Aug 5, 2010

Country music goodness

Happy Friday!  It's obvious that I'm on a Youtube tangent right now.  Some people have addictive personalities.  I am one of those people.  While some people's poison is alcohol, drugs, deceit, and so on, mine is music.  I exhaust songs to the point of no return.  I know that I truly like a song when I can listen to on repeat for a week straight and still want to hear it afterwards.  For instance, "Hey Soul Sister" by Train is a song I cannot stand to hear anymore.  Songs that have made the cut?  "Party in the USA," "Hot 'N Cold," "American Boy," "Glamorous," "Labels or Love," "Piece of Me," "Family Business," and the list goes on.  I should make a Top 10 or something.

But that's besides the point.

My addictive personality leads me on quests to find out any song every performed by an artist.  Tonight's victim was Carrie Underwood.  After watching her video for "Undo It," I was lead to these videos, some of which I have never seen and a few that are too good not to post.  Most of them are country, however there's a few booty bouncers included.

Laura Bell Bundy, Giddy On Up

The Band Perry, If I Die Young

Miranda Lambert, Only Prettier

Ester Dean ft. Chris Brown, Drop It Low

Personally,  I think this song should be nationally mandated to appear on every DJ's playlist at the club.

Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull, I Like It

JLO ft. Ja Rule, I'm Real

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