Dec 14, 2010

Holiday Shopping for the Ladies: Gifts from the Heart

Guys, when you're gifting that special woman in your life, I think one of the most important things to remember is she's going to love it because it came from your heart, you were thoughtful and put effort into the gift.  However, giving a material item as a gift will never mean as much as some other things you could do for her.  And most of these are FREE!  Aren't you psyched?

So get out your pens and paper (seriously, get it out) because I present to you gifts that come from the heart:

  • Write her a letter.  I know it can be hard to be emotional and to find the sentimental words to express what a woman means to you (even if it is your mom), but you have no idea how much those things mean to us!  When we get letters expressing how great you think we are, how we make your day, and all the little things you enjoy/love/can't live without (blah blah blah), it touches our hearts because a) you are expressing how you feel and b) you took the time to write it out for us.  
  • Along the same lines, if you can sing or play an instrument, write her a song!
  • Say you just gifted your girlfriend a spa day.  Offer to give her a preview and give her a massage!  Guys, I can't tell you enough: giving a massage (or a back rub) is a useful tool.  It will come in handy, trust me.  
    • On the same note, another great idea (that costs money, however) is gifting your lady a couples massage, or a class where you both learn massage and practice on one another.  It can be tres romantic and totally relaxing -- and you get to benefit from the gift too!
  • Has she told you some of her favorite songs?  Make her a playlist!  Better yet, make her a mix CD of songs that remind you of her.  
  • Make her a scrapbook.  This is ideal for Moms or for girlfriends!  Use pictures from Facebook and the attic to document monumental moments in your separate lives and from memories together.  (You can make a great photo album online at

I've had some nice things done for me the in the past, whether it was taking a photo of us and drawing it/framing it, writing me notes, planning an extravagant date, making a playlist of all my favorite songs or gifting me beautiful jewelry.  The thing that mattered most was that they wanted to do those things and that they showed me they cared!  You can't go wrong when gifts come from the heart.

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