Sep 30, 2010

Dear Parry Gripp,

I don't know who you are, but WOW.  You deserve an award for this.

If you thought I enjoyed Antoine Dodson and the bed intruder song, then you can bet that I'm borderline hysterical with this video.  I mean, first of all, it's a baby pig and a baby monkey.  Second, the monkey is riding the piggy 3) backwards.

Notice that somehow the monkey gets unattached from the pig and starts chasing it around.  That is unrequited LOVE right there.  And soon enough it's back to riding the pig backwards again. 

I think the best part of the video has to be the song.  I mean, five stars at least.

Don't know why you decided to make this video, but I'm sure glad you did!

Walking in Confidence: Part III -- His Plan

In Him we were chosen, having been predestined according to
His plan who works out everything in conformity with the
purpose of His will.
Ephesians 1:11
Growing up, we all learn to make plans and to prepare.  We prepare for tests by studying, we prepare for games by practicing.  But notice we spend this time preparing for the worst.  When we study, we study with the intention of not getting a bad grade.  When we practice, we're preparing to make sure we don't lose the game, or at least say we tried our best.

So when are we going to start preparing for the best

Many of us are going through transitions right now at this phase in our life.  Change is scary to most people (the fear of the unknown, as we discussed in Part II).  When things happen in our lives that we cannot explain, we want answers and reasoning; in a bad situation, we tend to dwell. 

But God doesn't do anything without purpose.  He has a very divine plan for each of us, forulated specifically to us and nobody else.  He doesn't want us to dwell, he wants us to excel!

Remember that time you didn't know why you couldn't land that job you really wanted?  Or how about why someone you cared about didn't reciprocate the same feelings as you?  Trust me, I've been there before, and it's hard.  Those things hurt.  The first thing you usually think is "why am I not good enough?"  But I want to encourage you as someone who has gone through the same things:  God knows you are better than you could ever imagine you are.  He wants to give you the desires of your heart and then some!  It might not be according to your plan, but it will be according to His.  He wants to prepare you for the best.

Unfortunately, getting to the best takes some lessons learned.  It takes removing all need for reason and giving 100% trust to your faith.  It also means letting God be the one in control.  He isn't going to force you into anything... if you are determined to make things go your way, when he is clearly giving you red flags, putting up road blocks, doing everything he can to get your attention, he will let you try to proceed in your own ways, but you'll find that it's not going to go very well.  Remember, his plan, not yours.  I can think of so many instances where I kept trying to push things to happen when they clearly were not supposed to be happening.  Every time, I would end up in the end place thinking to myself, "Why did I take it this far?  Why didn't I let things be?  Why am I here right now?"  I knew why: because I wasn't listening to the big man upstairs.

God is a parent.  He watches over us.  He wants to guide and advise and he wants only the best for us.  Nothing bad, only the best.  However, much like our own parents, He knows sometimes we've got to experience and go through things for ourselves before we'll realize He is right.  He'll always provide, always be there and always lend a helping hand or shoulder to cry on, but He also wants us to trust Him.  This gets easier as we grow into adulthood, because we've learned from the past.

If I can get one point across, it's don't view a situation you're unhappy with as a failure.  See it as God's way of parenting us, paving the stready path you're supposed to follow.  If we got everything we wanted when we wanted it, we wouldn't have an appreciation for it like we would if we had to wait and work for it.  Kind of like an allowance: we're got to work hard to get that benefit.  Or, compare it to, say, being grounded.  When we do something that's not in God's plan, it sets us back.  Being grounded allows us to reflect on the situation, what we did, and how we can move forward positively. 

I know relationships at this time in our life take some energy.  I think most of us want stability, and having another person to share it with seems to make it easier, whether that be a close friend or significant other.  These people tend to come and go, but rest assured that God's plan allows for the ones meant to be in your life will stick, regardless of the situation or circumstance.  The others were brought, with reason, into your life to teach you something. There's really no negative at all to this process!
See?  It's all lessons learned. 

I like to think of life as a big test.  God tests us on everything!  I'm serious.  He truly does want to give us the desires of our heart, but he's not going to hand it right over.  He wants to make sure we're prepared so when we are blessed or encounter a situation we weren't expecting, we know how to accept it or overcome it. 

It's when we think we know it all that things get out-of-hand.  That gets into humililty, which I want to discuss in a later post.  But isn't it funny?  When we try to grasp something and take control, it's then that it falls out of our hands.  Let go and let God do his thing.  We might be adults, but we don't know anything. 

What I'm trying to say is that I take solace in knowing that every event in my life, big or small, is all being layed out by God's hands. It doesn't make things easier, but at least it offers peace and comfort.  And that goes for your life too.   He makes my life a priority.  He makes your life a priority!  He cares about your worries, your fears, and your dreams.  There is a big ol' plan waiting for you to live out, so be inspired and enjoy the ride!

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1st Peter 5:7

For the right reasons

I have been so humbled by quite a few people the past two days.  Whether you wrote me an email or sent me a message expressing your thoughts regarding my blogs this week, it has been so appreciated and extremely fulfilling.  I can't express how much it means to me to hear that you are feeling a certain way or that somehow, this little horse and pony blog has made you happy or comforted... that is the entire point!

Pretty much we're all going through the same thing... so don't be afraid!  No need to feel alone, we all have each other. :)

Thank you again,

Sep 29, 2010

Ehhhhh Snugarena!

I need to stay up late watching TV more often.  While I was watching Kristen Bell on Chelsea Lately (great job on her hair, Ange!), I saw this commercial.  I mean, as if the invention of the Snuggie isn't amazing enough, they read our minds and created a jingle to the Macarena and cleverly named it the Snugarena.

I can't find the exact video, but the commercial I saw even had the lyrics posted on the screen for our convenience.  You know, because we all want to know the words when we're doing the Snugarena in the living room, at the football game, and while we're studying.

My neighbors probably think I have some kind of sleeping disorder because I went from loud cackling to silent fits of laughter, tears included.  Honestly, I'm starting to think this genius is associated with the people who created the Shake Weight commercial.

The only thing to make this better would be if they made the commercial to the bed intruder song, Antoine Dodson included.  I can totally see him rockin' my favorite Snuggie, the one with the skulls. So hardcore.   Hide ya kids...

Sep 28, 2010

Walking with Confidence, Part II: Emotions

A personal struggle of mine at times is worry, especially during this new stint in adulthood.  These worries usually come up when life isn't going according to my plan.  I worry if I will have enough money to support myself, I worry about my little brother, I worry about my parents' health; if I hurt someone, if maybe I didn't try hard enough, if I didn't show someone I care; worry, worry, worry.  However, when I was younger, it was much different.  I was very confidently Kirbie.  While a lot of kids and teens struggled to fit in and make everyone like them, I was the opposite.  I really didn't care if people didn't like me.  I spoke my mind, I did what I did, and my true friends would stick around (well, at least that's what I figured -- and they did).  But as I got older, for whatever reason, my emotions started to overcome me. 

I didn't like this.  I didn't like feeling like I was guilty, like I always had something to prove.  Nobody does.  But I found reprieve in this struggle when I realized that I can't think about me, I have to think about He, as in Christ.  

