Dec 15, 2010

Holiday Shopping for the Ladies: The Traveler

She's a go-getter and always on the run.  She may travel a lot for business or perhaps she enjoys taking weekend getaways and far-away vacations.  Regardless, she'll be happy with this goodie bag!

The Traveler's Getaway Bag
A girly and fun travel bag for a weekend getaway or brief business trip.

Fill the bag with goodies, such as:

Seat Pad, $29.95
Made with gel pads to cushion seat bones, this is a must-have for a road trip or any plane ride.

Tolietry Kit $29.00
For all her beauty and skincare needs

Some great gifts for inside the tolietry kit:

Comes with cleanser, body wash and moisturizers

Superior cleaning that reduces pore size and removes makeup

Spritz this one to neutralize your pH balance, hydrate and fresh your skin after a long car ride or to revitalize after jet lag

Laundry Soap Sheets, $9.95
These dry, postage stamp sized laundry detergent sheets make getting through security a breeze.  How convenient, right?

Made with a steel cut cable to secure the bag from even the cleverest of predators

Portable Safe, $44.95
This safe is reinforced with stainless steel mesh and is virtually slash proof and theft proof, which can be locked to any stationary fixture.  (Perfect for traveling abroad!)

Travel Steamer, $32.00


Travel Iron, $29.00
This miniature iron is packable and heats to 300 degree quickly, which conquers any and all wrinkles!

Memory Foam Neck Pillow, $19.00
This soft, triple-cushioned pillow is firm enough to provide support for reduce neck strain

Magazine Subscription, varies
For anyone who travels a lot, a great idea is signing them up and pay for a subscription to their favorite magazine(s) for their the car or the plane.  For women, a good bet is always People, Glamour, Vogue, US Weekly, Marie Claire and/or Allure

For fun

In my opinion, this is the best iPod/radio transmitter out there.  It's made with 24K gold which makes it durable and helps to transmit a better signal.  Comes with three presets.  

Image credited to
HoodieBuddie, $44.00
Coolest thing on the list -- if traveling is a part of their job and they don't have to dress professionally for the trip, the HoodieBuddie is a great gift!  It's a hoodie/zip up sweatshirt that has a built in mp3 player jack in the front pocket, so you can connect it to your iPod or iPhone.  The earphones are actually the drawstrings.  Awesome right?

You don't have to get her everything on this list -- it can get kind of pricey, so mix and match what you'll think she'll enjoy!


Unknown said...

i'm going to gift my self with the travel steamer - for non-travel purposes. iron is so last year.

love it kj!

xo mol

Chinmay Sahoo said...

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