and now with the new "Who to Follow" feature, Twitter has taken the same cue.  

Viral Videos

This is a truly inspirational video.  Of course I teared up watching.  Take a look for yourself.  Nick Vujicic probably has had plenty of times where he's thought "Why me?" "Why can't I be different?"  "Why can't I have a different life?"  But instead of dwelling on what he doesn't have, or what he (physically) is unable to do, he has chosen to love life.  As a result, he has been deeply blessed. 

My favorite part starts at 2:30 and lasts through 2:53.  PS: Thanks to Bobby Bones for tweeting about this!

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