It's not as easy as it sounds.  If everyone in the world could put aside their anxieties easily, we probably wouldn't understand how important faith really is.  It's easy to think about your weaknesses, what you might not accomplish, and focus on your fears, the "what ifs" in life.  But the more you live in fear, the more you tend to play it safe.  Being safe is necessary sometimes, but to quote Joyce Meyer, most of the time safety is a manifestation of fear.  You don't want to venture into the unknown, so you miss out on your full potential because you'd rather not worry about things you can't control.   

I sought the Lord, and he answered me, 
and delivered me from all my fears. 
Psalm 34:4

You have to work on your emotions; this is one vital key to growing confident in yourself through the Lord.

Notice I say "work."  It's not going to happen by osmosis, people.  We all have emotions that influence our actions and our thoughts, that overcome us and spin through our head.  We analyze.  We wonder.  We ask "why?" when we want answers to things we don't know the reason for, for things that make us feel a certain way.   However, we do have control of these emotions.  We just have to choose not to feel them -- walk by faith, not by sight; walk in He, not in me.  By accepting God's plan, not resisting change, and accepting that we are humbled by God's grace, we can't feel anything that we don't want to feel!  

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. 
Proverbs 3:5-6

I know some of you are probably thinking, "Honestly, Kirbie?  Stop shoving sunshine up my anus.  This isn't realistic."  But it is.  You can't expect to live your best life at it's most fulfilling potential when you're busy going through an emotional frenzy.  

I was talking to my mom the other night and I mentioned to her how I was feeling at the time.  I explained that I was looking for comfort and stability.  I was upset that maybe my faith in God wasn't as strong as I had thought because I was feeling certain emotions. 

Trust me: just because we are scared, have fear, are nervous, grieving, anxious, what-have-you doesn't mean that your faith is in turbulance mode.  Being a Christian doesn't keep you exempt from grief or bad situations; it provides you the tools to overcome them.  Everyone is allowed to feel bad emotions, however, it's most important how you react to them.  You have to stand tall knowing that yes, you may feel unconfident, but guess what?  It doesn't matter how you feel!  God created you to live an extraordinary life, to be rewarded with explosive blessings, and to persevere.  Knowing God gives you confidence, and you have to make a conscious decision to believe in yourself and God's will.
There are plenty of things in the world that are going to try to put your faith to the test.  There are many things that can cause distress, fear, and anger; envy, jealously, insecurity.  But being confident in God allows you to be confident in yourself.  Know that if God has willed something in your life, there is nothing that can come between you and that destiny.
Be confident in your abilities.  Know that you are capable and stop focusing on failing and the unknown.  Then you will be truly able to succeed in God's light. 

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. 
Hebrews 10:36

Don't live your life scared of the outcome.  Not to go all Hannah Montana on you guys, but seriously, it's the climb, not the end result.  Think about it: once you get to the end, what's left?  Enjoy the journey and all you have to look forward to.

Lastly, don't live your life in comparison!  Stop looking at what other people have and what you don't.  You could want something for 15 years and because you harp on what you don't have, he could easily give it to someone else who had only wanted it for a day, just to show you to not let envy overtake your life.  You can't live in comparison to anyone, because God created a unique and special plan for you and only you.  

For example: I'm 23.  I'm pursuing a broadcast journalism career.  I'm blonde.  There are about 500,000 (probably more) females out there who are my age, pursuing the same dream with my same hair color.  Say me and my physical clone go into the same correspondent audition and she lands the gig, I don't.  If I constantly compared myself to her, wondering why I didn't get the job when we're both one in the same, I'd never reach my full potential, even though God might have something better in store.  What if instead of giving me the correspondent job that I wanted, he wants to bless me with my own show?  And yet I'm too busy harping on the fact that some other chick got the job I thought I should have had?  Sounds like a waste of a great plan.

Ladies, it's far too easy to compare ourselves to other women.  Admit it, there has been a girl or two in your life, regardless of the circumstance, that makes you wonder what she has that you don't.  I know sisters, their own blood, who compare themselves to each other.  But what everyone needs to get a firm grasp on is that sometimes you might not understand why things happen in life and it's God's way of intervening.  You are not meant to have your sister's life.  You are not meant to have anyone else's life for that matter.  So stop worrying about why things happen and just let them be.

There's a reason things do and don't happen people.  It's up to us to realize that it's all a part of the divine plan... which I'll speak more about in Part III.


This day has been so amazing.  It took just one little thing to make me feel like we're all connected in the world.

I guess some of you liked this blog because you happened to follow me.  YES!  This is great.  The more people that follow, the more exposure the word gets... so keep it coming! Thank you :)

Walking with Confidence, Part I

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and has made

the Lord his hope and confidence.
- Jeremiah 17:7

In college, I was worry-free.  A lot of that might have been that my parents were footing the bill for my life, but a majority of it could have been that I knew what I was working towards: a degree.

There was never a doubt in my mind about this.  I would be in college for four years and I would obtain my Bachelor of Science.  No skipping out before that.

But once I graduated, things got a little nauseating.  It was essentially "time" for me to make a huge change in my life and start my career.  "Career" is a scary word to a lot of people, because most assume you can only have one, and that if you don't start off on the right foot, you'll be forever doomed.

So yeah, it was a lot of pressure figuring out what I needed to do.  What was my goal?  I have so many things I want to accomplish!  How will I know what is right?  What if I fail?

I could have stayed in Texas, having lived a very comfortable (and fun) life.  My family and friends were at my side and I was familiar to the lay of the land.  And frankly, Texas is amazing.  I love that state.  But in my heart I knew that was not going to make me happy, because I was not called to work at a salon the rest of my life.  Sure, I love all things beauty, but I aspire to be more than a receptionist, and I knew that the plan God has for me required me to take some big risks.  One of those risks was doing something I always wanted to do and venturing out into the unknown.

Here's the thing: when I made the decision to move to California, I was not afraid.  I was excited!  I was starting the beginning of my journey.  Sure, I was leaving people and things behind that I cared very much for, but I didn't see it as "leaving them behind," because I knew if God willed them into my life, they would be there no matter what, because that was God's plan.

It was this one thought, that God has a unique and special plan for me, that has always gotten me through even the roughest of patches.  And that is where true confidence comes from.

I'm not talking about arrogance, something that usually is uprooted from insecurity.  I am talking real, bonified confidence, that puts peace into your soul.  You may worry, you may wonder "why?" and "how?" but you always know that you will be provided for and comforted because of your faith in God.  Get to really know God, not just know of Him.  Finding a divine relationship with true love, grace and faith will allow you to be all God has planned for you!

There is no fear in love; for perfect love casteth out fear.

- I John 4:18

Making the big move turned out to be a very trying experience.  First off, I had my new goal: get my career going, but there were so many different avenues I could go and I had no idea where to start.  Plus, I wanted to get to that point right now, not later (patience is a virtue, right?).  Second,  I missed (and still miss) the comforts of home more than anything.  I missed being able to know I had solid plans on the weekends, I missed my family and friends, I missed that I had people around me who loved me for who I am.  I literally took myself from that and to a place where nobody seems to care about anyone except for themselves, and people crumble morally to get ahead.  I think my biggest fear out here has been that I will be influenced by these types of things and will evolve away from the person I was raised to be.  I pray about this still, however reminding myself that am working under God's plan has put me at peace with this fear.  Heck, people actually like me more because I'm from Texas, because I'm a Christian and because I want to do good.  It's sad, but this mentality is rare out here.  I know, it's probably California's biggest stereotype, but that's because it's true.  So many people are dying to "make it" that they put aside any pride or values to get where they want to be.    

