Dec 30, 2010


Thank you to Taryn "I have a great colorist!"  Brooks for referring me to Michelle and Bruce K. Salon in La Canada.  It wasn't that bad of a drive, Michelle is amazing, and the price was equally fabulous.  Special thanks to my Mom for giving me the gonads to ask for a refund from the other salon and to Emily for talking me through the whole ordeal.

Now I'm back to blonde instead of that strawberry crap.  (Love the color, just not on me.)  However, I have to say I think men have a secret fetish for red hair.  I received 12, TWELVE text messages yesterday from my guy friends asking me to send them a pic, that red was hot, to keep it, etc.  Good thing I do my hair for myself and nobody else. :)

Again, thanks for the kind words, such as, "It probably looks great!"  Because it didn't.  Even Michelle said I looked like a drab version of Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman.

Off to the gym.  No pics today.

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