Dec 20, 2010

Couples looks for the New Year

Whether you're single or taken, more than likely you'll be trying to find a date for the New Year.  (My date is going to be six of my nearest and dearest beautiful friends, unless I find a potential between now and then). 

What's more important than finding a date?  Figuring out what to wear!  Ahh!  My mom and I got into a tiff last year because we spent four days looking for a dress for me to wear to this New Years' party... apparently I am too picky and she isn't patient :)  I always have this "vision" that can never be fulfilled -- last year it was gold and sparkly vision and I couldn't find anything like that under $300.  Woof.  I ended up with this black number, which was simple and effective (couldn't see any beverage mishaps on it). 

Clearly I was in prime form.  (Writer's note:  I don't know how I got such long arms.  Mom? Dad? Anyone?  My wingspan is that of a bald eagle, I am incredibly insecure about how long my arms and fingers are.  I'm convinced they're a gift in one way or another.  Is it normal for one's arms to be half of their body length?!!  Obviously I'm a little paranoid about this issue.  Carry on.) 

Short story:  this shindig I attended last NYE was an open bar, and since everyone was cramming the bars and ordering eight drinks at a time, I took it upon myself to use my skills of stealth and "borrowed" (a.k.a took) a bottle of SKYY and a few mixers (necessary for sure).  We had a pretty great rest of the night after that.  By the way to everyone -- you're welcome. :)

Back to the point: I have stopped "envisioning" my attire for New Year's Eve because I'm always seriously let down and it's much easier to just find a frock that looks good for my body and be done, not to get all fancy and try to make something work when it clearly does not.  Ladies, I know you can feel me: I have a booty but a smaller waist, so finding outfits that adhere correctly are always few and far between, at least for what I'm willing to spend.  Why are all the clothes that I love and fit me like a glove all designer?  I must have good taste.  I CAN'T HELP IT if God made me the way I am (right?)!  Anyway, if you have the same condition, PLEASE, listen closely: don't waste your time thinking you're going to end up in a Taylor Swift outfit, girlfriend had a "boyish" figure and we're anything but that (saying that in the best way possible). 

So, as I was dabbling around on ShopStyle, I got some inspiration for some New Years looks. 

Inspiration:  Bill and Giuliana Rancic
I'll say it before and I'll say it again, "I'm just a Giuliana looking for her Bill."  Not necessarily looking persay, but you get the point.  Bill's a major hottie and G has great fashion sense, so putting them together it's hard not to stare.

Pairing a gray suit with a bright colored dress is sure to turn heads, especially since most guys wear black suits around the holidays.  I love this look that Bill & G wore to the Race to Erase MS event.  Gray stands out and matches with bright colors the ladies love, like turquoise, lavender, rose, or any other color from the pastel pallette.

This single button suit in platinum by Emporio Armani has a nice sheen, which dresses things up a little for the holidays.  That works out perfectly if your date happens to choose a sparkly number like MorningStar dress by French Connection or the bold green dress by Teeze Me.  Ladies, color coordinate with your man by matching your jewelry and shoes with his suit -- I love the suede platform pump by Shoebox. 

This is a more casual version of the gray suit.  Looks great with this red or purple ensemble; mix it up with an open toe boot and jewelry or make a statement in the Badgley Mischka Kiss Kiss pump.

Inspiration:  Michael Buble and fiance Luisana Lopilato
Mr. Buble defines the term gentleman, always tucked away in a nice black suit.  His beautiful Argentinian fiance, Luisana, looks effortless and HOT in this black, lowcut minidress.  Then again, she's hot in general... doesn't matter what she's wearing.

Love how the Preen long-stretch jersey gown is cut to flatter any figure, not to mention since it's jersey it will be comfortable.  The draping on the Paul and Joe Rita crepe dress is also universally flattering and accentuates your assets in the front and back.  Match it with a simple gold necklace.  Guys, Hugo Boss makes some great suits and you can't ever go wrong with a skinny tie.

Here's another style with two of my favs, Nicole and Joel, love them both... Nicole is amazing on way too many levels and Joel has to be a saint to put up with all that.  Anyway, Joel's all-black-everything-minus-the-tie is great, but I encourage you men to keep it classy and stick with neutrals and not go crazy and throw in a purple or a red (unless you're celebrating the Rose Bowl, in which case GO FOR IT).  By the way, I refuse to spend $250 on a single ticket for myself to the game so I'm going to need one of my handy readers to get me a slick hook up... like, now.  Please?  Even if it's a super awesome scalper that isn't an undercover cop that you can refer me to, I'd really appreciate that... I don't want to be arrested for the first time ever on a day of joy and celebration.

I have no idea what Nicole is wearing but her ta-tas look amazing (she's probably pregnant in this photo) and if there's one thing that's important for New Years, it's that your lady lumps look good.  There's really no excuse for them to not.   Bust out a push up bra, buy one of those Nu-Bras that adds a size or downplay them if they're huge -- no matter what you do, just make sure you feel so fine that you'd be okay if it was the last outfit you ever wore (or not, I don't care either way, but you'll feel so much better about yourself if you get all dolled up on this special overrated night).  Guys, this might strike you as bizarre that I would actually write this but you know you will be giving me a high five later.   

And just for kicks, here's Nicole looking fabulous.  Actually, I think I'm most attracted to this photo because of her retro eye make-up and the fact that she's solo.  Long sleeve dresses are a weak spot for me, if I see one I can't help but to buy it.  Show off the legs, keep the arms warm.  Boom.

Any of these dresses will do just fine, depending on where you're headed for the night.  Yes, they're expensive, but I'm sure you can find alternative styles elsewhere (this blog is always for inspiration)!  And Rent the Runway is great if you want a designer dress for one night and nothing more.

Also, can I just say it doesn't matter what you do for NYE?  As long as you are with good friends or family and you're SAFE, that's all that matters.  My worst New Year's have been the ones where I'm shilling out a ton of money for four hours of complete debauchery, except no debauchery can be had because everyone else is too busy crowding the bar (circa 2007).  The best have always been at house parties or events where every single one of my friends was there, and luckily, I have a batch of friends coming in for this festive football occasion.  So I'm all kinds of stoked.  Be safe, take a cab, or stay home... whatever you do, celebrate with those you love!

Happy shopping and enjoy your New Year!  GO FROGS! 


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I'll have a party dress on...miss me in LA!!

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