Once I realized that God was controlling everything in my life, I knew I would be perfect.  I already knew this, but sometimes the devil likes to make you doubt yourself and God's grace, so it's good to be reminded.

Also, for awhile I was relying on others and other things for my happiness.  But when things got uprooted or change happened, I felt anxious, and I didn't know why.  That was God reminding me as well: being confident doesn't rest of the shoulders of others (or other things).  Too many times we put the price of happiness on things or other people; if we just had that new job, if we just had more money, if we weren't sick, if that one person would just.... you get the drift.  But these things and people will come and go.  The only constant you have in your life is God.  There is nowhere you will go that God will not be with you.  Isn't that resassuring?  There is no peak too high, no discouragement too low.  He has a plan for you, a plan he has known before you were even born.

If you put your happiness in a paycheck, what happens when it runs dry?  If you put your happiness in another person, what happens when there is trouble in the relationship?  Finding happiness doesn't revolve around the outside, it comes from within, and from your relationship with God.

Knowing all things are going to work out -- they might not go according to your plan, but they will go according to His -- will allow you to live your life the way it was intended. 

Whosoever trusteth in the Lord,

happy is he.

- Proverbs 16:20

That doesn't mean you won't feel certain things, like insecurity or fear, but I'll get into that in Part II. 
To quote Henry David Thoreau, go confidently in the direction of your dreams, and have faith that God is going to lead you in the right direction.  Enjoy your journey with Him and stop worrying about the end goal, you'll get there when He feels you're ready.

Here goes nothing

Listen, I'm not qualified at all to be giving advice.  I didn't go to school for that.  But God teaches us that if he has willed us to do something, there is no amount of education that can be a barrier between you and your best life.

So, as I was sitting on my floor, after minimal sleep (it was literally 100 degrees in my apartment all last night),  I thought to myself, "I enjoy listening to sermons and podcasts and reiterating what the message is, so why don't I spread my own message?"  Today there are plenty of wise, strong-willed Christians teaching the word.  However, it's rare to find someone your own age (ahem, in their 20s) who talks about things as they go through them.  We always hear about the past, which we definitely learn from, but what about when you're actually going through something?

Well, here goes nothing.  I figure I might as well share some of what I am going through as an early adult.  Hopefully it will be able to help at least one person.  I want to post at least once a day, or at least a few times a week, regarding matters of the heart and spirit.

Sep 26, 2010

I feel pathetic...

... but I have to know what brand these sunglasses are.  Yes, this is Lindsay Lohan on her court date this past Friday.  I'm totally obsessed with these cat-eye sunglasses and can't figure out what brand -- Diane von Furstenberg?  Dior?  Fashionistas, comment and let me know!

A nice little Sunday

Today wasn't anything special, but it was another day God gave me, so I was determined to get my life in order.  I cleaned, rearranged my room, ran some errands, bought way too many Halloween decorations, worked on my fitness, gave myself a mani, decorated the apartment and now I'm relaxing in my bed (clean sheet night!).  

This morning I listened to two podcasts that were great: Overcoming Discouragement and An Attitude of Faith and Trust.  

Joel Osteen talked about Overcoming Discouragement and while I was hesitant to listen to this one, it really benefitted me.  I don't like admitting when I feel down or discouraged, but obviously God knew, so he put this sermon into my life.  It was really gratifying to hear that it's okay to feel that way, it's how you move forward and overcome those obstacles that matters.  He also had a great analogy for his audience: during a test, the teacher doesn't talk.  They observe.  They wait until you are finished with the test to show you the results.  However, the rest of the week, they are busy teaching, offering advice, helping us study; answering questions and finding solutions to the problems we will most likely encounter on the test.  That's how God works.  Too many people wonder where God is during their discouraging times, and they always are asking the question "why?"  But God isn't going to reveal that answer until you're done taking your test, the test he has set in place for you, the test he knows you are going to be able to get through, the test he wouldn't have given you if he knew you wouldn't be able to overcome it, the test he has prepared you for and advised you about.  What a great analogy, right?

Then Joyce talked about An Attitude of Faith and Trust.  Wow!  I was literally in awe while listening to this.  I never thought about some of the things she was saying, but a lot of things she mentioned were things I was doing.  For instance, I like to have a handle on everything in my life.  I essentially like to fix my own problems and I am incredibly impatient (I'm working on it, promise).  Joyce talks about having humility and a strong faith in God and how having those two traits will allow us to be at peace and to persevere in God's will.  I always thought, "I have humility," however, if I'm trying to fix everything myself, I clearly think too highly of my abilities, and to be frank, I'm not smart enough to run my own life (those are Joyce' words, not mine).  Nobody is smart enough to have a firm grasp on their life.  That's why letting go and letting God work is the best route: he wants to give us the desires of our heart, but he might not be giving them to us the way we want to receive them.  Does that make sense?  He's in control, not "we." 

I know I talk about my faith a lot on this site, but I'm doing it for a reason.  I hope it might help a fellow believer, a non-believer; someone who is struggling or someone who might encounter a problem in the future.  If anything, I hope this helps someone when they read it, or at least they can relate to it.

A favor...

Hey friends,

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Sep 24, 2010

Ye old Chicken Ranch, Part I

Embarking on my senior year of college, I was on cloud nine.  I had the best friends I could ask for.  I had ended my internship from hell.  I was starting to date someone new after being single for two years.  I had just made a bunch of new friends from being a Rho Gamma.  Life was good.

I was also still Social Chair of my sorority, a year-long endeaver that most people assume is all fun and games.  Sure, the fraternity parties might be a free-for-all, but sororities are on a radically different scale.   We have a ton of rules, a ton of advisors, a ton of paperwork to do.  It's kind of a double standard: most people know the boys are going to act like idiots, so it's fine.  But the moment the girls go buckwild and hold their event at a hookah bar, things get serious.

I had just gotten through my first semester with a limited budget.  I knew that this semseter would be better because I already had everything down pat. 

My sorority had a great relationship with a specific fraternity on campus... I attribute that to the year myself and my co-chair spent hours at their house during homecoming, where the frat president and said co-chair fell in love.  Magical.  Anyway, we wanted to throw a major Halloween party and figured we should look into the best venue in town.

I guess my idea of "best venue" was a lot different from the frat's social chair, because he wanted to throw the party at Chicken Ranch.

Oh, Chicken Ranch.  Where do I even begin with this place?  Every time I tell my older friends about it, they always get so inquisative.  Where was it?  How was it legal?  Yes, these were all logical questions that I didn't even know the answer to.

The first time I heard about Fraud Central Station Chicken Ranch was right when school was about to begin.  The ranch would have parties there before games, they'd throw mixers there on Thursdays and so on.  "They" being these kids who created a start-up event planning firm, mostly throwing college parties and those really interesting club gigs that gain attention only because they're shilling out glossy 4'x6' photos with a girl's ass hanging out.  I'm sure they did other things too, but those were the things I remember.

