Dec 3, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Shopping for the Ladies -- Tech Junkies

Here are some fun gifts for the woman in your life who is always up-to-date on the newest gadgets and gizmos.  She's always looking for the most innovative technology, needs to be surgically removed from her e-mail, and spends hours on her laptop.

  • Polaroid 300 Camera  Is your gal a photography freak?  Does she have pictures of the two of you all over the place?  Then this gift will itch the need for immediate prints!  Polaroids are so fun and this new take on the old camera makes it trendy and fun.  $90.00 at Bloomingdale's

  • Flip Slide Video Camera  Most women have a camera, a digital one at that, that takes video if needed. But a lot of us don't have a video camera, meant only to capture the moving memories.  The new Flip cam is perfection!  It records up to four hours of video and then opens up so you can view everything right then and there!  $280.00 at Bloomingdale's 

  • XBox 360 Kinect console  I can vouch: this thing is awesome.  As mentioned, the Kinect is made specifically for the XBox 360 and works without a controller.  It reads your movements!  Awesome right?  They have sports games but also games that allow you to work out.  My favorite has to be Dance Central, where you learn dances and can compete against friends.  Console is $150 and is sold separately from XBox 360.

  • e-Pad Portable Laptop Desk with Speakers  Last year I raved about a similar version of this e-Pad laptop desk, but it didn't include speakers!  Perfect for writers or net surfers of any kind.  How great would it be to blast your music without worrying about busting your laptop's internal speaker?  $49.95 exclusively at Brookstone

  • 360 iPad stand  Perhaps you're gifting your lady an iPad or maybe she already has one.  This accessory will be greatly appreciated!  Great for surfing the web, writing or watching movies.  Can be viewed in landscape or portrait orientation.  $39.95 at Brookstone

  • Apple wireless keyboard for iPad  I love my iPad but one thing that drives me nuts is when I want to write a blog or post on social networks, it take a gazillion years with the on-screen keyboard.  This wireless alternative is perfect for people who like to travel and don't want to bring along their laptop.  $69.00 at the Apple Store

tyPad bluetooth keyboard and cover  How cool is this?  Check it out: a leatherette cover that conceals an awesome Bluetooth technology keyboard!  This thing makes the iPad look just like a laptop!  $114.95 online

Hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration for the perfect gift!

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