Jan 2, 2011

2011: New Year, New You?

I know you're supposed to make a resolution every New Years.  I don't do that.  Then again, you're supposed to kiss someone when the clock strikes 12:00 and I didn't do that either.  I always wonder why you're supposed to kiss someone at midnight.  Is it some kind of sick joke to make single people feel crappy?  Or is it an excuse to make out and not be considered a skank?  I looked it up and Wikipedia offered me this info:

Uh, really?  Kiss someone to ensure you're not lonely?  That's it?  Disappointing.  I thought it would be something more interesting like you'll take three years off your life if you don't kiss someone.

Anyway, I don't make resolutions.  I can't resolute to stop biting my nails because, well, I've finally cut the habit!  And I have beautiful (glittery, purple and long) nails.  I can't resolute to drop 10 pounds but I can resolute to hit the gym six days a week.  Most resolutions I never follow through on.

So I'd rather make goals.  Goals are something that works better for me.  I like marking things off lists.  In no particular order:

  1. Get my hosting reel finished (In progress.)
  2. Get an agent
  3. Complete my fiction manuscript and pitch it to literary agents
  4. Move Kirbie Goes to Hollywood to Wordpress and change the layout from blog to website
  5. Attend a taping of Oprah (her final season)
  6. Get to a Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers and Kings game
  7. Attend the Grammys
  8. Make at least three new friends here in Los Angeles
  9. Save money -- (amount held for privacy) :)
  10. Find a way to help others at least once a day
  11. Do something that scares me/makes me feel uncomfortable at least once a month (a.k.a. push myself)

Here's to accomplishing all of these goals!  Do you have any resolutions?  Have you broken them yet?

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