Someone was like "Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes is at Chicken Ranch!"  Um, what?  First off, that definitely sounds like an event I need to be at.  Second, I'm not heading to a coupe.  Sorry.  Then it was explanined this place was essentially a gold mine and we all needed to go.  As seniors, we rallied, put on our best impression of a "tennis hoe," which resulted in jeans and a polo, and headed out the door.

Just thinking about these memories make me want to chop of my right leg, if that meant I could go back to two Septembers ago.  All of us girls would pile in a car and drive from location to location together -- most of us having boyfriends, but none of us really caring enough to spend our precious Thursday night with them.  They had the weekends, we had our weeknights. 

Anyway, we arrive at Chicken Ranch, located in the Stockyards (fitting, really).  We get inside after getting our wristbands and not having to show our ID.  We thought maybe it was because we looked old, but apparently anyone with a pulse could have gotten the "legal age" wristband.  We enter the front yard, as I like to call it, and see a massive around of human bodies everywhere.  They're dancing.  They're making out.  They're smoking.  They're ordering four drinks at a time at the bar.  They're eating this delicous chicken that apparently a gourmet chef, and whom we later found out was the "owner" of the ranch, had whipped up. 

After witnessing this free-for-all, we all knew what we were thinking without saying a word: get a beverage.  Now. 

We made nice with one of the bartenders and he poured us all a drink, probably the only drink I have ever consumed that was made up of 85% vodka.  I would have thrown it out, but given all the shenanigans we were about to witness, I'm so glad I didn't.


Don't you worry about me

YES!  I could not be more thrilled that Carrie Underwood Fisher's new single is "Mama's Song."  Like I mentioned in a few music posts ago, I heard this song on Pandora one day and it couldn't have been better.  It really lifted my spirits and made me happy.

While I'm glad she made a video for it, I can't help to be a little sad... everyone is going to use this song now at some point during their wedding, when I already was planning on using it in my wedding video.  Womp womp.  Yeah, I'm apparently planning my non-existant future wedding.  #lame #agirlcandream 

Basically, this is my way of telling me friends to "step off" the song.  Not like you guys would want to use it, but if you do... it's going to be a problem.  And that's why you all love me, because I get territorial over Carrie Underwood.  Actually, don't you worry, I already have a slew of other Carrie songs I can use.

PS: I shed a few tears... you will too.
PPS: Yes, I know it reads "me friends" in that last paragraph, but it made me laugh so hard that I decided to keep it.  Sounds kind of like an Irish gangster or something.

Sep 23, 2010

Quotes of the Day

"When you are in alignment with who-you-really-are, you cannot help but uplift those with whom you come into contact. Your value to those around you hinges upon only one thing: your personal alignment with Source. And the only thing you have to give to another is an example of that alignment-which they may observe, then desire, and then work to achieve-but you cannot give it to them. Everyone is responsible for the thoughts they think and the things that they choose as their objects of attention."
- Esther Hicks, inspirational speaker and best-selling author. (via The Daily Love)

"Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm." 

- Winston Churchill

"Live with intention.
walk to the edge.
listen hard. 
practice wellness.
play with abandon.
choose with no regret.
continue to learn.
appreciate your friends.
do what you love.
live as if this is all there is." 

-Mary Anne Radmacher

"Life is short.  So now I don't think.  I just do."

- Derek Shepherd

Oh, the irony: Part II

Like I said, I was hesitant to post this, but I am going to leave names unnamed.  I haven't told a soul about this because I'm embarrassed for this person.  If I stuck my foot in my mouth that bad, I'd be embarrassed too.  Actually, I have been embarrassed.  Short story: before going to college, the word retarded was a word I used without care.  I didn't really think twice when using it, and while I didn't say it all the time, I used it -- sadly, in a derogatory sense.  "That's retarded.  You're retarded."  Really wreckless and inappropriate.

Then I got to college.  I met so many wonderful people here, and coincidentally most of them had either worked with or were related to someone who was mentally handicapped.  Before knowing this, I remember non-chalauntly saying the word in front of a friend.  She didn't say anything to me about it, but my other friend did.  I felt terrible.  And to this day, I won't say the word because it's been turned into a degrogatory word, for whatever reason (when it is not).  The important thing I learned was that you never know who you will affect and in what way, which is why it's so essential to watch not so much what you say, but how you say it.

Nobody's perfect.  Don't get me wrong, I make a ton of mistakes.  But last week I was piled in a car with a few other girls -- some I knew well, some I didn't know at all -- when we got on the subject of bling.  One of the girls started talking about this wedding ring she saw and how huge it was.  That's when another girl interjected.

"Well, I know ______, and I have known him since kindergarten, and his mom has a huge ring.  But that doesn't mean... (her husband is a great guy, that he loves her that much, insert foul thought here)."  Yeah, we all knew where she was going with that comment, before we interjected.

This would have been a statement I could have cared less about (albeit it was rude in any regard), except for the fact that "________", the guy she knew since kindergarten, was my cousin; his parents she was criticizing were my aunt and uncle.

It's not like I haven't heard that type of thing before.  Sure, just like every other time, my blood kind of turns cold and I feel like I've lost all feeling in my fingers.  That's normal when you hear someone say something bad about people you care about.  But once she said it, I felt sick to my stomach because I was completely humiliated -- for her.

Afterwards, she apologized and wanted to let me know she was sincerely sorry and didn't mean what she said.  I accepted but let her know that she should probably watch what she says about situations she doesn't know anything about.  Eh, maybe I was a little more stern than that, but you get the drift.  And not like you guys care, but my aunt and uncle are happily married.  Also, she said those things not knowing I was related to those people, so it was clearly something she meant.  Otherwise, why would she have said it? 

Most importantly, she needed to know that it wasn't a big deal in my eyes.  I've heard comments like that so many times that it literally doesn't scratch the surface, but every time it happens -- every time people unknowingly say something like that in front of me -- I feel bad.  If they're a good soul, I know they'll end up feeling bad and I don't want them to feel that way.  Perhaps maybe they'll learn something from it.  But the last thing I want is them feeling embarrassed.  Inevitably, they will feel that way, just like I feel for them.

No, it was not a big deal.  Not hurtful to me (ok, fine, a little bit), not anything shocking, but just... ironic.

Oh, the irony: Part I

I was a little hesitant to write this post, but I figure why not jump right in and fear nothing.

Irony is such a funny thing.  I've learned to embrace it.  Honestly, thinking back, I can't believe some of the weird crap that has gone on in my 23-years. 

There was that time I was supposed to intern with an ex-boyfriend.  It wouldn't have been terrible, except he terrified me to no end.  Luckily, he didn't show up on his start date.  What's more ironic is that the next year we were forced to work with each other in another capacity: party planning.  Yep.  That was interesting.

There was that other time aforementioned ex's new girlfriend took a position on my executive committee... which was surprisingly not awkward at all.  She was awesome.

And that one time I was in Chicago for the World Series in 2005.  I went on an incredibly short trip to Chi Town with the family to enjoy the Astros playing the White Sox.  Side note: that game was miserable in more ways than one -- the score, the weather, the ridiculous White Sox fans sitting around us (sorry guys, you were heinous that game).  Anyway, after shopping on Michigan Avenue, we rushed to a very late lunch.  As I get there, I'm eating with everyone when I notice someone come up to our table.  I recognized her immediately: she was a girl from my high school who wasn't very nice to my face and wasn't nice behind my back either.  "Hey Kirbie!"  Well, right now she was acting really nice.  A little too nice. 

