Dec 2, 2010

Glee: Get the look

Last night's Glee was AMAZE!  So glad they refocused, it felt reminscent of last season.  I have so many questions... will Kurt ever return to WMHS?  Now that Emma is married, what's going to happen between her and Will?  Where the heck was Jane Lynch last night?!  Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the other talented glee clubbers like Santana, Quinn and Sam perform (and not just because they're all pretty).

I also enjoyed the costume choices!  Great job wardrobe.  I know sometimes Rachel can dress likea four-year-old but her purple dress was adorable during "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" and I just happened to find the women's performance dresses online.  This got me all kinds of excited.  So ladies, here are some recommendations dresses that are Glee-inspired.

Justin Lubin/Fox

The Sectionals Dress
Belle of the Barre dress by Betsey Johnson
$398 -- but order now and get 25% off
Sizes 2-8 available

This ombre evening dress would look adorbs with a pair of Steve Madden platforms!  Match it up with some silver jewelry (by Betsey Johnson, of course) and grab a long sweater coat to keep you warm.  If you click on the box it'll take you to ShopStyle where you can purchase these individual items.

Berry Rachel
Painted Rose Mini Dress by Betsey Johnson
$298 $223.50 -- $167 with the additional 25%
(also comes in a short-sleeved v-neck style)
Sizes 0-10

Keeping to the Betsey Johnson theme, this dress totally reminds me of Rachel!  I'm partial to it because I actually tried it on this weekend and the fit was amazing, the color exquisite and the fabric felt phenom.  I would have bought it, but instead departed with an awesome frock to wear for New Years Eve.  I totally felt like a princess in this painted rose dress and both styles (the short and long sleeved) were cut and tailored perfectly!  I think it's a statement dress so you don't need a lot of other accessories except maybe a pair of tights and an awesome pair of shoes.  I'd match it with these Charlotte Russe combat boots or (more than likely) a pair of oxford platforms just to keep it preppy, just like Rachel.  All the necklaces are by one of my favorite jewelry lines, dogeared.  And yes, I know Rachel probably wouldn't wear a skull necklace... but as I mentioned previously, I'm kind of obsessed with them.  (Actually, would she?  Rachel mentioned that she envisions her own funeral... kind of morbid.  I won't lie, I've kind of thought about this too.  I have a weird fascination with death.  I know I am totally mortifying my mother right now.)

Mr. Schu
Various vests -- Express, Hugo Boss, Banana Republic

Will Schuester loves his ties, vests and collared shirts.  He looks pretty adorable in them too.  Guys, don't fear the sweater vest!  It's festive for this time of year, will keep your torso warm AND makes you appear preppy, even if you're not.  A regular vest takes any outfit up a notch.
Argyle is totally posh and button up vests are a great addition to any top.  The perfect thing about a vest?  Goes well with jeans or pants; you can dress up or dress it down.  I'm totally loving the zip-up vest because it looks totally mountain-man to me.

Emma Pillsbury
Bright and coordinated, girly frocks (J.Crew, Banana, Anthro)

Who doesn't love resident OCD hygeine freak, Ms. Pillsbury?  Emma's 50s-inspired outfits are always bright and color-coordinated.  I love how she is always dressed in one color but in different shades.   Love these dresses and the bright hues.  Most of these items I found at J. Crew, Banana Republic and Anthropologie.
Don't you love the green dress and red peacoat?!

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