Dec 1, 2010

Katy Perry Grammy Nominations Concert preview

KP and KJ

Last night I had the opportunity go downtown and view Katy Perry's pre-taped Grammy Nominations Concert performance, so I couldn't say no!

They went all out for it and the show is going to be awesome.  You might even be able to see me on TV! haha!  Katy sang "California Girls" and the song is so catchy that I don't think one person there (crew included) wasn't dancing or singing along -- and she performed the thing six times!  Not because she needed to, because she sounded awesome.  The joys of taping television.  It was FREEZING and I was not dressed for outdoor weather... I was frozen solid.

In true Katy Perry fashion, she made it snow in LA.  Well, the only thing we'll ever get that's close to snow -- foam.  She wore a silver get-up with giant silver snowballs on her shoulders, along with an equally giant snowball on her head.  It had a rod coming out of it.  I can't decide if it was a tribute to a unicorn or a phallic symbol, but I'm going with the latter considering it's Katy Perry -- I mean, when she sings "we'll melt your popsicle," the dancers thrust their crotches.  Enough said.

The whole night was fun!  LL Cool J was there to introduce her since he's hosting the broadcast concert tonight.

Things you should know:
- Katy is drop-dead beautiful
- She sounds amazing in person
- She's quite endearing as well
- LL Cool J might be the best dressed man in the country

Blurry LL Cool J with his Grammy

I got to LA Live where the outdoor stage was set up around 7:00.  Because Dennis and his job are so amazing, I got a special pass to lurk around in the crew area.  We watched the band and back-up dancers warm up a few times, then ran through LL's intro and then Katy came out to rehearse a few times as well.  Eventually we started taping and we had to run through it around three times to get everything perfect.

The actual Grammy Nom's concert is tonight at 10 PM EST AND IT'S LIVE!  And I will be there.  Can't wait to see if I meet the Biebs.   Here are some more pics!

Major shout out to Dennis for a great time and an even better dinner!


Crowd shot

Katy rehearsing

Barely noticeable but "snow"

Cal-i-forn-ia girls

LCD Christmas tree

KP for the 833922th time

"Hope you guys didn't get a pic of my ass!"

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