"Crazy seeing you here!" 
What did she want? 
"Well we figured we could get a picture and an autograph with your uncle..."

Interesting.  Um... sure?  I was about to tap him on the shoulder before Mom interjected. "Honey, no.  We are eating.  No."

I looked at my old classmate.  "Sorry." 
"It's alright, maybe later?"
"Yeah, maybe."

There were 15 things I wanted to say to this chick.  I had never seen anyone turn into goop like she did in her attempt to get a photo.  I started to feel bad about not giving in to her request, but then I remembered my general stance on crap like this:  it's rude!  It's rude to approach people when they're eating or spending time with family to ask for an autograph.  It's not proper manners.  I know that if I would have asked, she would have gotten the autograph no problem.  But it's the principal of it all.  Get some respect.

Oh the irony.  Now you want something from me, after all those years of ridicule?

So yeah.  I've had my fair share of ironic experiences...

Mercedes and Porshe, meet my fist

Mercendes Benz and Porshe drivers,

Congratulations!  You're officially the most obnoxious people on the road.  I can't decide if it's because you like cutting others off, you feel the need to drive 75 in a residential area, or the general "I'm better than you" behavior.

Honestly, I think when you go to purchase one of these luxury (aka "supreme being") vehicles, it should come with a complimentary "I'm an a--hole" bumper sticker.  At least it would help for others driving around you confirm what they already believe.

While there are a few exceptions, it needs to be known: we're all aware you drive a nice car. No need to draw further attention to yourself. 

I don't knock you for being able to afford such a nice gift for yourself.  I commend you for it.  Actually, I take that back.  Too many of you are actually paying for these cars with your rent money.  Regardless, being a little humble about it would be greatly appreciated.


The people who drive those "other" vehicles

Happy Fall!

Ah, fall.  I love this season, mostly because it means the month of October is right around the corner!  I can't wait to deck out the blog!

I enjoy autumn because of the colors, the scents and the weather.  We in Los Angeles seem to have beautiful spring-type weather all year round, but that doesn't mean I don't miss having actual seasons.  That's why I have learned to put in the extra effort into holidays since the weather doesn't make the difference.

So here are my picks for fall:

Lierac Paris Hydra-Chrono Baume Extreme, $50.00
I am obsessed with this lotion!  First of all, it's pink.  For whatever reason, I feel more inclined to put it on my face because of the color.  Whatever.  Second, my skin is never dry when I put this on! My friends, you all know how obsessed I am with skincare.  I put on all the bells and whistles before I go to bed to make sure my skin is clear, which can dry it out at times.  Using this moisturizer before applying salycylic acid treatments makes sure my skin is supple 24-7.  I also wear it when I run to the gym to keep the wind from drying my face out!  Trust me, a little goes a long way, which justifies the price (but I got mine for free -- the perk of being a beauty reviewer)!
The balm utilizes 7% Aqua-pump complex, red micro-algae and TMG, a naturla amino acid to restore your skin's natural moisture.  It also includes 5% glycerin to soften and plump the skin, and let me tell you ladies -- IT WORKS!
The best part?  You can purchase it at CVS, Duane Read or online!

Pumpkin Patch candles, Dark kiss scents
Bath and Body Works has a new line for fall called Dark Kiss: a mix of plum, vanilla and other assorted fragrances.  It smells divine.  No, really, the other day I got into the elevator and a coworker told me I smelled like an angel.  Just sayin'.
Also, I love lighting my Pumpkin Patch candle at night.  It literally smells like a pumpkin pie has been baking in the house! And considering we haven't gotten our gas turned on and we've lived in the apartment since June, there's no way we've been baking (guess I should get on that, yeah?).  Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin smells delicious as well and it even comes in this adorable Scentportable for Halloween (for your car)!

Mulled Wine
Oh lordy.  Don't get me started on mulled wine.  I don't know if it's the cloves or because it reminds of a certain "tradition" we had every November in college.  Regardless, I bought a crockpot last year solely to make mulled wine.  There are a ton of different ways to make it, but my favorite has to be from my former boss and hosting extraordinaire Rachel Hollis.  She's not only amazing at what she does, but she's a one-woman comedy show.

Lauren Moshi tees and sweatshirts
I love boys clothes.  Why?  They don't fit me particularly well, they're not flattering at all (especially with my behind), but they are so soft that it makes me feel like I'm not wearing any clothes at all.  Awesome. 
However, I found a brand that's soft and made for women!  Lauren Moshi designs pieces that incorporate an alternative form of art and unparalled fabric.  Her new line includes skulls... and anyone that knows me knows my odd love for skeleton heads!  Trust me, I don't get why either.  Turns out I'm not the only person who likes Lauren Moshi:  Reese, Taylor and Miley all enjoy her stuff as well.

Orvis Sweatshirts, $69.00
Orvis gives Lauren Moshi a run for her money with these softies.  Made out of cotton yarn with a fleece interior, you're never going to want to take this thing off.  Yeah, okay, it's a bit expensive for a sweatshirt, but you won't be complaining once you put it on!  Great for curling up on the couch or going on a brisk run.  (Note: for men and women!)

Barielle Fall 2010 Collection: Style in Argyle
I love these autumn polishes!  Aura Angora reminds me of a beautiful leaf and Wool You Marry Me? is a unique, plum-inspired take on your normal brown. $8.00 at Ulta stores or online.

Red studded scarf from Michael Stars, $54.00
This scarf won't be available until 10/15, but Oprah gave everyone a preview in her magazine.  It gives your normal scarf a little edge, so you could wear it out to a concert or on a date and feel dressed up, even if you're wearing tights and a tunic.  Scarves are an essential item for me in the fall, besides a classic trench and...

... Knee high boots!
And guess what? Target wants to make my life bank account miserable by selling various (adorable) styles for $40.00 or less.  Seriously?  I don't need more of an addiction to this place.  Another favorite of mine is DSW.
Like these for $34.99
Love these for $29.99

I'm sure I'll have more posts like this in the future... I can't get enough of the fall!  Until then, curl up on the couch in your new sweatshirt, light that pumpkin candle and enjoy a glass (or three) of mulled wine. Mmmm!

Sep 22, 2010

Joyce Meyer podcast for the day

A great podcast:  Power Thoughts, Part 3

Joyce discusses 12 important thoughts we should remind ourselves of daily and how our thoughts reflect in our actions and ultimately our outcome.

In this particular sermon, she makes a point to let us know we should not be easily offended.  Instead of thinking about "me," start thinking about others. Don't jump immediately to "why did they make me feel that way?" start thinking "I wonder why they feel this way?"

I think everyone who works in an office environment would benefit from hearing this message!

Quote of the Day

"Love others abundantly, without restraint; regardless of the time, place, situation, circumstance or the outcome." - Anonymous

The job

Many of mis amigas have been asking me about what's going on in my life and how the job is going.  You all have also been wondering "where are all the celebrity posts?"  Everyone calm down... too be honest, my sightings have been few and far-between as of late!  But I do have a few things to report.

