Dec 21, 2010

Letters from Mom

Upon reading my paragraph about how my arms and fingers are too long, here's what Janet had to say:

"Dear Little Magnum Opus,

Here is the explanation for your long arms and fingers. We, your Mother's side of the family, all have long arms and fingers. So heredity plays a part in that.

Second, God gave you those arms so you could embrace all the people you love, give the most wonderful hugs to people who need them. So they could feel the power of what a hug can do for your soul. :) We do a lot of that, don't we? :)

God also gave you your long fingers for a few reasons. First, long fingers enable a piano player to span the keys and play beautifully. Your fingers enable you to write beautifully and express yourself. Similar to playing music, only with words. He gave you those fingers to point others His way, though your spirituality.
And one other perfect that when he blesses you with a husband and partner in life, your wedding rings will look beautiful on those long fingers!

So that's the question solved! No need for paranoia my Angel, you are perfect and beautiful, just the way God made you! :) Now hurry home and hug me!!!

Love, Mommis"

Gotta love JJ, the woman has called me her Magnum Opus (a.k.a. "Greatest Work" from Charlotte's Web) since I was born.  Thanks for the reassurance, Mom.  By the way, I have three rings on my fingers currently, no need for a husband to show off a nice ring or two. :)

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