Sep 29, 2010

Ehhhhh Snugarena!

I need to stay up late watching TV more often.  While I was watching Kristen Bell on Chelsea Lately (great job on her hair, Ange!), I saw this commercial.  I mean, as if the invention of the Snuggie isn't amazing enough, they read our minds and created a jingle to the Macarena and cleverly named it the Snugarena.

I can't find the exact video, but the commercial I saw even had the lyrics posted on the screen for our convenience.  You know, because we all want to know the words when we're doing the Snugarena in the living room, at the football game, and while we're studying.

My neighbors probably think I have some kind of sleeping disorder because I went from loud cackling to silent fits of laughter, tears included.  Honestly, I'm starting to think this genius is associated with the people who created the Shake Weight commercial.

The only thing to make this better would be if they made the commercial to the bed intruder song, Antoine Dodson included.  I can totally see him rockin' my favorite Snuggie, the one with the skulls. So hardcore.   Hide ya kids...

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Unknown said...

the guy that does the shake weight commercial (the voice over) works for my company! Powered by Blogger.
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