Dec 17, 2010

Holiday Shopping for the Ladies: Jewelry

Some tips and suggestions on jewelry for your mom, sister, friend, significant other or wife.  Everyone's covered. :)

Come all ye faithful
Gifts for any woman in your life who takes her faith seriously (and her bling too)!  Or maybe she just likes crosses.  Whatever the case, these guys will make her sing your praises.  (puns puns puns)

Clockwise from left:
  • DogEared jewelry's "Faith" necklace  Love DogEared because the charms are all small and simple yet beautiful, and each piece comes with a mantra.  "Faith: Put on your necklace and make a wish ... Each time you put on your necklace ... remind yourself of your wish. Between you and the powers above, everything is possible ... trust, believe, and enjoy!"  This one is sterling silver dipped in 14K gold.  $68.00
  • James Avery cross with garnet heart  I don't know if James Avery is a southern thing, but most every piece of jewelry I own is from them!  I adore this necklace -- I have the ring version and haven't taken it off since 7th grade (except for when it flew off my finger into some random person's purse at my high school's project graduation party.  One of the moms remembered I lost it and one of the band members that played for us just happened to mention she found a ring in her purse!!!!!!  It was meant to be).  14K gold - $239.00, sterling silver - $109.00
  • Mizuki 14K cross ring with diamond  This one's a looker!  And it should be for $415.00.  A beautiful peace for mom or maybe your sister? Cousin?  Wife?
    • Side note: how do you guys feel about buying rings for girls you're not ready to marry?  I know a lot of guys who think it jinxes the chances of a marriage happening; they want to save a ring for their to-be wife.  Always curious about this.  I think I'd want the first ring I got from a guy to be his engagement ring to me.  I'm all about chivalry (obvi).
  • 1/10 carat diamond two-tone cross ring  I appreciate how this is an abstract piece -- and that it retails for $800 but you can get it on for $395!  And in payments!  It's 14K yellow and white gold.

Who Loves Ya, Baby?
Pieces that symbolize the greatest thing of all: love.  Maybe you want your sister to know how great she is, or tell your mom you love her.  It could even be a close friend -- just beware about giving chicks jewelry that you're really not into.  She definitely will take it as affection, not appreciation.

Clockwise from the red heart:

Blue Christmas: Topaz
She won't be down this Christmas with any of these blue topaz items!  Sidenote: blue topaz is the offish birthstone of December.  I know a million people born this month (including one that rhymes with "Lurby" and writes a fantanstic lifestyle blog...) so these gifts could take on a double meaning!

Clockwise from left corner (hopefully you're seeing some repetition here):
  • John Hardy Blue Topaz double-coil classic chain ring  I feel like any time the name "John Hardy" pops into a woman's ear, an angel gets its wings.  In all seriousness, this is a great ring to give especially since it's not a band with a solitary stone, which is way reminscent of an engagement ring.  So you can give this and be like, "Hey, I love you, but we're not getting married yet," or "Hey, we're getting serious and I wanted to show you that by getting this for you, but it's not an engagement ring so please don't freak me out with marriage talk," or, "Hey.  It's your birthday.  Take this."  $395
  • David Yurman child's turquoise and sterling silver birthstone bracelet  Okay, I don't know what human being would gift a child a $250 bracelet, but none the less this thing exists.  I'm also not sure how they think turquoise is the birth stone for December, but David Yurman can do whatever he wants.  He's DAVID YURMAN.  I'm sure they have this in larger sizes as well.
    • Side note: guys, you can't go wrong with David or John.  They were both in the bible... the Christian one and the ladies shopping bible as well.
  • Melinda Maria teeny pod blue topaz bangle  It's 18K gold plated and apparently made for "starlets in waiting," whatever that means.  I totally want to buy one of these for all my friends as "friendship bracelets" but I think my money is well spent elsewhere, like on rent.  $88.00
  • Amanda Rudey "Forgot Me Not" earrings  These also come in pink and white topaz!  Adorable idea: gift them to her with Forget-Me-Nots, hiding the earrings within the boquet! What woman doesn't love jewelry and flowers?  $68.00
  • Rococo lace blue topaz ring by Kevia  I saw this on and fell in love!  Kevia is a unique line that combines 22K gold and different gemstones.  $175.00
  • John Hardy blue topaz and iolite sterling silver square link ring  This ring is festive, a great piece for parties or for daily wear.   $695.00

Just Say Yes
So DogEared makes a ton of necklaces for engagements and weddings.  I was looking at the site and was about to overlook those items (none pertain to me currently) until my mind started to wander:  how adorable would it be if these items were incorporated into a proposal?  I think this had to do with the fact that last year around this time Carrie Underwood got engaged and she wrote her blog, "Santa delivered me a husband for Christmas!"  Love me some Carrie.  I digress.  Anyway check out these two necklaces and the scenarios that go with both.

Left to right:
  • Yesterday, Today and Forever -- dipped in 10K yellow gold.  Have her read the inscription on the necklace: "Let this necklace be a reminder of yesterday's wonderful memories, and that today is the beginning of a beautiful forever."  Follow it with bringing up a fond memory of the two of you as you're putting the necklace on her, describe how much you love her today, and then get down on one knee with the ring.  Bam.  $98.00 $68.00
  • "Engaged" necklace -- I'm all about humor, so I think it would be hilarious if you kept telling her you got her something she's always wanted for Christmas (ahem, an engagement ring).  Then you bust out this guy and psyche her out -- "I got you a necklace with a diamond ring charm on it!"  And then end up getting on one knee and totally freaking her out again.  Or you could surprise her with this and tell her it's the "engaged" necklace and she needs to put it on ASAP, and when she asks "why?" or says, "But I'm not engaged," you start listing all the reasons why you should be and then pop the ring on her finger.  Also, I had no idea but apparently this necklace is something women buy for themselves and never take off.  It's made with a silk thread, so once the chain wears off and the necklace comes undone, you're supposed to "get your wish" of getting married.  Um, that's pathetic.  I mean, I think prayer would be just fine, not wishing your life away on a necklace. $30.00

Stuff I Couldn't Categorize
Really loved these items, know other women will too, so consider buying them for someone!

  • Cowboy Boot necklace  Perf for any Texan in your life.  Gold dipped or sterling silver, $65.00
  • Roberto Coin Love Letter necklace  I think this would make a great gift for Mom or a newly engaged woman -- You could give mom the initial of your name to wear close to her heart; give a newly engaged woman the initial of her soon-to-be last name!  $460.00
  • Kacey K fine jewelry mini diamond peace sign necklace  I love peace signs, so does every other woman on the planet.  $550.00
  • Judith Ripka black onyx and diamond cushion stud earrings  Black onyx is so hot!  And whomever you give these to will be able to wear them to work, out to the bar or for a nice Sunday brunch.  Princess cut black onyx with 18K yellow gold.  $422.00

Jewelry is expensive... I tried to find an array of different items to spark your interest!  Remember, it doesn't matter what it costs, always give from the heart.

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