Dec 6, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Shopping for the Ladies -- Athletes' Loot

She is woman, hear her roar!  She loves the gym and works hard on her fitness.  Perhaps she's trying to get back into shape.  Maybe she participates on a work kickball team, is training for a marathon or enjoys a good round of golf.  Regardless, she'll be ecstatic for any of these items!

  • Towel warmer  This might not be on the top of everyone's list, but it's a small luxury that they'll be happy to have, especially if they work hard at the gym or on the field.  Nothing is better than a warm towel, especially after a cold shower or during the winter!  Also heats robes and blankets.  $79.95 at Brookstone
  • Bionic golf glove  Have a golfer in your life?  They'll appreciate this gift!  The Bionic Golf Glove naturally promotes a lighter grip and prevents the clubface from twisting, which provides better accuracy.  (This gift would be a hit with the men too!)  $24.95 at Brookstone
  • Reebok RunTone or TrainTone shoes, EasyTone apparel  The EasyTone line has made my list for the second year in a row because it really effective.  Any runner or fitness fanatic would get good use out of the technology.  The apparel line is made from Resistone bands, which create resistance as you move (which will train upper body muscles).  Shoes, $99.95; Apparel $55.00-$80.00 online 
  • i-Need Neck and Shoulder Pro Massager with heat  An athlete or fitness guru can tell you how nice heat and a massage feel after a high-energy game or a hard workout.  This gift provides both!  Guys, if you wonder why the ladies like going to get their pedicures done, it's 5% for the polish, 50% for the foot massage and around 45% for those massage chairs.  They're delightful!  That's why this item will have her giddy -- she won't have to head to the nail salon for some pampering.  $99.95 at Brookstone
  • i-Need Soothing Foot Massager  Like the neck and shoulder massager, this item provides a luxury that would otherwise be paid for at the salon or spa.  I feel like guys would equally enjoy this gift because most of you don't go out and get massages or pedicures on the reg and it would not only benefit your feet, but would feel good too!  $199.95 at Brookstone
  • Pandora One  Pandora, for those of you not familiar, is an online internet radio service that picks music according to other songs, genres and bands you already like.  I absolutely have to have it with me when I go to the gym (you can access it on your iPhone or iPad)!  But what's annoying is that there are ads you have to sit through every few songs.  Pandora One is the paid-for subscription that eliminates all of those pesky adverts! It also has unlimited listening, so you're not subject to only six songs per station.  $36.00/year online
  • LuLu Lemon yoga/pilates/cycling starter kit   If the woman in your life is getting into yoga or pilates (or any other mat class), surprise her with some items she'll need!  
    • The Everywhere Bag  Big enough to fit her gym clothes and laptop; has a compartment just for wet, dirty clothes  $108.00
    • Yoga Mat  Instead of using the "everyone shares" mats at the gym, buy her one of her own! $25.00
    • Dense Foam Brick  Used in mat pilates and yoga, she'll be able to do reps at home too! $10.00
    • Cycle Shoes  Cycling is an excellent workout for women and men.  However, there are special shoes you need to wear.  Unfortunately LuLu doesn't make these.  I found some on REI though!  $60.00-$110.00
    • Water Bottle $25.00
    • Gift card to LuLu Lemon LLL has the best workout gear I've ever tried on.  It's soft, durable and it looks great, which, for women, is essential.  When we're working out, we want to look good so it gives us inspiration to work harder!  Stick the card in the bag along with the brick, water bottle, mat and shoes (or assortment of those items)
  • In-Ear buds  I'm obsessed with my In-Ear buds from Apple.  I go through at least three pairs a year.  They fit a lot better and provide great sound performance!  $79.00 online
  • HeartBeats by Lady Gaga  These made the list again because, well they're adorbs.  And they're by Lady Gaga, whom designed them to look awesome and to sound amazing.  $149.95 
What are you waiting for?  Get running!


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