Jan 31, 2011

MEN: The Survey

JonBenet Ramsey.  The Zodiac Killer.  The male population.  Just a few of life's unsolved mysteries.

In an attempt to better understand the latter, I decided to whip up a survey and see what took place when everything a man said was 100% annonymous.    

Can I just say that I wish I did this survey A LOT sooner?  It was incredibly insightful.  The whole reason I wanted to do it came from some inspiration on Glamour's website regarding men.  One was with Ashton Kutcher and he said things like, "All men hate Valentine's Day. 100% guaranteed.  Even if they are romantic."  And then this extra-juicy guy survey gave me tidbits like:

  • 36% of men are 'boob' guys, 33% are 'butt' guys
  • 54% of men would not take a male birth control pill
  • 32% of men would take Mark Zuckerberg's life, the most over Bieber, Jay-Z, The Situation, Obama and Roger Federer
  • 56% of guys want to sleep with their female friends
  • Only 19% can distinguish breast implants from real breasts

Hmm.  That's super, except it gives me no useful information.  Like, what do guys want for Valentine's, if anything?  Who would they choose from a line up?  What's one thing they would tell us if they could? So I made my own.  The only criteria: they had to be single (in my context, unmarried) and under the age of 35.

Here goes nothing.

Question 1) What do you want for Valentine's?
  • A homemade dinner 38%
  • I don't care, as long as she takes her clothes off later 32%  (Go figure.)
  • Tickets to a sporting event 24% 
  • A flask with my name written on it 2%
Awwww, from the heart!

Question 2) The first thing I notice about a woman is
  • Her body  44%
  • Her eyes  26%
  • Her smile/teeth  26%
  • If she's wearing too much make-up  3%
  • If she has good or bad skin  0%
*Her smile/teeth was started off with the most votes!
Ladies, better get to workin' on that fitness. 

Question 3) My ideal woman is
  • Erin Andrews: Girl-next-door with personality  47%
"Because hooking up is not the most important thing to me. What's important is having a woman with some values, who knows how to restrain herself from acting like a fool. Girl-next-door implies she knows how to act like a woman."
"- Independent - Good looking - Professional - Good looking"

  • Emmanuelle Chriqui: Can hang with the guys  29%
"If she can hang with the guys I figure she must be athletic and have that girl next door personality. Probably enjoys sports, but when it comes to emmanuelle she can definitely be very feminine too."

  • Brooklyn Decker: Athletic and curvy 24%
"As a former college athlete, I am an active person who loves athleticism in a girl! Further, curviness and hotness are a must ala B. Decker!"
"She's gorgeous, comes from southern roots, and seems like she'd be a great mom. Out of the girls listed she seems the most wholesome and real to me."

  • Beyonce: Powerful and can hold her own 0%
Shocking!  A tall blonde who reports on sports for a living?  Of course men love her! (I do too.)  Surprised nobody picked Beyo -- inferiority complex???

Question 4)  I want women to know that
*This was an essay question of sorts.  Here are a few highlights:
  • "Just be yourself. Acting like something you aren't may interest someone for a while, but it won't be real nor last. Think that goes both ways." (Find this guy and snatch him up, ladies!!)
  • "There is more to a relationship than sex. Dont sell yourself short on that." (Yes there is.)
  • "Yes, looks are the first thing we look at. As I have matured believe it or not we do care a lot about personality. We don't want high drama, we love a girl who knows sports, and we love to be taken care of just as much as you like to be."  (Oh trust me, we all know you guys like to be taken care of...)
  • "It's not you, it's us."  (We all have our issues.  And at one point it won't be you.  You'll work out your issues/fears/problems/whatever and then be able to be with someone who excites you and makes you happy to be who you've become!  Sunny side to everything.)
  • "She is more in control than she thinks. Meaning that at the end of the day, she only has her respect and keeping that in tact should mean something to her." (Always nice to hear.)
  • "College football isnt just about tailgaiting. There is an actual game inside the stadium."  (Bahaha, so true.)
  • "Having threesomes is cool." (No.  It isn't.)

Question 5)  I'm most concerned with
  • My future  74%
  • My finances  15%
  • My athleticism  9%
  • How well I'm aging (skin, body, hair) 3%  Only one guy cares about this type of thing.
If you're under the age of 35, you're apparently freaking out about your path in life!   Makes sense.  Aren't we all?

Question 6)  Pick one:
  • Sex 69% (I'm not kidding)
  • Sports 23%
  • Gaming  8% (Really?)

Question 7) I will not date a girl if
  • My family doesn't like her 35%
  • She has cheated on previous boyfriends 32%
  • My friends don't like her 29%
  • She has had a threesome 3%
Close call between family and cheating, which leads me to believe you guys have a guarded heart and some family priorities.

Question 8)  My ideal age to get married is
  • 25-30  53%  "I think by that time I'll be mature enough to handle such a special relationship. Also, I plan to be excelling in my career and have gotten all the "college" partying out of my system." 
  • 30-35  38%
  • 20-25   9%
Most men were concerned about getting their career going and finances in order before deciding to commit -- they also commonly mentioned that their wife would probably have their life together as well.

Question 9)  If I've been dating a girl over six months and haven't said "I love you," it's because
*Fill in the blank
The most common answer was... drumroll please:

"I don't." 

Actual answers: 
  • I'm just using her. If you can't say "I love you" after six months, it's probably not going to happen
  • For me it would be that I was unsure about the relationship and if i really saw it as a long term thing.
  • i just don't feel it yet, and i'll only say it once i truly know and am sure
  • It wasn't a serious relationship.
  • I'm not really in love with her. If I love someone, I usually know pretty early and have no problems saying how I feel
See ladies?  Stop wasting your time and making up excuses!  Most men know by that point if it's serious.  If you're committing and he isn't, chances are he won't.  Ever. 
The second most common was that he was scared you weren't at the same point and didn't want to be rejected.

Question 10)  I don't like it when a woman
*Select all that apply
The top answer was:

Plays hard to get. (37%)  

Is anyone surprised?  Actually, I am.  I thought guys liked a good chase.  Doesn't it always seem like guys are more interested in you when you're unavailable OR, better yet, unattainable? I'd love to know what "playing hard to get" means to a man.  (Should have asked.  Drats!)

"Wears hair extensions" and "Wears fake eyelashes" were 2nd and 3rd on the list of dislikes, however, the funny part about that is that all of those women they voted on have on extensions and fake eyelashes in the photos they looked at.  Honestly guys, I don't think you can actually tell when we wear them and when we don't.  I once ripped out a chunk of my eyelashes in '08 and had to wear a few individual false lashes on that eye for FOUR MONTHS.  I managed to nab myself a boyfriend in the process.   Therefore, I'm interpreting those responses to mean that you don't like "fake-looking" girls.  You don't want a chick wearing that stuff all the time or in massive amounts.   But if they're good lashes or good hair, you won't notice and thus care.

And, I know some of you guys were probably wondering why I put "wears skinny jeans" as an option.  Well, February's issue of InStyle states men don't dig women in skinny jeans.  So I thought I'd see if that was true or not.

Well ladies, I hope this was insightful in some way.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting the responses.  If anything, at least you know what to do for a guy on Valentine's! :)

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