Dec 28, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do, 2010

Let's be honest here. Breaking up in 2010 is equivalent to the black plague: it hit everyone and HARD. Not limited to us regular folk, some of our favorite celeb couples broke up:

- Courteney Cox and David Arquette
- Eva Longoria and Tony Parker
- Blake Lively and Penn Badgely
- Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds
- Kelsey Grammar and Camille Grammar
- Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
- Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush (and Miles Austin?)

There's a number of thoughts in my head right now.

How does Kelsey Grammar get engaged before he's divorced? Sleezebag.

How does Jesse James move on so quickly from Sandy B??? I'm pretty sure he has a disease.

With the exception of a few, a majority of the women on this list are three times better than the men they are with. Which begs with question: are breakups inevitable if the woman is successful/more successful than the man?

Case and point: Courteney and David. Court was on Friends, a beloved show, and she's doing pretty well with Cougar Town. David was in Arachnophobia.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James? Does this need any explanation?

Eva and Tony -- both successful... Eva is a babe, Tony isn't a guy I'd pick out of a lineup (unless it was for his height).

Scarlett and Ryan are an interesting duo, mostly because they both have solid careers. But Scarlett was the Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and Ryan's known for being Van Wilder. (Albiet hot and steamy, but still).

Blake got a boob job and a rhinoplasty and now that she's getting noticably more attention then The Badge (Penn), was it too much for him to handle? Rumor has it she was ready for a solid commitment (a.k.a a ring) and he wasn't. I mean, you could have worse problems, dude. A hot babe with an career that's about to blow up wants to commit herself to you? Tough life. (They have also been dating around two years, which reinforces my advice that if you are with someone 2+ years and he/she isn't ready to commit, they just aren't ready to commit to you.)

All these women are notoriously HOT and successful. Is something wrong with them? Do they have crappy personalities? I'm going with no, they all seem to be pretty charming. The only explanation (in my opinion) is that when a man feels inferior, he strays or lets go.

I'd like to consider all of this the exception and not the rule. There has to be men out there with solid careers that can make it work with women who have equal or more stature in their field, right?

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