The job is going well.  To be honest,  this isn't my "dream job," but I don't know any 23-year-old that is exactly where they want to be.  I'm ambitious so naturally my dream is way the heck up there.  It's going to take some time.  I'm taking my first second third step towards that dream, however, when I start my hosting classes in October!  I was referred through an agent my fairy godfather at the office (honestly, I have to save this story for my book because it's completely ridiculous and amazing) to a woman who conducts classes here for entertainment professionals who are looking to start their on-camera career.  I'm stoked because while I have the journalism background part of it down, I don't have the on-camera experience (no, CSI for four seconds doesn't count).

I was going to start taking a Fiction writing class at UCLA in October as well, however that requires money!  This past month I was blessed with some financial reprieve, so I'm saving up to start class in January.  Why am I taking writing classes, you ask?  Well, clearly I love to write and while I feel comfortable penning personal stories, I'm not clear on how I should go about writing a fiction manuscript.  I have a really unique (and interesting if I might add) concept for a chick-lit novel, but I need structure: how am I going to write each chapter?  How do I construct the characters?  Will I write it in sequence?  Out of sequence?  I want to have the thing Grade A before I send it off to the literary agent I've been talking to.

Right now it's a lot of patience.  I've been reading a ton so I can see how the best writers surprise and delight their readers.  I'm anxiously awaiting these classes; to be honest I'm terrified.  However, I figure I must be doing something right if I'm getting out of my comfort zone.  I love hosting events and publicity, which is why it's odd that I've been nervous about the on-camera class.  I think it's because I have no idea what to expect!  Only the best, I guess!

As far at the firm, I've been learning a lot about the entertainment business.  A lot of it is really insightful; some of it is a little sad.  My boss calls me 'Rookie' because I'm "from Texas" and he says that I have a good soul, that I see the best in everyone and that I want to do good.  He also says I will fail miserably in the industry if I don't step it up.  However, I don't believe you have to be cut-throat to be successful.  Heck, that's half of my schtick: I want to do well by doing well towards others.

Now for the celebrity sightings:


Donny Osmond
My mom freaks out every time I mention that I see Donny.  "He was like my Justin Timberlake!"  He looks spectacular and is really nice.


The Hoff
Yes, The Hoff himself.  After giving him directions, I got to meet him and he was THE HOFF.  No other way to explain it.


Jeanine Mason
My friend, Alberti, invited me to coffee one night last week.  As we got to talking, he mentioned he had this thing he had to be at for class and that I should join him.  Turns out his acting coach was having him and a few others perform at this adorable restaurant in Beverly Hills called Prego.  They had amazing italian food and every Monday they get a piano player and guitarist to come and accompany people as they sing various songs.  I felt so posh sitting there, listening to all of these men and women sing standards and the like.  One guy that performed even impersonated Louis Armstrong -- it was so on-target that I was pretty sure Louis came back from the dead.  Crazy.  Anyway, one of Alberti's classmates was on So You Think You Can Dance and invited some of her friends (castmates) to join us for dinner.  I don't watch the show that often, but I recognized Jeanine because she was amazing and she won!  She was hilarious.  She had us cracking up the entire night!

I have an event I am supposed to be working this weekend regarding a little pickle with a "poof" so we'll see how that actually works out.  Thank you all for inquiring about my life, I promise I will try harder to actually call you back on the day that you call me :)

A nice little reminder...

I hate chain letters, especially in my inbox, but my mom sent this to me.  And just like any adoring child, I read all of my mom's e-mails.  It has a very meaningful message: it's easy to overlook the small things and think "it's not that big of a deal," but it's the tiny details that really reflect who we are. 

Hope you enjoy it! 

"Several years ago, a preacher from out-of-state accepted a call to a church in Houston , Texas . Some weeks after he arrived, he had an occasion to ride the bus from his home to the downtown area. When he sat down, he discovered that the driver had accidentally given him a quarter too much change. As he considered what to do, he thought to himself, 'You'd better give the quarter back. It would be wrong to keep it.' Then he thought, 'Oh, forget it, it's only a quarter. Who would worry about this little amount? Anyway, the bus company gets too much fare; they will never miss it. Accept it as a 'gift from God' and keep quiet.' 

When his stop came, he paused momentarily at the door, and then he handed the quarter to the driver and said, 'Here, you gave me too much change .' 

The driver, with a smile, replied, 'Aren't you the new preacher in town?'  

'Yes' he replied. 

'Well, I have been thinking a lot lately about going somewhere to worship. I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change. I'll see you at church on Sunday.' 

When the preacher stepped off of  the bus, he literally grabbed the nearest light pole, held on, and said, 'Oh God, I almost sold your Son for a quarter.' 

Our lives are the only Bible some people will ever read. This is a really scary example of how much people watch us as Christians, and will put us to the test!  Always be on guard -- and remember -- You carry the name of Christ on your shoulders when you call yourself  'Christian.' 

Watch your thoughts ; they become words. 
Watch your words; they become actions. 
W atch  your actions; they become habits. 
Watch your habits; they  become character. 
Watch your character; it becomes your  destiny. 

I'm glad a friend forwarded this to me as a  reminder. So, I choose to forward it to you - my friend.  May God  bless you. 

If you don't pass this on to anybody, nothing  bad will happen; but, if you do, you will have ministered to  someone."

Sep 21, 2010

And this is why people think Christians are hypocrites

Jesus, help them get a grip
It's no secret that I adore Carrie Underwood.  I love her catchy songs -- "The More Boys I Meet," "Cowboy Casanova," "Last Name," -- and I equally adore her more insightful songs: "Lessons Learned," "Mama's Song," "So Small," "Don't Forget to Remember Me."  Yes, Carrie Underwood is one person I wouldn't mind trading places with.  She's always classy, well poised, and has a voice to be reckoned with.

I think one thing that draws me to Mrs. Fisher is her message.  She openly discusses her faith in God and she even talks about how (now husband) Mike improved her walk with God.  This is a great message for not only the young women who look up to her, but also to the 20-somethings such as myself.

Today, I got to Googling (clearly working hard) and decided to see what Carrie was up to.  I typed in "Carrie Underwood Christian" and found a myriad of posts completely tearing her down.  No, they weren't Carrie haters, they were Carrie fans, specificially fans who (claim to be) Christians, who didn't believe she was acting holy enough.  They criticized the fact that she didn't have a page dedicated to her faith on her website, that she appeared in Self magazine with the words "sexy" and "rich", and even went as far to criticize how she dresses.  It was really quite sad that these people who are supposed to be fans and supporters were tearing down something like her personal faith.

Now, I know Carrie could probably care less.  She more than likely has no idea what is being said, because I believe she doesn't fiddle with things like that.  She's doing her own thing and doing what she believes is right.  However, I get all kinds of defensive when people antagonize people I care about... and the sad thing is that I don't even know Carrie!

I went through tons and tons of websites, and I think though my favorite has to be this one.  It seems innocent enough: Jesus is Savior, however if you read the Carrie post, you'll see it isn't so innocent. I totally didn't realize there were still people around with this type of thinking.  I might be a more liberal-viewed Christian, but I figure this day in age people weren't condemning others just for the sake of condemning them.  I applaud this person for standing up for what they believe in and for having faith in the first place, but whoa.  Calm down, soldier.  Just because someone is different than you doesn't make them evil.  If you're claiming to live a Christian life, why not offer prayer if you think Carrie is living a life of sin?  Then again, I'm taking the time to call out someone else, so I guess I'm the pot calling the kettle black.  It needs to be said though: too many believers out there are spending their time looking down on others and analyzing their every move instead of living their own life, doing all they can to spread the good word through their actions.  In other words, you should essentially put your money where your mouth is (one of my favorite sayings).

