Dec 8, 2010

Holiday Shopping for the Ladies: Beauty Babes

Share cares about her complexion and body; is always up on the latest makeup trends and never goes to bed without washing her face.  She indulges in facials and could use a good massage.  Whether she's your mom, your friend or your fiance, she'll love any of these items (and get good use out of 'em too)!

  • Clarisonic Skincare Brush, $195 at Sephora
    • Perfect for cleansing skin.  Lightly exfoliates so that skin is refreshed and readily absorbs any treatments or cleansers you may be using, which allows for better results. 

  • The Joy of Great Skin by Philosophy, $85 at Sephora
    • Features some of Philosophy's best products, including their Microdelivery Peel, Purity face wash/soap/shampoo and Hope in a Jar -- Oprah's fav!

  • Homedics Pedicures Spa Salon Footbath, $39.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond
    • Let your lady experience the luxury of the nail salon with this footbath!  It comes with five different accessories to help care for her feet, while jets soothe and relax her barking dogs. 

  • Bliss Spa service
    • Choose from any of these services and surprise your mom or girlfriend with the gift of relaxation!  Bliss Spa is top notch when it comes to spa services and they have locations in Texas, Los Angeles, New York and the midwest! (They have great products, too!)

  • Blowout
    • So what's a blow out?  In salon speak, guys, a blow out a hair service for women.  They go in, get their hair washed (including a lengthy scalp massage), and then a stylist blows out their locks.  A lot of celebrities do it before parties and events. 
    • In Los Angeles, Dry Bar is all the rage and is only $35.  Everyone from Emma Roberts to Whitney Port has been seen in there (something you can tell your lady when she opens the gift).  
    • I know that Frederic Fekkai provides this service starting at $65 in places like Texas and the northeast.  Call your girl's favorite salon and ask them if they provide blow out services and pick up a gift card, or better yet book her one for New Years' Eve!

Again, inspiration is key.  If you didn't find anything on here, maybe an item will trigger your imagination!  Don't worry, I know that, so far, I've only been mentioning material items, but I'm going to post about things that don't cost a dime that your mother or your significant other will love!

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