Dec 1, 2010

What I learned from Glee

Glee has hit some high notes this season, but I haven't been particularly thrilled.  Storylines are all over the place, the Britney Spears episode was reminescent of her life back in 2007: a literal train wreck, and Amber Riley isn't getting enough solos (in my humble opinion).

I didn't get to catch last night's episode, but apparently they return to their true form and bust out a decent storyline.  I'm still dying to know how the heck they're going to do at sectionals considering I don't think they've practiced enough.  What songs are they performing?  When did they have the time to figure this out between brawls, fighting for popularity and outrageous hook ups? 

I guess all will be revealed when I watch tonight...

With a show so popular, there's no way I haven't learned a thing or two.  Here goes:
  1. Have a baby, give it up for adoption, no repercussions.  Oh hey, Quinn Fabray.  Remember that time you carried a child for nine months and GAVE BIRTH TO IT?  And subsequently GAVE IT UP for adoption?  Does that ring a bell for you?  It does for me, but apparently to you it's trash in the can.  Why hasn't Quinn had psychological issues this season?  Have the writers of Glee not seen Teen Mom?  Major drama.  I don't know, but I think giving up your child at any point for adoption would cause some emotional turmoil, no matter what age you are, and it seems like Quinn's biggest problems have been getting back on the Cheerios and not commiting to (hunky) Sam.
  2. Only boys on the football team and gay teens enjoy busting out in song (at least at William McKinley).  Ever noticed that every boy in glee club is athletic, attractive, (on a sports team at the minimum) or is gay?  I've always wondered where the guys are at WMHS who actively want to pursue music and aren't affiliated with ball-handling of any sort.
  3. Cheerleaders are stupid, ditzy, bitchy, or gay, and will probably get pregnant.  Minus that time Mercedes became a Cheerio, and that was for her voice.  I'm starting to think it was actually because she shares her name with a luxury car.
  4. Cheerleading coaches are the devil.   (Minus Mrs. Destefano, the only coach I have fond memories with).  You would think they would stop being the devil after you weren't a part of a cheerleading team anymore, however I'd know, because there was one in particular who was not my teacher, sponsor or coach.  She was stuck in high school and I can confirm she was Satan.
That'll do, pig.  Regardless of all of the Glee shenangigans, I still watch, still download the music and still dream of being a rapping Carrie Underwood on the show.

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