Belief is an interesting thing.  I always think of the John Mayer song when situations like this plays out:

"Is there anyone who
Ever remembers changing their mind from
The paint on a sign?
Is there anyone who really recalls
Ever breaking rank at all
For something someone yelled real loud one time
Everyone believes
In how they think it ought to be
Everyone believes
And they're not going easily
Belief is a beautiful armor
But makes for the heaviest sword
Like punching under water
You never can hit who you're trying for
Some need the exhibition
And some have to know they tried
It's the chemical weapon
For the war that's raging on inside
Everyone believes
From emptiness to everything
Everyone believes
And no one's going quietly"

Everyone should stand up for their beliefs, but they should also be respectful of others if they have the courage to say what they feel.

Sep 20, 2010

I can do anything good!

Just watch this video.  When I wake up in the morning, I listen to a podcast while getting ready, and before I walk out the door I play this.  It's hilarious and adorable and dangit, it's a good way to start the day! The best part is when she claps or when she does her little gig at the end.

Reviews, reviews, reviews!

I have a ton of beauty reviews up on my Examiner site!  I was provided several products to try out and I could not have been more satisfied.  Check 'em out!

Skineez Skincarewear: one-upping Spanx

Mini kittour Daily mini-organizer: for your traveling beauty needs

Furlesse to avoid brown lines

Vatooing... taking Vajazzling to another level (with video)

Kardashian Glamour Tan: an Armenian glow

Re: "Honey, are your parents hurting you?"

My precious mother read this post and felt guilty.  First off, Mom, you were and are a great mother.  While you did let us do things on our own, you did obsess over us children because, let's face it, you were a paranoid mother.  However, you weren't the type of mom who called incessantly or controlled our every action and I am very grateful for that.

Also, we weren't "terrified" of you.  We just were more scared of you than we were of Dad during the few times we did something bad because you were the voice of the house.

Lastly, don't take everything so personally.  :)
Love you and thanks for everything.

"The rain falls on the just and the unjust"

Sometimes in life, no matter how hard you work or how hard you prepare, troubles come your way.  So many people in life praise God when he does good in their life, but when a struggle, trouble or trauma comes around, they are essentially fair-weather friends, losing faith when it's needed the most.

I am constantly wondering what is going to happen with my career.  I moved out west solely to advance in my field, and I'm always thinking "am I headed in the right direction?"  I miss the comforts of being at home with my friends, living in a place I know backwards and forwards.  Fergie put it well when she said (via a favorite song of mine -- not to be completely cliche) "the industry is cold."  People are rude for no real reason; they can dislike you because you're too short, because you say "ya'll," because they don't like your name.  I find myself wondering, rather frequently, why people I work with act the way they do towards me.  As much as I try to appease them, it never seems to be enough.  Am I doing something wrong?

The same goes for many "friends" (I'm using that term loosely) that I have made out here.  While some LA transplants are aggressive, ambitious and proactive, plenty of them can't handle competition.  They would rather stand alone than have a confidant in the same field.  It's rather bizarre, because when I meet people who are going after the same dream as me, I feel relieved: someone to lean on.  But after the way I have been treated at times, it's clear that a lot of my peers don't want a confidant because they fear that person might succeed further (and faster) than them. 

This was odd to me because in Texas I had so many supportive friends -- most of them with different dreams than myself, but some who aspired to do the same thing.  I built the best relationships with these people because we both knew we'd work hard on a project to make it exceptional or would prepare for a presentation so that the whole group would look good.  It wasn't a matter of competition, it was a matter of achieving our personal best.

So, since moving out to California, I had to evaluate why others were trying (and sometimes succeeding) at making me feel bad about myself.  I work hard and try to do the right thing, so why was I being put in these situations?

The fact of the matter is that just because you believe in God and are a Christian, doesn't mean that you will not encounter troubles.  However, being a Christian allows us to inherit the tools to make a difference out of those situations.  Matthew 5:45 tells us that the rain will fall not only on the unjust but on the just as well.   When we have hope and faith, we do not see with our own eye, but see through God's.

I know for myself, personally, that when something isn't going according to plan or if something happens that I don't understand, I worry it is because of something I did:  did I not try hard enough?  Did I not prepare thoroughly?  Did I not do everything I could do?  I'm always quick to find a fault in myself.

But God doesn't bring struggle into our lives when we've necessarily done something wrong.  Sure, there are consequences for our actions.  But sometimes it comes when we are doing the right thing.  For instance, when we feel like a co-worker or a "frenemy" is trying to tear us down, it's not because we are doing anything wrong, it's because we are doing something right.  Ever notice when you're doing really well at work or school, people find something to knit-pick about?  That, for whatever reason, they become even more critical of you when you are flourishing?  The devil doesn't want our path to flourish or be easy. Hewants to present road blocks to see if our faith is strong enough to get us through.  It's how we handle those blocks that determines the outcome.  So when we are working hard and putting all of our effort into a project and an enemy steps in to try to sabatoge us -- or not even that, perhaps they make a comment to make us feel bad -- that's not happening because we aren't doing well.  It's happening because we are.  Like my mom always tells me, people in life will act out of jealously and envy.  They won't give credit where it's due because they want that credit.  They won't compliment you on things you have because they want them too.  When you have a strong faith and you have God's light on your side, people will try to cover it with darkness.

This goes for momental tragedies as well.  What if I loved one becomes critically ill?  How about if you lost your job, got into a car wreck, or your house was burned to the ground?  You have to keep your light on.  God promises us that if we have faith, he'll take whatever harm was intended for us and use it not only for our personal advantage, but to also show others His greatness.  Isn't that awesome?  When bad things happen, don't lose sight of God's glory.  Remain faithful and know that he is taking you through that situation to make a difference and to bring you out of it and into a more fruitful circumstance! 

God knows your path.  He knows if you will encounter illness, if you will get a promotion, if you will lose your job, when and where you will meet influential people.  He knows all of these things.  He also creates situations: just as easy as he can open up hearts, he can harden them so that a lesson can be learned, much like Pharaoah and Moses.  God hardened Pharaoah's heart to cause adversity for Moses, so that ultimately he could be illuminate Himself in an extraordinary way.

Nothing is by chance.  Every single thing, even the small details in your life, happen for a reason. 

This post is based on Joel Osteen's podcast #475: Dealing with Unexpected Difficulties.  Download it on iTunes or on his website.

"Honey, are your parents hurting you?"

It would be safe to assume that every parent's worst nightmare would be that someone else might think they were hurting their own children.  I can't speak from experience, but I remember one time an acquintance of mine felt the need to let me know they thought I was not nice to my six-years-younger brother.  The buck stopped there when I stopped being her friend and immediately stopped telling new friends the story of how I dressed him up in my "My Size Barbie" ballerina outfit.

