Dec 3, 2010

Holiday Shopping for the Ladies: 2010

Here is the intro from last year.  It remains the same so READ IT! 

Guys, let's be honest. Unless you're a mind reader, you have no idea what to get your girlfriend (fiance, wife, sister, whatever) for the holidays. This can be tricky. If your lady is like me, she doesn't want to ask for anything but she wants something special and wants you to surprise her. Difficult, I'm sure. It's just weird asking for things because then it takes the surprise element out of it! I know I make no sense, but really what female does?

I know you guys have brains. This is apparent because regardless of how my relationships have ended in the past, all of they guys have done at least something romantic for me to remember.  However, I read this magazine article that a girl received a 12-pack of Diet Coke for Christmas one year from her high school sweetheart when she had saved and saved to get him something he had been wanting for awhile.

So many things wrong with that last sentence. First of all, buying "Diet" implies she's fat. Or trying to watch her weight. DO NOT under any circumstance buy a gift for a woman that has to do with losing weight unless she specifically asks for it (and even then I'd be hesitant). Second, going into a gas station to buy a 12-pack of coke and bringing it out in a plastic bag shows little to no preparation on this poor guy's part. Epic fail. I'd love to know who his mother was. Third, DO NOT BUY DIET COKE FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND (sister, fiance, wife, mom, etc.) FOR CHRISTMAS! Shame on you if you think that's a reasonable gift for anyone.

Based on that article, I've compiled a list of things for each and every woman you can think of. I have a few rules of thumb though, and they go like this:
  • If you've only been dating a few weeks, do not opt for jewelry. Jumping the gun much?
  • If you've been dating at least three months, jewelry is always a perfect gift. You can't go wrong unless you don't...
  • ...Contact the woman's mom for sizing, colors, etc. She'll be thankful you did and Moms love that stuff.
  • Buying the "journey" pendants from Kay or wherever they're from doesn't really express that you took the time to look for a gift, it just means you were able to watch a commercial and then go and buy it. Put some thought into it, gentlemen! Kay, Zales and all of those other store are great, but don't buy the advertised option. Go in and find something that you think she'd like, not what the advertising companies want you to buy. (Note: she'll love anything you get her because it's from you and it's the thought that counts. But at least work hard for the praise you're going to receive.)
  • It really is the thought that counts.
  • If you know someone well enough, get them something you think they might like. For instance, handing your girlfriend of three years a pair of fuzzy socks and a CD is like pulling down the covers of your deathbed. You've known someone for three years and that's the most thoughtful thing you can think of? I'm not trying to sound like a priss here but you know I'm right. Now, if she asked for fuzzy socks and then you bought her a CD with concert tickets to see her favorite band hidden inside, that would be another story.

This year I am breaking things down into a few different categories!  Starting with... Tech Junkies.

Thanks for reading!  

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