Dec 7, 2010

Grammy Nominations Concert 2010

Like I mentioned last week, I got to go to the Grammy Nominations Concert! It wasn't just a concert though. It was a live telecast, which meant going through the motions of a live show: seat fillers, clapping, and a lot of behind-the-scenes shenanigans.
First off, I knew Katy Perry wasn't performing -- she did her number the night before outside by the ice rink -- but she was there. I had heard Miranda Lambert had practiced the day before as well, but she performed live on the show. LL Cool J taped a few of his intros too. Train was taped, again, the night before out on the terrace. So it should have been called the "Grammy Nominations Concert LIVE!! Well, some parts!"

I personally love Miranda Lambert and thought she did a great job live. Bruno Mars is very deserving of a Grammy nod, as is B.o.B; both performed and were stellar. B.o.B. is rated higher on my rapper list than before just because of his talented live performance.

Stevie Wonder was in the house it was cool knowing somewhere in the vicinity of me was a legend, even if I didn't get to meet him.

Unfortunately for everyone, Biebs did his bit from London, so all the seat-fillers that were coaxed into doing the show to see him were let down.

That about covers everything. I do have to say that DRAKE WAS ROBBED by not getting an Album of the Year nod; me and my one glass of wine got tipsy (I know it's pathetic) and decided to tweet this little number (yes guys, women get these feelings as well):

... which then put my mom on high alert. "Honey, who is Drake and should I be concerned?" Yes, probably, but he was on Degrassi so we'll pretend he's not that bad. I mean, Jimmy Brooks can't be that much of an a-hole. Actually, I think Jimmy Drake is soft. I think that's a part of his appeal to women. He's a rapper, but he's always rapping about some chick, not about being in a gang and packing heat. I digress.

Here is a vid of Miranda performing, pictures to come.

Miranda Lambert, "Only Prettier"

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