My mother was a caring mother.  However, as I recall, most of the time my cousins and I ran amuck. I was probably blind to the fact that my parents were watching our every move, but we pretty much did as we pleased: we wanted ice cream before dinner?  Okay.  How about three cokes?  You got it. My parents weren't so much "no" types of parental units.  They were more like "let's let them figure out" kinds of people.  So after advising us plenty of times to not run around in the tree-filled front yard as we recklessly played tag, I think they realized the "figure it out on their own" aspect of parenting sometimes comes to fruition once someone gets hurt.

In this instance, that someone was myself.  I was on the verge of turning seven-years-old.  I was in first grade and had made my first best friend, Jennifer.  It was a crisp day in October, and I remember all of the Halloween decorations were out, so it was almost time to get dressed up as my favorite Disney princess.  The decision this year?  Cinderella.

My cousins, Ashley and Chase, and I were frolicking around the front yard we had been so many times warned about.  "Be careful," our parents would say.  I should have known better, given I had many terrible experiences in the front yard, mostly falling off my bike and getting bitten by millions of fire ants.

I was being chased during a very aggressive game of tag by (ironically) Chase.  In true rookie fashion, I turned my head around to look at him and yell, "Chase! Stop chasing me!" as I attempted to run faster away from him.  This didn't prove to be the most effective approach, but it definitely got him to stop chasing me: as I turned my head back around, I ran directly into a gigantic oak tree, face first.

I don't remember much about the incident except that I had fallen down and my head hurt.  I was on the ground, lifted my hand to my head to rub it and realized that it felt wet.  Pulling my hand away, it was covered in blood.

Cue the screaming. 

For whatever reason, my mom was not as dramatic as I thought she was going to be, which is probably why I turned up the waterworks in an effort to make it known that this was a BIG DEAL.  Ashley ran inside to grab her mother, my mom and my grandma and notify them that I "ran into at tree."  I'm sure they all thought it was hysterical, but thank God they didn't let me know or else I probably would have gone ballistic.  As I walked up the stairs to my mother, she grabbed me and took me to the upstairs bathroom to wash my scraped up face.

When I think about what I looked like, I can only compare it to Two-Face in Batman.  Half of my face was scabbed up, the other half as soft as my bottom.  My mom and Aunt were trying to figure out what exactly to do: douse me in Neosporin?  Wrap gauze around my head?  No idea seemed ideal (to me).  I guess they moved forward with the Neosporin bit because I would have remembered looking like a mummy so close to Halloween.

The next day at school I had to brace myself for pointing and whispers; I was going to be the freak show of the first grade.  I was already ridiculed because I had very short hair at that age and the idiotic boys in my grade would tell me I looked like a boy.  I really did not need another reason for harassment, but there was nothing I could do to not draw attention to myself: if I stuck a bunch of bandages on my face, people would wonder what happened.  If I left the wounds unwrapped, people were going to look at me with absolute disgust.  Being six, this was the end of the world.

I was dropped off late, which was a blessing because nobody was in the hall to see me before class.  Phew.  As I walked into Mrs. Jenkins class, everyone turned around to look at me because I was late, but their reason for inspecting me slowly changed once they took a gander at my mug: what the hell was wrong with Kirbie's face?

I didn't cry.  I acted like nothing was the matter and took a seat at my desk.  Jennifer looked at me.  "What happened?"  I didn't respond, just pretended like I had no idea what she was talking about.  That's when Mrs. Jenkins excused herself from the board and came over to me, gave me a hug and took me outside.  She bent down to my eye level and asked me what had happened and if I was okay.

"Nothing happened, I'm fine." 
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I was playing with my cousins and got hit."

Clearly Mrs. J wasn't buying it.  It looked like acid had been poured on one side of my face and I'm telling her I was innocently playing around with some friends?  Yeah, right.

After a moment of confusion, she grabbed my hand.  "Honey, are your mommy and daddy hurting you?"

I had no idea what she could possibly mean.  I had a spanking or two in my life but I never even had soap put in my mouth.  My mom, while we were all terrified to get her upset, was harmless.  Her bark was definitely bigger than her bite.  And my dad never laid out punishment -- he might have thought of the consequences (getting grounding, housework, etc.), but he never told us himself.  He let my mom do all the talking.  He'd just offer a solemn "I"m disappointed" and then we'd feel crappy enough to never disappiont him again.

"No, no they aren't." 

After a few more minutes of interrigation, she escorted me to the principal's office, whom happened to be a friend of my parents.  I'm almost positive that Mrs. Jenkins was going to call the CPS.  When I walked in to Mr. Zenner's office, he gave me a little chuckle.  "Well Kirbie, what do we have here?  Did you run into a tree or something?"

Sep 17, 2010

I'm on to something...

Remember the post regarding the movie you shouldn't look up?

Apparently Ellen is raving about the movie as well!  I cannot wait for Catfish to finally come out in theaters.

Sep 14, 2010

Stitch of Hope

A few weeks ago, I went to coffee with Kristen Wilson, a dear friend and Theta sister of mine.  She had on this really cute tank that looked home-made but could also have been featured at Urban Outfitters.  It was black and in yellow writing it read "HOPE."

I figured it might have been a tribute to the good ol' black and gold, the colors of our sorority.  I kept thinking to myself "I want one of those, wonder where she got it?"  I mean, hope is something not just dear to me, but to everyone.  Having hope means having confidence.

After talking about this and that, she mentioned she wanted to do something to impact the world, and that she shirt was actually one of her own original designs.  It was black and yellow to symbolize the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

Kristen started Stitch of Hope, a for-profit organization where proceeds go to benefit your favorite organization or charity.  Currently, she features eight causes on her site:

AIDS Research Alliance:  Red
Alzheimer's Association: Purple
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Yellow
American Red Cross: White
Habitat for Humanity: Blue/Green
Humane Society: Blue
Susan G. Komen for the Cure: Pink
The Nature Conservancy: Green

I have no doubt that the line is going to blow out and expand to more causes.  Shirt are $25 and part of the proceeds (minus the product cost) will go to the cause you're wearing the shirt for!

Tell Mima that I miss her

I'm sad she is not here, but her story is a great one.  It's been five long years.  We all miss you, Mima!

Read the story here.

Happy Birthday

I am officially old.  My baby brother, Nick, who really isn't a baby, turns 18 today. 

I remember when he was born and how I gave him his first bath.  He was born on 9/14 and weighed 9 pounds, 14 ounces.  He literally was the size of a toddler when he was born.

I have so many fond memories of him.  I dressed him up as a My Size Barbie (sorry Nick).  I made him listen to *NSYNC.  And he was so cute, like a little cherub angel.  My favorite memory has to be either his love for country music and Woody (from Toy Story) or when he would crawl around on the ground and pick lint off the carpet and shove it up his nose.  He was hilarious.

We also had this rooster at one point (don't get me started) who would chase Nick around the yard.  It was hilarious!  He would just giggle and giggle, while my grandmother was terrified Petey would peck him to death. 

He referred to sandwiches and "wey-ga-sis" and called his backpack a "pack-pack."  And more than likely every night he'd climb into my bed to sleep. 

Now he is not so little.  Everyone thinks he's my older brother when we're together.  But he is still so sweet.  Love you Nick, hope you enjoy your 18th birthday!  Don't go to Twin Liquors! :) Powered by Blogger.
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